10 Practical and Cheap DIY Room Divider Ideas

by craftmin | December 19, 2017

Expanses of space can be quite intimidating but this is where a DIY room divider comes in use – break that space into something manageable, private and cozy.  By turning one large room into smaller pockets of space, room dividers create more useful space, turning even a small room into a “bigger” one.

Some of the dividers shown here are substantial and really give depth to the room, which is the most important thing about room dividers – the flexibility that they give you.  No drywall and no permanence, but with feelings of privacy and cozy containment.

Now you can bring out the best of your DIY crafting skills with staple guns, hot glue, hammers, finishing nails and a few brackets and screws. Anything can be used for a room divider, even fabric or rope, so crank up your imagination and creativity and repurpose something at home.

DIY Room Divider Ideas and Tutorials

(1) Naturally Roped

DIY Room Divider Rope

Go natural with these thick jute ropes that Morgan Satterfield designed for her friend who gives classes in upholstering in a gigantic warehouse. By installing the rope jute divider at the door, Morgan softened the impact of the warehouse with its huge hollow space.  Not only does the divider introduce the business, but it also gives the space a natural but professional atmosphere.

Simple to make than it looks, the basic materials for this rope jute are cheap and available in your local craft or DIY hobby stores, or even at the local Walmart. At about a dollar per foot, costs will go down if you choose thinner ropes.

First, Satterfield mounted wooden plates on the ceiling and floor and then threaded the ropes between the wooden plates.  Though not constructing a complete private space, the clear demarcation of the different spaces give it a more welcoming atmosphere.

Source: DIY Rope Wall

(2) All Chained Up

DIY room divider chain mail

Giving a dramatic and very stylish effect, this coiled wire mesh “fabric” drapes so beautifully that it could almost be mistaken for drapery. Made by an Oregon company for a hotel, the coiled wire mesh quickly became an instant hit among the hotel guests and is now available through direct purchase from the company’s website. Your dinner guests are bound to be impressed so be prepared for the “oohs” and “ahhs”. Heighten the drama with these gold-tipped log candle holders.

Source: Coiled Wire Fabric Divider

(3) Say It Clear With Window Sashes

DIY room divider wall hangers

Using repurposed material to turn something throwaway into trendy and stylish is usual for DIYers.  For less than $100, fun craft blogger Emily salvaged this window sash and turned it into a gorgeous DIY room divider. Hanging it on a barn door track and using clear glass, the divider gives depth to the room while still keeping it bright and airy.

Another repurposed window sash turned divider can be found here.

Source: Hanging Window Room Divider

(4) Build and Divide With Books

DIY room divider books 2

Bookworms can have it all! Just move an IKEA bookcase from the wall to the floor, and a room divider is born.

To make sure that their cabinets don’t tip over, IKEA provides free tip-over restraint kits.  However, since the cabinet is placed perpendicular to the wall, these free kits were not of much use for this project. The hack? Use L-brackets, metal solid restraints you can buy in a hardware, that are easily attached to your wall with studs.  Do the same at the top for real security. Cover any screw heads that may be visible with screw caps thatwill cost you the pricely sum of $11 for a pack of 100.

Tip: For more privacy, cover one side of the cabinet with multi-colored plasterboard for modern but bright appeal or use slatted wood or bamboo on one side for a more natural DIY room divider. Ramp up the privacy with style.

Source: IKEA DIY Room Dividers

(5) We Do It with Ikea

DIY room divider doors

Another great IKEA hack! Cut the cabin fever feel of a studio apartment by dividing the space with IKEA wardrobe doors. These IKEA PAX doors are made from frosted glass and come in varying sizes.  The ones used above are big enough to go from ceiling to floor giving complete privacy.  Another plus, these are sliding doors that can easily be moved around on their tracks.  With a really sharp knife, a chaotic room transforms into two private and cozy spaces.

Source: IKEA Pax Door Room Divider

(6) Living With Lath Boards

DIY room divider books lath

Repurpose the lath boards that are usually thrown away whenever a plaster wall is sledgehammered to give way to more room. Lath is normally used as the plaster base after it has been nailed to the studs in the wal but here the aesthetically-pleasing parallel lines rise like a phoenix from the plaster dust.

This DIY room divider makes full use of the lath boards from the base of a low-rise bench, which provide a much-needed break in the expansive space of this studio apartment. The clean linear look gives depth to the room with the rawness of the boards whilst completely painting them in white adds the illusion of space while giving you privacy.

Source: Deconstructed Room Divider  

(7) Visual Vinyl

DIY room divider books vinyl

Taking it to another level, this recycling and repurposing company based in New Jersey practises what it preaches. Have you stumbled across a collection of vinyls that you don’t know what to do with?  Go for funky and retro with this 60’s look for a 21st century goal.

The vinyl divider makes a completely unique statement while giving the room a young modish effect. Perhaps it’s something your teenager might appreciate together with these inspired ideas for a DIY wall decor?

Source: Record Album Room Divider

(8) Pallet Perfect

Perfect DIY partners Staci and Doug wanted some pallet wood and was shocked whena retailer from their Boston hometown was asking $300. They decided to it source on their own, and with finger clicking and dialing, they were able to gather enough scrap pallet wood to create a home office and bedroom from one space.

Best of all, the divider serves as memory wall scrapbook to hang and display travel mementos and pictures from significant events. Another perfectly repurposed room.

Source: Wood Pallet Room Divider

(9) Cut It With Fabric

DIY room divider fabric

You can find this DIY room divider with fabric over at Jennifer Eckert’s Fresh Cut blog. By covering two panels with bright-colored fabric, she hit two birds with one fabric-covered stone.

For less than $170, this fabric-coated divider is easy and pocket-friendly while definitely still modish. Jennifer made it super flexible by using easily-adjustable connectors. So go visit your art store for these large 30″ x 60″ canvas panels and cover them with fabric for a cheery bright divide.

Source: DIY Room Divider

(10) All Wired Up

DIY room divider chicken wire

Unwilling to part with an outdated but still perfectly usable folding room divider?  Design blogger and intrepid DIYer Susan was faced with just that dilemma. Her solution? She choose to be a good example of a grandma and mama and kept the tri-fold divider rather than throw it away.

She maintained the wooden frame but did a shabby-chic transformation with chicken wire stapled to all three sections. By using it as a vertical scrapbook and all around signboard and message board, this DIY room divider separates the kitchen from the dining room. It totally completes the homey country-style she has going around her home.

Source: Chicken wire divider