35 DIY Bathroom Ideas For A Fabulous Look

by craftmin | December 23, 2017

Do you think you can live without a bathroom? Hygienically speaking, you can’t. Even studio type homes have one other room which is the bathroom. You can do almost anything, from eating to sleeping anywhere in the house, but can you do your bathroom activities elsewhere? I think not. Because of this, it is important to keep the bathroom clean, comfortable, and even fun to use if that’s possible. Everybody wants to make the most out of their “me time” in the bathroom. Unleash the designer inside you and make your bathroom all cool and fun with these DIY bathroom ideas that are sure to give you a fabulous loo.

Easy and Fun DIY Bathroom Ideas

Who says you need a large budget for a bathroom makeover? Achieve the bathroom of your dreams, or close to it, with this list of DIY bathroom ideas. All you need is some creativity and imagination. You could even make this bathroom makeover into a family project, a great way to finally spend some needed quality time with your loved ones. Get your scissors, glue guns and other stuff ready. We promise this to be easy and fun!

1. Lazy Susan


bystephanielynn DIY bathroom ideas

Are you always running out of storage space no matter how many cabinets you have? Why not maximize your bathroom space with this Lazy Susan organizer? Check out this DIY double tiered rotating organizer by bystephanielynn. She used a Lazy Susan mechanism bought from a supply store, some repurposed stuff and epoxy. And the jar are repurposed pasta sauce jars! Her choice of color added a girly vibe to the bathroom.

2. Magnetic makeup board

lizmariegalvanblog DIY bathroom ideas

It’s Friday night and you’re prepping for a fabulous night out with friends. But, wait, you can’t seem to find that perfect eyeshadow! Oh, the agony of looking for something in a pile of make-up when you’re in a hurry. Girl, you’re not alone. With this cool DIY makeup organizer by lizmariegalvanblog, you’ll save a lot of time and won’t need to dig through your vanity kit.

3. Artsy fartsy tissue dispenser

landeeseelandeedo DIY bathroom ideas

Say goodbye to boring tissue holders and hello to these repurposed mason jars! For this DIY project, landeeseelandeedo used some mason jars, scrapbook paper, exacto knife, scissors and of course some tissues. Easy peasy, even kids can do it. Just leave the knife and scissors part to the grown-ups.

4. Mason jar wonders

thediyplaybook DIY bathroom ideas

Just when you thought mason jars couldn’t get any cooler, you found this. Just a spoiler, a lot of these DIY bathroom ideas involve mason jars as they have so many uses. This mason jar organizer by thediyplaybook gives the bathroom a farmhouse-chic. You can check out the tutorial in this video.

5. Medicine cabinet organizer

themerrythought DIY bathroom ideas


You won’t believe how easy this DIY project is – it just uses some magnets, fabric, glue, scissors, pencil and a paintbrush. It definitely helped themerrythought to save their medicine cabinet from all the clutter.

6. Easy toothbrush caddy

thecountrychiccottage DIY bathroom ideas

Another of these many DIY bathroom ideas involves the famous mason jars but also the use of chicken wire by thecountrychiccottage in this project is just pure genius. Why haven’t I thought of this before?

7. Handy dandy mason jars

lizmarieblog DIY bathroom ideas

This mason jar organizer by lizmarieblog, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. Since it’s DIY, customize it anyway you want to suit the vibe you want for your bathroom!

8. Pretty towel rack

myfabulesslife DIY bathroom ideas

Tired of those silver towel bars and hand towel rings? myfabulesslife thought of this project which uses old planks – more savings mean more fun after all.

9. Floating shelves

mommysuite DIY bathroom ideas

Who knew floating shelves could be this easy? For supplies and instructions, check out mommysuite.

10. Magazine rack

fourgenerationsoneroof DIY bathroom ideas

Do you love to read while taking some “me time” in the bathroom? You are sure to love this DIY bathroom magazine rack by fourgenerationsoneroof. This wall-mounted rack not only keeps your magazines neatly organized, it also hides that blank, boring wall.

11. Beach-inspired wall art

thepartyteacher DIY bathroom ideas

Missing the beach? Bring those beach memories with you to your bathroom with this shell art by thepartyteacher.

12. Leather-copper organizer

abeautifulmess DIY bathroom ideas

Some people get tired of seeing repurposed mason jars all over the hous, so use this very cool organizer alternative from abeautifulmess.

13. Rustic sconce

shelterness DIY bathroom ideas

Do you want a rustic vibe for your bathroom? Try this rustic mason jar sconce by shelterness. Use them as a wall vase or as additional space to organize your small bathroom stuff.

14. Jewelry holder

lemonademakinmama DIY bathroom ideas

Another idea to fill that blank and boring bathroom wall of yours. This idea from lemonademakinmama gets me pretty excited!

15. Towel hanger

thehouseofsmiths DIY bathroom ideas

What do you think of a door knob as a towel hanger? It might be a little unconventional, but thehouseofsmiths sure make it work. I just love the look of that sparkly crystal knob!

16. DIY accent pieces

dabblesandbabbles DIY bathroom ideas

This DIY wall art idea from dabblesandbabbles is so fun and easy to make, and it’s super cheap , too! Add life and color to those boring bathroom walls with an accent pieces which is a lot easier than painting the whole thing.

17. Bathroom ladder

lovegrowswild DIY bathroom ideas

Why do we need a ladder in the bathroom again? For this very cool towel hanger idea from lovegrowswild of course! Its a unique piece of decor which adds a statement to your bathroom.

18. Extra-long shower curtain

addicted2decorating DIY bathroom ideas

It’s all about adding an element of fun to those boring bathroom items. Prettify your shower curtains with this idea from addicted2decorating.

19. The whale project

fullplateliving DIY bathroom ideas

The coolest fix for a boring bathroom wall is definitely this idea from fullplateliving which is sure to make the kids want to make some for their rooms, too!

20. DIY shower curtain

designlovefest DIY bathroom ideas

Looking for the perfect shower curtain to fit your bathroom theme? Stop the long search and check this fun DIY curtain by designlovefest so you candesign your own shower curtain to your heart’s desire. Be as crazy and creative as you can be!

21. Hanging mason jar storage

Under shelf mason jar storage DIY bathroom ideas

Not everyone has the luxury of space in the bathroom, so consider this mason jar storage under your shelves to save and maximise what space you do have! Learn how to do mason jar mounting here.

22. Bath rug

alldaychic DIY bathroom ideas

This DIY bath rug by alldaychic is made from old shirts and is not just fun to do ,but can also save you a lot of money from buying a new one.

23. Color-block shower curtain

marthastewart DIY bathroom ideas

What isn’t there to love about this elegant, yet colorful shower curtain by marthastewart? This is sure to wake your sleepy head up in the morning. Because of its eye-popping colors, it will also improve your moods!

24. DIY bathroom sign

shanty-2-chic DIY bathroom ideas

Who needs to buy a bathroom sign, when you can make one? Check out this DIY burlap chevron bathroom sign wall art by shanty-2-chic.

25. Ruffled shower curtains

seekatesew DIY bathroom ideas

Why buy a $168 shower curtain at Anthropologie when you can get the same effect with this tutorial from seekatesew. And it’s a steal for only $5! Imagine the money you’ll save from all of these DIY bathroom ideas.

26. Bathroom canvas art

allparenting DIY bathroom ideas

This canvas art from allparenting is a great way to remind kids and adults alike to wash their hands after every time they use the bathroom.

27. Flower petal shower curtain

mama-says-sew DIY bathroom ideas

According to mama-says-sew, this is a time-consuming project. But hey, you don’t get tired and impatient when you’re having fun. And look at just how this project turns out. Just lovely!

28. DIY crochet rug

wonderfuldiy DIY bathroom ideas

This crochet rug by wonderfuldiy is made from old shirts. If you’re handy with the crochet hook, try making these to add a reggae vibe in your bathroom.

29. Notes on wall art

hometalk DIY bathroom ideas

Who here meditates inside the bathroom? Does a bare bathroom wall help you at all? Why not try these wall art ideas from hometalk, such as using reminders and words of wisdom or just about anything to add life to those walls.

30. Braided rug

instructables DIY bathroom ideas

Learn from instructables to make those old shirts into this cool bathroom rug.

31. Patterned bath mat

shelterness DIY bathroom ideas

Make a bathroom mat to compliment your bathroom interior with this tutorial from shelterness.

32. Paper art and nail polish

madincrafts DIY bathroom ideas

Make marbled paper art using nail polish for your bathroom walls with this tutorial by madincrafts which adds so much fancy.

33. Upcycled t-shirt rug

thehappyhousewife DIY bathroom ideas

Choose your own colors or use your old favorite shirt in this DIY rug idea by thehappyhousewife.

34. Chained mason jars

littledevilswithwings DIY bathroom ideas

Add a badass vibe to your bathroom with these hanging chained mason jars by littledevilswithwings.

35. Carpet trapillo

myworldofwool DIY bathroom ideas

Try this carpet trapillo tutorial from myworldofwool. If you are good at crocheting, this should be an easy project for you.  Adjust the size depending on your bathroom floor size.

You can never really run out of fun and easy DIY bathroom ideas to try. Your creativity and imagination are the only limit!