24 DIY Bed Canopy Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Luxurious

by craftmin | December 25, 2017

Do you find your bedroom dull despite a comfortable bed with a beautiful bedding and thick mattresses? Why not add a bed canopy to give it a glamorous, cozy, and romantic feel. If you buy a bed canopy, you may be faced with problems involving budget, color, size, and risk of matching. Fortunately, you can make one by yourself. Check out these DIY bed canopy concepts to make your bedroom luxurious and comfy. Enjoy!

Luxurious DIY Bed Canopy Projects

1. Bold Feather Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Bold Feather Canopy

Image Courtesy: Love Maegan

If you want to give your bedroom that theatric feel, then try this glamorous canopy project that uses either a satin fabric or velvet fabric with a feather pendant on top. The bold color choice is what mostly makes this DIY bed canopy totally different. It tells us something like–being bold and edgy also works just as being dramatic and soft!

2. PVC Pipe Curtains

DIY Bed Canopy: PVC Pipe Curtains

Image Courtesy: Take It From Me

You’ll fall in love with these bed curtains because of their calming and soft look and the ingenuity of turning some PVC piping into rails. This DIY project isn’t technically a canopy since the cloth that is supposed to be hanging over the bed is missing, but there’s no need to be a perfectionist. If you want the pipes and your roof to blend in, you can do some paint job. You think that this is the craziest way to repurpose a PVC piping? Wait till you see this!

3. Knotted Ombre

DIY Bed Canopy: Knotted Ombre

Image Courtesy: Treasures&Travels

Tie-dyeing is not only fun doing it on shirts but also doing it on a hanging fabric for this DIY bed canopy. The nice knotted strips and subtle ombre style of the hanging fabric make this bed canopy idea perfect to give your bedroom a beachy statement–soft, simple, and quiet.

4. Draped Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Draped Canopy

Image Courtesy: Life Ann Style

Don’t you find this canopy very romantic? With the draping, any simple-looking bed can have that pretty cool dramatic flair. To make this project a success, use lightweight fabric to prevent the dowels from bearing a lot of weight.

5. Simple Straight Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Simple Straight Canopy

Image Courtesy: Rosy Red Buttons

It is every girl’s dream to become a princess and also have that canopy bed with a big fluffy bedspread and huge curtains. But if you don’t have the budget, you’d probably find a way to make a simple, inexpensive canopy. Well, one way to do that is to exclude the big frame when you make your canopy. This DIY bed canopy uses a wooden dowel and some sheer fabric panels. The dowel is inserted through the casing to create a straight curtain-type thing, which is thumbtacked to the ceiling to hang over the top part of the bed. It’s super cheap, easy, and quick to pull off. Not bad, for this simple straight canopy.

6. Decorative Tapestry

DIY Bed Canopy: Decorative Tapestry

Image Courtesy: Mr. Kate

Some nails, a hammer, and the fabric are all that’s needed to make this simple DIY bed canopy and bring a pattern or some more color to a room. A canopy should be neutral as what most people would expect, but this DIY project shows that being deviant can be fun.

7. Elaborate Drapery

DIY Bed Canopy: Elaborate Drapery

Image Courtesy: Smart Living Network

This fabulous bed canopy made with bed skirts and bed sheets costs only $10 and takes only an hour to make. If you pull the drapes open, you get that frilly, flowy-ness look. If spending a bit more and adding some extra body does not mind you, a sheer fabric of different color or some lace along the skirting would be great.

8. Hoop Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Hoop Canopy

Image Courtesy: Spindles Designs & The Goods

Are you looking for a simple canopy that doesn’t cause a lot of fuss? This enchanting hoop canopy uses few materials, and replicating it is a piece of cake! You can use a hula hoop or an embroidery ring. Check out how this DIY bed canopy from TheGoods is done using a string of wooden beads and other materials.

9. Ceiling Mounted Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Ceiling Mounted Canopy

Image Courtesy: Olive And Love

You need a wire rope and hooks to outline your bed with a full rectangular curtain without the need for a ceiling frame in this inventive bed canopy project. So if you want to bring some brightness to your room but not too bright in your bed, this ceiling mounted canopy is definitely worth a try!

10. Draped Ceiling Mounted Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Draped Ceiling Mounted Canopy

Image Courtesy: How To Instructions

The similarity between this project and the previous one is undeniable. But this DIY bed canopy has the fabric hanging because the string is way too loose. The white net fabric gives this bed canopy a soft feel. It is also topped with a nice touch of a garland of white stars. Simple but impactful!

11. Crown Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Crown Canopy

Image Courtesy: My Love Of Style

A crib with a bed crown hanging above it and its canopy draping over the sides would make an awe-inspiring bed canopy. But what’s the catch? The cost of buying a canopy and a bed crown might go over your budget. Fortunately, you can make your own canopy and bed crown to have that luxurious bed canopy. MyLoveOfStyle will show you the step-by-step tutorial on how to make a beautiful bed crown and canopy out of a set of queen sheets and a vintage shelf.

12. Lampshade Flower

DIY Bed Canopy: Lampshade Flower

Image Courtesy: Skook’s Playground

Have you thought of making a beautiful hanging flower canopy out of an old lampshade? Well, lo and behold, this gorgeous DIY bed canopy will make a little princess grin from ear to ear. The simplicity of the drapery really accentuates the flower which, in this case, is the real eye-catcher.

13. Crown Cornice

DIY Bed Canopy: Crown Cornice

Image Courtesy: Remodelaholic

The spectacular crown cornice of this DIY bed canopy makes for a bedroom that WOWS! The addition of extra decorative elements like pom-poms and paper lanterns really make this cornice canopy pop. Remodelaholic can teach you how to create a cornice of your own.

14. A bit of Trim

DIY Bed Canopy: A bit of Trim

Image Courtesy: Young House Love

Creating a tent shape using only three brackets is what makes this DIY bed canopy easy. Did you notice that a trim has been added? The trim is a fun and colorful way of to give a canopy an accent. The sheer fabric causes that soft, dreamlike feel; that’s why it’s used in many of these projects. But sometimes, what you need to further that finished and polished look is just a bit of trim.

15. No Sew Pleated Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: No Sew Pleated Canopy

Image Courtesy: Vintage Romance Style

If sewing doesn’t tickle your fancy, then this tutorial is for you. Believe it or not, you can actually make a tablecloth canopy without the use of any thread or needles. This DIY bed canopy really measures your creative thinking.

16. Tiered Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Tiered Canopy

Image Courtesy: Design Sponge

A simple fabric drape created by using the two curtain rods gives this ingenious bed canopy a fanciful and sweeping effect, mimicking the character and structure of the space. Do you want it to appear traditional? Just decrease the angle between the two rods by installing the first rod higher over the head of the bed, and have the second rod fixed to the ceiling over the foot of the bed.

17. Paneled Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Paneled Canopy

Image Courtesy: Hunted Interior

Different panels of material are used to make this canopy. If you’re looking for something original and unique, you can try this interesting and clever DIY bed canopy that uses one focal patterned fabric and a mix of two colors.

This canopy makes use of different panels of material that just goes to show that you don’t have to stick with just one plain color.

18. Back Curtain Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Back Curtain Canopy

Image Courtesy: Lauren Greutman

This canopy creates an illusion of a higher ceiling as it extends further toward the ceiling and simply drapes down. The addition of a decorative element over the curtain that hangs on the wall is a brilliant way to make the room dramatic and give it a clear focal point.

19. Corner Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Corner Canopy

Image Courtesy: One King’s Lane

You can make a serene sanctuary out of your bed with this dramatic and quick DIY bed canopy. With a few extra long sheer curtains and some simple hardware, it will not take an afternoon to achieve this look. Check out OneKingsLane’s step-by-step guide on how to do this.

20. Ladder Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Ladder Canopy

Image Courtesy: Chipping With Charm

Another crazy-yet-brilliant way to repurpose a ladder is to turn it into a canopy. Not only that it has a shabby chic and rustic look, it also has that ease of using any fabric you choose as a drape hanged over the ladder rungs on both sides. You can easily replace the drapes with different fabrics when or if you want a different color scheme.

21. Happy Camper

DIY Bed Canopy: Happy Camper

Image Courtesy: The Ragged Wren

If your kids just couldn’t get enough of going outdoor, this camping-inspired tent canopy would be perfect to make their bedroom experience memorable! This DIY project should only take at least two hours, enough to give your kids a surprise they’ll definitely appreciate.

22. Four-Poster Bed

DIY Bed Canopy: Four-Poster Bed

Image Courtesy: Decor Sanity

You can build a wooden four-poster bed like in this DIY project that already has everything in it. There might be so much work to do, but you’d be incredibly amazed at the result! This Four-Poster Bed canopy never gets you bored as it uses different materials for drapings.

23. Flower Wreath

DIY Bed Canopy: Flower Wreath

Image Courtesy: Cestos Y Cestas

Your little princess would definitely love something feminine and really soft like this DIY bed canopy project. The presentation of the fake flower arrangement and the hanger is very clever, and not much time or money is spent on it.

24. Branch Canopy

DIY Bed Canopy: Branch Canopy

Image Courtesy: REMODELISTA

Another useful way of repurposing a few tree branches is to make a curtain rod for this simple DIY bed canopy. The other things you’ll need will be a simple curtain and two chains hung from a couple of hooks. Basically, you just have to use the branch-turned curtain rod to hang the bed canopy from the ceiling. The chain and two other ones help to shape the canopy so it frames part of the bed. So if you’re looking for a beach-themed bedroom or a coastal home decor, then this cool design idea is perfect!

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