21 Fabulous DIY Earrings You Can Make almost for Nothing

by craftmin | December 6, 2017

All of these diy earrings are meant to be easy to make and fall within budget. We’ll begin with a step-by-step tutorial of some beautiful cascade earrings that can easily turn from daytime to evening with the blink of the eye. What then follows are tutorials and ideas for the romantic, the funky, the sassy, and even for the adventurous.

DIY earrings basic materials you will need for ALL the projects:

  1. Ear studs
  2. Ear wires
  3. Pairs of jump rings 
  4. Small pliers – side cutting, round nose, long nose, and bent nose pairs

Making a Basic Wire Loop:

Making wire loops is going to be a big part of your life if you plan to make a lot of DIY earrings.  You can start practicing making the loops then from making earrings you will learn to make bracelets and necklaces. Maybe even some Christmas tree ornaments just in time for the holidays, or be inspired by some of these DIY home decor.


  1. Craft wire – 18 and 20 gauge
  2. Small long nose pliers

DIY Earrings basic loop

How to:

  1. First, make a spiral using one of the wires.  Begin at one of the ends.  If you’re going to use beads, stack some.
  2. Then, simply make another loop just above the bead or whatever ornament you will be using.
  3. Finally, cut off any excess.
Source: Making a simple loop

Trendy and Beautiful Easy DIY Earrings

(1) A Dangle of Cascades

diy earrings

This is a beautiful and romantic pair reminiscent of glamorous evenings spent in black tie parties. One of the best things about these earrings is how you can easily adapt the tutorial to making your own charms or another pair of diy earrings of your own design. Experiment and tinker not only with this design but with any of the designs that follow afterwards.

What you will need:

diy earrings

  • Metal chain at least 5 inches
  • Ear wires
  • Jeweler’s head pins
  • 6-8 mm beads – eight pieces
  • Small pliers – round-nose
  • Wire cutter

Step-by-Step Guide:

(1) Loop your beads

diy earrings

Before you start this part, check the Making a Basic Loop Picture Tutorial. It’s basically one loop. Simply thread the jeweler’s pin through a bead, then bend the end, wrapping it around your pliers to make a loop. Twist the end twice around the base of the bead to close it then cut any excess wire.

(2) Loop more beads.

diy earrings

Make a few more beads until you have at least eight.  You may need more, and remember that for a cascade dangle design, more is okay. But to start off, simply replicate the shown design. If you want to add more, the tutorial is flexible and you can easily do that too.

(3) Chain up.

diy earrings

Prepare your chain in 4 varying lengths – 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch then attach each length to an ear wire with an attached jump ring. After doing that, start attaching a looped bead to each end of a chain.

(4) Repeat. Then you are done.

Then repeat for the other earring but reverse the arrangement of the lengths as they mirror each other. Experiment and fiddle with the design, go from 8 to 12 or even use different colored beads.

diy earrings


 Source: Easy Cascade Dangle  DIY Earrings

(2) Gorgeous and Glued


DIY earrings hot glue


  • Paper with some printed circles
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Heat-safe non-stick mat
  • Gold spray paint
  • Acrylic colors of your choice
  • Lacquer gloss finish
  • Heavy adhesive

If you are the kind, like me, who gets gooey-eyed over using the glue gun and oozing melty hot glue – then this is for you.  With a few globs of the glue gun, some drying time, spray paint and a bit of various acrylic color – you can make these gorgeous hot gun earrings.

Source: Glue Gun Glam

(3) A Sheen of Copper

DIY earrings copper patina


  • Copper or brass sheet (22-24 gauge)
  • Sharpie marker
  • #0000 steel wool
  • Heavy-duty utility scissors
  • Flat nose pliers

A bit more difficult to make, but something so stunning deserves a bit more effort. I am sure that once you have made your own set of metal-plate earrings, you will love exploring the medium especially with the various styles and effects that will then be open for you.  By adding a sheen of copper to the metal, these earrings turn style to stylish.

Source: Rustic Picture Patina Earrings

(4) Paper Bead DIY Earrings

DIY earrings paper bead


  • Strips of paper (1″ x 12″)
  • Metal wires – gold and silver
  • Metal caps – gold and silver
  • Sparkle pens

From humble beginnings of paper scraps, into these beautiful paper bead earrings. Design your own patterns or use patterned paper. Whatever you choose, get that hippie look.

Source: Quilled Paper DIY Earrings

(5) DIY Earrings Rosy Reds

DIY earrings rose

Use some leftover strips of paper to make these pair of rose earrings.  Create them in various colors or perhaps, give a few sets to a rose lover.


Source: Paper Quilled Roses

(6) Best of Zen

DIY earrings zen


  • 18-inch soft copper wire
  • Cylindrical object like a pipe to be used for shaping
  • Ear studs
  • Jump rings

A bit of soft 18-inch copper wire looped into relaxing easy swirls, and you have these simple but beautiful Zen-inspired hoop earrings.

Source: Zen Spiral Hoop Earrings

(7) A Lacy Combination

DIY Lace Earrings


  1. Pair of  lace appliques
  2. Paint brush – small
  3. Fabric stiffener
  4. Pair of jump rings
  5. Pair of ear wires

Have you made a lacy project and now have some lace trimmings lying around? Or maybe some scraps of lace fabric? With a whoosh of fabric stiffener, you can turn those lacy scraps of lace into something elegant and beautiful. Go for vintage with some old-fashioned appliques.

Source: DIY Lace Earrings

(8) Paper Bead Beauties

DIY earrings black paper beads


  • White bond paper 8.5 x 11
  • Crafter’s knife
  • Glue stick
  • Toothpicks
  • Markers – black and any other color you choose
  • Floral wire or 18-gauge wire
  • Wood hardener/petrifier
  • Silver beads – 4mm
  • Eye pins – 2 inches
  • Optional water-based polyurethane – glossy

This is an intermediate crafter’s project, but I’m not trying to scare off the beginners. It’s just that this may take some time and requires more materials and curing of course. But the best thing about the project is that once you have learned how to make your own paper beads, nothing will be able to stop you. From small paper beads to threshold decorations or porch hanging, learn a new DIY skill that can easily make use of leftover scraps of paper.  Reuse and reduce.

Source: B/W Paper Bead DIY Earrings

(9) Buttoned up and ready to go

DIY earrings scrap fabric


  • Buttons
  • Fabric scraps
  • Diameter circle template – 2″ usually found on the back of the button package
  • Glue gun and stick

Just a little tracing using the template, and you can easily make use of leftover scraps for these pair of gorgeous button earrings. This is another intermediate project, but so worth the effort. You could even make a new collection or gift them to an earring collector while you make use of all the scrap fabrics you have leftover from other DIY projects.

Source: Covered Buttons DIY Earrings

(10) Clipped Danglies

DIY earrings paper clip


  • Paper clips
  • Assorted colored string
  • Fast-dry glue

Make these hip and colourful paper-clip earrings with a bit of leftover string and a fast-drying glue, not to forget some paper clips raided from your own supplies. By simply unfolding the paperclips, you can make yourself a pair of rainbow earrings that will make a statement with bold and cheery colors.

Source: Paper Clip DIY Earrings

(11) Trying out some triangles

DIY earrings triangle leather


  • Scrap leather
  • Ruler
  • Crafter’s knife
  • Craft paint in the colors of your choice
  • Fast-dry glue or glue gun with stick

If you have a bit of craft leather you don’t quite know what to do with, why not try these Wild West-inspired leather dangling earrings. Or if you need a bit of detail to complete a cowgirl costume, try these out for the ultimate Western look.

Source: DIY Leather Triangle Earrings

(12) Classy Classics

DIY earrings dangling gemstone


  • Two round and smooth gemstone beads – 6 to 10mm size
  • Soft sterling silver wire – 20 to 22 gauge
  • Emory board or nail file

Dress up for the holidays and level up your earring game with these gemstone earrings. For holiday gifts, use semi-precious stones based on birthdays like topaz for November and amethyst for February.  Or go for lucky colors or stones with spiritual meaning like jade for longevity and good health.

Source: Simple Classic Gemstone Earrings

(13) Zippy for teens

DIY earrings zipper


  • 2 zipper sliders
  • E6000 or heavy-duty glue

Give a zippy gift to your teenager.  Simply attach two zipper sliders to a pair of basic ear studs with heavy-duty glue.  Scrape off the excess glue and you have these funky and witty earrings for your modish teenager without too much effort.

Source: DIY Zipper Earrings

(14) Memories beaded and wired

DIY Earrings Memory Wire


  • Memory wire
  • Beads

Ever used memory wire, that trendy easy-to-string stainless steel wire rolled into coils that can hold its shape? Now is the best time to make this easy and stylish set of earrings while introducing yourself to memory wire, which is more than perfect for DIY jewelry-making.

Source: Memory Wire Beaded Earrings

(15) Stoned raw

DIY earrings raw stones

If you have a dab of heavy-duty glue and a few loose raw stones, you can simply attach themto some of your empty ear studs to make these great-looking stylish earrings.

Source: DIY Raw Stone Earrings

 (16) DIY Earrings Handmade Paper Stars

DIY earrings star

Recycle your paper by using it for paper mache projects such as this set of silver handmade silver stars.

Source: Recycled and Handmade Paper Projects

(17) Give some credit

DIY earrings credit card


  • Used credit card or bank card
  • 20-gauge wire
  • Beads
  • Nail for punching holes

Use plastic cards – credit cards or debit cards – and turn them into good credit with this funky set of earrings to gift them as a gag gift. Great for your glitzy friend who can take a good laugh.

Source: DIY Credit Card Earrings

(18) Original origami


DIY earrings origamiMaterials:

  • 3″ x 3″ square paper
  • 2 eyepins
  • Earring studs
  • 2 sheets of square paper (suggested size: 3 x 3 inches)

Want to do some folding? Try out these origami earrings.  As you learn more origami shapes, you will be able to go from cranes to roses and mini-butterflies, great for costumes or those “special occasions need special earrings” days.

Source: Make Origami Earrings

(19) Lovely lace

DIY earrings lace button

Make use of leftover button earrings and scraps of lace for these vintage-style earrings.

Source: DIY Lace Earrings

(20) Cute Concertinas

DIY earrings concertina


  • Scraps of thin paper cut into 3″x1″
  • Rubber stamps
  • Ink
  • Craft wire

Do you have some stamping equipment lying around, perhaps from if you did a DIY and have some leftover blank rubber stamps that you don’t quite know what to do with?  First, stamp the paper with your design, coloring it with sharpies if you want to add some more details.  You can also add a bit of glitter.

Then, fold the paper from the shortest edge while tightly wrapping it around the craft wire.  Next, fluff out the folding to get the fan-like effect you see above. Attach the craft wire to the ear wire or a small jump ring, then do the same for the other earring. You could also make these with different sized pieces of paper for variety.

Source: Cute Paper Earrings

(21) The Look of Leather

DIY earrings knots

Colored bits of leather can be turned into a really cool pair of earrings.  Or make a bracelet and earring set with some leather cord and have a leather lickin’ good time. Just right for a barn dance giveaway, or to wear during a summer backyard fire pit barbecue party.

Source: DIY Knotted Earrings

Video Tutorial – DIY Earrings: