DIY Garden Ideas: 26 Projects Anyone Can Do!

by craftmin | December 20, 2017

These 26 DIY Garden ideas can be pulled off by anyone sets their mind to it! They are easy and are sure to inspire the gardener in you. From plant labels to mounted garden beds, these projects will make your gardening experience extraordinary!



1. Build classic Wooden outdoor planters!

criss cross diy garden ideas wood planter

Source: CentsationalStyle

This DIY garden idea is not only easy to make, but it also gives an irresistible charm to any patio or front porch. Use a few wooden boards or planks, and you can create a pair of classic outdoor planters for your growing shrubs. Add a basic criss-cross pattern to this simple boxed planter and you will have a planter that is simple but irresistibly beautiful!

2. Create a DIY deck flower box!

diy garden ideas flower deck

Source: Yellow Brick Home

Give your flower boxes and planters a twist with this DIY Garden idea! Install a french cleat into your conventional wooden flower box, coat it with a quality paint and then hang it on the railings of your yard. You will be surprised at how beautiful this easy DIY project can be once it is installed at the front of your house.

3. Opt for a minimal DIY hanging planter!


Source: North Story

If limited living space is stopping you from expressing your love for green things, then one of these DIY Garden ideas is for you! Even with limited space, you can still make room for your gardening by building a hanging planter. Using a wooden embroidery circle, a white bowl and adhesive glue, you can have the garden you always dreamed of! Simply attach the white bowl using permanent adhesive glue to the wooden embroidery hoop for a simple yet sophisticated hanging planter.


4. Adorn your garden with these DIY vertical fern planters!

DIY GARDEN IDEAS vertical fern planter

Source: Vitamini Handmade

Decorate your garden with one of these clever DIY Garden ideas! Using a Stag-horn fern, a type of orchid that naturally attaches itself to trunks and branches of trees, and a wired metal mesh, you can create a sophisticated and expensive-looking vertical hanging garden of your own! The clean lines of the wired metal mesh mixed with the leafy organic look of the fern will definitely wow any garden guests.


5. Add personality to your garden with this DIY monogram planter!

monogram planter diy garden ideas

Source: Burkatron 

Add personality to your garden with one of these DIY Garden ideas! With hollow wooden letters, compost and seeds, you can adorn your garden with monogrammed planters with your initials! Cool right? For these to work, you will need patience while the seeds grow and show their green leaves. If you don’t want to wait, simply use already-grown shrubs instead.

6. Create a unique DIY tile planter!

diy garden ideas mosaic planter

Source: Centsational Girl

Give your plants the space they need to grow healthy! Build a DIY mosaic planter to make your buds an eye-candy attraction piece.


7. Simplify gardening with this DIY Seed ball!


Source: Squirelly Minds

Don’t let the hassle of planting seeds stop you from gardening! With one of these DIY Garden ideas, you can save yourself time and effort by planting multiple seeds at once into one big gardening pod for a quicker gardening experience. Instead of digging small holes for each seed, just dig one big hole and drop the ball of seeds in to let multiple plants grow in a single area.


8. Play with colors with this DIY gradient flower pots!


Source: A beautiful mess

There are a lot of things colors can do, which includes giving life to any piece of furniture. Add beauty and life to your flowers by adding a splash of color to your planters, painting your pots with multicolored gradient paint for a pop of life and color to your patio!


9. Use vintage boxes as DIY garden planters!

diy garden ideas BOX GARDEN PLANTER

Source: LLH Designs

If your patio is filled with stones, leaving you no viable space to start gardening, then one of these DIY Garden ideas is for you! Simply start planting and building a garden space using wooden crates for your garden planters! Paint them or simply leave them be to give a vintage touch to your planters.

10. Create a hanging garden with these beautiful woven baskets!

hanging basket for diy garden ideas

Source: A beautiful mess

If you have limited living space and are worried there is no room for gardening, then give this DIY Garden idea project a shot! Use woven baskets and some wires to make a layered hanging basket for your beloved herbs and shrubs. This project not only saves gardening space, it also adds beauty and life to any wall.

11. Switch from plastic pots to DIY stone planters!

stone planter diy garden ideas

Source: 1000 Threads blog 

Ditch those conventional ugly plastic pots used in outdoor gardening, and instead build your own chic planters using patio stones and a caulking gun. Simply glue the four slabs together, then throw some healthy soil inside. Now you have a chic and environmentally friendly planter for your shrubs!


12. Build your own DIY raised Garden beds!

 DIY Raised Garden Beds

Source: Della creates!

Make this sturdy and easy DIY Garden bed for the best gardening experience you will ever have! For this project, use cedar wood to create a raised garden bed, and throw not only the soil and seeds inside but also add Edyn, a smart gardening tool. For the finished product, you will have a beautiful garden bed, and a smart gardening assistant that will guide you in nourishing your beloved plants!


13. Always be ready to garden with this DIY Garden toolbox!

DIY Gardening Tool Box

Source: Satori Design For Living

Always keep your gardening tools together with a DIY gardening toolbox! This way, your shovels, sheers and other essential tools will be held together and can be easily transported from one place to another.


14. Add glamour to your garden with this DIY clay pot fountain!

Cascading Clay Pot Fountains

Source: The Spruce

If your outdoor space has enough room for gardening decorations, then build a beautiful fountain for your garden! This project is not only easy, but is sure to be a unique feature in your yard. The sound of the water gently cascading will relax and calm your nerves, which is good for your health and mental wellbeing!

15. Identify your plants with these DIY stamped garden labels!

15 DIY Stamped Clay Garden Labels

Source: Burkatron

If you have a lot of plants and herbs, they can easily get confused. As a solution to this problem, try one of these DIY garden ideas! With these slabs of clay, you can create labels to quickly identify all of the plants in your garden. If you don’t want to use clay, you could upcycle old wine corks for your garden labels.


16. Build a beautiful green portrait with this DIY modern garden trellis!

16 DIY Modern Garden Trellis

Source: Francois et Moi

Do your climbing vines a favor and create a modern garden trellis for the walls of your garden! Hang it on your outdoor wall to help your vines grow upright. As time passes, your climbing vines ae sure to grow over the modern trellis and become a lovely lush green wall surrounding your garden.

17. Have more functional space with this DIY garden bench!

 DIY Garden Bench

Source: Burkatron

Build this unique gardening bench for functional storage which gives even more space to grow little shrubs underneath.

18. Hide the hose away with this DIY hose storage!

18 DIY Planter with Hose Storage

Source: DIY Candy

Your hose may be one of the most essential tools used in gardening, but it doesn’t have to be out on show all the time! Keep it hidden away by building this DIY wood planter. This project not only hides your hose underneath when its not in use, but it also keeps your yard looking clean and tidy!


19. Keep your plants out of reach with this DIY hanging planter!

19 DIY Hanging Gutter Planter

Source: Boxwood Avenue

Sometimes, our beloved pets get interested by our herbs and plants, so much so that they cannot keep their paws away from them. Don’t let your pets play with your plants by building this DIY hanging gutter planter!


20. Build a DIY planter out of your worn-out boots!

 DIY Cowboy Boot Planters

Source: Dream a Little Bigger

Do you have a pair of boots which is already worn out? Why not re-invent them and use them as a planter instead? This way, you will have an easy-to-build planter that will not be only good for your small flowers but is also sure to add personality to your garden as well!



21. Upgrade your gardening tools with colorful paints!

Paint Dipped Garden Tools

Source: Sarah Hearts
Re-vamp your gardening tools by coating them with matching paint. Simply paint the bottoms of the handles with the same color for a matching set. This project is not only an easy-to-make set but this is also a good way to glam up your gardening tools!

22. Have your gardening tools always within reach with this DIY gardening apron!

DIY Gardening Apron

Source: Satori Design for Living

Save yourself the hassle of looking for your beloved gardening tools! Always keep them in reach for whenever you need them by creating a DIY gardening apron to hold all of your essential tools together – keep those pruners, string, and seed packets intact around your waist!

23. Add life to your garden with these DIY colorful block planters!

Colorful Cinder Block Planters

Source: A Kailo Chic Life 

Re-vamp your extra cinder blocks and paint them with fun geometric shapes! Stack them together to create a colorful planter for your garden which is sure to give a touch of vibrancy to the plants you are taking care of.


24. Opt for a cute DIY mini planter trellis!

DIY Mini Planter Trellis

Source: Francois et Moi

Create a cute and chic mini trellis for your little potted vines and climbing plants!


25. Create a functional pot with this DIY house number planter!

DIY Modern House Number Planter

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Add life to your house number by transforming it into a house number planter! With this project, you won’t only have extra planting space for your shrubs but you will also have a beautiful lively attraction for the front of your house.


26. Label your greens with this DIY washi tape garden marker!

Washi Tape Garden Markers

Source: Sarah Hearts

Have you ever confused cilantro with parsley when you are cooking a delicious meal? Don’t be confused anymore. Label your herbs with washi tape to avoid any unwanted mix-ups!


With these easy DIY garden ideas, your gardening experience will never be the same anymore– for the better!