DIY Backyard Ideas on a Budget, 20 Easy Projects

by Junie M. Brucelas | November 23, 2017

DIY backyard ideas on a budget, easy and fun to do? Or maybe you want new frontdoor looks or outdoor upgrades? Then this is for you with our great easy-to-follow DIY projects.  

By simply repainting flower pots with a whimsical touch or making your own homemade wine bottle tiki torches, a homey accent or two will liven up your home for the holidays or for all season long.

Extend the personal touches inside your house to your backyard and let your skills and personality shine through.  It maybe just a sense of the rustic or a more sophisticated but cozy corner where you can relax and let the wears of the world disappear.

Create pockets of privacy for members of the family.  Our DIY backyard ideas are teeming with possibilities. Maybe make a garden arbor where you can read a book during lazy afternoons or a tuck away part of the porch where your teenager can gab the evening away with friends.

Worried about your budget?  No worries as each DIY project is easy on the pocket and easy on your time.  Don’t be intimidated as these projects are simple to follow but still a great way to pass your time productively. Help out the environment by repurposing old materials like window panes or glass table tops.

(1) Great Numbers

DIY Numbers

Tired of the old plastic house numbers?  Get that curb appeal with a personal touch that will immediately freshen up your front door looks.  Upgrade your house numbers in an instant while keeping in mind the following tips:

Maintain the style.  If you live in a Victorian house, your house numbers should also have the same historic appeal. A modern house deserves a modern touch.

Place your house numbers where it can be easily seen from the street.  Also put exterior lights over them for greater visibility.

Think readability when you choose your fonts.  The fancier  it is, the more impossible it may be to read your house number from afar.

Modern House Number Sign

(2) Winning Window Boxes

DIY Cedar Window Boxes

Nothing draws the eyes than window boxes filled with flowers or greenery.  Consider using cedar.  Despite being a little more expensive, the wood  ages beautifully and adds a touch of class.  By making your own window boxes, you will be able to size them perfectly right for each window.  Also, window boxes is a beautiful way to showcase the love and care you have for your home.

Not yet sold on the idea?  Window boxes will enhance the house facade and will immediately upgrade its curb appeal.  It’s a great addition when you plan to upgrade your own home later on.

DIY Cedar Window Boxes

(3) Sign of the Times

DIY Backyard Ideas Large Wood Sign Tutorial

Be it a welcome greeting or your own life philosophy, signs are powerful words that can express your family values or personal sentiments.  What do you want to communicate to your guest or the stranger passing by?  Is it a feeling of cozy welcome or a witty thought?  Ponder on the feelings you plan to evoke as you see your guests ponder on the sentiment you are willing to express.  A friendly home calling for a gathering of family and friends is reflected perfectly with the “gather” sign.

Large Wood Sign Tutorial

(4) Personal Mat Matters

DIY Backyard Ideas Watermelon Welcome Mat

Laid before your feet, why not put a personal touch or two on the lowly doormat? Very useful especially when you have kids or it starts to rain a bit during a small gathering, let your welcome mat become a meaningful extension of your hospitality.  DIY stencil templates are pocket-friendly and seasonal changes are within your budget. Have fun as you choose playful designs to play up the welcome.  Enjoy the look of appreciation among your friends as they enter your threshold.

DIY Watermelon Welcome Mat

(5) Charming Chimes 

DIY Backyard Ideas Beaded Wind Chime

These wind chimes are a pure visual delight with brightly-colored beads.  Tinkling as the wind moves the bells, they evoke a feeling of whimsy.  Play up the colors with one of my favorite DIY backyard ideas, mixing and matching your styles.  Or go happy by matching the design elements with the change of seasons. Or maybe create a housewarming gift for new neighbor.

Beaded Wind Chime

(6) Jars of Light

DIY Backyard Ideas Hanging Mason Jar Lights

Nothing quite changes space like lighting. Liven up the look of a cozy party with this easy DIY backyard idea using mason jars to give ambient lighting instead of the usual fairy light.  Give a dark corner an instant make-over with a jar or two of flickering light. Liven up the atmosphere by randomly placing the lights along your perimeter.  If candles are not an option, inexpensive solar-powered LED lights are readily available. 

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lights

(7) Ends and Stands

DIY Backyard Ideas Wire Basket Side Table

Sometimes, decorative solutions are so simple that we tend to overlook them. Outdoor spaces are instantly upgraded by the addition of  a plant stand or two.  Add some end tables and empty space suddenly seem elegant and cozy. They’re also quite useful during parties and gatherings when your guests would be looking for place to put their glasses.  However, they are easily ignored as outdoor design elements, but it’s time to rectify that.  Instantly create an inviting corner with this easy wire basket DIY.

Wire Basket Side Table

(8) DIY backyard ideas fave: Old Window Panes Privacy Screens

DIY Backyard Ideas Windows as Porch Space Dividers

Don’t throw away old window panes, repurpose them into amazing space dividers.  One of my personal favorites, create a cozy corner in your outdoor space or maybe instill a sense of privacy in your back porch.  Wherever you decide to use them, they look great in dividing an expansive space.  Add delightful whimsy with touches of glitter or maybe a spray of paint or two or a crawling plant.

Windows as Porch Space Dividers

(9) Worthy Wreaths

DIY Backyard Ideas Easy Faux Boxwood Wreath

Easy-to-do and budget-friendly, freshen your front door with a simple wreath made from boxwood leaves or even seasonal foliage. You don’t need much time nor skill to weave a few branches and leaves. Very timely for fall and the coming holidays. You can even make this a year-round project as you use the different plants we associate with the seasons.

Easy Faux Boxwood Wreath

(10) Luscious Succulents

DIY Backyard Ideas Succulent Plant Container

Large or small, planters instantly upgrades any look.  Succulents are low maintenance but if you are planning to make a large planter for these luscious plants, it’s good to look up on the mistakes that can easily spell the difference between success and not.

These planters draw the eye while you make your outdoor space interesting and definitely worth the talk of the town. You can also make the planter a focal point on your table top.

Succulent Plant Container

(11) DIY backyard ideas fave: Tiki Touch

DIY Backyard Ideas Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Don’t throw your wine bottles, one of the most creative DIY backyard ideas makes use of your old bottles as tiki torches. Sleek and original, these wine bottle torches will certainly be a conversation topic in your next luau or neighborhood barbecue. Best of all, they keep our buzzing bitey friends away from us as we soak in the night light.

Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

(12) Grace and Glow

DIY Backyard Ideas Outdoor Chandelier

Candlelight casts a romantic glow in any setting and the flicker of candle flames give a cozy atmosphere.  Don’t let outdoor electrical wiring stop you from creating a luminous glow to your backyard. An old chandelier looks lovely with all those candles, not to mention casting brightness into an otherwise dark corner. Another great DIY backyard ideas that repurposes your old stuff or garage sale finds. Want more lighting ideas? Check these stylish DIY candleholders.

DIY Outdoor Chandelier

(13) A Taste of Italy

DIY Backyard Ideas How to Make a Pizza Herb Garden

Ever dreamed of that herb garden teeming with the smell and taste of the best Italian dishes?  even if you don’t have the time, let this mini herb garden give you the same taste and scent of your favorite dishes.  Individual pots make it easy to choose and pick your favorite herbs and makes caring for the garden as easy as pizza pie.  You can even the kids label each plant with whimsical designs.

How to Make a Pizza Herb Garden

(14) DIY backyard ideas on a budget: Ropin’ Fun

DIY Backyard Ideas Rope Wrapped Terracotta Pots

Bored with your ubiquitous clay flowerpots?  Then, liven them up with this easy-to-do DIY.  Take some twine or natural-fiber rope, glue, and for a colorful touch add some paint.  Boo-ya for an instant budget-friendly project to give your porch or backyard corner a great make-over.

Rope Wrapped Terracotta Pots

(15) Country-style Lights

DIY DIY Backyard Ideas Chandelier

More popularly known as decorations for country-style weddings, grapevine balls give a rustic ambiance.  Shown here is a homemade chandelier that gives a farmhouse appeal.  We can also use these as decorations in various ways to enhance your outdoor space or just to give a taste of hearth and home:

  • Use with flowers for a country feel or better yet, make one large ball and use as a placeholder for a vase
  • Group differently-sized balls and create pockets of cozy spaces
  • Accentuate your porches and steps, you can garland them with festive colors for the holiday season
  • Make your own farmhouse-style table by filling a wire basket with these balls
  • partner the grapevine balls with this beautiful live edge DIY coffee table for a complete country look
DIY Outdoor Chandelier

(16) DIY backyard ideas fave: Gracious Gardens

DIY Backyard Ideas How to Build Garden Arbors

What can be more romantic that a hideaway arbor tucked away in a corner of your garden.  No backyard is too small as arbors give a vertical dimension thus creating an illusion of space.  They are great for your pictures and a heaven-sent for enthusiastic gardeners who need more space.  No wonder that this is one of the best DIY backyard ideas in this series. Arbors also break the horizontal and low-lying lines of an ordinary garden. Also, look for climbing plants that fit your climate, some of the most popular are lilacs, morning glories, and clematis.

How to Build Garden Arbors

(17) DIY backyard ideas on a budget: Fancy Potters

DIY Mini Flower Garden Pots

Improve the ambiance with a touch of whimsy and fun with these colorful and fanciful mini garden. Inexpensive and enjoyable that you can easily make a family-wide project.  Give your inner child this whimsical mini flower garden and share the joy of nature with your kids as they create their own mini gardens. Better yet, host a summer garden party and watch as both kids and adults indulge their whimsy.

You can also make your own fairy dreamland by mixing and choosing colorful flowers that you can move around.  better yet, create secret floral pockets where you can hide little trinkets for a children’s party or your own simple gathering.

DIY Mini Flower Garden Pots

(18) Wet Wall of Wonders

DIY Backyard Ideas Water Wall Using Glass Table

Give your garden a more ambitious make-over by recycling a glass table top as a water feature. A bit more luxurious but still budget-friendly if you are aiming for a gilded elegance.  Be prepared for some maintenance as autumn changes into winter.  But the work is worth is as you hear the calming zen-like sounds of flowing water.

Enjoy the quietude with mulled wine or maybe just a soothing cup of tea.

Water Wall Using Glass Table

(19) Cozy Summer Fires

DIY Backyard Ideas Tabletop Smore Maker

Wanting to have your own s’mores party but don’t have a backyard fire pit or open flames are prohibited where you live?  Sigh no more, this easy mini fire pit DIY can be made from almost any material – terracotta, ceramics, copper or even concrete. Done with s’mores but want some homey ambiance, then this project is still perfect.  Just upgrade the design elements with something more sophisticated like Mexican beach pebbles or beach glass.

Also, you might live in a town where you’re not allowed to have backyard fire pits or open flames. If this is the case, you don’t have to miss out on one of the most iconic summer activities–making s’mores. Create your own mini fire pit using concrete, ceramic or copper.  Check out other mini DIY fire pits here.

Tabletop Smore Maker

(20) Simple Pillow Solutions

DIY Backyard Ideas Easy Outdoor Pillow Covers

Nothing spells cozy and comfort than pillows and the more the merrier. Budget constrained? Break out the sewing kit and go on a sale hunt especially clearance sales.  Resistant fabric is best for pillows meant to be used outdoors.  Some crafty people have even used shower curtains. Also, mix and match sizes and colors.  After a day or too of pillow-making, enjoy a cup of coffee and luxuriate in softness of your hard work.

Easy Outdoor Pillow Covers

No matter if you prefer an easy-going project or a more challenging DIY make-over, what matters is enjoying the journey as you build on crafting skills.  Enhance a nook, enjoy a cranny. Begin your journey and begin with your outdoor space. Spread the love and fun.

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