DIY Garden Box – 40 Projects For Your Garden!

by craftmin | December 20, 2017

We know it can be hard searching for the right garden bed for your well-loved greenery, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best ones you can make for yourself at home. Why not give these inspirational 40 DIY garden box projects a go?


1. The ultimate garden bed!

ultimate diy garden box

Source: Sunset

If you are a beginner when it comes to building a DIY garden box, then this tutorial has got your back! The garden box features a basic design that allows you to add a protective cover over the plants, which will prevent frost and birds destroying your beloved plants.

2. A raised planter box!

raised planter box diy garden box

Source: Hammers and High Heels

This DIY garden box project takes advantage of backyards with fences. To create a basic but fully functional planter box like the one pictured above, simply build a basic structure of cement blocks as a base, then place the garden box right up against the fence. Fill it with soil and, of course, the plant itself. This raised garden box will not only add beauty to your garden but it will also make looking after your plants just a bit easier.


3. A Pallet Planter!

pallet planter diy garden box

Source: Remove and Replace

If you are looking to make a sturdy yet inexpensive planter, then this DIY garden box is for you. The simple and practical design is built from wood pallets which gives a rustic and vintage touch to your plants – not to mention, adding charm to your yard as well.

4.  This Herb planter!

herb planter garden box

Source: This Old House

A lot of gardeners love herb planters is because this type of greenery can brighten any space. With this DIY garden box, you can add charm to the already-beautiful herbs by transforming an old table, and fixing your planter box on top. The table will not only give you an elevated herb planter, it will also add a unique glamour to your garden space.


5. A raised planter with built-in benches!

diy garden box raised bench

Source: Railway Sleepers

If your backyard has a lot of space, then you might as well take advantage of it and build a raised garden bed that also comes with  extra seats. Build this extraordinary DIY garden box, made out of wooden boards which comes with its own bench. A raised garden bed makes taking care of your plants a bit easier, but taking good care of your plants while you are sitting is sure to make gardening a more enjoyable experience! Just imagine how relaxing it will be to sit in your yard fully surrounded by gorgeous and beautiful flowers!


6. This balcony-sized raised garden bed!

ddiy garden box for balcony

Source: Life on the Balcony

If you would love to garden but think that you cannot due to limited space, then worry not! This DIY garden box is perfect for those with limited living space. All you need is a wine box, a healthy amount of soil and a seed of your choice and, voila! A raised garden bed perfect for your minimalist living space. If you do not have an old wine box, you can simply build a small one from plywood, or look for other box substitutes.



7. This raised garden bed made out of cement blocks!

cement block diy garden bowl

Source: Isave2z

If your perfect raised garden is one that is not only inexpensive but also easy to put together, then this DIY garden box is what you are looking for. For a hassle-free and cheap raised garden bed, simply arrange cement blocks together then throw in a healthy amount of soil and the seeds you would like to plant. What makes this garden box even better is that the cement blocks divide the planter, which allows you to plant as many different plants and herbs as you want.



8. A natural wood garden bed!

Natural Wood Garden Bed

Source: Instructables

The next time you clear twigs and branches from your land, keep them. With just a little framing and creativity, you can transform these scrapped twigs into a beautiful raised garden bed for your plants and herbs. This project is not only environmental friendly, but actually makes a stunning garden decoration as well.

9. A dresser for your herbs!

dresser herb garden

Source: Shelterness

If you have an old cabinet or dresser which you no longer use, transform it into this DIY garden box. To pull it off, open the drawers of your cabinet to different stages then throw a healthy amount of soil inside, together with the seeds or the growing plant itself. Now you not only have a raised garden bed, but also a uniquely beautiful garden centerpiece.


10. A simple raised garden bed!

raised garden bed diy garden bowl

Source: One Hundred Dollars a Month

This DIY garden box is perfect for families who grow their food in their own yard. With this inexpensive project, you can build a raised garden bed which, although simple, adds a touch of beauty to your garden.



11. A raised garden bed made out of 10 bucks of Cedar!

$10 Cedar Raised Garden Beds

Source: Ana White

This DIY garden box not only offers rustic charm for your yard,butt is also inexpensive to build. With the cheap cost of cedar, this raised garden bed is perfect for those with a limited budget. Aside from its cheap cost, building this project is a breeze – it won’t even take half of your day to build.


12. These reclaimed wood garden beds!

Reclaimed Wood Garden Beds

Source: Instructables

This DIY garden box is a beginner’s favorite! To create a raised garden bed like this one, all you need is old wooden boards – any extra wood will do. Old wooden boards, after all, have an irresistible rustic charm which works well with any yard.


13. A  decorative raised planter!

Decorative Raised Planter

Source: Chief’s Shop

If you are looking for a planter which is not only practical for your plants, but is also a good decorative piece for your yard, then this one is for you! This garden box is big enough to plant whichever seeds you would like, plus its unique design makes for good decor as well.


14. An adjustable raised planter!

The Adjustable Planter Bed

Source: The Design Confidential

This garden bowl is good for those who have garden spaces of various size, as it is easy to customize and adjust to fit the exact size of your space. Anything to make your gardening experience better!


 2x2 Planter

Source: Chiefs Shop

Not everyone has room for a big planter in their yard. For those who live in an apartment or duplex and don’t have much yard space, opt for this garden box instead. This is a petite raised garden bed which has enough room for a few varieties of herbs and plants.

16. This DIY U raised garden bed!

U-Shaped Raised Garden Bed

Source: Brittany Stager

This U formation of this raised garden bed is sure to make caring for your greenery a whole lot easier! The smart shape of the garden bed allows you to roam with ease and you will not have to face the hassle of reaching over plants, unlike conventional square garden beds.

17. Recycle mason pots for your garden!

Recycle Masonry Herb Garden

Source: Instructables

Why not upcycle old masonry pots and arrange them to create an interesting bed garden for your herbs? Once your herbs grow, it is sure to result in a beautiful green formation!

18. This elevated raised garden planter!

Mini Elevated Raised Garden Bed

Source: Instructables

If you hate dealing with persistent weeds, then this DIY garden box is for you! Create a full garden out of these mini elevated raised garden planters, arranging them together to raise your garden from the ground. Beautiful and smart gardening, right there!


19. A simple elevated raised garden box!

Elevated Raised Garden Bed

Source: Wisconsin Mommy

This garden box is great for taking care of a small garden or for planting herbs, making looking after them an easier task – especially for your back!

20. A raised garden bed out of timber!

Timber Raised Beds

Source: DIY Network

Who can tell that this charming garden box is actually made out of old timber? This beautiful raised garden bed adds a nice touch of sophistication and elegance to any yard.


21. A wheel planter!

Herb Wheel Garden Planter

Source: The Design Confidential

This DIY garden box offers a unique look to your garden, using wheels for a raised garden bed. This planter will give a nautical theme to your yard any time of the day!


22. A 4X4 raised planter!

4x4 Raised Bed

Source: Chiefs Shop

This 4×4 raised garden bed works well for gardeners who are just starting off and would like to begin by growing a small variety of herbs and plants.

23.  A 2-tier garden bed!

two tier garden bowl

Source: Saws on Skates

This 2-tier garden bed has a unique charm due to its appearance, which resembles a stair step. What makes this project even cooler is that you can plant your herbs on both levels so it is perfect, especially for those who like planting greenery of different heights. Taller plants are added to the bottom tier while smaller plants go to the top, giving both plants the opportunity to get the sunlight and nutrition they need.

24. The no-frills garden box!

no-Frills Garden Bed

Source: Simply Easy DIY

This garden box is easy to make, as it is a basic square garden bed. Its simplicity may make it a beginner friendly garden bed, but it still looks good in your yard!


25. Simple garden bed from cedar!

Simple Cedar Garden Boxes

Source: The Handmade Home

This DIY garden box looks great if you have a fenced yard, or if you just want to save your back – it is two boards high, making gardening much easier. Plant it with beautiful flowers and vegetables and you are sure to have an eye-catching garden in no time!


26. Landscaped garden bed using timber!

Landscaping Timbers Raised Garden Beds


Landscaping using timber makes a wonderful, and inexpensive, garden bed for your yard.Simply stack the timber on top of one another, throw in a healthy amount of soil and the seeds you would like to plant and, voila! A simple yet eye-catching piece for your yard.

27. Raised garden box with mounted benches!

Raised Bed With Benches

Source: Bonnie Plants

This DIY garden box is one of the sharpest looking raised garden bed that you can make for your yard. It is also pretty tall, which is perfect if you want to keep your pets away from your plants, and the built-in benches give you an area to hold your gardening tools. These benches also let you take care of your plants while also sitting down and relaxing.

28. Fence-protected garden bed!

Do you have pesky vegetable predators around your house? Oh, me too! We have rabbits and squirrels everywhere. All comes with the territory when you live in the middle of the woods, right? Well, if you have that problem then this garden bed just might be for you. It is three boards high which is great for the ease of working in your garden. But it also has a fence that goes around your garden bed. This might help keep your unwanted visitors out of what you have planted.

Source: Vegetable Gardener

This DIY garden box is perfect to keep predators, such as rabbits, squirrels and even your pets, away from your vegetables! With a few wooden boards and wires, you can build a fenced-protected raised garden bed.


29. An enclosed garden for your yard!

Garden Enclosure

Source: Clover and Thyme

If the fenced-protected raised garden bed above is not enough for you, opt instead for this enclosed garden which is sure to keep unwanted visitors from disturbing your plants. This will give your plants the peace they need, ana peace of mind for you as well.


30. Raised garden bed planter stand!

 Raised Bed Planter Stand

Source: Growing the Home Garden

If you are looking for a unique way to display your plants and flowers, this DIY garden box is for you! Use an old magazine stand or build one for yourself then fill the spaces with your plants for a beautiful display of greenery. This will work magic in your yard or front porch!

31. Simple 4-leg raised garden box! Raised Bed With Legs

Source: Vegetable Gardener

This simple 4-leg raised garden bed makes for a light and portable planter ideal for apartments with small spaces.

32. Dog-proof garden bed!

Source: Lifestyle

Being a gardener and having a dog can be problematic, especially if your dog loves to dig. If you have this problem,  give this DIY garden box a try. These tall plantersare sure to keep those paws away from the soil your plants need.


33. A small elevated garden bed!

 Elevated Garden Bed

Source: Addicted2decorating

This planter not only keeps pests away from your plants, but its elevated and tall build allows for a better gardening experience for your back as you will not have to bend to take care of your greenery!


34. A budget friendly garden bed!

Source: Woodlogger

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet beautiful planter for your yard, this project is for you. Only made from a few wooden boards, it is easy to make your own raised garden bed. The simplicity of the project just adds to its charm.


35. A pyramid for your garden planter!

Garden Pyramid

Source: Remove and Replace 

This DIY garden box offers a unique design for your back yard. With its planters arranged in a vertical pyramid formation, you can grow a large variety of plants and herbs – without taking up a lot of living space. Cool, right?

36. The square foot garden planters!

The Square Foot Garden Bed

Source: Remove and Replace

If you only have a small yard but want to plant a variety of seeds, don’t worry – this DIY garden box has got you covered! Simply build a raised garden bed and install wooden grid on top to diivide it into the varieties of seeds you would like to plant. Simple and practical!


37. DIY multi-tiered planter!

DIY Tiered Herb Garden

Source: Decor and the Dog

This multi-tiered planter simply makes any garden gorgeous! With smart layering, you can create a spacious garden planter without it being an eyesore to your yard or front porch.


38. Hoop garden bed!Hoop Garden BedSource: Apartment Therapy


This raised garden box has a hoop covering which you can mount and un-mount any time of the day to protect  your plants and seedlings from pests and even frost during colder weather!

39. This garden bed made out of tires!

Tire Garden Beds

Source: Instructables

If you are on a tight budget or just would like to try something unique, then try this DIY garden box! Simply re-invent your old tires into a garden bed by filling them up with a healthy amount of soil, then throw the seedlings inside. Another easy to build garden bed!


 40. A curved raised garden bed!

Curved raised bed

Source: Runner Duck

If you don’t want to strain your back reaching for different planters, then this project is for you. Simply build your garden bed then re-arrange the sections in a curved position. This way you will be able to tend one planter to another without much effort.



I’m sure that these 40 DIY garden box projects have already got you excited to build an inexpensive yet beautiful planter for your garden!

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