40 DIY Easy Hairstyles For That Effortless Salon Look

by craftmin | January 1, 2018

Tired of having the same look every day? You desperately want a makeover but your budget just won’t allow you. And there’s that good-looking guy at school (or at your workplace) you really want to impress. But how? Wipe that frown on your face because help is here! Check out this compilation of picture and video tutorials on DIY easy hairstyles from all over the web. And let me tell you, they actually work. These hairstyles are so easy, you can have a different look every day. Is that a smile I see on your face now? Great!

DIY Easy Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Yes, you read that right. Be it a formal gathering, the girls’ night out or just another ordinary day, we got your locks covered. This compilation grouped the DIY easy hairstyles into these categories for your easy reference.

  • Braids
  • Buns
  • Curls
  • Ponytails
  • Twists
  • Hair Down

Try the different styles on your free time to check which ones will be your favorite. Don’t forget to call your BFF because some of these tutorials are meant to be done by someone else on your hair. Learn together, it’s more fun that way. But let me warn you, these DIY easy hairstyles will not work on a gloomy face. So better keep that smile on and let’s get to work!


Have that effortless salon look with these DIY easy hairstyles braid tutorials. If it’s your first time to braid your hair, I strongly suggest you start with the basic braid styles first. All of these hairstyles are easy, as promised. But first, let us get your fingers used to the crisscrossing process involved in braiding. Saves you from all the frustrations of a first-timer, believe me.

Twisted Crown Braid

DIY easy hairstyles twisted crown braid
I just love how this braid looks so effortlessly gorgeous. If this braid is a girl, I think she would be the innocent and laid back type. This style from Twist Me Pretty may be the easiest braid I have ever seen and done. For a better look, here’s the video tutorial.

Fishtail Braid

DIY easy hairstyles fishtail braid

This braid is also one of the easiest to do. I remember when I was younger how I will always ask my mom to braid my hair like this. The first braid I’ve learned doing on my own. But this tutorial I have is meant for someone to do your hair for you. Or you doing their hair for them. Here is a picture tutorial of how it’s done from Once Wed.

DIY easy hairstyles fishtail braid tutorial
Check out these tips to make sure you get it right the first time.

  • Before braiding, make sure to remove all tangles and knots in your hair by brushing it. It is easier to braid your hair without tangles, especially when you have super long hair.
  • Skip your hair conditioner if you’re going for this style. It’s hard to braid a hair that is too soft and smooth. If you are too excited to try this hairstyle with your fresh clean hair, you can always use some hairspray or styling gel to make it a little bit sticky. Doing this will help hold-up the fishtail braid for you.

How are you following so far? I guess by now you already have a hang of the basics. So let’s continue with some more braid styles.

Stylish Braid

DIY easy hairstyles stylish braid

Braid is the first thing that comes to my mind whenever I see someone with a long hair. Remember how goddesses and mermaids in movies almost always have their hair braided? This look from astucesdefilles is a sure head turner for guys and gals alike.

Infinity Tieback Braid

DIY easy hairstyles infinity braid tieback

That name sounds intimidating. But really, it’s easier to do than it looks. Just carefully follow this video tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles and you’re good to go. Perfect for those days when you feel like letting your hair down but still want some style to it. Ready your spray bottle, brush, 2 hair elastics, some hairspray and a rat-tail comb. You can do it with or without some hair accessories.

Pull Through Braid

DIY easy hairstyles pull through braid

This hairstyle is perfect for those with thick and long hair. Go and rock this look by following this step by step tutorial from Kassinka. Pretty easy, huh? Here’s a video tutorial to show you just how easily this hairstyle can be done. And some tips, too.

Half-Up Fishtail Braid

DIY easy hairstyles half-up fishtail braid

Here’s another DIY easy hairstyles tutorial from Kassinka. A simple yet cool twist to the usual fishtail braid. Say goodbye to boring hair days. If you want to sport a rocker chic vibe, complete your look with this awesome hairstyle.

Dutch or High Crown Braid

DIY easy hairstyles dutch or high crown braid

Oh, this hairstyle reminds me of heroines in movies. Never thought it was this easy to do. This hairstyle from Christina of Hair Romance will be perfect for formal gatherings like weddings, business meetings, or the prom. Check out her blog for more a detailed, step by step tutorial and a whole lot of other styling tips for this look.

Half-Up Rosette Braid

Watch Cute Girls Hairstyles and learn how to achieve this look. They use this hairstyle for the homecoming dance. Visit their blog as well as their YouTube channel where they show you how to do a lot more different DIY easy hairstyles. And oh, I forgot to mention they also have a mobile app.

Half-Up Lace Rose Braid

DIY easy hairstyles half-up lace rose

Just follow this picture tutorial from Hair Silver to the dot and I’m sure you’ll get your hair looking like this one.

Braid Crown

DIY easy hairstyles perfect braid crown

Who said you need a tiara to be a princess? All you need to know to achieve this look is in this tutorial from Nasty Gal.

Double Dutch Braid

DIY easy hairstyles double dutch braid

This is the effortless salon look for me. Check out how A La Mum achieved this fabulous look without breaking a sweat.

Stacked Bubble Braid

Cute Girls Hairstyles just never runs out of DIY easy hairstyles to share with us. Thank you, from the bottom of our shiny locks.

Half Crown Braid

DIY easy hairstyles half crown braid

Loose hair or braided hair? How about both! Try this hairstyle from Hair Romance to get the best of both worlds. Visit her blog for more styling tips.

Mermaid Tail Braid

DIY easy hairstyles mermaid tail braid

For a very casual and fun look, try this hairstyle from A Cup Of Jo. Bye bye good, old, boring braid!


I don’t know why, but this hairstyle shouts charm, class, allure, and other more things for me. Top knot hairstyle belongs to this category. When I was a kid, I always see my mom in a bun, and it doesn’t look anything, not even close to those words. But now you can both be sexy and charming and classy with this hairstyle. Yes, even the messy kind.

Messy Bun

DIY easy hairstyles messy bun

I guess the messy bun is our version of the guys’ just-got-out-of-bed look. Oh, that beautiful mess. Just look at how good this messy bun from Mialondon looks like. Show off that beautiful neck of yours, girl!

DIY easy hairstyles messy bun 1

DIY easy hairstyles messy bun 2
Or this messy bun style by Glitter INC.
DIY easy hairstyles messy bun by autumn grey
And another one from Autumn Grey.

Easy Bun

DIY easy hairstyles easy bun

Look effortlessly fab and hot on this super easy to do bun from Her Canvas. See more bun styles when you visit her blog.

Retro Bouffant

DIY easy hairstyles retro bouffant

Ok, this is technically not a bun. But since it looks like one, I included it here. Check out how to pull up this look with a step by step tutorial at Hair and Make-up by Steph.

Elegant Bun

DIY easy hairstyles elegant bun

Would you believe me if I tell you this elegant bun was done in just 2 minutes? Check out the step by step picture tutorial from Makeupwearables. Having a hard time following the picture tutorial? Then feel free to watch this video instead.

Half-Up Top Knot Bun

DIY easy hairstyles half-up top knot bun

Confession of a Hairstylist can make you look this classy and gorgeous with just these 7 steps!

The Hair Bow Bun

DIY easy hairstyle the hair bow bun

An interesting twist to our dearest classic bun hairstyle. Learn how to do it with this tutorial from TrendSurvivor. And here’s a video tutorial for some tips on how to achieve this look.

Reversed Braided Bun

DIY easy hairstyles reversed braided bun

Here’s a confession. I tried doing this hairstyle once and never did it again. Solo. I was braiding my hair too slow that I got dizzy before finishing the braid. So now I always ask someone to braid my hair for me, then I do the bun part. But hey, feel free to try it on your own first. Check out this picture tutorial from Lulus.

Gibson Braided Tuck

DIY easy hairstyles Gibson braided tuck
Here’s another twist to our all-time favorite bun hairstyle. Learn how to do this look from Hey Wanderer.


Learn how to have those natural looking curls, without the expensive hair salon treatments!

Soft Curls


DIY easy hairstyles curls

Are you sure those curls aren’t natural? Check out Hair Romance for some do’s and don’ts in curling.

DIY easy hairstyles braid then iron
Another way to get those natural looking curls is to braid it first and then iron it. This idea we got from TopHair. Clever, right?

The 5-Minute Curls

DIY easy hairstyles 5-minute curls

Yes, that is basically it. You’re just 5 minutes away from that gorgeous look! Learn it from this picture tutorial we got from The Fashion Spot.

Curly Bob

DIY easy hairstyles bob curls

Visit The Beauty Department to learn how you can get your bob to look this fabulous.

Top Half Curls

DIY easy hairstyles top half

When you’re in a hurry but still needed to look gorgeous, this. Find out how to achieve this look from this picture tutorial from Hair and Make-up by Steph.


Find out how to make those ponytails a head-turner and make this your everyday look!

Perfect Ponytail

DIY easy hairstyles perfect ponytail

Remember that hairstyle Lucy Hale sported at the VMA? That is this hairstyle’s inspiration. Learn how to get that Hollywood look from The Beauty Department.

Braided Ponytail

DIY easy hairstyles braided ponytail

Put some twist to your regular ponytail from this tutorial by Hair Romance.

Messy Braided Ponytail

DIY easy hairstyles messy braided hair

I guess the messy look is the new trend now. Better learn how to do that beautiful mess on your hair from All Things Hair.

Twisted Ponytail

DIY easy hairstyles twisted ponytail

Literally a ponytail with a twist. You can visit Twist Me Pretty for the easy step by step tutorial.


Hair twists remind me of my strict grade school teacher, so this hairstyle exudes some command and authority if you ask me.

Messy French Twist

DIY easy hairstyles messy french twist

Learn how to make this beautiful mess from Irrelephant.

Braided Frech Twist

DIY easy hairstyles braided french twist

Can I say french twist with a twist? Get the look with this tutorial from Once Wed.

Quick Twist

DIY easy hairstyles quick twist

This hairstyle says it all. A quick and easy fix that will give your hair that much needed twist. Get the tutorial at The Beauty Department.


Or you can just let your beautiful locks down, let it breathe while maintaining your style with these DIY easy hairstyles. This may also help style those not so long hair.

Short Stack

DIY easy hairstyles short stack

Short hair, don’t care! You can still have that salon look with this hairstyle from The Beauty Department.

Half-Up Hairstyle

DIY easy hairstyles half-up

Get this look and some more styling tips at Hair Romance.

Half-Up Party Lob

DIY easy hairstyle half-up party lob

Amaze your friends on how you keep stylish even with that short hair. Check out this hairstyle from Lulus that I’m sure will look good on you.

Party-Perfect Hair

DIY easy hairstyles party-perfect hair

Get this Cosmo Girl look from this hairstyle tutorial from Cosmopolitan.

Side Swept

DIY easy hairstyles side swept

And when all else fails, do this side swept hairstyle from Join The Mood and sport that innocent look.

I hope you get all the time you need to try all these DIY easy hairstyles. Always remember that a great hair won’t do its magic without your smile and confidence. Good luck and happy hairstyling!

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