25 Awesome DIY Coffee Table Ideas & Guides

by craftmin | December 9, 2017

A stylish and repurposed DIY coffee table is definitely the trend at the moment, with more and more people wanting individuality within a budget.  A table, a bed, and a chair: these are the most basic pieces of furniture – if you are a pioneer from 150 years ago. Now homes are centers of entertainment and, whether your style is minimalist or country, your very own DIY table can anchor a room and proudly state that you have turned your house into your home.

DIY Coffee Table Basic Materials:

  • Wood conditioner
  • Wood stain (your own color preference but try to retain the natural coloring of the wood)
  • Varnish
  • Sponge paintbrush
  • Belt sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • Jigsaw tool
  • Wood filler
  • Protective glasses
  • Woodworking clamps or weights
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

DIY Coffee table step-by-step tutorial:

Live Edge DIY Coffee Table

DIY coffee table ideas

Craft your own classy live edge DIY coffee table and give substance to any room. Rustic and trendy, this handcrafted coffee table evokes images of the natural and rough-hewn pioneer living in simpler times.

The pleasure of a live edge table is in the visual delight of seeing each groove in a lovely project you have created with your hands. Check out other DIY woodworking projects here.

Step-by-step building the Live Edge Table

  1. Clear a work space with adequate space to move around and with good lighting and ventilation.
  2.  Glue the two 2” x 12” x 4’ pieces of wood together with wood glue, ending up with one solid 4″ thick plank. Tightly clamp them together using the woodworking clamps.  You can also put weights on top, but be careful not to mark the surface. Keep the boards clamped together until the glue is completely dry.
  3. Draw the contours of your coffee table onto the paper, then cut along the lines of your drawing. Place the cutout on the wood and outline the shape of your coffee table.
  4. Putting on your safety glasses, cut carefully through the traced shape of the coffee table using your jigsaw tool. Make sure you have ample space to move around so that the power cord won’t get tangled as you move. Don’t hurry this process – remember that once cut, you can’t go back.
  5. Next, sand the table top (and don’t forget to do the bottom!) using your belt sander until it is smooth to the touch. Using the sander, make grooves around the edges, adding a few dents for that live edge feel. Do this slowly until you get the look that you want.
  6. Once you have your desired look, carefully check the edges for any gaps between the glued boards then fill them with wood filler.  Let it dry before sanding off the excess wood filler.  Smooth the edges.

Staining and Painting

  1. Make sure that the wood is dry and brush off any stray specks before prepping the wood for staining.  Apply the conditioner using a sponge brush in the direction of the grain.  The conditioner acts like a paint primer to helps the stain dry evenly on the wood.
  2. Once the top, bottom, and edges of the table top have been completely conditioned and dried, you can begin staining your coffee table.  I cannot stress enough that the conditioner has to be fully dry at this point so remember to check how to to use your wood conditioner. It might take several hours before you can begin to apply the wood stain.
  3. Now you’re ready for staining the wood.  Apply the stain in thin layers using a sponge brush to prevent dripping, especially while moving around.  Follow the direction of the wood grain and let the coating dry slightly before using fine sandpaper to remove uneven details.  Remove any dust caused by the sanding before applying the next coat. Apply the second or third layer until you get your desired look. LEAVE TO DRY.
  4. While waiting for the stain to dry, clean-up and ensure there are no dust particles on and around the table top. You don’t want to mar the varnish with a stray particle or two.
  5. Before you begin varnishing, make sure that the wood stain is completely dry. Using a sponge brush, apply a thin coat of varnish and wait for each coat to dry completely before applying the next layer. Use fine sandpaper to remove dust and gently sand the tabletop.  To fully protect and seal your table top, apply another 2-3 layers of varnish. Leave overnight to completely dry.
  6.  Carefully turn over the wood so you can work on the bottom side. Place the table legs where you plan to attach them, mindful of the coffee table’s balance and stability.  Attach the legs to the base then turn the table over and recheck for stability.

DIY Coffee table trends and ideas

(1) Chic DIY coffee table in white

DIY coffee table ideas

Level up your living room with this chic and stylish designer-approved DIY coffee table that looks chic and professional.  An easy beginner’s project, you can also make use of the bottom shelving for some fashionable coffee books. It is easy to maintain so don’t worry about leaving your DIY coffee mug on the glass top.

You can pair the white table with equally white stylish decor or go for a color of your choice.  The sturdy and sleek lines will go well with any chic design.

Source: Lowes

(2) Stylish slab we love

DIY coffee table ideas

What’s not to love about this sturdy and stylish wooden slab of a table?  Go for natural and urban look at the same time. The lines may be austere, but there is a rough elegance to the table standing on hairpin legs while looking massive and simply beautiful.  Go for stark or go for elegant – the table fits many styles.

Source: ispydiy

(3) Spool me a bookcase

DIY coffee table round bookcase

Bookcases and tables go well but are not normally combined as a single piece of furniture.  Spell this one different as you upcycle an big old spool into an extraordinary DIY coffee table cum bookcase. Quaint and whimsical, but truly resourceful and creative in use.

Source: thistlewoodfarms

(4) Try out a terrarium

DIY coffee table ideas

Flex your DIY muscle with this exacting project making a plexiglass terrarium DIY coffee table that will not only feed your inner DIY-er but also the nature lover in you. Measure your skills with this intermediate project and turn your DIY coffee table to a conversation piece or a jump-point for extolling the virtues of natural living.

Source: bloglovin

(5) Suitably suits me

DIY coffee table ideas

Go vintage and go antique by repurposing an old suitcase, or trunk or whatever you have to hand right now, and turn it into this beautiful DIY coffee table.  Then, with some varnish and polish, filling and reinforcing – this spiffy table can be yours to enjoy.

Source:  diynetwork

(6) Play it cozy with pallets

DIY coffee table ideas

Get some leftover boards, a few pallets and add some wooden beams to make this low but crazily cozy and practical coffee table for your laid back living room.

Source: papernstitchblog

(7) Goodness gracious garden

DIY coffee table ideas

Add some natural world goodness to the middle of your room by placing a garden in the middle of your ultra-chic white DIY coffee table.  Fill it up with whimsical goodness as you grow herbs or flowers and fill the room with pure nature.  Love the idea, love the work.

Source: abeautifulmess

(8) Crazy in love with crates

DIY coffee table ideas

Upgrade and upcycle these wooden crates for a unique but perfectly stylish DIY coffee table for your living room or den. Stack them with magazines or toys with the spacious storage that is apt for everyday tear and wear. Go country or go chic – this crate coffee table is A-1 creative.

Source: hertoolbelt

(9) Upcycling the Barrel

DIY coffee table ideas

Upcycle a wooden whiskey barrel to give your den the hunting lodge look.  More than that, it also contains a storage area for darts and a secret stash of bourbon when you lift the lid.

Source: artofmanliness

(10) Tailor-made tiles

DIY coffee table ideas

Differently stylish, wood and tiles are combined here for practical living. This is fashionable and yet easy to make for somebody just about to start with woodworking.  Now, enjoy your foray into the world of DIY.

Source: homedit

(11) Originally oval

DIY coffee table ideas

Luxurious, yet playful with a surfboard appeal – this oval DIY coffee table is perfect for a laid-back family room filled with mementos and art work. Moreover, it speaks of individuality and fun but doesn’t cost the world.

Source: instructables

(12) Pile ’em pretty

DIY coffee table ideas


Well this is definitely a conversation starter with its uniqueness and quaintness, even though it seems to be just straightforward piling up some wooden beams to create a table. The extra stylish and urban look comes from the finish with sleek hairpin legs.

Source: abeautifulmess

(13) Live edge lives

DIY coffee table ideas

This live edge DIY coffee table is trendy and rustic, stylish and natura, all at the same time.  Enjoy making this neon-legged rustic table, and you will also relish hearing your guests also talking about this trend-setting table.

Source: the-brick-house


(14) Make mine mahogany

DIY coffee table ideas

Elegant andcurvaceous with sleek lines, this is one beautiful DIY coffee table that you will definitely be proud to show off to family, friends, and rivals.Tthe best thing is that the plan is free for this temptingly lovely table.

Source: finewoodworking

(15) Call it copper

DIY coffee table ideas

A wooden top on metal legs ain’t shaky, it’s simply stylish.  Moreover, it is great for small city apartments with the narrow and sleek lines that looks upscale with the copper legs and metallic gleam. It is also a wonderful DIY project for your home or, if you’re feeling a bit generous, give one to your college-bound kids to make them the envy of the dorm.

Source: forme-foryou

(16) Classy glass

DIY coffee table ideas

Cass need not cost you an arm and a leg. For the price of a single pallet board, add some finesse to your finish and workmanship. Beat the budget with elegant simplicity that is as classy as you can get, but also as practical as you want it to be.

Source: annaevers

(17) Braving balustrades

DIY coffee table ideas

Go medieval and massive with this homemade coffee table that is so handsome and sturdy, you’ll probably have to stop people from sitting on it. Go for the ornamental appeal of balustrades or just opt for originality and that one-of-a-kind wonder.  Lastly, stain it to look like oak or walnut, and it will remain as historically elegant as its legs.

Source: itsagrandvillelife

(18) Urbanized wooden DIY coffee table

industrial coffee table

Beginners will just love this easy-to-make but long-lasting handsome table. With a raw rustic look but an urbanized appeal, it sits equally well in an industrial loft or in a country-style living room with the dogs and the cat. Enjoy making this delightful handsome table, then enjoy it with your feet up while roasting in front of a cozy fire. Cook some s’mores too and drink some mulled wine.

Source: littleglassjar

(19) Pallet perfect

DIY coffee table ideas

Raw and rough, but also perfect for adding rustic appeal to your den or back porch – this is one good DIY.  Moreover, you can add it to one of these inspired ideas for the backyard as you shoot the breeze with your friends or use it as a perfect addition to your patio furniture as you enjoy the benefits of your own DIY fire pit.

Source: the36thavenue

(20) Logging some looks

DIY coffee table ideas

Rustic turns witty and practical while also putting these wooden logs into practical use, but going natural need not be hard with this easy-to-make DIY coffee table.  Once made, you can just wheel it in if you need to move your entertainment center and you’ll have no problems with beer spills or nacho stains using this table during movie marathons with your diy projector screeen. Just go with the flow with its sturdy and practical looks.

Source: bhg

(21) Pottery Barn-inspired budget table

Saving hundreds of dollars on a coffee table by making her own motivated Georgia to build this beautiful table which is large enough for an active family and all the children’s toys, crafting materials, and bits of odds and ends that usually fill a family home.

Gerogia also had to adjust the measurements in the plans to standardize them according to store-bought wood boards, and she also updated the plans to include minor details she didn’t put in the original (like drawer slides). Nevertheless, this diy coffee table is pretty great deal.

Source: Rhyan Coffee Table

(22) Craving for carts

diy coffee table factory cart

There is something whimsical and rustic about factory cart tables, but they can be really expensive, maybe because of the wood or maybe the old-fashioned wheels.  But if you build them on your own, you will discover how pocket-friendly these tables truly are.

Because of the big size of the table, it important to brace it underneath. Then, to really save on costs, buy the biggest caster wheels you could find – the ones used here are 8″ and they fit the table perfectly. Finally, even with a beautiful walnut stain and spray finishing the casters and hinges in matte black, this factory cart table amounts to only $100. Now, nobody can beat that.

Source: DIY Factory Cart Coffee Table 

(23) Made with a mission

diy coffee table mission

A table you can put your feet up on is normally the first thing that matters when it comes to picking tables for the living room, because this means relaxing, favorite TV shows, and family time. So the table has to be substantial – both in looks and actuality. Mike, our intrepid diyer, highlights this beautifully simple Mission-inspired coffee table that meets the requirement perfectly.

Source: Mission-style DIY Coffee Table

(24) Angular simplicity


Believe it or not, with $50 and only 4 hours, you can build this DIY coffee table! This project requires moderate carpentry skills, but don’t let the visuals fool you. Simply adjusting your miter saw can give you the seven-degree angled legs, and the advanced-looking joinery isn’t as hard to fake as you may think.

Source: Build a DIY Coffee Table

(25) Simple and sleek sawhorse


A prolific woodworker, Jamison built this table for under $25 – another budget-friendly and eye-catching coffee table. The rough and hewn look of this sawhorse table gives it great presence to anchor a room as using untreated kiln-dried lumber, it is perfect for your country-style home.  Partner it with one of these diy sliding barn doors.

Source: DIY Sawhorse Coffee Table

DIY coffee table – Video Tutorial: