17 Must-have DIY Bean Bag Chair Ideas & Practical Procedure

by craftmin | January 11, 2018

From time to time, all children love to have a space to call their own. It may be a place to chill, for binge movie watching, or a place to read. No other space offers this much comfort to kids than the runty bean bag chair. But, while you can easily buy one for your kids at the store, going for a DIY bean bag chair is oftentimes a better option.

For the inexperienced, making a DIY bean bag chair can be a daunting process. You just do not know which part goes with which. It’s no simple feat—for sure—but the task does not necessarily have to be complex to follow. In fact, with just the right tutorial and materials at the side, you can easily make your own bean bag in just half an hour.

Don’t believe me? You should.

Easy-to-Follow Guide

Materials needed:

  • 2 pieces of upholstery weight fabric
  • 1 piece 22 inches zipper
  • 5 cubic feet bean bag filling

Before going through the procedure, as a forewarn, all seamless allowances in this method are set at 5/8”.

Step 1

Cut the two fabrics to 45 inches by 32 inches. The fabrics need not have to be monotonous un coloration. In fact, the more diverse the two are with one another, the more two-toned it will appear.

Step 2

Stack the two cloths together by turning them on their right sides. Prevent fraying by making a zigzag stitch on the long edges. Follow the stitches with yet another but this time a straight stitch. For better durability, I personally suggest going for small stitches for length.

Step 3

Fold the carefully-stitched fabrics horizontally on equal proportion as if though a hot dog bun.

Step 4

Partially round out one end of the fabric. This will remove roughly 6” of the cloth.

Step 5

Open the cloth back again from its folding, revealing an original rectangular fabric with a symmetrical curve on one end. Make some zigzag stitches to the raw edges and follow them up with straight stitches. Leave the adjacent edge unstitch to give way for an opening.

Step 6

Open the unsewn edge which is essentially an opening. Fold the fabric in a manner that the two opposing color fabrics show each other on equal ratio. Refer to the images below for better comprehension.

Step 7

Back on the opening, sew the 22 inches zipper at its center.

Step 8

Finish the zipper installation by making a straight stitch on one side.

Step 9

Now that you already have a vessel for the supposed bean bag, all it will need is the right filling. With a kid in mind, a 100 liter or 3.5 cubic feet of filling is sufficient enough to make the ideal plump.

diy bean bag chair

And, voila, you already had developed your child a DIY bean bag chair. As a precaution, however, never ever let your child open your own-made bean bag. Letting your child open your creation will not only potentially ruin it, you also risk your child of swallowing the pellet in it.

diy bean bag chair

17 Designs to Inspire From

Because there is not only a single way by which DIY bean bag chair is made, you can actually come up with your own design. But if you are new in this DIY scene, getting clueless about it should be considered a normal thing. Let us help you overcome that problem by giving you 18 pre-made ideas to which you can get needed inspirations from.

  1. Giant DIY Bean Bag Chair

True to its label, this gargantuan design is meant to be larger than the average bean bag chair. Comes in a big size, this means that a kid—big or small—is easily contained by it. The only disadvantage to this design is that it may take more materials to make and is obviously more space-hungry.

  1. DIY Bean Bag Chair with a Handle on the Side

If you want a bean bag chair that is quite portable than others, this particular blueprint offers a great idea by being draggable. This is not to say that other designs are meant to be fixated in just one location. But there is a benefit to the idea especially when other bean bag chairs require getting lifted to be moved around.

  1. iPad Stand DIY Bean Bag Chair

    Source: Sewn Up

So, this may not be technically the kind of bean bag chair which a kid will personally enjoy. At least, not as something he or she could experience sitting on. This is, after all, not meant for anyone to lean on to. Literally, this particular design is made with one particular gadget in mind: the iPad.

However, there is no denying of the practicality of this idea when used auxiliary to an actual bean bag chair during chill time.

  1. Remade DIY Bean Bag Chair

Having an old and beaten bean bag chair does not necessarily mean trash. With a bit of creativity, you can easily bring back to life an otherwise lifeless object by simply making a makeover on it. Call it re-purposed but it’s far more practical that way than having to buy or make a new one from scratch. If it isn’t old and familiar, then it’s got to be new, right?

  1. Football-inspired DIY Bean Bag Chair

You know that you want your child to become a sportsman by choosing to pattern a bean bag chair after an iconic sports material. This design particularly has obviously the mindset towards one sport: football.

  1. DIY Bean Bag Chair with Otomi Stencils

The idea of making a bean bag chair from scratch is already an art in and of itself. But to employ an added layer of art on it, that’s twice as artistic. This particular DIY bean bag chair blueprint is a statement that bean bags can be very creative.

  1. Rollie Pollie DIY Bean Bag Chair

Want a bean bag chair design that you not only sit on to but can roll around as well? This rollie design is inviting on the idea of the “rolls” for its somewhat circular shape and colorful lines. If anything, this is a perfect companion for kids during playtime on the living room.

  1. Pyramidal DIY Bean Bag Chair

    Source: eHow

As plain as it gets, this pyramid-like bean bag chair design is a fully-functional semi-fixture.

  1. Pillowcase

    Source: Houzz

Most bean bag chairs are not necessarily small by design. But if you want a multi-purpose bean bag, then size might be a likely factor.

Do not let the puniness of this particular blueprint fool you into thinking that it’s only for a single purpose. This pillowcase is not only something to lie your head with, it can also be seated upon as needed. Either that or you can use it to embellish the sofa.

  1. Denim DIY Bean Bag Chair

Got some old denim wear that are no longer being used in your wardrobe for years? Do not throw them away. Repurpose them into something equally as useful by using them as skin to your next DIY bean bag chair project.

  1. Toddler-sized DIY Bean Bag Chair

Toddlers, not like their older counterparts, are smaller in stature. An average bean bag chair meant for kids appear bigger when they are in it. While the idea is fine, there can also be sizes that are made specifically for a child of this age. This DIY bean bag chair is tailor-made with the toddler’s small body in mind.

  1. DIY Bean Bag Chair for Dolls

    Source: Real Coake

Young girls tend to treat their dolls as themselves. When your little girl already has her own bean bag chair to cozy with, it oftentimes takes one for her doll as well to complement the experience. This tiny DIY bean bag chair is made small for a very good purpose: it is meant for a doll, not kids.

  1. Plain DIY Bean Bag Chair

Forget about the intricacies that may be possible for a DIY project such as a bean bag chair. When you only need one that is functional, designs would not really matter. Of all in the list, nothing is probably as representative to the idea than this plain design.

  1. DIY Bean Bag Chair for Babies

When the crib is not working and it takes something cushier for comfort, a DIY bean bag chair made exclusively for a toddler might be the key. Unlike other bean bag chairs meant for kids, this particular design has strap-on to hold the child in place.

  1. Stuff Animals as Innards DIY Bean Bag Chair

If you have got too many stuffed animals at home than more than you can deal with, keeping them in storage makes for a popular solution. But instead of letting these amazing toys gather some dusts, why not use them as a cushion for a bean bag chair?

Although the overall feel of this makeshift bean bag chair will be entirely different from the traditional, the functionality remains the same.

  1. Bean Bag Lounge

Who says that bean bags had always just to be for kids? Even adults can share in the fun, too. This bean bag design is obviously meant not just for kids based on its size alone.

  1. 30-minute DIY Bean Bag Chair

This particular design should already come as familiar to you. This is after all the inspiration for the guide at the early part of the article. As its name implies, this is a DIY bean bag chair you can do in just half an hour.

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