How To Make a DIY Fairy Garden

by craftmin | August 7, 2018

It is Tinker Bell that started my fascination on fairies after watching the movie Peter Pan. I even pretended to have a pouch full of pixie dust and would think of happy thoughts, hoping that it could make me fly just like in the movie. And now as a grown up, I still get to watch fairy movies with my kids. One movie showed a fairy garden. Since then I wanted to recreate that garden in our home. But just by the looks of it, I know that it would cost me a fortune to buy a ready made fairy garden. So what I opted to do is to create my own DIY fairy garden. It’s a work in progress but I don’t mind. If you want to make one for yourself, learn how to do it here plus a bunch of magical DIY fairy garden ideas.

How To Make DIY Fairy Garden

If you like planting and do a lot of tinkering (like Tinker Bell), then you would love making this DIY fairy garden. No pixie dust needed. Just be one with the inner child in you, think of happy thoughts and channel these into your very own DIY fairy garden design. Some people say that these fairy gardens attract real fairies. What if they really do? Well whether it’s true or not, I guess it won’t hurt to believe. So here is our guide and some tips to get you started on your DIY fairy garden project.

DIY fairy garden

What You Need

huge container with drainage holes (big pot, wheel barrow, wooden barrel, etc.)
potting soil with fertilizer
drip irrigation kit (optional)
miniature structures (gazebo, arbor, house, etc.)
decorative elements (miniature furniture, fence, decorative stakes, etc.)
assorted plants
garden staples
LED wire lights (also known as fairy lights)


Create your very own DIY fairy garden in just 4 easy steps!
1. Decide on which container to use for your project.
2. On a piece of paper, draw how you would want your fairy garden to look like. You can put as much detail as you want.
3. Pick out something to be your fairy garden’s focal point. A tiny tree, herbs like rosemary or lavender will do.
4. Add some miniature structures and decorations, and there you go!


Make sure all the things you need are ready before starting your project. Fill your chosen container with potting soil. Fill it just until a few inches below the top. Lay out all the plants and structures until you have the final design or look that you like.


Drip irrigation is optional. The good thing about having this type of irrigation is that you don’t have to manually water your DIY fairy garden. You can put it on a timer and it will water the garden as scheduled. If you want to install one in your DIY fairy garden, check out this video tutorial.

Irrigation is important to make sure that your plants will grow in your container. You can go as far as installing on some emitters if you want water to drip in certain spots in your DIY fairy garden. Like if you want to add a miniature pond and want water in it, emitters can do that for you. And the garden staples will help you secure the tubes in place. Here’s another video to help you understand more about drip irrigation.

Fairy Lights Installation

Start installing the LED lights in spots you want to be lit. Since the tiny LED bulbs in the wire lighting are far apart, you have to make twists and loops to get the look that you like. To make it look more enchanting, hide some lights underneath pebbles or some plants. It would look like fireflies flying on your DIY fairy garden. Don’t forget to place some light on the pathway and inside your fairy house so it would look like someone’s home.

Fairy lights - DIY fairy gardenfairy lights - DIY fairy garden

Fairy Garden Plants

Make sure to choose plants that will go well together. I personally want those with little flowers like these lobelia (blue) and alyssum (pink). Place the plants above the soil line.  You can also place some miniature tree or a shrub. If you prefer shrubs like Mexican heathers, just make sure to regularly prune it to keep it small.

alyssum & lobelia - DIY fairy garden

You can even make a miniature vegetable patch using succulents as tiny cabbages.

vegetable patch -DIY fairy garden

Now for some more plants, you can use Leptinella (left) or Baby’s Tears (center) because they look so much like tiny ferns. And for something to look like grass, you can use Irish moss (right).

Leptinella - DIY fairy gardenBaby tears - DIY fairy gardenIrish moss - DIY fairy garden

Fairy Garden Decorations

After you’re happy with the placements of your plants, put some more potting soil to secure the plants in place, to cover the drip irrigation and to hide some of the fairy lights. Now, the fun part begins. Time to add some decorations! Just don’t overdo it so that your DIY fairy garden won’t look crowded.

Fairy house - DIY fairy gardentiny wheel barrow - DIY fairy gardendirections - DIY fairy garden

Garden Maintenance

Yes, your fairy garden still needs to be maintained since you have real plants in there. Well, here’s what will happen if you don’t. All the magic, gone. And I think no fairy would want to live here.

unkept DIY fairy garden

And here’s what it looks like after some trimming and pruning here and there.. The magic is back, and maybe the fairy’s on her way back, too.

DIY fairy garden

45 Awesome DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

No, we are not done yet. Here are other awesome DIY fairy garden ideas to inspire you. Check out others’ works, mix and match some of their ideas, and make them your own.

1. Surreal DIY Fairy Garden

 surreal DIY fairy garden

I think if Tinker Bell is real and has an actual house, then this would be it. Remember how in the movie she loves tinkering especially with what they call “human junk?” Well, just look at all those stuff in there. Very typical of our favorite fairy Tinker Bell.

2. Welcome Springtime!

welcome springtime - DIY fairy garden

Can you see that tiny little bird house detail? How about those miniature rake and shovel? This DIY fairy garden idea surely has that springtime vibe to it. It is very refreshing to see, I can almost smell the daisies just by looking at it.

3. DIY Fairy Garden Terraces

DIY fairy garden terraces

Who knew broken plant pots can be turned into whimsical fairy gardens! Create your own with some broken pots, an assortment of fairy garden plants, cute decorations, and a whole lot of creativity!

4. Cottage in the Countryside

Cottage in the countryside DIY fairy garden

This fairy garden is calling me. I always dreamed of having a cottage in the countryside. And if I could have one, it would be exactly like this one – with a warm feel to it. Everything here is perfect from the stepping-stones, to the pond, and the fire pit where I’ll roast some marshmallows while sitting on that beautiful chair. Okay, enough with the daydreaming and back to reality. If I can’t have a cottage of my own yet, then I’ll be more than willing to stare at this DIY fairy garden for now. There goes my daydream again!

5. Tree Stump

tree stump DIY fairy garden

I think it was really a clever idea to make a DIY fairy garden using a hollow tree stump. The only drawback here is you can’t move your fairy garden and place it somewhere else.