A car insurance comparison is always worthwhile!

by craftmin | July 17, 2018

The range of insurance providers can vary greatly, depending on who you buy from and which options you choose. An online comparison is quite quick, you can also get offers by phone to make an insurance comparison.

It’s like this: the same insurance provider will make a cheaper offer to someone similar to you, because they live in a quieter part of town, or the car is kept in the garage. You can test these and other criteria in a car insurance comparison.


The best cover is not necessarily the best car insurance

It is very important to realise that it is not important to buy the cheapest insurance. You have to find the cheapest insurance for the perfect policy. There are online tools with which very simple comparisons can be made. Extras such as legal protection and key exchange can be checked here in the same way as the basic cover. The most important thing should first of all be that the insurer has the necessary protection and all extra benefits on offer.

Caution is required with the excess, because the emergency can occur faster than one thinks. If a higher deductible reduces the cost of the policy, it can be very expensive to cause an accident, because it can mean that you have to dig deep into your pocket. So if you don’t even have the money to spare, but have to fight to raise it in an emergency, then you should rather accept a more expensive policy. This makes motor insurance comparisons all the more important, because there are huge differences here.

Contact the insurer, even by telephone if necessary.

Not all providers put their offers on the price comparison websites, so that they cannot be compared in one go with the others. But it can be worth a call, or you can get a quote directly from the website if you can find a cheaper provider. For example, some of the largest providers cannot be found on price comparison websites.

The age of the driver plays a role. In Germany, the car is insured, but the driver plays a major role. This means the driver who uses the car regularly. If this is a person with a lot of experience and a long insurance history, then he will get a cheaper policy than a newcomer whose driving licence is 2 months old. This should be checked on a case-by-case basis. A car insurance comparison in this case will probably always be in favour of the older driver.

With a regular car insurance comparison you can save up to 60% on the policy, so the time expenditure is worthwhile in any case and the so-called “soft tariff features” make a difference. For example, if you park your vehicle in the garage.

Liability insurance is a must, you can’t avoid it, and anyone who has ever been involved in an accident, no matter how serious, knows how quickly a few thousand euros can be collected just because a fender has been damaged. The motor insurance comparison only separates the wheat from the chaff. We are looking for the best service for our money, not the cheapest policy, so always specify all criteria.

The liability insurance covers damage to the other car or to persons to whom we have caused damage. But what about the damage to your own vehicle? It can go into the hundreds or thousands. That’s where hull insurance comes in. In contrast to liability, these can be taken out voluntarily. Here again there is a partial cover and a fully comprehensive cover. The owner of a new car will often opt for comprehensive insurance. The difference is that partial coverage only covers certain types of damage such as theft, thunderstorms, explosion, fire, etc. Fully comprehensive cover also covers damage that was caused by the customer, such as accidental damage or vandalism. The car insurance comparison is also indispensable here.

If you want to be very prudent, you can take out passenger insurance in addition to normal car insurance. If the worst comes to the worst, all occupants are also secured at the same time. This means they are EXTRA secured, individually. Of course, passengers in all types of accidents are covered by liability insurance, but only in part by the number of passengers and the total sum insured. For example, if the car is insured with 150 Euro and there are 5 passengers, the sum insured is divided by the number of passengers, i.e. 30,000 Euro per person. These criteria should also be included in a motor insurance comparison.

And here is also a video on the subject.