DIY – Floor lamp made of wood

by craftmin | February 23, 2018

This classic floor lamp has been made really fast, I think it took me longer to buy the materials than the actual lamp.

What you need for the lamp:

  • 3 logs (my logs are 120 cm long and 22 mm thick)
  • paint, brush and crepe tape if you want to paint the wood
  • Lamp cable approx. 3 meters, lamp socket (there is another lamp socket, but this one lies well on the piece of wood), plug and, if desired, a toggle switch (with another socket there is also a set)
  • cable ties, so that you can position the lamp on your own
  • A lamp shade (I took this one with a diameter of 34 cm) and a light bulb.
  • A piece of wood, the size varies depending on the position of the wood, mine has been 23 cm x 23 cm in size and at least 0.6 cm thick, so that it becomes somewhat stable.
  • Cutter, drilling machine, pliers

If you like to paint some of the wood, mark the height. With me it was the lower 50 cm.

Tape the wood all around with crepe tape.

Paint the woods. One coat of paint was enough for me. I thought for a long time about which colour to use and I am glad that it has turned black. Fits perfectly to the copper lamp cable.

The paint is best left to dry overnight. A little tip: I put the woodcutter in a high vase. So I was able to paint it all around and let it dry.

Now I have built the lamp – the toggle switch and the plug is not mounted, because the cable has to be routed through the wood later on. Here I have already shown you how to assemble a lamp. However, I advise you to always have this task done by an electrician. Safety first!

Afterwards I roughly fixed the wood with a cable tie. In this way, you can build the luminaire on your own and still adjust it at the same time.

Now I have cut out a triangle. Each side of me is 23 cm long. Afterwards, the centre must be marked, where the lamp cable passes through. Then I marked the holes for the logs at a distance of 6 cm to the middle. You can make the holes with a Forstner drill, but you can also do it with a drilling machine. It would be ideal if the holes for the logs were bevelled at the angle where the logs stand.

It was too complicated for me personally, I just made the holes as big as the logs and put the plate on the wood. Worked great.

Then wrap the cable several times around the spot at the height of the cable tie.

Let the rest of the cable hang down or wrap it around a leg, which I find great in contrast to the black.

Then connect the toggle switch and plug (let it go!) and you’re done with your super cool DIY lamp!

I think she’s really doing something! I could imagine many more variations with pastel feet, cables in a gaudy colour, very reduced in black and white, a dark shade colour or a smaller version as table lamp. Hach – I love doing things myself!