Above-Ground Swimming Pools – Designs to Inspire From

by craftmin | December 22, 2017

In recent years, people have started to prefer above-ground swimming pools as opposed to the traditional in-ground pools. While both these pool types provide dipping space, that’s where the similarity ends.

Advantage of Above-Ground Swimming Pools Over In-Ground Swimming Pools

Unlike in-ground swimming pools, above-ground swimming pools offer functionality and don’t have to be static in their make-up. Here are some reasons why an above-ground swimming pool may be the better choice:

  • Less pricey

Digging your way to make an in-ground swimming pool costs way more than an above-ground pool. If money is a concern, this is definitely a reason to consider an above-ground swimming pool.

  • Easier to install

Building a foundation for your swimming pool at a higher elevation from the ground is a lot easier that digging into the ground.

  • Conveniently portable

Another good thing about choosing an above-ground swimming pool is its portability, with some pool designs being removable at any time.

Above-ground Swimming Pools Designs

Convinced that an above-ground swimming pool is the right fixture for your household? Here are some brilliant blueprints for above-ground swimming pools to take inspiration from:

1. Swimming Pool by the Deck

above-ground swimming pools


With the same benefits as an in-ground pool, this particular pool design is the perfect backyard company for an enjoyable weekend. Apart from the pool itself, which is the highlight, it also has a spa and two decks to complement the amusement.

2. Enclosed Pool


Although above-ground swimming pools are meant to be private, it sometimes takes an enclosing fence to signal that statement. This fence also serves a better purpose – avoiding danger that may come from irresponsible access of the pool, especially by kids.

3. High-elevation Pool


If you think an in-ground pool is too mainstream and only having a few centimeters above the surface is too little, raising the elevation higher is the logical option. Essentially an enclosed pool itself, this specific design also considers security to avoid the possibility of kids getting into the pool without permission.

Perhaps another benefit to having a pool at this height is its privacy, which obstructs any onlookers from looking.

4. Pool by the Hills of San Antonio

Source: AGP Co.

Who says that it takes a flat terrain to build an above-surface swimming pool? Having a functional swimming pool by the hills of San Antonio, Texas proves this otherwise. This is not just your ordinary above-ground pool on a hill – the award-winning design is actually reknowned for its innovation.

5. High-elevation Circular Pool


If you want a pool for your kids that is only accessible when you permit it, this design is a must-have. Surrounded by fence which prevents unauthorized access while also containing those inside, this pool puts heavy emphasis on safety.

6. Pool-centered Patio

With a pool inside a patio, it is pretty clear which is the area’s center of attention. But, although its enclosed within a fence which also serve as its railing, this particular design is in no way exclusiv. The small stair which act as the entryway to the patio and the pool is always open for anyone who wishes to enter.

7. Exterior Motifs


When a highly-raised above-ground swimming pool gets too cliché, deviating a bit from the norm gives it a unique personality. This design is not too different from the other high-elevation pools that were already mentioned in this list, but adding some motifs to the exterior of the pool gives this fixture a unique flair. That alone sets it apart from the rest.

8. Deck Pool

Source: AGP Co.

If you have a patio made from flagstone, you know this is not an ideal surround for a wet pool. For the most part, this material is quite slippery, especially for a wet set of feet, so this diagram of an above-ground pool uses a wooden deck asa  surround to prevents slip-ups for the bare feet.

9. Kiddie Pool


When you think of a pool, who do you think is mostly amused by the idea? Kids, definitely. If the pool you intend to make is meant more for kids than your adult amusement, choose a kiddie theme to make the idea a bit more obvious.

10. Pool at a Really High Elevation

Source: AGP Co.

Placed at a height taller than most in the surrounding area, you have a much better vantage point. While the environmental sights alone are marvelous, dipping in a pool at that altitude is really uncommon. But, then again, you must be in a really perfect place to actually come up with something as amazing as this.

11. Shared Pool


When you live in a neighborhood with children whose idea of fun is without boundaries, you know that your pool is actually the neighborhood kids’ property. There is nothing particularly outstanding about its design. It does, however, offer something different to than other pools of its kind—it’s shared.

12. Pool with Retractable Cover

If fencing your pool area is not the way you want to set limits, having a retractable cover might be. A pool of this design not only limits carefree children from entering the pool, you are also safeguarding the quality of its water. Cover your pool’s water saves it from airborne contaminants, as well as the likelihood of evaporation due to heat.

13. Above-ground, Somewhat


When you build your backyard pool in such a way that it does not looked elevated, you know you have pulled one of the greatest ocular tricks ever. Not necessarily intent at deceiving, this particular design gives off the impression that it’s an in-ground pool, even though it is not.

14. Classy Patio Pool


You don’t have to go full ornate to call something stylish. This pool blueprint is a showcase to that fact. Made with elegant wood materials, this multi-deck patio pool is simply stunning to look at.

15. Doughboy Deck Pool

Source: Doughboy

At a time when no other companies offer building above-ground pools, there is a company which braved a venture that others cannot: Doughboy.

This particular decked pool is a showcase from a brand which started the trend as we know it. As expected from one of the pillars of above-ground swimming pools, there is an ostensive sign of high-level craftmanship contained within this blueprint.

16. Simple, Family Pool


Nothing overly intricate, but it serves its function perfectly! This pool is meant for the family in mind, but like every household, it is the adults who have the say who goes into the pool or not. And what better way to control access than a fenced-in design that keeps unauthorized access to the pool at bay.

17. Simple but Elegant Doughboy Pool

Source: Doughboy

Very simple yet sophisticated to look at. You know that this pool is made by experienced artisans who craft beauty from simplicity. from a certain angle, the platform may seem rectangular in shape but in reality, it is a mix between rectangular and oval as influenced by the pool’s actual oval shape.

18. Buried Pool by Doughboy

Source: Doughboy

This may be counterintuitive to the original idea, but this above-ground pool is actually “buried.” Here, the surrounding area is raised to cover the elevation of the pool.

19. Doughboy Round Pool

Source: Doughboy

The above-ground design of pools is not a recent creation. From the early 1950’s, above-ground swimming pools have been springing up wherever there is vacant space. As one of the pioneers of this business, Doughboy is among the first to implement this iconic circular shape.

20. Top-of-the-Deck Pool


You have probably seen pool designs where wooden deck is part of the theme, but pools which are not at the same level as the desk are uncommon. This specific pool design accentuates the very fixture itself by rising above its platform.

21. Classic Kidney-shaped Pool

Source: Doughboy

If shapes such as ovals, circles, and rectangles are getting too cliche, a kidney pool strays from the norm. Irregular this shape may be, it makes for a refreshing change that is not typical of most other pools.