Delicious DIY Cold Brew Coffee And Brewer Tutorial

by craftmin | January 12, 2018

Do you love drinking coffee? No, I’m not talking about the instant kind of coffee. I’m talking about the brewed type here, the ones you enjoy in coffee shops, the real deal. If you are a coffee lover, for sure you have tried a number of different brewed coffee types like the espresso, Americano, latte, and even the cold brew. And for sure if you compute the amount of money you’ve spent to enjoy those delicious cups, it would already be a fortune. But have you ever wondered how brewed coffee is made? And did you know that you can brew your own coffee at home? Yes, you can! And cold brew can be done at home, too. No special machines and no barista needed, just this DIY cold brew coffee and brewer tutorial. So relax, keep on reading and later let’s get brewing.

Brewed Coffee Versus Cold Brew Coffee

There are a lot of different ways on how you can brew coffee. You can have brewed coffee by pouring hot water to freshly ground coffee. This method is known as the Pour-Over method. You can also make brewed coffee by adding freshly ground coffee over hot water, or the Immersion Brewing method. But how do you make the cold brew coffee? Do you just put ice in your brewed coffee or pour some brewed coffee into a glass full of ice? Nope, that would be iced coffee. And yes, they are different from each other. Basically, cold brew coffee can be made the same way as brewed coffee but with the use of cold water instead of hot water. It is then served over ice. The perfect drink that can both wake you up and cool you down on a warm day.

DIY Cold Brew Coffee And Brewer Tutorial

As promised, here is how you can enjoy your very own cold brew coffee without leaving the comforts of your home. This tutorial will also teach you how to make a cold brew DIY coffee brewer, double filtration method. Invite friends over at your house for a coffee party or for some catching up. Wow them with the smooth and rich taste of your very own coffee creation. This DIY cold brew coffee is way, way better than iced coffee because it has a more caffeinated taste to it. Your friends might even have a hard time believing when you say it’s a DIY cold brew coffee.

What You Need:

DIY Cold Brew Coffee materials needed

  • 6 ounces (170 grams) coffee beans, well roasted
  • 6 cups cold water (or more)
  • 1 felt sheet
  • 6 small coffee filters (or 2 large filters, or whatever size is available)
  • 2-liter plastic bottle
  • coffee grinder
  • narrow-mouthed glass jar
  • digital kitchen scale
  • thread
  • scissors


DIY cold brew coffee brewer

1. Carefully and completely cut the bottom part of your 2-liter plastic bottle.

 DIY cold brew coffee brewer stand

2. Place the bottle neck down in a narrow-mouthed glass jar. The glass jar will act as the stand for your DIY coffee brewer.

 DIY cold brew coffee felt

3. Fold the felt sheet just like in the picture. This will serve as your coffee filter.

 DIY cold brew coffee felt in the brewer

4. Remove the bottle cap, then roll up your folded felt sheet and put it in the brewer bottle. Put back the cap and make sure it is tightly closed.

 DIY cold brew coffee beans

5. In a digital kitchen scale, measure 6 ounces or 170 grams of well-roasted coffee beans. Make sure to use coffee beans of only good quality as the taste of your cold brew will depend on it. If you don’t have a digital kitchen scale, please invest in one. You can find a lot of cheap digital kitchen scales at discount stores and online, and they work just fine.

 DIY cold brew coffee grind

6. Using a coffee grinder, grind your coffee beans to the coarsest possible setting. If you don’t have a coffee grinder, just buy fresh coffee grounds from your local market, trusted coffee vendor or your favorite coffee shop.

 DIY cold brew coffee coarse grind

7. Distribute the coffee into 6 small coffee filters. You can use whatever filter size you have as long as you put equal amounts of coffee grounds in them.

 DIY cold brew coffee bags

8. Secure each filter by tightly tying them with a thread. These are now your coffee bags.

 DIY cold brew coffee brewing

9. Place your coffee bags in your DIY coffee brewer. Fill it with 6 cups of cold water, or more. Give the water some time to soak into your coffee bags before pouring more.

 DIY cold brew coffee brewing for hours

10. Let it brew for around 12-24 hours. The one in the picture was brewed for a good 14 hours.

 DIY cold brew coffee slow drip

11. Remove the bottle cap from your DIY coffee brewer. Watch and wait for your DIY cold brew coffee to slowly start dripping. Well, it is true that good things happen to those who wait so be patient.

 DIY cold brew coffee almost done

12. Hang on, we’re almost there!

 DIY cold brew coffee finished product

13. Pour in a glass with ice and voila! A super delicious DIY cold brew coffee.

DIY Cold Brew Coffee, Shortcut

Just in case you want to try an even easier way to have that cold brew coffee. Still no fancy machines, not even a coffee grinder. This tutorial made use of medium grind coffee. It is very hard to strain finely ground coffee and the coarsely ground coffee might give you a DIY cold brew coffee that is too weak for your taste. So better stand in the middle to be safe.

What You Need:

  • 2 cups fresh coffee grounds, medium grind
  • water
  • 8-cup glass jar with cover
  • ceramic coffee cone (or a sieve)
  • coffee filter (cheesecloth or paper towel will also do, use whatever you have)


DIY cold brew coffee medium grind

1. Put 2 cups fresh coffee grounds into the 8-cup glass jar. If you want an extra-rich tasting DIY cold brew coffee, I suggest you try the dark roast or the espresso roast.

DIY cold brew coffee medium grind with water

2. Completely fill the glass jar with water. Put the glass jar lid back and tightly close it. Give the jar a good shake to combine the water and coffee. Now, place the jar in the refrigerator for a good 12 hours.

DIY cold brew coffee straining time

3. Tic, toc, tic, toc. Time is up! Let’s get some straining! If you have a ceramic coffee cone, place the coffee filter inside then strain. You can also use a sieve lined with cheesecloth. No cheesecloth? No problem!  You can also paper towel to line your sieve. No need to buy, just use whatever you readily have. Don’t forget to be patient in this step. For a good coffee, it is always worth the wait.

delicious DIY cold brew coffee

4. This recipe makes 6 glasses of pretty strong cold brew. It is always best to share, or not.

How Do You Want Your DIY Cold Brew Coffee?

DIY cold brew coffee is very easy to adjust to suit your taste and your caffeine addiction. Use it concentrated for your baking needs or drink it as is (espresso, DIY version?). You can also dilute it in some water if you want it a bit lighter (cold Americano, anyone?), or perhaps some cold milk or cream (cold latte!). Be creative, experiment with it to find your favorite mix. Or try this tested next level DIY cold brew coffee recipe.

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