12 Inexpensive DIY Dining Room Table Designs

by craftmin | January 1, 2018

A house is not complete without a dining table for a family to share meals with. Sure, there can be many makeshift ways that will compensate for a missing dining table. But nothing makes meals taste better than one spent with a talk with the family. These 12 DIY dining room table designs ensure that every household, no matter how big or small, has this most important furniture at the center of the kitchen.

Why do DIY Dining Room Table?

There are plenty of uses to dining table apart from being a fixture to which the family eat their meals. For the cook, the dining table may serve as an aid when preparing ingredients for cooking. In the absence or unavailability of the living room, the dining table often acts as the place for receiving guests. Even private discussions in the family often take place in the kitchen for good reasons.

In fact, given the practicality of the dining table, there are more to its usage apart from just the aforementioned. It really is that useful as a multi-functional furniture.

Functionality aside, the size of the dining table also serves as a symbol for the family’s status in the society. Particularly in the Chinese culture, the bigger or longer the dining table is, the better the family does in life. Meaning, large families are often taken as a symbol of wealth among the Chinese.

Advantages of DIY Dining Room Table

But while conventional dining table may be sufficient enough for most households, there is no denying of the perks from a DIY dining room table.

DIY dining room tables are special for one thing: they do not necessarily conform to what normal convention dictates. As a DIY, how a dining table turns out to be is solely at your discretion. It essentially boils down to having a freedom to pursue whichever design you fancy.

For instance, why make a four-legged dining table when it can stand just fine with three? Or, why not more than four if that is, at all, possible?

Other times, it is not just about the design itself but also the quality of material. You can go full-on wood or add a mix of metal in the bunch, it’s completely at your disposal.

Amazing Designs to Draw Inspirations From

You must be a real creative person to come up with a blueprint of your own making from scratch. But if you are scratching on your noggin due to cluelessness of where to start, here are some free examples to get ideas from.

  1. Shanty 2 Chic’s

Will you believe me when I say that the original inspiration to this design costed about $2000 to make? This particular DIY rendition by Shanty 2 Chic costs only a $100. That’s 95% cheaper than the original whose appearance is not much different.

Rustic and rugged, this DIY dining room table gives off a classic vibe which is surely to attract attention in most dining room setting. One good thing for this specific design is that it is large enough to cater for families with huge members.

  1. A Beautiful Mess’

Who says every modern-looking dining table had to be smooth and even on the surface? Contrary to that idea, this particular blueprint by A Beautiful Mess is a perfect example of getting beauty from uneven traits.

While much about the dining table is how a conventional table would be, it is the rough and uneven surface that is obviously a stray from the rule. But like small dining tables, this furniture can only accommodate to four people at most.

  1. Small and Waves’

When you prefer your DIY dining room table to be sleek and smooth from the surface while also appearing modern, you can never go wrong with the simplicity of Small and Waves’ design.

This particular dining table is big enough to accommodate a handful of people, especially during a gathering. One of the perks of having a table with a smooth surface is that it’s typically easy to clean.

  1. The Handmade Homes’

Got an old and unused door lying at your garage? Instead of letting it rot, why not turn it into some useful like the surface of a table?

In fact, the creative person at The Handmade Homes has that as an idea for this particular DIY table dining room design. Depending on the quality of the door, the difference may be less or subtler which could keep the family guessing.

  1. The Design Confidential’s

When most table surfaces are seemingly plain-looking and monotonous, it takes an unusual design to stray from the notion. This blueprint by The Design Confidential is a show of an idea that not all lines must meet to become schematic.

In as much the same way that the direction of the lines in all four segments of this design do not meet one another makes it very creative and never boring.

  1. Studio C’s

    Source: Studio C

You might find a rectangular and square-shaped table to be too common and unappealing. Luckily, not all tables are exclusive only to those shapes. Sometimes, it also takes a form that is less conventional than those two.

This design by Studio C is a showcase of creativity involving a half-moon figure which can be significantly extended to form a full circle.

  1. Woodgear’s

    Source: Woodgear

Not all of us are keen at embellishments. Thus, they are the kind of people who are already content at getting things functional than ornate, if not minimalist.

This DIY dining room table by Woodgear is plain but it looks clean and smooth on all surface area. People who live a simple life from the countryside will find this table suitable for their needs.

  1. The Design Confidential’s 2nd Blueprint

When you only have $75 at most to spare on a DIY dining room table, this sturdy-looking design by The Design Confidential makes for a cost-efficient option. But don’t let yourself into thinking that this will just be a small table to add to your kitchen, it is not.

Apart from being the table for food, this table makes for an ideal table top for preparing ingredients for cooking.

  1. 4 Men 1 Lady’s

    Source: 4 Men 1 Lady

From being a conduit for water to many other practical applications, the use of the plumbing pipe is plenty. But did you think that this material can also act as a sturdy legging for a dining table?

Moving around a table of this build might pose some significant weight to some people. To compensate, the attached wheels on all legs make for a substantial boon to the ease of moving it around.

  1. Sawdust Girl’s

    Source: Sawdust Girl

Built with double X-shaped leggings that set the balance for the table, there is only two sides to which people can sit on this. The idea is perhaps to make the users sit across or juxtaposed with one another.

  1. Lowe’s

    Source: Lowe

Having a glossy top-most surface, this table-and-chair set by Lowe’s is a design that is hard to ignore. Not only are these glistening tops make for an attention-seeker, the actual experience of touching these surface is equally as amazing.

While not necessarily very cheap, for a $150, what you get is a furniture that is stylish enough to be a décor at the kitchen.

  1. Rogue Engineer’s

If you have a thing for stuffs that are endemic mostly in a religious setting, this idea by the Rogue Engineer is surely to get your attention. Dubbed the “Monastery Dining Table,” what you get is a furniture that is commonly not found in many household.

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