12 Incredible DIY Coffee Mug Ideas & Tutorials

by craftmin | December 15, 2017

Dress up your coffee mornings and afternoon teas with these amazing DIY coffee mug tutorials and ideas.  Just leave some lead time for painting and drying, and then you will be able to enjoy your coffee or tea from your new mugs. The secret? Oil-based paint pens. That’s the only way to go! They can be a little more expensive than your regular Sharpie but they are much easier to use and last much longer than regular paint. Quick tip: minimize damage to your handpainted DIY mug by handwashing it, or use some of the dishwasher-safe designs below.

Monogrammed diy coffee mug step-by-step tutorial

diy mugs

What you will need:

  • Scrapbook sticker
  • White mug
  • Choice of oil-based Sharpie paint pens
  • Cotton buds and alcohol for erasing mistakes
  • Oven

diy mugs diy mugs

 Step-by-step Guide:

(1) First, make sure your mug is clean and absolutely dry and that your workspace has adequate lighting and ventilation. Next, place a scrapbook sticker bearing your initial or name on the mug, checking the placing and angle before applying firmly.

diy mugs

(2) Next, get your Sharpies and start drawing dots or decorative dashes around the sticker then fill around the area using your chosen colors. Try going monotone or, maybe, go all out in a riot of colour. Your mug, your choice. If you make a mistake, swab it immediately with a cotton bud dampened with alcohol.

diy mugs

(3) Leave the design to dry.

diy mugs

(4) Once dry, you can finally take off the sticker, then put your designs in an oven set to 350 Farenheit (around 175 Celsius). Bake for 30 minutes then turn off your oven, leaving the mugs inside to cool for a few hours.

diy mugs

Wash and use with your favorite brew. You can also use your leftover coffee grounds for some diy body scrub self-pampering. Enjoy!

diy mugs

DIY Painted Mugs

11 DIY coffee mugs tutorials and ideas

(1) DIY Speckled Dip Mug

A faux version of those trendy (and expensive) coffee mugs with raw clay bottoms – homemade without the fuss, mess or cost. Savor your fresh brew by turning a generic white mug to look like it is expensively made with porcelain and a touch of clay – all you need are a few paintbrushes.


  1. Plain white mug
  2. Masking tape
  3. Multi-surface paint (choose dishwasher-safe paints)
  4. Paint brushes
Speckled Dip DIY Mug

(2) DIY Coffee Mug – Chalk it!

Imagine making this mug then surprising somebody special with a mug of hot cocoa with a personalized chalk message.  Now imagine doing that every morning, for yourself, for your mom or even for your surly teenager. This mug is a personal favorite of ours that will quickly become yours.


  1. Chalkboard paint
  2. Paint brush
  3. Painter’s tape
  4. Crafter’s knife


  • First, apply the tape firmly to the area where you want to put your chalkboard message, either with your nail or the blunt edge of a table knife.  Then, cut out the shape you want – a speech bubble, a star, or maybe just something edgy and abstract.
  • After cutting out the shape, press down the edges of the tape that may have lifted when you removed the cut out. Apply 2-3 even layers of chalkboard paint.  The more coatings, the more the paint will stay. Let each layer dry and reverse the direction of brushstrokes in each coating for an even application.
  • Remove the remaining tape gently, carefully scraping off any dripping or spray paint. At this point you can also fine-tune your desired shape.
  • Finally, dry thoroughly for 24 hours before placing in a cold oven and baking for 20-60 minutes at 200 celsius. Leave the mug in the oven to cool off before use.
DIY Chalkboard Mug

(3) Abstract Distractions

This is easy like a kiddy finger-painting class – a few large brushstrokes and you will have modified your plain white mugs into something bright and cheery. If you feel a bit more confident, show off the artist in you with more elaborate freehand.  But let’s start with three easy brushstrokes in three bold and easy colors of your choice.

Tip: Host a football party and decorate the mugs with your favourite FC colors. Or, if you’re hosting some old college friends, dress them up in alumni colors. Before winter sets in, enjoy a mug of hot cider at your backyard fire pit.


  1. Plain white mugs
  2. Porcelain paint
  3. Clean craft paint brushes
  4. Oven
DIY Coffee Mugs with Abstract Brushstrokes

(4) Sprinkled with fun


  1. Solid-colored mugs
  2. Color vinyl – assorted colors

It’s widely accepted that sprinkles make everything better. So, why not on your coffee mug? Maybe it’s time to check out all the amazing things you can do using colored vinyl as stickers. To begin, just print, peel and stick them on your mug. Try metallic vinyl on black mugs for that spacey and other-worldly touch, or choose pastels and go soft. What about Coney Island red, blues and greens for that cheerful touch?  Sprinkle your day and your coffee mug with fun.

DIY Sprinkle Mug

(5) Lettered Golds and Herbs

Personalize a mug with a gold initial and bundle your personalized DIY mugs with a potted herb as a housewarming present or a giveaway for a summer barbecue. First, spray paint the design using the vinyl as stencil then leave to dry. These are also great as Earth Day celebrations, birthday gifts or maybe partnered with this whimsical pizza garden.


  1. Solid-colored mug
  2. Cardstock or vinyl to use as stencil
  3. Craft knife to cut a letter or design
  4. Spray paints in your choice of colors
  5. Clear acrylic spray
  6. Tweezers
  7. Painter’s tape
  8. Plastic bag for keeping the potted herb
  9. Herb or flower – right-sized for the mug
DIY Mugs as Gifts –  Gold Initials

(6) Metallic Mutuals

06 DIY Mugs

This project may be look a bit more complicated but it’s actually perfect for a beginner’s project. Pair it with any colored mug, even an old favorite – nothing updates a look more quickly than the glitter of metal.


  1. Mugs
  2. Multi-surface metallic paints – choose colors that will go well with your mugs
  3. Masking or painter’s tape
  4. Foam brush


  • First, wash the mugs and dry thoroughly. Next, tape and cover around lip of the mug – you don’t want to taste the paint with your coffee or tea, do you? Cover the part of the handle you don’t plan to cover with paint.
  • Then, using your foam brush, paint an even coating below the tape.  Let dry then apply a second coating.  Apply 3-4 even coatings, reversing the direction of the brushstrokes with each layer.
  • Leave to dry completely.
  • Finally, after the last coating has dried, peel off the tape.  Store for at least 3 weeks before using.  Handwash only and don’t scrub the painted parts if you can help it.
Metallic painted DIY mugs

(7) Whimsical Watercolors

07 DIY Mugs

Create beautiful watercolor effects on your tea mugs and enjoy quiet mornings with your book and some biscuits.


  1. Plain white mug
  2. Disposable container or bowl
  3. Nail polish in the color of your choice


  • First, fill your container with warm water. Add a drop of nail polish and let the color spread, using a bamboo skewer to swirl the color and give it that watery and dewey effect.
  • Next, get your mug and dip it into the colored water. Use nail polish remover to remove any straying swirls of nail polish and to clean up any messed up nail polish.
  • Leave to dry for at least 2 hours.
  • Add other colors for a complete watercolor effect then leave to dry completely.  Handwash only.
DIY watercolor mug

(8) First comes coffee

08 DIY Mugs

Customise your DIY coffee mugs with a witty and funny message.  All you need are your mugs, a few colored sharpies, and some painter’s tape or masking tape.

Tip 1: If you want thicker lines or multiple layered colors, cold-bake the mugs between each layer. Starting from a cold oven, bake for 20 mins on 200 degrees celsius then leave inside the oven to cool.

Tip 2: Tape the area of your message using masking tape or painters tape to easily avoid any unnecessary mess.

DIY mugs coffee first

(9) Hug Me, Kiss Me

02 DIY Mugs

Let the love shine through this Valentine’s Day with some DIY mugs hand painted with your love and kisses. Even if you don’t normally like the fussiness of DIY projects, this one is for you as it is simple and easy to follow. Why not make a couple mug with your significant other and cozy up under the blankets to snuggle and sip some mulled wine?  You could also share a lazy Sunday brunch with coffee or hot chocolate.  This would also make a great couple gift for friends and family.


  1. Plain white mugs
  2. Porcelain and dishwasher-safe paint (various colors)
  3. Paint brushes – thin
DIY Mugs: Valentine XO

(10) Pattern Perfect

Make your own cute patterned mugs by using the Pebeo paint pen which is safe for dishes and dishwasher-friendly.

DIY Patterned Mugs

(11) Cacti friendly

Quirky and funny, let your wit and humor do the talking with these enthralling mugs.  Clean and dry your mug and then draw on the cleaned surface using sharpies.  Maybe you’ll even drink tequila in a cactus-designed mug.

DIY Cactus and Eyelashes Mugs

(12) Glitzy Glitter

012 DIY Mugs

Add some glamor to your coffee mug with this glitzy and glittering DIY project so you can match your peerless Brazilian coffee beans to a glorious mug.


  1. Solid-colored mug
  2. Glitter – your choice of color
  3. Glossy decoupage finish
  4. Painter’s tape
  5. Paintbrush


  • Clean and dry your mug then tape up the area you won’t be applying glitter to.  Make sure you leave enough lip-room at the rim so you don’t have to drink with glitter on your lips.
  • Next, apply a layer of decoupage to the area you want to apply your glitter to, then coat well with glitter. Top tip: pouring the glitter over the area will be faster than applying it by brushes but make sure you have papered your work area before you do this.
  • Immediately take off the painter’s tape, but don’t touch the glitter.  Turn the mug upside down and leave overnight to dry thoroughly.
  • The next day, brush off any excess glitter and apply a coat of decoupage to the glittered area. Leave overnight again to dry.
  • Almost there! Add the final coat of decoupage and leave overnight.
  • Finally, leave the mug for a month to cure for it to be dishwasher-friendly.
Glitter-dipped DIY mugs

Video Tutorial – DIY Mugs: