15 Awesome Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

by craftmin | December 16, 2017

Wondering whereto celebrate your kid’s next birthday celebration? Some families love to invite their friends over to their home to celebrate with them, but for those who do not have enough living space, a home party is automatically crossed off the option list. If you can’t host a birthday party for children at home, there are still a lot of alternative places for you! Here is a list of Birthday party ideas for kids – venues included!



birthday party ideas for kids

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If your home has been crossed off the list of places where you can host a birthday party for your kid, then looking for the perfect venue might be quite hard. Parents consider a lot of factors when choosing the right venue for a birthday bash: budget, accessibility, guest capacity and especially the child-friendliness of the place.

Here is a list of venues and birthday party ideas to think about so you can host the birthday party your child dreams of!



1. Opt for Birthday party venues in the comfort of your community!

One of the most common pieces of advice about birthday party ideas for kids is to first look at the venues in your own community. Since it is a birthday party, obviously your family will not be the only people coming, so you also need to consider whether the party venue is also convenient and accessible for coming guests!


community venues for birthday party ideas for kids

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Here is a list of birthday party venues which eyour community might have:


Here is one birthday party idea every child would love to have: celebrate a birthday in an amusement park! Who wouldn’t be excited to ride all attractions with the kids they love to hang out with?


Celebrating a kids birthday in a Paintball facility sure offers a load of fun! In this facility, your child and their friends will be divided into two groups who target each other with round, fragile dye-filled oil or gelatin pellets. It is a fun recreational activity that even adults can enjoy!


If your child enjoys eating this popular cold dessert, then celebrating in an Ice cream parlor would definitely make their birthday a memorable one!

  • ZOO

Here is one birthday party idea for kids who simply love animals! They won’t only have a ton of fun but will also learn a lot from this recreational and educational place.


This venue is perfect for kids who cannot get enough of jumping! You can’t go wrong with choosing a Trampoline park or an inflatable park because children have an immeasurable love for jumping up and down!


Similar to the Paintball facility, if your kid enjoys hanging out and having a healthy competition with friends, a Laser tag facility is the birthday venue for their party! Here, your kid and their friends will be divided into two competing groups and will enter a dark arena, where they will need to think strategically and critically to target and aim their electronic guns at the members of the opposing team. It is a fun and physically engaging game which everyone will enjoy!


An art studio is one of the least-common birthday party ideas for kids, but just because it is a less popular opinion doesn’t mean your kid will not enjoy celebrating here. An Art studio offers a lot of fun for kids, where they will have tons of opportunity to draw, color, paint and mold clay to their heart’s content! Celebrating a kid’s birthday here will truly be a unique and meaningful experience!


A pizza parlor for your kid’s birthday, simply because who does not love pizza?!



2. Think of places that are budget-friendly or free!

A birthday party does not have to cost too much! You can still give your kid the best birthday ever without going beyond of your budget. Usually, one way to lessen your expenses for a birthday party is to celebrate it at your home, but since that is already off our bucket list, choose a venue and one of the birthday party ideas for kids that is inexpensive or, better yet, free of charge!


budget friendly venues for birthday party ideas for kids

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Here’s a list of budget-friendly birthday party venues:



Community centers are budget-friendly venues for hosting birthday parties with some offering rates of $25 per hour. They normally already have readily available equipment for your sound system needs. If it is an inexpensive indoor birthday party you would want, then this is for you!


One of the most affordable birthday party ideas for kids is to celebrate it in a public park. Your kid can celebrate their birthday in a public park and, if the public park is rich in trees and flowers, you could even make it fairy-themed!


Celebrating in a classroom is a good idea, especially if your kid would like to enjoy their day together with all their classmates! In a birthday party like this, all you have to do is bring the party food to school and you are all set!


One of the most popular birthday party ideas for kids is to celebrate one at the beach! Hosting a party at a beach does not cost much, since most beaches do not have an entrance fee. Aside from it not hurting your budget, swimming together with friends is always a good fun idea!



3. Consider the season when you will celebrate!

One tip from good birthday party ideas for kids is to consider the season! This will add a whole lot of fun and optimize the enjoyment of the birthday kid and their guests!

celebrate in season birthday party ideas for kids

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Here’s a list of birthday party venues perfect for a specific season:


Celebrating birthdays in a water park is a good idea, especially in hot weather during the Summer season!


Celebrating birthdays in a skating rink is perfect, be it Summer or Winter! Let your kid enjoy their day, skating to their heart’s content together with friends.



4. Cool places to celebrate birthdays of your not-so-young kid!

Playing on the trampoline and in inflatable castles sure is one of the best birthday parties for kids, but for kids who are about to become teenagers, these fun places may not be so fun anymoreWhenIn organizing and planning your kid’s party, think about their age and interest to make sure that they will really enjoy their day!

birthday party venues for tweens

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Here’s a list of birthday party venues for your not-so-young kids:

  • CAFE:

If your tween enjoys hanging out, chilling and enjoying a cup of coffee together with their bunch of friends, consider coffee shops or cafes as the venue for your kid’s birthday party.


This venue is recommended especially for kids who love make-overs and getting their nails done! Let your kid celebrate her birthday together with her friends in a beauty salon, so they can experience playing with make-up and nail polishes together!


Hanging out and chilling out with friends is not only for Netflix, so why don’t you let your kid celebrate their birthday in a local theater. Movies are best enjoyed together with buddies after all!


At the end of the day, don’t forget that the safety of your kid and the other children comes first when choosing the venue for the birthday party. A venue after all is just a venue. What matters when celebrating the most special days of our lives is the people we will celebrate them with and the kind of memories we make!

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