14 Inspiring DIY Bath Bombs Ideas & A Practical Step By Step Guide

by craftmin | January 1, 2018

Make bathing a cool experience for kids with bath bombs, a bathroom treat which is universally popular due to how it fizzes when it hits the water. This is caused by a chemical reaction between the bath bomb’s ingredients when it touches the water. Nowadays, there are a lot of bath bombs to choose from with varying shapes, not just usual round types. There are bath bombs shaped like cupcakes, ice cream, robots, almost all the shapes you can imagine. They also give color to the water bath, making bathing so much more fun for little kids. There are also organic bombs, and those which come with dried flower petals and essential oils.

Do you want to learn how to make bath fizzes? Use this DIY bath bombs no-fail tutorial to enjoy bath bombs anytime you want. Hang on and keep on reading and you’ll be a bath bombs expert after reading this. Why not make these DIY bath bombs with your kids for a real fun activity, or as a homemade spa gift for your dear friends? Or, make these DIY bath bombs just because you can.

DIY Bath Bombs – The Basics

Before learning how to make more complicated bath bombs, let’s master the basics first.

Basic Ingredients

These ingredients are easily available from grocery stores or maybe your own kitchen.

  • Baking soda, 1 cup
  • Citric acid, 1/2 cup
  • Epsom salt, 1/2 cup
  • Water, 1 tsp.
  • Essential oil of your choice, 2 tsp.
  • Olive oil, 3 tsp.
  • Food color (your choice, optional)

Basic Tools

Just grab these tools from your kitchen cupboards.

  • Bath bomb molds – available in crafts supply stores or you can just use jelly molds!
  • Whisk
  • Bowl
  • Jar
  • Spoon

Basic Steps

Here are the steps that will make you a bath bombs expert in no time!

Step 1

DIY bath bombs dry ingredients

Put all dry ingredients (baking soda, citric acid and Epsom salt) into the bowl. Use the whisk to mix themevenly.

Step 2

DIY bath bombs liquid ingredients

Put all the liquid ingredients (water, essential oil, olive oil and food color, if adding any) into the jar. Now, this is the fun part. Try and combine different essential oils depending on when you want to use these bath bombs. Color them accordingly so you don’t need to label them. Try to use Lavander essential oil and some purple color for a relaxing bath bomb. How about some Rose and Jasmine essential oil for a sensual bath bomb experience? Be creative, add some flower petals if you want.

Maybe bath bombs with Citronella essential oil would repel mosquitos. I personally don’t like the icky feel of those insect repellent lotions anyway.

Step 3

DIY bath bombs mixing the ingredients

Gradually add the liquids to the dry ingredients in the bowl. Add the ingredients really slowly, to avoid premature fizzing. There should be little to no lumps and all ingredients should be damp. You know you’ve done it right when your mixture looks like wet sand.

Step 4

DIY bath bombs molding

Looks like pretty pink wet sand if you ask me! Get your bath bomb mold, then open it and quickly spoon some of the mixture into the the mold. Make sure that the mixture is packed into the mold then close. Don’t let the mixture dry out in the bowl, so be really really quick in this step.

Step 5

DIY bath bombs molder DIY bath bombs pink fizz

Let your DIY bath bombs dry. If you chose a molder with a lot of detailing, dry your bath bombs overnight just to make sure. Good luck on the unmolding!

If you’re having a hard time following this written tutorial with pictures, watch the video tutorial here instead.

13 Inspiring Recipe Ideas For DIY Bath Bombs

Because we love you, you don’t need to leave this page to find DIY bath bombs inspirations. Storage suggestions are also included here, so keep on reading.

Fun DIY Bath Bombs Inspirations

May these photos inspire you in making more creative bath bombs in the future. Who knows, maybe it is the perfect business opportunity for you. You could even put surprises inside these bath bombs. Surprise us with your own DIY bath bomb designs!

DIY bath bombs tie-dye
1. DIY Tie-Dye bath bombs from the Soapqueen.

DIY bath bombs unicorn
2. Unicorn-inspired bath bomb from apumpkinandaprincess. Looks magical to me.

DIY bath bombs geode

3. Geode-inspired DIY bath bomb from themakeupdummy.

DIY bath bombs Mickey
4. Mickey-inspired DIY bath bombs from thefarmgirlgabs.

DIY bath bombs donuts
5. How about these yummy-looking donut DIY bath bombs from apumpkinandaprincess?

DIY bath bombs mermaid shell
6. This “thingamajig” of a bath bomb by the Totally The Bomb.

DIY bath bombd gingerbread man

7. Be sure to keep these Gingerbread Man bath bombs by pistachioproject away from hungry children.

DIY bath bombs beauty on the beach
8. Bring the beach home with these DIY bath bombs from doitbetteryourself.

DIY bath bombs Midas' touch
9. Gift this golden Christmas ball DIY bath bomb by Soap Queen to your friends for really happy holidays!

DIY bath bombs hot cocoa

10. Fancy some Hot Cocoa bath bombs? This mouthwatering bath fizz is from the Lovely Greens.

DIY bath bombs cupcakes
11. Last but not least, no sorry you can’t eat this Cupcake DIY bath bomb from the forum

How To Store DIY Bath Bombs

DIY bath bombs storage Napa Soap Company

12. Store them in the bathroom, together with your other bath essentials but place them in airtight containers to avoid contact with excess moisture. You don’t want to lose that precious fizz, right? Display them like in this photo from Napa Soap Company to add fun and interesting details to your bathroom.

DIY bath bombs in plastic wrap

13. You can also store these bath fizzes wrapped in cellophane or plastic wraps.

Some Reminders

I bet you’re feeling like a DIY bath bombs guru now so don’t be scared to experiment. Go and make your own recipe, adjusting the ingredients to suit your taste. If you’re planning on making realistic looking food bath bombs, label them accordingly and be sure to keep them away from children. Don’t let kids play with this stuff to avoid possible consumption. When using essential oils, do a skin test first – its better to be safe than sorry. You can do your own research for good combintions of essential oils to use for bath bombs.

The most important reminder of all, be creative and have fun!