Design your own pictures – 14 DIY artistic wall decoration ideas

by craftmin | February 20, 2018

Decorate your home with homemade murals that aren’t necessarily works of art. It’s all about using the right colours and setting accents that can be found in the rest of the interior design. This will save you money and time, because you can get all the useful materials from the nearby craft shop right away. We present you 14 cool and simple ideas on how to create effective pictures yourself.

Design your own pictures – with paint and brushes

Choose a colour that matches the interior design perfectly. Consider exactly where a decorative mural is desired and get one, two or more pieces of canvas according to the space.

Create your own paintings on canvas – monochrome colours

It is recommended not to use too many colours to avoid kitschy results. Choose one or two in a colour palette that can also be found in the interior. Monochrome pictures look harmonious and can be integrated beautifully into the overall picture.

Modern canvas paintings as wall decoration

Inspired by a painting technique – pointillism, known from art history, playful forms are created by simple dots. These can be done by light pressure with the brush. Try out on a piece of paper and then continue with the canvas.

Create your own abstract images – expressionistic in blue and pink

Abstract images can be mastered relatively quickly. The secret lies in the right colours and the relationship between the nuances. Interpret the tones of curtains, carpets, upholstery in the room. Have a look at the paintings of artists, collect them in fresh inspiration and don’t forget that less is often more. Have fun doing handicrafts!

Making abstract pictures with spatula and paint yourself

Create your own pictures in pastel colours

Marble effect with nail varnish for an imaginative little picture

Create your own geometric images

Create your own black-and-white pictures

Attractive wall decoration with paint and painter’s tape

Indianer-Bild auf Holztafel basteln

Using paper to create your own pictures

Wall decoration with fish scales effect in gold make it yourself

Create your own wallpaper – split a photo into squares

Cut a photo into squares

Creative wall design with colourful cards arranged in the wall painting

Alternative to the watercolour painting – create a picture from triangles