32 Stylish DIY Candle Holder Ideas & Designs

by craftmin | December 5, 2017

Craving a stylish DIY candle holder or two? This easy-to-do DIY is fit for a romantic dinner, a bridal shower, or just to set the party mood.

Candlelight has the most mesmerizing effect on people, which is why they are used to give a festive touch to intimate romantic settings and gatherings of family and friends. These easy-to-follow classy DIY candle holder ideas are sure to lend a magical atmosphere to celebrations.

From votives to romantic tapers and scented pillars, candles can transform any room or occasion by its very presence, which creates a perfect ambiance.The different DIY projects match any style that you prefer and any gathering that you plan to hold.

Stylish and Easy DIY candleholders

Candles evoke a relaxing and calm mood, as the soft illumination soothes our senses and gives us additional lighting without the glare. The flickering flames add a dimension of movement with the great interplay of light and shadow, heightening the atmosphere of any room. Candles transform us by awakening memories of home and warmth.

Create the perfect candle holder to hold and support your candles – whether they’re for a party of two or gathering of sixty. Check out these 12 stylish and easy DIY candle holders, perfect for your parties.

(1) Salty Light

diy candle holder frosted

Epsom salts are more than justingredients for a soothing bath, they are also the main material for these frosted diy candle holders that will warm up your bedroom or favorite nook. The frosted look gives crystal-like flickers that deepens the light of the candles. The blue tinge of the salt is made by simply mixing with uncolored epsom sal, which makes it one of the most natural yet cooly elegant candle holders on our list.

Epsom Salt DIY Candle Holder

(2) Multi-Drama Moods

DIY Multiple Taper Candle Holder

Dramatic and eye-catching, this multi-height candleholder draws the eye and gives your dinner table a certain panache. Drawing inspiration from a design by Nate Berkus, this DIY candle holder will match any theme, from passionate reds to muted copper colours – just change your choice of color.

DIY Multiple Taper Candle Holder

(3) Stump Set

diy candle holder log

This is the perfect set of diy candleholders to anchor the room at night. Just gather a few log stumps with more or less similar diameters, then cut them to different lengths to give your lighting a three-dimensional touch. Why notuse the logs as a wonderful diy wedding centerpiece for a rustic or Southern-style wedding?

Log Stumps Set DIY Candle Holder

(4) Ikea Hack DIY Candle Holder

diy candle holder ikea

Trust Ikea products to be so versatile! These modernistic candle holders are, in fact, Ikea peppermills. With the pristine whiteness and austere curves of the design, these candle holders would be great for a minimalist dining room or living room. They could even do double-duty for a funky retro 1960s party inspired by Austin Powers, if you simply spray the holders with cheeky neon colors.

DIY Candle Holder from an Ikea Spice Mill

(5) Delicate Vintage

Do you have mismatched vintage cups lying around, or maybe some recently caught your eye in a garage sale?  Make these vintage candle holders for an essential tea-time accent, as you nibble on lemon cookies with your bosom friends over cups of Earl Grey.

Vintage Teacup Candle Holder

(6) Budget Beauties

Empty Bottle Candleholders

Empty bottles can make a dramatic statement when collected together as a centerpiece.  Top them off with elegant white taper candles to show off the luminous colors of the bottles, something which would be perfect for simple garden settings or a summer barbecue with family and friends.  Watch as the flickering flames play on the colored bottles, giving a theatrical effect.

Three Nails Photography

(7) Polished Paint

golden Candle Holder


Custom-made need not be expensive, as our candlesticks dipped in paint prove. Choose your color according to the theme of your party, whether festive colors for a birthday or romantic muted golds for an anniversary. Put some shine into the table with this easy-to-do candle holders. For an even fancier look, repaint an old chandelier to hold candles.

Paint-dipped Brass Candlesticks

(8) Crafty Cork

Cork Wrapped Candle Holders 

Natural cork ribbon enhances the sleek beauty of these hurricane glasses, and is sure to tempt a visitor or two to touch while giving your table a touch of homely elegance.

Cork Wrapped Candle Holders

(9) Romantic Memories

Vintage Tin Candles

Add a touch of romance with this vintage look, by repurposing tin molds and turning them into romantic candles.  Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, then add to one of our other favorite DIY candle holder ideas. Why not make a few more as housewarming gifts or as giveaways for your own party?

Vintage Tin Candles

(10) Marble Marvel

DIY Candle Holder Marble Painted Votive

Color it fun by giving votive holders a marvelous makeover.  Marbling and playing with your favorite colors give this DIY project the perfect nuance for early evening gatherings.

Marble Painted Votive

(11) Trendy Ombre

diy candle holder ombre glitter

Ombre, the gradual blend of one hue into a lighter shade is a popular trend right now, maybe due to the soothing effect of the colour change, without the dullness of monotones. With the gilltery ombre effect of this diy candle holder, the beautiful shimmer of glitter is coupled with color variants. Brighten up your parties with these ombre style candle holders, changing the color hue to blue or pink to illuminate your favorite nook.

Ombre Style DIY Candle Holder

(12) Whimsy Wonders

DIY Candle Animal-Infographic

Adding just the right touch of whimsical delight, these animal candles are perfect for a fancy party or for holiday gift.  Dress up the room with quirkiness and leave no detail unthought.

Party Animal Candles

(13) Creative Scraps

Modern but rustic, these wooden candle holders made from scraps look trendy and homely – totally perfect for a dinner table, party buffet, or this gorgeous live edge coffee table.  Make various-sized candle holders and enjoy mixing and matching colors.

Wood Colorblock Candle Holders

(14) Hardcore for Cement

diy candle holder stencil cement

Another vesatile design is this impressive lace cement candle holder. All you need to do is use lace stickers to add a dainty touch to the hardcore cement, using a few disposable containers as molds. Take some lace-designed sticker tape and tape inside the larger mold, then pour quick-drying cement inside the bigger mold before immediately adding the smaller mold.

The smaller mold will hold the candles so make sure it is big enough for a votive but small enough to fit inside your bigger mold. Weigh the smaller mold with coins and wait for the cement to set, then remove the molds. You can adjust the design and go for grooves, flowers, and leaves – whatever suits your house best.

Finally, before using the candle holders, sand the edges for a smoother finish.

DIY Candle Holder- Lace-designed Cement

(15) Stylish Elegance

diy candle holder rubber bands

Believe it or not, these elegant and stylish candle holders use a simpe rubber band designs! Buy clear glass vases and a pack of rubber bands, making sure that your candles can fit inside the vases without touching the sides for clear and soot-free night illumination. Remember to wipe your glasses clean and free of smudges, then randomly and artistically wrap your glasses with the rubber bands. Spray white matte color all over the vases, or use a spray primer, then remove the bands once dry. And, ta-da! A set of stylish and elegant diy candle holders to perfectly set anevening dinner table.

DIY Candle Holder White Matte Color

(16) Winter Whites

diy candle holder white winter

Based on white porcelain candle holders, these diy candle holders can easily go from dining table to wedding reception. It is another flexible design using simple air-drying modeling clay – with just a few rolls from a pizza cutter, they will be made! You could paint them a different color to the white used above, for example go funky and punky with neon pink and rocker black. You could give your parties an extra sassy touch with these diy photo booth ideas.

White DIY Candle Holder

(17) Gorgeous Golds

Gold-dipped Log DIY Candle Holder

Recognizably rustic meets sophistication. This gold-dipped log diy candle holder takes rustic one step further, into evening elegance. As one of my favorite ideas in this list, these gorgeous candleholders draw inspiration from nature but add a touch of panache.  With these, you can easily prove that country-style need not always be simple and homespun. Perfectly complementary to these DIY backyard ideas.

Gold-dipped Log Candle Holders

(18) Crafty Beads

diy candle holder glass bead

Visit your local dollar store for this quaintly-crafted glass bead vase turned candle holder. Watch the candlelight deepen the hues of the beads and add an intimate touch to your room. Or turn things cozy and relaxing while you listen to your favorite music and let the toils and worries of the day seep away. Better still, make yourself some diy bath bombs and let the warm soothe you together with the candlelight.

Glass Bead DIY Candle Holder

(19) Birthday Block Candles

diy candle holder color blocks

Put birthday candles on a whole other level with these colored blocks. Why not let your teen turn 16 with either sassy pink or stylish black blocks, or make 25 of these blocks in silver for a Silver Anniversary? Even better would be to paint them in gold for 50 glittering birthday years. Whatever you decide, you are sure to have fun whilst celebrating a very colorful birthday party.

DIY Candle Holder for Birthdays

(20) Love Rope

diy candle holder rope

Instead of throwing away the cardboard cores of your tapes – masking, duct, or painter’s tape – upcycle them and turn them into these little rustic pretties with our rope-wrapped diy candle holder. Easy and cheap, they add a few homespun details to a corner of your room for some candle loving.

Rope Wrapped DIY Candle Holder

(21) Seeing Stars

diy candle holder constellation

For the avid amateur astronomer or star-lover, this would be the perfect gift. By molding a few flat round clay plates to mark your constellations (check the internet or a constellation guide), this diy candle holder will illumine the inside of your home with starry delight.

Constellation DIY Candle Holder

(22) Party Hard

diy candle holder party diy candle holder party

Paper cups and cupcake liners become molds for concrete for these party candle holders. Go hardcore on birthdays or go colorful and vivacious for other occasions.

Party DIY Concrete Candle Holders

(23) Lily Lights

diy candle holder lotus

Turn plastic spoons into this elegant water lily diy candle holder, with just a touch of glue and some gold spray paint. If you like the sound of this candle holder, try this diy plastic spoon lamp project for another creative upcycle.

Water Lily DIY  Candle Holder

(24) Positively Negative

diy candle holder negative

What to do with photo negatives in the era of personal printers and affordable photo print paper? One way is to reuse them to cast awesome lighting and add a stunning effect as a diy candle holder. With a set of photo negatives and clear adhesive, you can turn your clear glasses into a dramatic candle holder. Light up and see the real picture.

Photo Negative DIY Candle Holder

(25) Pretty in Pink

Put together this enjoyable DIY with leftover balsa wood, some clear glasses and pink paint, great for sleepovers or a girls’ night in.

Balsa Wood Candleholders

(26) Antler Awesome

diy candle holder antler

These antlers are found from elk and deer which have shed their headgear during winter. If you are crafty and want some for yourself, you could buy them online and then decorate your cabin with this antler diy candle holder for a truly son-of-the-earth touch.

Antler DIY Candle Holder

(27) Catch a Cathrineholm Style

diy candle holder cathrineholm

Make this nostalgic and vintage Cathrineholm-styled diy candle holder for a stylish accessory within your budget. Since the enamelware is now definitely a collector’s item and a rare find, simply cutting out colorful paper in the iconic Norwegian design will instantly turn your ordinary glass candle holders into a faux collectible.

Cathrineholn Styled DIY Candle Holder

(28) In Tall Order

diy candle holder tall concrete

A simple candle holder for those long tapers, with a heavy concrete base can easily secure and stabilize the otherwise-heavy weight of long tapers.

Concrete DIY Candle Holder

(29) Wrapped in Burlap

diy candle holder stencil burlap

You can easily buy or download stencils that suit any occasion. These decorative stencils are meant for the winter holidays, but you can easily find stencils for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Fourth of July celebrations. No matter the occasion, this diy candle holder is a flexible design butbe mindful that the burlap that should fit the candle holder you plan to use.

DIY Candle Holder – Stenciled Burlap

(30) Sassy Pink

Pink Candles and Glitter Candle Holders

Glamorous and shiny, combine gold with sassy pink for this fashionable DIY candle holder.  Have a party for the bride-to-be or the new mother-to-be and give the venue the perfect festive touch.

Pink Candles and Glitter DIY Candle Holder 

(31) Copper Striped


diy candle holder copper

Beautifully elegant yet simply made, this diy candle holder is sure to add depth to your designeven when unluit. Buy a pack of copper tape and turn your clear glass vases or glasses into something spectacular by coupling the copper stripes with plani white candles. You will be blown away by the dramatic effect.

Copper-striped DIY Candle Holder

(32) Sassy Faux

diy candle holder faux stained glass

Go ultra-colorful with these faux stained glass effect candle holders which, believe it or not, are actually made from torn pieces of colored tissue paper and Mod Podge. Moreover, your pocket won’t hurt but your room will definitely be well-lit lit and trendy. Calendar this project asap!

Faux Stained Glass DIY Candle Holder

As a final word of advice, remember that candle holders are more than decorations. They are there to make sure your candles don’t fallover and cause a safety hazard, so always consider sturdiness and stability over aesthetics. Don’t partner tall dinner candles with short lightweight holders.

Mirrors make great partners for candles as they reflect light beautifully. Check  our diy mirror projects for more ideas to beautify your home.

Video Tutorial – DIY candle holder