35 Clever DIY Candle Making and Decorating Tutorials

by craftmin | December 31, 2017

It is not every day that we get to have a warm weather, but instead its easy to find comfort, warmth and relaxation from a gorgeous personalized DIY candle. Use these 35 simply wonderful, amazingly beautiful and surprisingly easy DIY candle ideas.

Clever DIY Candle Projects

There are so many ideas for unique candles that will light up your home and fill it with soothing scents. The DIY candle projects below are super easy to make and won’t cost you too much at all. The tutorial link is also provided.

1. Lavender Lemon Candles

DIY Candle: Lavender Lemon Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by BRIT+CO

The sweet and soothing smell of lavender teams up with the tart scent of citrus for this DIY Lavender-Lemon candle. With the two classic fragrances combined, lavender lovers can savor the coveted scent of the flower in a fresh, all-new perspective. With the help of this guide, you can make a DIY candle to freshen up your home decor.

2. Candles Made with Mason Jars

DIY Candle: Poured Mason Jar Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Something Turquoise

Mason jars are undeniably cute and useful. But, have you ever had the crazy idea of using them to make a candle. It might seem messy and hard but, with these simple steps to create these personalized DIY candles, you will probably want make many of these fabulous candles to either keep or to gift your special someone.

3. Easy Gel Wax Candles

DIY Candle: Easy Gel Wax Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by CRAFTIONARY

Several different mediums are used in candle making, one of which is the basic gel wax, which has become quite trendy recently. If gel wax isnew to you, check out this tutorial on how to use the gel to decorate your candle.

4. Sprinkle-Made Funfetti Candles


DIY Candle: Funfetti Candles Made from Candy Sprinkles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by SewLicious Home Decor

Your home decoration can be made much more attractive just by adding some homemade candles, especially this DIY colorful candy-sprinkled candle. It’s not just the smell you will love, but also the mood they set. This funfetti candle idea is definitely worth a shot—they are easy to make, and most craft stores have the supplies. All you need is some wax from un-used candles and some spare glass jars – then have a blast making these DIY funfetti candles.


5. Pumpkin Spice Mason Jar Candles

DIY Candle: Pumpkin Spice Mason Jar Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Martha Stewart

Some DIY candles, like these simple yet decadent Pumpkin Spice Mason Jar Candles, are inspired by the signature scent of fall. Actually made using pumpkin pie spice and poured into tinted orange mason jars, your room will not only have that autumn smell but also that autumnal glow. You have got to try this DIY candle project! With this tutorial, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to make.

6. Use Ice Cube Trays to Make Cute Candles

DIY Candle: Mini-Candles Using Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by indulgy

Silicone ice cube trays are not just for freezing water, you know! If you have some in your kitchen, use them to make your own DIY candle. Not only do they offer uniqueness but they also make for a cost-friendly tool to craft candles of different shapes. This DIY hack illustrates how to mold cute candles using silicone ice cube trays. It’s pretty cool and very easy-to-follow!

7. Stacked Ombre Heart Candles

DIY Candle: Stacked Ombre Heart Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Hands Occupied

A DIY candle like these Stacked Ombre Heart Candles is unique, romantic and definitely perfect for Valentine’s Day. These adorable candles will impress anyone when given as a gift or used as décor for birthdays, Father’s or Mother’s Day, or even a date. Time to get romantic, so follow this guide to know how it’s done.

8. Tutorial + Labels for this Soy Candle Project

DIY Candle: Soy Candles Tutorial + Labels

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Going Home To Roost

Soy wax has so any benefits when compared to parrafin: it’s non-toxic, renewable, natural, easy to clean, produces less soot, and burns longer than paraffin wax. So a special, customized DIY soy candle would make an awesome gift. What makes this DIY candle even more attractive is the unlimited choice of colors and scents.

9. Teacup Candles

DIY Candle: Teacup Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by YESMISSY

An utterly cute gift like these Teacup candles sounds fantastic as it also comes in handy even after all the wax has gone. This project is cute, easy, and perfect for bridal showers, gifts, home decor, favors or just about any other occasion you could think of. That’s why you’ll love it! You can’t miss its tutorial here.

10. Making Votive Candles

DIY Candle: How to Make Votive Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Something Turquoise

D you want to creating a beautiful lighting and ambiance? Well, a candlelight just does the job! You can make a wonderful dinner party even more special by enhancing it with these simple yet fantastic homemade Votive Candles. The use of votive molds makes these DIY candles appear marbled, crystal-like, and feathered in a way that is in harmony with its imperfections.

11. Uniquely Scented DIY Soy Candles: Wedding Favors

DIY Candle: Uniquely Scented DIY Soy Candles - Wedding Favors

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Candle Science

Are you planning a wedding and looking for the perfect aroma? Well, nothing could be better than Raspberry Sangria Fragrance Oil! A DIY candle like these economical yet beautiful candle tins is sure to bring comfort to your guests. Whether you’re gifting it to your significant other or planning to light them up on a special occasion, these DIY soy candles have a unique scent can imbue the occasion with a summer fresh fragrance and gentle glow. Take a look at the directions here to make this DIY project easily.

12. Coconut Wax Candle with Orange Mint

DIY Candle: Orange Mint Coconut Wax Candle

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Pinterest

Paraffin has long been the choice wax for candle making because it is cheap, but recently, soy wax has become an alternative because of its “natural” features. However, you would be surprised that some say there is actually a much better option for candles—coconut wax.

This DIY candle offers a romantic and inexpensive option for enjoyment and relaxation. Add warmth and style to your home and imbue it with a delightful smell that freshens the air. Making these Coconut Wax Candle with Orange Mint is as easy as pie and doesn’t require a lot of time. Just mix, melt, pour and maybe decorate—can you imagine? What’s even better is that this artwork really costs very little!

13. Citronella “Can”dles

DIY Candle: Citronella “Can”dles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Garden Therapy

If you’re after the mosquito-repelling ability of the citronella candles but won’t go as far as using its oil, craft a DIY candle like these Citronella “Can”dles with a few extra scents like oregano, peppermint, mandarin orange and pine. Bugs find these fragrances repulsive, while you can enjoy its aromatic benefits. This time, use pretty steel cans to make the citronella candles as indicated by this tutorial.

14. Pressed Herb Candles

DIY Candle: Pressed Herb Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Adventures In Making

If you grow fresh herbs in your backyard, you’ll know that summer is not the only time that they would be lovely. Believe it or not, making a DIY candle like these pressed herb candles is a very clever way of preserving the herb’s beauty. Go ahead and visit your garden, grab a chocolate mint, some lavender or your preferred herb, and make your own lovely candles with them. This guide will help you to get it done in just a matter of minutes!

15. Coffee Cup Candles

DIY Candle: Coffee Cup Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Sweet Cayenne

Do you have an old collection of pretty saucers and cups? If they are just sitting around, you might find them uninteresting because they are just taking up space. An impressive way of repurposing that collection of beautiful cups is to make a DIY candle – just pick one out with a motif that fits in the occasion, the season or the mood, and transform it into a gorgeous coffee cup candle. Visit the tutorial here and find out how to do this DIY.

16. Craft Color Block Candles Using Crayons

DIY Candle: Use Crayons to Create Color Block Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by BRIT+CO

Rather than throwing away used crayons, instead use them to make a gorgeous DIY candle. While making candles using crayons is not something new, most projects usually end up swirling and making a tie-dye look. Ifyou have  a bunch of used crayons, why not keep things crisp and clean and make some lovely color block candles. Check out this tutorial and learn to stir crayons with wax.

17. Scented Soy Votive Candles

DIY Candle: Scented Soy Votive Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Martha Stewart

It’s just amazing how the appealing glow of candlelight can complete a holiday window, table or mantel. A collection of softly scented votive candles or winter-inspired pillar candles make a perfect homemade gift that never fails to leave a mark. The best part is—just save money by embellishing them or creating them at home to customize the scent, color, and design. If you need help with this DIY project, this tutorial will make it easy for you.

18. Making Beeswax Candles

DIY Candle: How to Make Beeswax Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by The Prairie Homestead

Its time to be creative with Beeswax! It feels and smells delicious so its no wonder that a lot of homemade beauty products have it as an ingredient. Not only that, it is also completely non-toxic, natural and free from chemicals. Aside from beauty products, you can also make DIY candles with beeswax. So, take one more step to promote the green revolution of our planet with these Beeswax candles.

19. Making 50 Hour Soy Survival Candles

DIY Candle: Making 50 Hour Soy Survival Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Happy Money Saver

It might cost you an arm and a leg to buy long burning candles from the stores, but homemade candles will only cost you about two dollars. Do you want to craft a 50-hour long-lasting DIY candle like these soy survival candles? Just check out this tutorial. All you’ll need is wicks, cans, glass jars and some wax.

20. French Vanilla Candles

DIY Candle: French Vanilla Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Hello Glow

It is not just the body that benefits from the warmth and coziness brought on by the flames of the candle, but also the mind. A DIY candle like these beautiful French Vanilla and Coffee candles can imbue a house with a cozier and warmer feel and give you an amazing feel for those cooler summer nights.

21. Easy DIY Bottle-Cap Candles

DIY Candle: Easy DIY Bottle-Cap Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by POPSUGAR

Save your candle ends and bottle caps to make a DIY candle like these charming and cute Bottle-Cap candles. You will be spending a few bucks for the candle wicks, but the rest of the materials are free.

Use your chosen tops from beverages to personalize the set. It doesn’t matter what occasion it is for—this DIY project will make a unique gift! If you’re packing for camping or lighting cozy outdoor areas, these DIY Bottle-Cap candles perfect since they burn for almost 60 minutes before the wick runs out. Find out how to replicate this DIY project on your own with this super easy tutorial.

22. Eucalyptus & Citronella Candles

DIY Candle: How to Make Citronella Candles with Eucalyptus

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by GROWINGUPgabel

Whether its partying in the backyard, cooking or having a picnic in the garden, most people just love to hang out outdoors during summer or spring. However, obviously it is inevitable to have so many annoying bugs during these occasions. Make your summer parties bug-free by adding a DIY candle such as these eucalyptus and citronella candles. You’ll find out how easily they are with this tutorial.

23. How to Make Recycled DIY Citronella Candles

DIY Candle: How to Make Recycled DIY Citronella Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by SUGAR and CHARM

Why not make use of the candles you already have to create some more citronella candles of your own? This tutorial will teach you how the brilliant combination of grapefruit and a few charming tin cans will make these citronella candles a lot better. It’s up to you how much citronella oil you’d like the candle to have.

24. Transform Wine Bottles into Handmade Candles

DIY Candle: Transform Wine Bottles into Handmade Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Lovely Greens

Who would have thought that a wine bottle would make a cool DIY candle? Glass wine bottles are usually emptied and thrown out with the recycling but, surprisingly, a lot of beautiful and creative things can be made with them – votives, storage containers, glasses and,, of course, candles. Here is a complete guide to help you make this project.

25. Homemade Citronella Candles

DIY Candle: How to Make Your Own Citronella Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Marty’s Musings

Because of its ability to repel insects naturally, Citronella oil has become a must-have for spending some time outdoors in the lovely weather seasons. Here’s an easy tutorial to make a DIY candle like these homemade citronella candles that can efficiently bid farewell to bugs and mosquitoes with money-saving tips for re-using containers, wax, and wicks.

26. Autumn Cinnamon Spiced Candles

DIY Candle: Autumn Cinnamon Spiced Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by The Happier Homemaker

Candles on their own, are already comforting, relaxing and warming but, blended with the warm aroma of cinnamon, you feel even warmer, more comfortable, and more relaxed—just what you need on those cold winter nights.

Making them is a piece of cake, and going out to buy special fragrances isn’t necessary. If melting wax poses a problem, then use cinnamon sticks and a pillar candle to make a basic cinnamon scented candle. You might only notice a mild fragrance, but it’ll still be there. You have to try this project and here is how it is done.

27. Crayon Candles

DIY Candle: Crayon Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by No Time For Flash Cards

DIY aficionados have come up with a lot of ways to improve on the basic candle, and a crayon candle is such a crowd-pleaser. This DIY project is very clever and very colorful, a brilliant way to make something decorative with recycled old broken crayons. Here is a great tutorial that shows you exactly how it’s done so you can brighten any room in your house with these candles. They make awesome gifts as well!

28. Champagne Flute Candles

DIY Candle: Champagne Flute Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Coupon Closet

Whatever the occasion is, setting the mood with the romance and glitter of a champagne glass never fails, especially a DIY candle glass. Follow the how-to instructions here for these easy and cheap candles- in fact your home might already have some of the supplies.

29. Scentsy Candles

DIY Candle: Scentsy Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Kristen Duke Photography

Are you fond of Scentsy wickless candles? It feels amazing to craft something out of an element we thought was garbage. Don’t waste the wax that you get from your Scentsy bars, and instead follow this super easy guide to use along with some supplies for making bright candles.

30. Far More Better Citronella Candles

DIY Candle: Make Your Own Citronella Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by HomeTalk

Have you ever puledl a chair up for a lip-smacking outdoor breakfast, lunch or dinner, only to realize that you’re someone else’s meal? Homemade tick and bug repellent might come in handy for farming or hiking, but a DIY candle like these Citronella candles is more than perfect for outdoor meals.

Citronella candles are a safe, non-toxic way to fend off mosquitoes and make your eating place free from bugs without using repellent. Making these DIY citronella candles is enjoyable, effective and affordable instead of going to the stores to buy them. Best of all, decorate the containers to suit any backyard décor.

By the way, when buying citronella oil, opt for essential oil, not the fuel used for tiki torches which is available online or in health food stores. Follow this utterly simple step-by-step directions to make Citronella candles.

31. How to Make Lavender Candles

DIY Candle: How to Make Lavender Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Town and Country Living

Beyond its intoxicating scent, lavender is your ally to relieve anxiety, insomnia and stress so why not imbue your home with the aroma and impressive health benefits of this sweet herb by making it into a DIY candle? These step-by-step directions will show you exactly how lavender candles can be made in just a heartbeat!

32. The Ultimate DIY Candle Guide

DIY Candle: The Ultimate DIY Candle Guide

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Hey Wanderer Blog

Making a DIY candle can be done in so many ways. Some might be a bit intricate, but this tutorial covers some of the different methods to make the entire craft easier for you. Make your own personalized candles with this simple technique; all that is required is a wick, a container, scent and some wax.

33. Citrus-and-Spice-Scented Candles

DIY Candle: Citrus-and-Spice-Scented Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Martha Stewart

A DIY scented candle made with a zesty combination of juicy citrus and spice can make any space smell amazing.  These uniquely scented DIY citrus and spice candles can be specialized and given as a gift to your family and friends. Check out the DIY details here.

34. How to Make Coffee Candles

DIY Candle: How to Make Coffee Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by eHow

Everyone can appreciate the timeless and elegant gift that is a candle. You might find shop-bought quality candles exorbitant, and sometimes, there’s a bunch of wax left and thrown in the garbage. If candles appeal to you but you want to save them for a rainy day, use a handful of fragrant coffee beans to make unique works of art with old candles or wax. They are really easy and quick to make as an inexpensive and dazzling wedding, hostess, or birthday gift. This detailed tutorial will show you how to make your own coffee candles.

35. Turn Seashells into Beautiful Candles

DIY Candle: Turn Seashells into Beautiful Candles

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by SheKnows

Nature always provides the best inspiration, but there’s no need to cross beyond your local shoreline to find the perfect WOW factor. Make a DIY candle like these beautiful seashell candles with foraged seashells with this easy and rather chic summer project. It takes only a couple of easy steps to make personalized DIY seashell candles using this tutorial.

To wrap it all up, it is much easier to just craft your own DIY candle like those mentioned above for a natural scent or a beautiful centerpiece. With just a bit of creativity and few simple materials, you can craft a splendid collection of lights. So which of the above superb DIY candles suit your fancy?