14 DIY Fire Pit Ideas – Upgrade your backyard for Coziness and Warmth

by craftmin | November 22, 2017

Autumn beckons and as the seasons change, nothing is as cozy as family gatherings around your very own diy fire pit to warm the heart and the home. Or better yet, while the cold winds blow, look forward to a future of summer nights melting S’mores, sipping on cold beer surrounded by the sounds of family barbecues as you enjoy your diy outdoor funiture.

Priced mostly at $100 or under, these budget-friendly and creative diy fire pit ideas should be simple enough for a beginner to build. They are also environmentally-friendly and creatively reuse your flower pots, planters – even glass is repurposed here. Most of the ideas use the most basic cheap materials such as concrete blocks, bricks, retaining and paving blocks.

Use fireplace-designed gel canisters and combustion wooden logs in the smaller-sized fire pits.  You can use also real wood logs and charcoal for the larger diy fire pits as you bundle up with family and friends.

If you prefer flexibility in shape and size, blocks meant for a reataining wall can be used as side blocks, which then can be angled as you want to create a perfect circle or a more original shape.  Enjoy the nights with your new diy fire pit project.

(1) Mom on a Mission

Dueling Fire Pits

Nothing says thrifty than Thrifty Little Mom, also known as Kim Anderson. She wanted to make a new fire piy on a budget after her husband gota little too enthusiastic with the flames in their old fire pit. Our fiery mom wanted her diy fire pit as soon as possible, and nothing and nobody could stop her. 

For $60, fire-happy hubby and thrifty mom bought breast wall blocks from their local supply store. Kim then piled them into a circle, and hewed some of the blocks in half which she placed opposite each other to form air vents.  She also made sure that there was enough space in between the hewn blocks.

Enjoying her summers with family, her hubby can also now happily blaze away as their new diy fire pit is large and roomy enough to be big fire-friendly.

Source: Thrifty Little Mom’s

(2) Stylishly Sleek and Modern

Concrete Fire Pit Infographic

This will cost you less than a hundred bucks, believe it or not. All you need is a simple grill, a can or two of nonstick cooking spray, and an adventure in concrete casting to produce this sleek and modern take on a diy fire pit.

If you want a more ambitious and creative DIY fire pit project, then this is for you.

Those bright and gentle flames are fired up using gel fireplace cans. Beach stones from Mexico (or your choice of material) complete the stylish ambiance.  These materials you need can be easily sourced at any home improvement store.

Source: ManMade & YouTube/ Modern Builds

(3) Water turns to Fire

Nowa Fire Pit DIY

Ever thought that a garden pond would make the perfect fire pit? If you want to get rid of your pond, think about repurposing it – half the work is done but it is still 100% fun. Resident blogger Lucy from Lucy’s Lampshade used non-combustible rock for her pond and turned it into a fabulous fire centerpiece for outdoor parties and family gatherings. Looks perfect for summer while a guitar strums and guests hum along.

Source: Lucy’s Blog 

(4) Perfectly Decked

Adirondack Fire Bowl

Adirondack furniture and a wooden fire-friendly backyard fire pit just look great together. Marie from The Interior Frugalista built this inexpensive six-sided fire pit to perfectly match her wooden deck furniture.  A few fireplace gel canisters and store-bought fire logs keep things controlled and fire-friendly.

Source: Interior Frugalista

(5) Simple Fast and Easy

elegant stone fire pit

Simple and easy – that was what Kaysi and her husband wanted for their fire pit. The resident blogger at Keep It Simple, she wanted something for the weekend and she wanted it right away.

Taking a trip to Home Depot, Kaysi bought sand, pavers and back retaining blocks for just $53.29, keeping their fast-paced backyard project inexpensive and creative.

First, they laid out a 33″ block ring then laid the pavers inside the ring.  To lock the installed pavers inside, they packed in sand to prevent them from shifting. What was hardest for Kaysi was pounding the pavers to get that rounded shape but it is truly a starter project for those who want a big fire pit but lack masonry skills. No need for mortar, concrete, or grout.

Source: Keep It Simple

(6) Elegant and Cozy DIY Fire Pit

Metal Planter and Glass Fire Pit

This beautiful mini fire pit was made from a repurposed metal planter. Unvelievably cheap with a $25 price tag, diy blogger Karen shows off all the right stuff by adding glass and a metallic grate to the equation.

Hardest things first, she used silicone to glue the sheets together, then attached the metal grate onto the bottom of the metal planter. She then placed the glass structure over the planter and, voila! The flames are fuelled by gel canisters. Karen suggested using a terracotta planter if you don’t have a metal one lying around and for more diy backyard ideas to complete your backyard mood, just check out the link.

Source: The Art of Doing Stuff’s Blog

(7) Great Bonfire and Barbecues

DIY Fire Pit with Grills

This truly functional fire pit was what Red Door Home’s Stacy wanted – her fire blazing and her steaks barbecuing all summer long.  She placed two full-sized grills around a circle of retaining wall blocks. The grills allow her to be as creative as her fire pit is functional.

Ribs and hotdogs, steaks and s’mores have all met their match on Stacy’s grill and her family and friends are truly thankful for summer’s simple pleasures.

Source: Red Door Home

 (8) Easy Stone and Metal

Hybrid Fire Pit DIY

Don’t have much time? Use a factory-made, ready-to-go metal fire pit kit.  Melissa from Inspired Room enhanced her new backyard fire pit  using a 44 Allen DIY ring and a batch of retaining wall blocks from Lowe’s. Looks cozy and perfect for huddling down with blankets and a bottle of red wine.

Source: The Inspired Room

(9) Creatively Simple

Urn Fire Pit

Amazingly, the size of this DIY fire pit can be customised to your preferences – all you are limited is whatever shape you use for the mold. We suggest a large plastic tub or a giant flower pot, but let your imagination fire your creativity.

With nonstick spray, coat the inside of your intended mold then completely fill with concrete. Place a gelled fuel canister or two into the still wet concrete, spraying the canisters with nonstick spray.You could also add decorative elements like heat-resistant pebbles, stones or sea glass before the concrete completely sets for a polished touch. Another mini fire pit project for your s’mores can be found here.

Source: Evansville Living

(10) Easy Inexpensive Deal

Stylish Square Fire Pit

This DIY fire pit is simple and easy but also inexpensive and made for big barbecues and bonfires. All it uses is cinder blocks laid out on a sandbed. Dig a 4 to 5-inch groove in the turf using an ordinary garden spade, then fill in with paving sand to prevent the sand inside from being shifted around. Because this is a large pit, regular wooden logs can be used to warm your chilly nights. Whyy not enjoy a summer dip in an aboveground pool while the barbecue roasts in your new diy fire pit?

Source: When Husbands are Given Internet Access

(11) Stone Fire Pit

Stone Firepit with Half Wall


(12) Elegant Stone Fire Pit

round stone fire pit

Source: diyNetwork

(13) Concrete Block Fire Pit

Concrete Block Firepit


(14) Inground Fire Pit

Ingrounde Firepit


Choose the perfect fit for you with these simple, inexpensive but creative diy fire pit ideas.  Come chilly nights, you will enjoy the comfort of your backyard and on the Fourth of July you can enjoy a summer bonfire while marveling at the fireworks. Fires, after all, warm the heart and soul.

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