20 Creative DIY Calendar Ideas – Time to Get Organized!

by craftmin | December 31, 2017

Having all the tools you need to stay ahead of schedule is important. If a good desk organizer or a notepad suits your liking, then you’ll be smitten with these 20 creative DIY Calendar ideas—from hand-stamped wood ones to 3D printables—so you can organize and monitor birthdays, anniversaries, dates, exam, and other important things.

20 Creative DIY Calendar Ideas

Whether placed in the children’s bedroom, in the kitchen or in the office, these 20 DIY calendar ideas are perfect for welcoming the New Year and keeping track of important activities, occasions and events.

1. Sticky Note Calendar

Why not just use Sticky Notes to get organized? A DIY calendar like this cheery and bright Sticky Note calendar simply uses Washi tape with the month written on it while stuck onto the wall. This video tutorial will show you how easy it is to make a brilliant DIY Sticky Note Calendar.

2. Perpetual Flip Calendar

DIY calendar: Perpetual Flip Calendar


You will love this flip option if a cute desk calendar is what you are looking for. Not only is it useful, it is also perfect for pretty desk decor.

3. Masking Tape Wall Calendar

DIY calendar: Masking Tape Wall Calendar


Believe it or not, it took only five materials and less than five minutes to create this Masking Tape Wall Calendar. The squares of this calendar have the numbers randomly positioned so that it looks subtle, and if you would like to try this DIY calendar idea, then check out the directions here.

4. Giant Wall Calendar

This giant calendar is perfect if you have enough space and you want the whole year laid out in front of you.

5. Color-Block Calendar

Go cheap with this color-coordinated DIY calendar! Ask your local paint supplier for your chosen chalkboard paint swatch, and select from that swatch four colors you want. Request a sample size of each color instead of asking for the whole quart, which is a great money-saving tip—no more storing of bulky paint cans once you are done.

6. Colorful Chalkboard Calendar

If you don’t mind changing this daily, this awesome DIY calendar is not only amusing to look at, but also keeps you informed—literally.

7. Ombre Calendar

DIY calendar: Ombre Wall Calendar

Source: BHG

How about giving a DIY calendar an ombre effect to make it more interesting? Create a grid on the wall by using a painter’s tape, level and tape measure, for example, a grid measuring 32 inches by 45 inches with each block having half of an inch of space. The features of this self-made calendar include a bottom row with one coat of paint, while the top row has five—apply 5 coats of tinted chalkboard paint using a roller, so that each time you apply again, you leave one row out. Once dry, mark each square with a number using a chalk marker.

8. Chalkboard Calendar

In this DIY calendar idea, there is a chalkboard to remind you of “school” and a calendar to write down important notes. When it comes to ease of construction and usage, this chalkboard calendar is a no-brainer.

9. Corkboard Calendar

Pushpins, blank tags, ribbon and cork tiles combine to make this simple yet functional DIY calendar. Stick the cork tiles to a wall using removable wall adhesive then use pins and ribbon to create a grid. Mark seven tags with the days of the week, and stick them above, marking the rest of the tags with each calendar date. Use pins to hang the tags, and place the rest in a small resealable bag on the bottom.

10. Photo Flip Calendar

DIY calendar: Photo Flip Calendar

Source: harri

If you don’t need to jot any memos down, a DIY calendar idea like this photo flip calendar is a perfect choice, and is also easy to use. You can also display some photos at the same time.

11. Instagram Calendar

Unleash your creativity using decorative paper, yarn, glue, scissors, a mini-calendar, a plain poster board and 12 subject photos to create a DIY calendar like this Instagram Calendar. It only takes a bit of cutting, gluing, adding holes, decorating, threading and knotting to make this unique and quirky cute calendar.

12. Acrylic Calendar

If you have enough room, you can easily make a DIY calendar like this giant cool- and professional-looking acrylic calendar to organize your home office. Using and writing on it is super easy. Use metal washers and spacers behind the calendar and screw it to the wall if you don’t want it flush to the wall.

13. Flip Desk Calendar

Why not go for a simple DIY calendar like this flip desk thing that fits well inside an unused photo frame?

14. Dry Erase Calendar

DIY calendar: Dry Erase Calendar

Source: Darice

Let’s get glittery! All you need to make a DIY calendar like this Dry Erase Calendar is Glittersilk, a photo frame, a paper trimmer, a dry erase marker and eraser set and the free downloadable design. Writing on it and cleaning it up is super easy. It is aesthetically pleasing thanks to the Glittersilk.

15. Clipboard Calendar

A DIY calendar like this clipboard calendar is easy and effortless. The internet has lots of free downloadable printable calendar pages which makes it easy, quick, cost-friendly and customizable. Simply put the printed calendar pages on a clipboard, hang it up, and voila—you’ve got yourself a DIY calendar!

16. Washi Tape Wall Calendar

DIY calendar: Washi Tape Wall Calendar


Decorative, crafty, inexpensive and useful in various ways—it’s just what a washi tape offers. For this simple DIY calendar idea, make an outline of your calendar using the washi tape and use colored Post-It notes to fill in the days of the month. With this colorful and awesome washi tape wall calendar, simply pull off and stick!

17. Desktop Calendar

A DIY calendar like this desktop calendar is just what everybody needs! It can feature a pretty photo or an inspirational quote and the day of the week, so you’ll always have something to look at to tell you what day it is, even when you’re busy. Check out how this customized flip calendar is made here.

18. Chalkboard Tape Wall Calendar

DIY calendar: Chalkboard Tape Wall Calendar

Source: I SPY DIY

Instead of using chalkboard paint for painting a section of the wall, use chalkboard tape for this DIY calendar project. The tape also comes in a dry-erase version which is easy to jot down and change if needed. Awesome, right?

19. Paint Chip Calendar

DIY calendar: Paint Chip Calendar

Source: SAY YES

Not only are paint chip crafts fun but they are also cheap. A lot of DIY craft projects can be made with varicolored swatches-one of which is a DIY calendar. Use paint chips or paint swatches for a reusable dry-erase calendar to keep track of your busy schedule.

This DIY calendar project is easy to craft and is sure to fit on any wall—in the office or in your room (or your kid’s room)! This colorful and eye-catching DIY calendar also makes great home décor.

20. Command Center with Calendar

Why not just keep everything straight? Have a command center,add your dry erase note board, dry erase calendar, receipts, shopping lists and anything else you want!