17 Stylish DIY Baby Mobiles – How to Make a Baby Mobile

by craftmin | December 15, 2017

What else is there in a baby’s crib aside from a pillow, a sheet and slatted sides? A mobile! I’m not talking about being able to move nor about mobile phones. These are something hung over a crib to stimulate and entertain a baby. They also make a perfect welcoming gift for your little angels. Ifyou’re wondering how you can make this little toy, you’re in luck because you can easily check these adorable, DIY Baby mobile ideas.

As classic as they may be, mobiles make a nursery complete and symbolize everything that involves babies. A nursery mobile is one of the things that expectant parents think of buying or making to give babies a warm embrace.

From simple and sweet to the out-of-the-ordinary, here are 17 of the most adorable and creative baby mobiles. Whether you are trying to find a design concept or a full tutorial on how to make a mobile, these wonderful projects will boost your creativity!

DIY Baby Mobile Ideas: How to Make a Baby Mobile

1. Magic Melted-Bead Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Magic Melted-Bead Mobile

Image Courtesy: Artful Parent

Melting plastics such as translucent plastic pony beads can be dangerous, even when doing it with a gas grill, but when it’s done right, they make an amazing light-catching mobile.

2. Lucky Star Ombre Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Lucky Star Ombre Mobile

Image Courtesy: One Dog Woff

The ombre effect of this mobile makes it dreamy. This mobile features miniature origami stars discretely folded and then strung from an embroidery hoop. Are you thinking of making one? Well, here is a simple tutorial to get you started.

3. Tissue Cluster Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Tissue Cluster Mobile

Image Courtesy: Danielle Burkleo

If you are looking for something a bit unique, this jazzy cluster of shiny paper garlands, paper lanterns and tissue pom-poms makes for an eye-catching mobile that is enjoyable to look at. Don’t know how to make paper pom-poms? Follow the directions here.

4. Galaxy Star Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Galaxy Star Mobile

Image Courtesy: Honest to Nod

It’s just amazing how star-shaped paper can be made into sparkling silver stars that twirl and spin for something that is sure to put a smile on a baby’s face! Not only does this design not cost much, it is also easy to make. The directions provided here will show you how to make a mobile from this design that will make any nursery glamorous.

5. Tissue Tassel Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Tissue Tassel Mobile

Image Courtesy: Just Bella

Just folding and cutting tissue paper can create this fantastic baby mobile to add a speckle of color when hung on a crib. You could use a bit of silver or gold tissue to give this project an awesome metallic look.

6. Paper Cloud Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Paper Cloud Mobile

Image Courtesy: HGTV

Do you know what can be made from an embroidery hoop, fishing line, card stock and a free printable template? Yup! This dreamy mobile to leave your baby distracted will only cost you $5. Here are the full details on how to make a mobile like this.

7. Crystal Chic Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Crystal Chic Mobile

Image Courtesy: God Bless Our Nest

Simply using a wire wreath frame, chandelier crystals, fishing line, fabric or other trim and sheetrock anchor with a screw, this feminine, sweet mobile is as charming to look at as it is simple to make.

8. Hot Air Balloon Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Image Courtesy: Persia Lou

Do you have a knack for paper weaving? This cute balloon mobile will make any nursery amazing! Check out the directions on how to make a mobile like this here.


9. Fabric Strip Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Fabric Strip Mobile

Image Courtesy: Project Nursery

Looking for an easy way to give a nursery that shabby chic look? You can make a nursery mobile out of scraps of ribbon or fabric and an embroidery hoop. This fabric strip mobile would be ideal for dangling above the crib.

10. Paper Polyhedron Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Paper Polyhedron Mobile

Image Courtesy: Tuts+

Mobiles are not just for nurseries, you know! This stunning polyhedron paper mobile makes an excellent accent piece for any space of your home. Pick colors that go with your room and hang it on a wall or from the ceiling.

11. Dream Catcher Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Dream Catcher Mobile

Image Courtesy: Honest To Nod

A dream catcher is not only a woven web on a willow hoop used to stave off nightmares. With just a few easy steps to follow and a few tweaks, you can turn a traditional dream catcher into a beguiling nursery mobile, providing sweet dreams for your baby. If dreamcatchers fascinate you, here is how to make your own homemade DIY dreamcatcher.

12. Sculpted Yarn Mobile

How to make a mobile out of a yarn, balloons, Elmer’s glue, old/disposable bowl and an embroidery hoop that will only cost $12? Check out Lacey Major’s guide for how to make a mobile as gorgeous as this DIY yarn mobile.

13. Feather Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Feather Mobile

Image Courtesy: Tinker With This

Sometimes a trend is just too irresistible, especially when it’s just so dreamy. Fabric feathers make this fashionable tribal mobile very fancy. Do you want something original? YTtry hand-painting white feathers or color-dipping them to make this tribal mobile even more authentic-looking.

14. Felt Ball Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Felt Ball Mobile

Image Courtesy: My Sparkle

This creative and darling mobile uses pre-felted, boughten balls to add a touch of glam to any baby’s room! You can also make your own homemade felt balls, and a clever way to make them is to use a washing machine. You have got to find out how it’s done!

15. Origami Crane Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Origami Crane Mobile

Image Courtesy: A Piece of Kate’s

Origami is a beautiful and inexpensive way to make fabulous decor, not just for a dorm or a home but for a nursery as well. A symbol of good wishes and good luck, origami cranes make a perfect welcoming gift for a newborn. Even an origami neophyte can make a display elegant by following this tutorial.

16. Himmeli Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Himmeli Mobile

Image Courtesy: Nicest Things

This inexpensive yet dazzling mobile from Finland patterned its design around geometric shapes and pastels and now has become trendy worldwide. This tutorial will show you how to create a DIY Nordic-inspired Himmeli mobile.

17. Paper Punch Mobile

How to Make a Mobile: Paper Punch Mobile

Image Courtesy: Merely Mothers

Are you tired of looking for the perfect mobile to hang above your baby’s crib? This beautiful paper mobile has a gorgeous design thanks to the 400 colorful discs strung neatly onto it.


Before installing a nursery mobile for your little one, consider the following safety precautions:

How to Make a Mobile: PRECAUTIONS

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Age Appropriateness

If the baby is already 5-months old, or is pushing up onto knees and hands, it’s time to get rid of the mobile. If the mobile is reachable, they could grab it down by themselves which could potentially injure or strangle them.

2. Length of Mobile Strings

The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that a string 7 inches or longer could potentially strangle your newborn.

3. Mobile Installation

Mobiles should be installed in accordance with the directions provided by the manufacturer.

4. Safe Distance

It’s important to keep a mobile out of the baby’s reach but at the same time place it close enough for them to enjoy.

5. Potential Choking Hazards

Nurseries should not have mobiles with detachable, small parts to avoid a choking hazard.