5 Trendy DIY Paper Towel Holder Ideas

by craftmin | January 1, 2018

Are you the kind of person who is very particular on their home details? And when I say very particular, I mean even to the smallest house details like let’s say, a paper towel holder? But when you are picky, you almost often have a hard time finding “that paper towel holder” that you need to buy. Why you might ask? Because you have that certain look or that specific design in mind that you are looking for. Well, being picky doesn’t have to come in the way of you organizing your home. I have here the key to your dilemma. Check out these 5 DIY paper towel holder ideas that I’m sure you’ll love.

It is okay to be a little picky when it comes to your house and what you buy for it. Take everything as an investment to your house beautification project. After all, it really is nice when things are all neat and organized in the house. Paper towels are used more often now than their cloth counterpart. Since paper towels are mostly used in the kitchen, it should be neatly placed somewhere it will not clutter your work space. Thus, the need for a good paper towel holder that will suit your hard to please taste.

Why the DIY Paper Towel Holder?

The answer is simple. Because you need a paper towel holder but can’t find the “one” in any store that you went to. Plus, DIYing is fun to do and has a lot of benefits. I read in a blog that it is a great way to spend quality time with your family. And it also gives you the feeling of satisfaction – the very same reason why people are getting hooked on this DIY stuff. So here are the ideas I have gathered from the web that I think will work for you. These DIYs are not your ordinary kind of paper towel holder ideas. All the possible styles that you might think of are here from the rugged, to the farmhouse vibe, to the elegant style.

1. Vertical Iron Piping Paper Towel Holder

Itsy Bits and Pieces DIY Paper towel holder Vertical iron piping

Just look at this industrial-looking DIY paper towel holder. Exudes a rugged look to your kitchen, right? This idea from Itsy Bits and Pieces made use of galvanized iron pipes and fittings. You can find all these in the plumbing aisle of your local hardware store.

Here’s a tip: Try putting the pipes and fittings in the store to make sure that they will all fit together.

I tell you, this paper towel holder can be done in just a minute minus the drilling part. You can see in the picture how it did not take any space from the kitchen. Instead, it maximized the kitchen space and made use of the cabinet wall. With this holder, the paper towel is now more accessible. it is also easier to change the roll and looks great.

What do you say, is this your style? If not, we still have 4 more DIY paper towel holder ideas just for you.

2. Leather Strap Paper Towel Holder

Martha Stewart leather strap DIY paper towel holder

If it’s from Martha Stewart, then it must be good and stylish. All you need for this project are one wooden dowel, two riveted leather straps, and of course some tools. Find the perfect spot in your kitchen and drill away. What a stylish idea to have those paper towels handy. Visit Martha’s blog for the complete list of materials and step by step instructions.

3. Wooden Paper Towel Tote

Knick of Time DIY Paper Towel Holder Wooden tote
Ok, I will let you guess what Knick of Time Vintage Farmhouse Living used in this DIY paper towel holder project. Yes of course, it’s wood but what kind of wood product did they use? If your answer is breadboards, then you got it right! The regular old wooden breadboards to be exact. And it’s quite ingenious if you ask me. So here, if you’re a fan of the farmhouse vibe and you want that same feel in your house, start with this project. Aside from the paper towel, you can also put other kitchen stuff in that tote, too. Absolutely brilliant!

4. Wooden Beads Paper Towel Holder

IDA Interior Lifestyle DIY paper towel holder wooden beads

This idea came from the Italian blog IDA Interior Lifestyle. She came up with the idea because she said she just can’t live without paper towels. How about you? Well, I love frying my food so paper towels are very handy to me. They somehow make my fried food lesser of an evil, or that is what I want to believe. Now, this is an elegant looking piece that really does the job. Are you feeling this particular style for your kitchen, too? If yes, then watch this video to find out how it was done.

5. Copper Wire Paper Towel Holder

Squirrellyminds Copper Wire DIY Paper towel holder

From Squirrellyminds, this DIY paper towel holder is sure to serve its purpose. This paper towel holder will not eat up any of that precious kitchen or counter space because it is suspended. Visit the blog for the complete list of materials you will need for this project. Picture step by step instructions is there, too. The pictures might seem intimidating, but they promise that it really is just like a simple puzzle to do.

Here is a bonus video tutorial from Factory Direct Craft where they will teach you how to make a DIY Bohemian paper towel holder. Happy DIYing!

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