Decorate With Mirrors – 25 Stylish Mirror Projects

by craftmin | December 19, 2017

Mirrors are one of the things our home simply isn’t complete without. According to studies, on average men look at their reflection 23 times a day, while women look at theirs 18 times a day. After all, men and women are social beings whose psyche is designed to be conscious of their physical appearance. So having mirrors at home is a must, a necessity, but it is not just a mere piece of furniture. With smart designing, mirrors can be used to make our home look bigger and more spacious than it actually is. To make the most out of your mirror, all you need is this list of 25 stylish ways to decorate with mirrors!

25 Stylish Ways To Decorate With Mirrors

With a dash of creativity and right use of frames, a mirror can also become a show-stopping centerpiece for your home.  Check these suggestions to see how you can do amazing things with mirrors- from the simplest uses to the most innovative.


1. Frame your mirror with a splash of color!


splash of colors decorate with mirrors

Source: Desire to Inspire

Sometimes, when trying to spice up your room, all you need is the right frame and a splash of eye-catching color! Don’t be afraid to paint the frame of your mirror and experiment with vibrant colors. In the bedroom pictured above, the right combination of bright yellow and orange makes a beautiful difference to the flawlessly white-coated room, making the room much more interesting than before!

2. Build a motif for your mirror!


motif decorate with mirrors

Source: Olivierberni Interieurs

One of the best ways to decorate with mirrors is to build a mirror motif. A well thought-out motif for your mirrors is the key for a unique and eye-catching centerpiece! In the room pictured above, the crystal-shaped mirror together with a mirrored cabinet creates a beautiful piece of decor.


3. Decorate with mirror pendants!


mirror pendants decorate with mirrors

Source: Maison Wiz

 Mirrors are not only functional piece for your home, but they also make great home decor! In the picture above, the homeowner hung three mirrors of the same size on the wall with a long chain, at different heights, becoming a simple, functional and elegant piece of home decoration.

4. Use a mirror as a bathroom wall!


bathroom mirror decorate with mirrors

Source: Digsdigs

The average household has a mirror over the sink, but we know your home can do better than that. One stylish way to decorate with mirrors is to use one as a wall, which is not an entirely new concept, but is actually popular nowadays especially in a home with a limited space.

Pictured above is a bathroom with a mirrorused as a wall behind the tub, creating a unique decor statement! Additionally, the antiquity of the mirror wall seems to give a touch of old-world glam and charm to the bathroom.


5. Create a hall of mirrors!


hall mirror decorate with mirrors

Source: Curbed NY

To decorate creatively with mirrors, it’s best to think outside the box! Mirrors have always been a must-have for houses with limited space because it creates an illusion of a more spacious place. The best bet is to use a mirror as a wall of the house, but if you don’t fancy that idea, opt for a better alternative that works for you.

The home pictured above uses mirrors of different shapes and sizes to create a spacious hallway!


6. Place mirrors in unexpected places!


unexpected mirror decorate with mirrors

Source: The Luxuriante

A functional mirror is best placed on the wall or the floor, but you should always deviate from the norm when decorating with them. In the home pictured above, mirrors are placed in a doorway which may be unexpected but is amazingly cool and attractive.

7. Use tiled mirrors for your kitchen’s back-splash!

backsplash decorate with mirrors

Source:  Desire To Inspire

Upgrade your mirrors and also your kitchen! In the kitchen pictured above, the back-splash has been made out of mirrored tiles re-arranged into a brick formation. The mirror tiled back-splash should made the kitchen fancier!


8. Go for a mirrored bar cart

bar cart decorate with mirrors

Source: Be Colorful

Who said mirrors were only meant for your walls? Mirrors are very versatile when it comes to decoration, and the limit is only set by your imagination. In the picture above, a mirror has been placed in a bar cart, transforming it from a regular bar cart into a classy one!


9. Opt for bedside mirrors instead of a bedside table!

bed side decorating with mirrors

Source: AphroChic

Mirrors are not only must-have pieces of furniture, but can also be used to express art. In the bedroom featured above, instead a conventional bedside table, hexagonal mirrored tiles were used. The missing tiles in the displayed mirrors also give the room an extra touch of character!

10. Use mirrored tiles for your staircase!


mirrored staircase decorate with mirrors

Source: This is Glamorous

There are many ways to decorate with mirrors, one of which is by using mirrored tiles for your staircase. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it looks pretty cool!


11. Never go wrong with classic mirrors!


classic mirrors

Source: Taginstant

If you are not the experimental type, but still want to decorate with mirrors, then you can never go wrong with the classics! The large, round mirror pictured above sure adds class and beauty to the room, giving it style and charm!


12. Go for mirrors and create a statement!


geometric mirrors

Source:Kristin Kerr

When choosing mirrors to decorate your house, don’t settle with traditional-shaped mirrors. Although most of the time what comes into our minds are circular or rectangular mirror, they need not be confined to those shapes. The mirror pictured above for example, is neither circular nor rectangular, but instead has exotic beauty thanks to its golden geometric frame! Different is indeed beautiful!

13. Don’t be afraid to use over-sized floor mirrors!


oversized mirrors

Source: Waiting on Martha

If you’re after more reflection, get as much as you can. Not only does an over-sized floor mirror give you all the mirror space you want, it also opens up the room beautifully and adds the optical illusion of space.

Here is an over-sized mirror with oriental framing, which makes the room seem more spacious than it actually is.

14.  Add mirrors to your gallery wall!


gallery mirror

Source: Centsational Girl

Just because its called “wall art” doesn’t mean it is exclusive to art pieces. Mirrors can also be added to your gallery wall display and even serve as a central attraction. The mirrors featured above, although different in shape and size, balance with the framed pictures visible on each side. For this to work, all you have to do is make sure that the mirrors have identical frames and are placed on the best side of the gallery!


15. The more mirrors, the merrier!

the more mirrors

Source: William Abranowicz/ Domino

When it comes to mirrors, the conventional wisdom is to have only one per room. But why stop there? Here is another way to approach using mirrors in a gallery wall: create an entire display of mirrors!

16. Have a romantic dinner using mirrors!

decorate with mirrors

Source: David Scott

Want to create a romantic atmosphere in your dining hall? If so, use a large mirror to your advantage! Having a large mirror mounted over your dining room will give it the illusion of natural light and is sure to add more visual dimension to your dining space. It will give an elegant and romantic atmosphere, especially if you light candles for that romantic glow and vibe.

17. Give your room extra flair using mirrors and curtains!

2 decorate with mirrors

Source: Celia Berliner

You don’t need a spacious room for an ultra-modern bedroom. With curtains and a stand-up mirror, your bedroom will achieve the illusion of a bigger room. Decorating your mirror with curtains adds a practical and chic accent to your bedroom.

18. Create drama with extra-large mirrors!

3 decorate with mirrors

Source: Andreas Charalambous

Give your open-floor the drama and personality it needs by installing an over-sized mirror to spread natural light around your living space. This trick also improves the visuals of any living space, especially with little rooms.

19. Welcome your guests with mirrors in the entrance!

4 decorate with mirrors

Source: Amy Bubier

Placing mirrors in your entrance gives you the opportunity for a last quick check of your physical appearance before leaving the comfort of your home. It also gives plenty of opportunity for you to play with your creativity with candles and other decoration that will help improve the lighting and ambiance of your home.


20. Decorate your decorative mirror!

5 decorate with mirrors

Source: Celia Berliner

Mirrors are practical pieces of decor, but some people treat mirrors like an art form that can fit perfectly with the style of your home. Think carefully and strategically about where to put your mirrors, sometimes proper placement of mirrors is all it takes to give your room the extra flair it needs. Don’t hesitate to decorate your decorative mirror, just like the mirrors pictured above, wheere stylish frames make this mirror a masterpiece!

 21. Use large, bold mirrors!

6 decorate with mirrors

Source: Andreas Charalambous

Mirrors are laid back home decor – for the mirror pictured above, the extra-large size and bold framing makes it the effortless focal point of the bedroom. Use big mirrors to decorate, all it takes to make this simple trick work is to conside where best it should be placed.


22. Expand your living space with mirrors!

7 decorate with mirrors

Source: Celia Berliner

It is no secret that mirrors are often used to make a room more spacious than it is – a greay trick to expand the visual aesthetic of a room. However, be careful when using this trick – make sure that no unwanted reflections are caught in the process.

23. Don’t be afraid to use bold mirror frames!

 8 decorate with mirrors

Source: Nicole Sassaman

Sometimes all your room needs is a large mirror in a bold frame placed on the floor, leaning against the wall. This simple and effortless trick is enough to give your room an effortless accent – use this simple trick in your bedroom, your living room, your bathroom, and even at your entrance!

24. Decorate with more than one mirror!

9 decorate with mirrors

Source: Erinn Valencich

The thing with mirrors is that you can never have enough of them in your home – have more than one mirror, dozens even, and noone will dare say anything against it! When decorating a wall, hang two or three mirrors of the same size and design. Make sure that the mirror size and the space between them is proportional to create a well balanced look.

25. Use mirrors to accentuate colors and patterns!

decorate with mirrors

Source: Andreea Avram Rusu

Your decorative mirror doesn’t have to take center stage in order to be useful. Sometimes choosing to use a mirror that blends well and compliments your furnitures and other home decor is the trick to having an aesthetically pleasing living space. In the dining room pictured above, the simple mirror compliments the vibrant-colored chairs, making it easier for the eyes to take.

 Already excited to put these ideas into life? Whichever piece of design advice you liked, don’t forget to have fun decorating your home with mirrors!

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