30 Awesome Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Many Looks To Try!

by craftmin | December 15, 2017

Your bedroom is the most important part of your house, where you have to feel safe and comfortable.It is the place where you share your most vulnerable and intimate moments. This is one of the parts of your home where you spend most of your time, so don’t let your bedroom just be a bedroom. Give these 30 Bedroom Decorating Ideas a try to give your bedroom the glamorous vintage look it needs!


30 GORGEOUS VINTAGE Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

1. Re-purpose furniture for a vintage look

refurnish decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Shelterness

In choosing the right decoration to suit your vintage taste, one thing that you need to consider is the budget that you are willing to spend.

One way to ensure that you don’t go beyond your spending means is to re-use old items and transform them into something new, re-purposing them to give your bedroom a new look! In the picture above, the room is showcasing framed vintage handkerchiefs in place of a headboard. To make an even more creative statement, drums have been used instead of nightstands.

Be imaginative and resourceful so you can re-purpose your items!


2. Fill your bedroom with vintage decor

Fill your bedroom with vintage decors Decorating Bedroom IdeasSource: Slodive

They say that less is more, but if you are really captivated by vintage decor, why not go all the way?!

3. Mix and match new and old furnishings

new and old furnishings Decorating Bedroom Ideas

Source: Decoholic

Decorating bedroom ideas do not require you to buy new decor for your bedroom. But, of course, just because we are trying to pull off a vintage look, it does not mean that every decor must be old. The right balance between new and old decor will do the trick!

Mix some of your vintage items with new furnitures! For example, in the picture above, the bedroom uses a pair of vintage night stands and a lively freshly painted old suitcase. The new bedding achieved a vintage look thanks to the Chenille blanket.

Do not be afraid to experiment!


4. Be creative with vintage treasures

vintage treasures Decorating Bedroom Ideas

Source: Jennifer

Another deviation from the norm, why not replace traditional and common headboards with a vintage fireplace surround? If you do not have a vintage surround, you can fake it by applying paint. 


5. Play with vintage pieces

vintage decorating bedroom ideas

Source: DIY Home Decor

Vintage finds are one-of-a-kind, just like you. So, in decorating your precious bedroom, do not be afraid to play around and get creative. This style is not about matching furniture or conventional decor. Instead of following the norm, why not deviate and use a folding chair as a bedside table? Sounds better right? Do something different and do not be afraid to experiment as, after all, creativity is the rule when it comes to vintage furnishings.

6. Give your bedroom a Tropical Vintage touch!

Tropical vintage decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Bella Mancini Designs

You do not have to change your entire room furnishings to achieve the vintage touch you have been wanting. In one of this decorating bedroom ideas, all you will need is the right set of colors!

Tropical and Hawaiian motifs were very popular during the 1950’s. Do not hesitate to paint your room to give it this kind of vintage tropical vibe.

7. Combine vintage with rustic look

vintage x rustic decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Marianne

The vintage look works great with other themes as well, like ustic touches, which is what makes pegging one of your great decorating bedroom ideas. Just like in the photo above, this enchanting bedroom makes use of a rustic wooden headboard tweaked with a dash of sweetness when strung with fairy lights, finished off with vintage bedding!


8. Go vintage with a coastal look!

coastal decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Phoebe Howard

Do not go overboard with vintage decor! There are times when all you need to give a personality to your room is just a few vintage pieces. In the photo above, the bedroom made use of coastal theme and a vintage wooden bed paired with a patterned rug to achieve the right touch of vintage!


9. Create a vintage sitting area for your bedroom!

sitting area decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Emily Henderson

This is one of the decorating bedroom ideas you will simply love! All you need for this is a chair in an eye-catching color tucked away in the corner and a wooden foot stool. Simple, yet this sitting area is a vintage spot-on!

10. Use a loft bed for the vintage bedroom look you are aspiring to have!

loft bed decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Digsdigs

Is your bedroom surrounded by unpainted or exposed brick walls? Soften that ragged aspect of your room by using a converted bed loft! Do not forget to use carpet mats for your bedroom floor and paint your bed with pastel colors!


11.  Play with colors and paint your bedroom furniture!

re paint decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Margot Austin

Here is a popular piece of advice for any decorating bedroom ideas: color and paint are your best friends in this game! Got a piece of vintage furniture which is unfortunately stained? No worries! Simply apply a new coat of colorful eye-catching paint! Just like in the bedroom pictured above, the lovely eye-popping turquoise bedside dresser totally rocks the vintage touch of this bedroom!


12. Play with patterns for a playful vintage touch!

patterns decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Decoholic

In decorating a bedroom with a vintage theme, there really is no rule dictating what color to use. However, the most common color and pattern used in vintage themed bedrooms is undeniably a creamy white color accentuated with either mint, pink, soft blue, pale lavender or buttery yellow.

A vintage theme has no room for dark and dull colors, intense bright lights or too many earthly tones like beige and brown.

Playing with patterns is another characteristic of a vintage themed bedroom. Patterns bearing flowers or floral designs, birds, butterflies, and even idyllic scenery will never get you wrong!


13. Look and search for vintage items!

vintage find decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Aiken House and Gardens

A vintage themed bedroom cannot be complete without an authentic vintage item! Make an effort to look for genuine vintage pieces and furniture. You are probably thinking that a quick trip to furniture stores will do the trick, but actually, you should take a trip to the flea market, secondhand stores and antique shops. Items from this shops are already pre-loved and cost less than products from furniture shops.


14. Surprise yourself by adding an unexpected piece of furniture!


Source: Decoist

Since vintage treasures are not mass-produced furniture products which you can easily find, it is advisable to play with your bedroom decoration by adding an unexpected vintage piece to it.

Just like the bedroom pictured above, which shows the owner’s passion for collecting fans by using them to decorate around the ceiling of the room.

You should also try creating a spotlight for your valued collections!

15. Give your vintage room a vibrant tone with colors!

colorful decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Interior Design Pro

Just because you are pegging for a vintage bedroom does not mean your bedroom has to look old and dull. Paint your walls and some of your vintage furniture with vibrant colors to give it a cheerful and happy tone!


16. Give your room vintage glamour by choosing the right furniture!

classic vintage decorating bedroom ideas

Source: justyumyum

When choosing vintage furniture to give your bedroom a glamorous vibe, opt for a bed or furniture piece that gives a vibe of sophistication!

You may also simply re-decorate your room with 40’s Hollywood inspired regency to give off a glamorous and sophisticated vintage vibe!


17. Opt for a sweetened vintage bedroom!

sweet decorating bedroom ideas

Source: DigsDigs

This vintage inspired bedroom chose a soft pinkish color scheme and added floral pillows to accentuate a sweet and tranquil mood.

18. Vintage bedroom for men!

for men decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Vintage Headboards

Who said that vintage inspired bedrooms are only for women? In one of the recommended decorating bedroom ideas, this rustic and ragged headboard is perfect for men who would also like to add a vintage vibe!

In the bedroom pictured above, the mossy green palette channels tranquility throughout the room giving a gender-neutral vibe, while the rustic headboard gives it a masculine finish!


ragged decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Harbour Breeze Home

Vintage furniture which has not yet been re-furnished often appears ragged and worn down, but sometimes you can use this to your advantage! Just like in the bedroom pictured above, the worn-down state of the vintage window shutters gives the room just the right amount of vintage theme it needs!

20. Choose a vintage bed sheet for your bedroom!


Source: Tante Monica

Small details count and consistency is key in pulling off a vintage bedroom theme! Even the bed sheets you use for your bedroom must bear a touch of vintage vibe!


21. Transform your attic into this vintage bedroom!

small vintage decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Key Interiors by Shinay

If you are wondering about what to do about your small attic bedroom, why not try to furnish it with vintage items? Decorate it with vintage treasures, surround the walls with a cheerful wallpaper, cover the bed with vintage-inspired bed sheets and, tada! You now have a light, airy and welcoming vintage bedroom space!


22. Dare to show off your beautiful vintage treasures!

show off vintage decorating bedroom ideas

Source: justyumyum

If you are of the lucky ones who has found or inherited a classic and gorgeous piece of vintage furniture, like this beautiful vintage bed pictured above, do not be afraid to use and flaunt it! Create a simple color pattern which will help your beautiful vintage bed shine!


23. Create your own vintage decor!

diy vintage decor

Source: housetohome

When there is a will, there will definitely be a way! If you find yourself short of authentic vintage pieces needed for the vintage inspired bedroom you want, then simply create one for yourself.

The bedroom pictured above surely took your breath away, but would you believe it if I said that most pieces found in the picture were DIY?

For example, the seemingly fancy headboard is actually made out of cardboard and was cut into shape, and then covered with wallpaper. Cardboard for a headboard, cheap but smart!

How about that beautiful and seemingly expensive jewelry display hanging on the wall? That is actually made using a paper laced doily as a stencil to create the unique and romantic design. Afterwards, various vintage hooks were screwed and installed to hold jewelry, scarves and other accessories.

Over all the room looks fancy, gorgeous, and expensive! All you need is creativity and resourcefulness!

24. Use vintage throw pillows!

throw pillows decorating bedroom ideas

Source: Aiken House & Gardens

Sometimes, all you need to achieve the vintage inspired look of your bedroom is to prop up and pile up vintage throw pillows to achieve that cozy and inviting bed!


25. Opt to have a theme color!

1 diy bed

Source: Elle Decor

Choose a theme to work with when decorating your room. Taking the picture above as an example, you may incorporate two or more colors to play with in your room. The colors of white and blue work well together and created a soothing atmosphere that is relaxing for your bedroom.


26.) Match your wallpaper to your bed covers!

2 match bed cover with wallpaper

Source: Elle Decor

For a quick vintage feel, match your bed sheet covers to your wall paper. This will instantly make you feel as if you were staying in a London house in the 19th century. Make sure to choose a pattern that is easy on the eyes, to avoid being overwhelmed.

27.) Create a guest room in your attic!

3 diy twin attic bedroom

Source: Elle Decor

Do you have spare space in your home, particularly an attic? Why don’t you turn it into a guest room instead of it lying empty! To make the most out of the limited space, opt to have twin single beds then dress them in matching covers and pillows for a refined and dainty vibe..


28.) Incorporate a mini gallery in your bedroom!

4 gallery bedroom

Source: Elle Decor

Want to give your bedroom an upgrade without exerting too much time and effort? Simply decorate your bedroom walls with framed pictures! Arrange the framed photos into a pyramid or geometric design to add depth to your room. You can throw in random photos, or you can choose a theme to work with. Both ways are sure to work wonders for your bedroom.


29.) Keep a study table in your bedroom!

5 study area

Source: Elle Decor

During the olden times, a bedroom couldn’t be called a bedroom without a study table. For an instant and quick vintage vibe of your room, choose a nice study table to work with. It would even be better if the study table could be placed in between two beds.


30.) Decorate your bedroom in white!

whiter diydecorating bedroom ideas

Source: Elle Decor

For an easy and instant bedroom makeover choose a single color to decorate your room with. For the bedroom pictured above, it has a white colored theme, ensuring that most furniture and decorations are coated in white. This creates a simple and clean atmosphere that looks good and pleasing to the eyes.


Having a hard time in choosing which among these 30 Bedroom Decorating Ideas you would give to your bedroom? Why not try one of these each time you would like to re-invent your bedroom?!