45 Easy DIY Bracelet Ideas – Make Your Own Gorgeous Bracelet

by craftmin | December 25, 2017

Making a bare wrist glamorous is a piece of cake! You can easily make a fashion statement by just slipping a stack of bangles or putting on a chunky cuff. A DIY bracelet is as easy as pie, and it’s very impressive how these Do-it-yourselfers made gorgeous arm artwork from glued, baked, twisted, tied, and sewn scraps of materials. Get creative with these 45 beautiful DIY bracelets!

Gorgeous DIY Bracelet Idea

1. Rhinestone Vinyl Bead Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Rhinestone Vinyl Bead Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by SwellMayDe

A great fashion never lacks a bit of something neon and shiny, and these super awesome bracelets hit that point home. String through rhinestone beads using some clear elastic cord and bookend each side by popping on vinyl beads to achieve that modern and elegant look.

2. Thread Tassel Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Thread Tassel Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Wild Amor

The mix of various materials—frilly, colored thread, an assortment of girly beads, elastic thread, and strong metal chain—is just lovely. This DIY bracelet is an inexpensive and easy way to make a gorgeous rainbow fringe arm party. The making of the tassels is no sweat and whatever suits your fancy, you can attach it to a rainbow, pearl or chain beaded bracelet. It is entirely up to your preferences and the fringe and bead choices are yours.

3. Sequin Bangle

DIY Bracelet: Sequin Bangle

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Bolts & Bows

Finally! A gorgeous cuff that channels your vibrant personality. Turn a simple cuff into a showstopper by glamming it up with scallop-patterned, glued large sequins.

4. Neon Wrap Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Neon Wrap Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by I SPY DIY

As the name implies, this great arm candy is what you get when you have a rope tightly wrapped with neon thread. You can even use a dab of hot glue to seal it. This DIY bracelet is easy and fun to make—just imagine the endless color possibilities/combos!

5. Bead Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Bead Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Honestly…WTF

Not only that these bead bracelets are super chic but they are also extremely simple. You can also make one for each rainbow color by braiding the linen cord with silver or gold beads. Use a two-hole button to secure and stack them on your wrist!

6. Nautical Rope Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Nautical Rope Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Operation Overhaul

Tying a perfect nautical knot to make this DIY bracelet is easy even if you are an inexperienced knotter. You can keep the pattern of the knot in line by using a rope with a different color, but this white and navy weave feels preppy and is alright.

7. Braided Clay Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Braided Clay Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Delighted Momma

Get ready for this DIY bracelet—it’s about time that we get creative with adult Play Dough! This gorgeous braid bracelet is the finished product of kneading, braiding and baking a lump polymer clay. The use of clays with fall earth tone colors is just lovely, but the speckled clay is a show-off. Make as many as you want and have a little wrist party!

8. Beaded Leather Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Beaded Leather Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Fab You Bliss

Fold a piece of leather, push the needle through it, and thread your chosen bead through each side. Despite the use of a thick leather as the band, the small gold and blue beads still make this charm look flimsy.

9. Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Leather and Fabric Studded Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Hello Glow

Floral patterns and pastel stripes add a feminine touch to these DIY studded bracelets. These glamorous leather and fabric bands have the perfect match and mix of texture and color: contrasting beautifully at it’s most graceful!

10. Spike Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Spike Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by The STRIPE

If you want to get creative with mixed metals, this little piece of spiky goodness is easy to make. When paired with a graphic anchor Tee to get that cool style contrast, or worn with leather leggings, this DIY  fierce metallic bracelet is the only piece of jewelry you’ll need to totally rock out.

11. Watch Wrap Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Watch Wrap Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by BRIT+CO

Make your boring watch an eye-catching statement piece by replacing its band with these colorful and fun wraps. Can’t decide whether to use a beaded necklace, a leather trim, or friendship bracelets? Why pick only one when you could enjoy making them all!

12. Tulle Studded Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Tulle Studded Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by BRIT+CO

Instead of using an embroidery floss, this friendship bracelet uses a multi-colored tulle, which gives a flirty and fun feel to the set.

13. Chandelier Charm Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Chandelier Charm Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Honestly…WTF

Forget about buying a vintage-inspired piece of jewelry from the thrift store and create a personal pearl petal bauble to embellish your chain. To get that elegant end result, wear chunky crystal bracelets just above it.

14. Hex Nut Diamond Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Hex Nut Diamond Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by TiB

This DIY bracelet might require you to visit a hardware store to buy a girl’s coincidental BFF—believed it or not, I’m talking about hex nuts. Create a pendant that shaped like a diamond by joining these hardware pieces. You get that nice juxtaposition from the brass hex nuts, brass jump rings, and the purple 24″ rattail cord.

15. Leather Bow Cuff

DIY Bracelet: Leather Bow Cuff 

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Oh The Lovely Things

Get ready to be enamored of this flirty bracelet made from a scrap of leather! Simply form a bow by pinching the middle of your leather piece, wrap a thread around it and knot to secure it, sew both of its end with one part of the snap button, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself a sexy bracelet!

16. Sweater Bangles

DIY Bracelet: Sweater Bangles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Rebekah Gough

This bangle hack will refashion your favorite stained sweater. Simply snip a rectangle from a patterned sweater or chunky cardigan that is long enough to fit around the cuff form, slip the sweater over the bracelet, and sew the sweater closed.

17. Evil Eye Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Evil Eye Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by My Little Secrets

This shimmering evil eye trinket is perfect for warding off a gloomy atmosphere. The cord, chain, and few rhinestones fit together to form an oval-shaped stunner. If the middle “eye” charm is missing, create the “eyeball” using a disc-shaped crystal charm. The effect will be the same.

18. Sequined Chain Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Sequined Chain Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by BRIT+CO

If you love something that blings out, then this DIY bracelet is a perfect addition to your bracelet collection. The use of a handful of sequins is a brilliant way to give any basic chain a pop of color. This Sequined Chain Bracelet can be hanged loose or wrapped around your wrist to fit and worn as a necklace!

19. Wire Heart Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Wire Heart Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by I SPY DIY

An exceptionally clever beacon of hope and optimism, this DIY wire heart bracelet is a lucent symbol of success and achievement. A striking heart design despite the simplicity lends that girly look. Shaped using jewelry pliers, the hook and the two humps of the heart serve as interlocking parts. This gorgeous piece of jewelry with bright rhodium or gold finishes adds a simple expression to any get-up. Create your own look by stacking it with another signature bracelet!

20. Heart Friendship Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Heart Friendship Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Honestly…WTF

With your mastery of this heart pattern and the use of some candy-colored embroidery floss, you can gift this DIY bracelet as a token of love to your bestie.

21. Painted Tribal Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Painted Tribal Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Dismount Creative

You’d wish for more arms with this DIY bracelet that has that trendy tribal pattern of the 21st-century. The negative space is kept intact with stencils in the form of repurposed address labels as the acrylic paint design is added. The result is bold, bright, and absolutely stackable.

22. Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by I SPY DIY

A DIY bracelet made from mixing metals has been quite trendy nowadays. The use of a black suede rope for weaving the rhinestones in between the silver and gold chains created this perfect lux two-toned bracelet. Just the right accessory to match any outfit and add some serious elegance.

23. Trendy Rope Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Trendy Rope Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by BRIT+CO

A lot of things can be made from a rope. Whether you twist it, braid it, or knot it, you’ll always end up with a beautiful handiwork. You can add a surprising pop of color to the mix by introducing some thread.

24. Hook and Eye String Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Hook and Eye String Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by I SPY DIY

William Shakespeare would have applied his famous line “Brevity is the soul of wit.” to these hook and eye bracelets. With just a couple of string loops to fasten to the oval wire eyes, this super simple DIY bracelet is perfect to match a statement watch.

25. Spike Rope Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Spike Rope Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by PS-I Made This

Sailors were the first to make and use good luck charms in the form of rope bracelets for protection while they journey the sea. This DIY bracelet had us smitten with either its sailor punk or preppy goth look. Just penetrate the weave of the fisherman’s rope with the spike and secure them in place with a screw.

26. Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Thanks, I Made It

You’ll always find studs in fashion, but a designer brand isn’t really necessary to be glamorous! You can improvise by using brass paper fasteners. This designer-inspired DIY bracelet only cost half of the real deal and didn’t even take a moment to make. If you want your wrap bracelet to be leather, it would be best to get yourself a medieval-looking leather punch. As for the novice, some elbow grease and a large sewing needle will do the trick.

27. Transparent Cuff

DIY Bracelet: Transparent Cuff

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Love Aesthetics

If you want something transparent and trendy, this pair of perspex cuff is definitely for you. Most hardware stores have this clear material up for sale. Just give that piece of perspex a 5-minute pop in the oven and mold it quickly to shape within 30 seconds before it hardens.

28. Beaded Cuff

DIY Bracelet: Beaded Cuff

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by PS-I Made This

You think going bolder and bigger is not a good idea? Inspired by the powerful arm armor of Wonder Woman, Joan of Arc, and Cleopatra, this beaded cuff is the finished product of stringing alternating silver and gold beads.

29. Plumbing Supplies Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Plumbing Supplies Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Style Hurricane

Who would have thought that plumbing supplies have that chic side? An old skinny leather belt and plumbing materials such as clunky compression nuts and brass fittings are the things you’ll need to make this DIY bracelet. You just have to fasten the compression nuts to the leather belt and wear it. Why not make it more dramatic by wearing another one of it!

30. Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Turquoise Beaded Ring Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Anuschka Rees

In this beaded ring bracelet design, delicate chain contrasts with an equally delicate little bead to highlight the chain that extends between the ring and the bracelet sections, making it an eye-catching and unique accessory. Anuschka Rees walks you through every step of making it.

31. Sequin Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Sequin Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Honestly…WTF

You can always come up with an amazing jewelry out of Sequins but this DIY gives it a breath of fresh air. Rather than laying the sequins flat, stack them to create a stylish, fun, and easy sequined bracelet. They make an awesome friendship bracelet.

32. Name and Bow Wire Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Name and Bow Wire Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Chocolate & Craft

This DIY bracelet has been trendy recently, a bit because you can write not only your name but a lot of words. Believe it or not, making this personalized name bracelet would have been really difficult if it weren’t for a notebook and a pen. Draw a path and try not to pass again from the same point(sometimes impossible) and then repeat it using your materials. What you get is a charming bracelet!

33. Fishtail Braid Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Fishtail Braid Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by I SPY DIY

You won’t have problems making this DIY bracelet if you’ve mastered fashioning your hair with the trendy fishtail braid. Pick your favorite summery colors for alternating this fishtail braid bracelet or go for two shades of pink to give it a monotone look.

34. Studded Bangles

DIY Bracelet: Studded Bangles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by BRIT+CO

Looking for affordable showpieces? It’s time to get those old bangles sitting in your jewelry box and turn them into sleek bracelets. Just grab your needle-nose pliers and a handful of studs, experiment with the placement of the studs, and even stack three or two thin bangles and fasten with silver studs. Did I mention that 15 minutes is all that’s needed to make this DIY bracelet?

35. Slap Dash Painted Crystals Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Slap Dash Painted Crystals Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Hocus Kocis

Perhaps this DIY has the style hack that is the most influential! This flashy design has clusters of rhinestones dotted with a neon nail polish. Amazing!

36. Gold Tube Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Gold Tube Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Honestly…WTF

These gold tube bracelets got that hearty leather wrap and sturdy or colorful cord, hence having dual material personalities. Regardless of how they’re made, gold-tipped flats always complement both. Any lady or young girl will be grateful to have this gorgeous jewelry as a gift.

37. Pom-Pom Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Pom-Pom Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Thanks, I Made It

This DIY bracelet that based its design on pom-poms makes a fabulous clanging charm. Use a strand of these fabric puffs to line the outside of your bracelet and jump rings to secure it to make the design cute and quirky.

38. Painted Leather Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Painted Leather Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by A Beautiful Mess

Get yourself strips of leather and paint them with your own geometric motif for this soon-to-be trending DIY bracelet. You can try bold strokes of white and black if you want to channel your inner mod or a multi-colored chevron pattern to get that tribal look.

39. Leather Clasp Cuff

DIY Bracelet: Leather Clasp Cuff

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Think Crafts!

This simple-but-stylish DIY bracelet is a combination of hardware and the undying fashion staple–leather. The elaborate clasp is the real showpiece for this leather cuff. This statement piece has the clasp attached to a flashy silver leather and used as a lock.

40. Zipper Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Zipper Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by BRIT+CO

Bracelets out of zippers? Zipper bracelets suddenly came out as a hot trend. They’re definitely another brilliant unconventional material transformations and a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. You can get it without buying it but by doing it yourself. Each of the colorful zippers will only cost you a buck. With just a bit of snipping, you can turn these colorful zippers into a variety of remarkable bracelets.

41. Beaded Charm Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Beaded Charm Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Halcraft

They’re back!—The beaded bracelets we used to craft when we’re little. But this time, they’ll have that awesome personalized color and charms to make them more mature.

42. Woven Friendship Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Woven Friendship Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Love This Pic

It’s just so amazing how some string and a ring or a jewel can make these woven bracelets so cute! Make matching ones for your bestie and yourself!

43. Gold Braided String Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Gold Braided String Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Minieco

The time has come to give a typical braided string bracelet a twist by adding some brass hex nuts. I always knew that hardware stores have something up their sleeves to pretty something.

44. Colorful Hardware Bracelets

DIY Bracelet: Colorful Hardware Bracelets

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Thanks, I Made It

Believe it or not, this bracelet’s gold accent pieces are actually from the hardware store’s plumbing section. Just another proof that a jewelry could be anything!

45. Rose-quartz beaded Bracelet

DIY Bracelet: Rose-quartz Beaded Bracelet

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Lebenslustiger

A bracelet decorated with real diamonds? Now, that’s something you’ll definitely love! Unfortunately, you might find that impossible—have it bedecked with rose quartz instead.

Are there anymore DIY bracelet as simple, as easy, as cheap, and as gorgeous as the ones listed? A lot to choose from! Who knows one could be your favorite!

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