15 Amazing DIY Gift Box Ideas & Comprehensive Guide

by craftmin | January 20, 2018

Having some old and unused scrapbooks on the side is a waste of good quality paper. While, by itself, scrapbooks are already very useful, there are still other uses to its high-quality paper apart from something to stick on with. With a bit of creativity, you can easily turn a scrapbook into a DIY gift box that fits in small presents.

Having to tinker with your own gift box has its benefits. Not only is it practical for the most part, there’s a sense of pleasure in being able to exercise your creativity regarding the task at hand. The fulfillment is perhaps more ostensive when you come with an end-result which you yourself would regard as a piece of art.

In itself, there is something noble in going hands-on with your gift box which merely buying from the store could not mimic. When you go DIY, you set aside some significant time and effort to produce something from basically raw materials.

Forget about putting a value on presents based on their actual price. The real measure in gift is in the effort placed into coming up with them whether the item in it is expensive or not. This, perhaps, is the highlight of going DIY with your gift box in time for giving presents.

Turning Scrapbooks into DIY Gift Box

Premade gift boxes are not necessarily expensive. But if buying gift boxes from the store would mean sticking with mass-produced, plain containers, going for DIY instead makes better sense.

Having to do it your way has its one major perk over a premade one: the actual design and output of your gift box is as artistic as how you want it to be. This notion provides major benefit if you’re confident in your own creative skills.

So, if have a stock and unused scrapbook on the side, starting out on this project would imply ripping it to pieces to be used as basic material. All you would need are two pieces of thick scrapbooks and some other basic supplies, then you will be on your way to making another art form.

The Comprehensive Guide: Making the Upper Box

To get everything started, let’s first lay out all the needed materials for the project. Specifically, you would need the following:

  • Velvet scrapbook paper
  • Pair of scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue (preferably, Mod Podge product)
  • Ribbon

Step 1

DIY Gift Box | Source: thriftdiving.com

DIY Gift Box | Source: thriftdiving.com

Getting the right kind of paper is crucial in this first step of the procedure. The sturdier the paper you could come up with, the better it is for the project.

But if getting this quality material is not necessarily accessible to you, even ordinary scrapbook papers should work, too. In case of thin paper, you can always compensate by gluing together two or more papers to make a thicker consistency.

Step 2

DIY Gift Box | Source: thriftdiving.com

DIY Gift Box | Source: thriftdiving.com

Scrapbook papers may not necessarily come with the perfect dimension you need for your box. In general, they are rectangular by shape and boxes, on the other hand, could be more squarish.

For this project, specifically, aim for the 12” by 12” square dimension.

Step 3

If your cut out has left any rough edges, do not hesitate to smoothen them out by doing necessary trimming. To make it easier for you, make sure to use a specialized paper cutter instead of a pair of scissors.

Step 4

Draw two lines across two opposing points in the square, essentially making an intersection of lines. Regardless of which side you’re looking, you shall see an “X” on the paper.

Step 5

Rotate the paper a little bit, making it appear as a diamond from its original square orientation.

Step 6

Fold all four sides and make each tip be pointed or placed at the intersection point. From a diamond shape, this process will once again turn the paper into square form albeit not as the original.

Step 7

Leave two opposing sides of the paper unfolded while leaving the others folded.

Step 8

With the still folded sides in mind, make another fold thereby turning the paper cutout into a hexagon with elongated sides.

Step 9

Unfold everything and let the paper return to its original state.

Step 10

Back to its original diamond orientation, with the folding seen as vertical lines, fold the bottom section.

Step 11

Using a pair of scissors, cut on two sides of the bottom folding as you shall see in the picture below. Repeat the same procedure for the upper portion of the folding, taking into mind step 10.

Step 12

From pointing to the intersection point, make a fold backwards thereby pointing the tip to its base. Do the same thing for the opposing side.

This step may sound confusing by just reading it word for word. For better comprehension, refer to the images below.

Step 13

Remember those sides that set aside for a while? Time to fold on those, too.

Again, take a look on the image below to get a good idea about it.

Step 14

Back to those tips that are pointing to the intersection point. This time, you have to glue them in.

Step 15

With the dangling sides in mind, grab the 2 flaps to hold them together. There’s no need to glue anything on these sides as they’ll eventually be held into place and covered at the same time.

Using one of the dangling tip, close down on its corner by pointing its tip at the intersection line. Seal it down by gluing.

Repeat the same process on the opposite corner.

Step 16

Voila! You already have a portion of the box you’re making. Just marvel on that beauty.

But you would not want an exposed DIY gift box that will spoil its contents, do you? It’s time to proceed to the second-half of the container.

Making the Bottom Box

Step 1

Keeping in mind that the upper box we have just made is 12” by 12” in dimension, we would need to go little bit smaller this time. But before that, make another 12” by 12” cutout for starters.

Step 2

To fit the two boxes snugly, we had to make sure that this part is smaller even by a tiny bit. To do so, simply trim the paper cutout to be 1/8” smaller. So, trim on all sides by 1/8”.

Step 3

From here, follow all the steps you have previously undertaken for making the upper box. This is, after all, just the exact same box, only smaller.

As a finishing touch, do not forget about the tissue paper you had on the side. This is meant to add some bulk in an otherwise closed-space container you’ve just made. To make things livelier, make sure to fill your DIY gift box with an eclectic mix of colorful tissue papers. Also, do not forget about the ribbon which acts as a supposed embellishment to your present.

If followed correctly, you should already come up with an output that fits together and is capable of holding tiny presents.

15 DIY Gift Box Ideas to Source From

You might think that there’s only one way you could come up with your own DIY gift box. You’re actually wrong as there is more than a single way to make a lovely DIY gift box. Here are some pre-made designs you could gather inspirations from:

  1. Paper Box Origami

Essentially, this is the output you should get when you followed the guide that was placed in this article. As its name implies, there’s a lot of folding that happens in this particular handicraft.

  1. Rectangular Origami Gift Box

This is not much of a different from the paper box origami listed previously. However, unlike the previous which is cubic in dimension, this one has an elongated part as a rectangle.

  1. Origami Cat Gift Box

So, you find the original paper box origami design to be too plain? How about adding some ears to it and painting on it to make it looked like a cat? The origami cat gift box is such that.

  1. Hessian Gift Box

When using a sturdy paper is becoming too cliché in making gift boxes, deviating from this material makes a lot of sense. This particular design is a bold statement that even fabrics can be turned to gift boxes to the right person.

  1. Heart-shaped Gift Box

Having a special someone is always sweet especially during occasions where love is at its theme. But what better way to represent romantic season among couples than on valentine’s day? This heart-shaped gift box is in itself a statement to that motif.

  1. Stacked Matchbox Drawers

Matchboxes might be small enough to contain only tiny objects. But if your gift is not necessarily space-hungry, then these are enough containers to hold tiny presents. What’s amazing about this design is the creativity of mimicking a real-life drawer in a very tiny space.

  1. Upcycled Bottle Gift Box

Who would have thought that a bottle container which most people just throw away could be reused to come up with something new? In this case, particularly, as a gift box.

Believe it or not, the process of converting an old bottle container into a makeshift gift box is easier than it appears. Despite its rather cheaply made internals, the real beauty of this gift container is on its colorful outside.

  1. Plastic Bottle Apple

You obviously have one particular fruit in mind to choosing this kind of design for your DIY gift box: apple. However, any other fruit not bigger than an apple can also fit in this container.

Give this design some props for trying to come up with something witty and creative using only a recyclable material.

  1. Repurposed Shoe Box

    Source: redtedart.com

Shoe boxes are themselves already containers. But to simply reuse them and not modify them in any way as a gift container is just lazy and uninspired. This particular repurposing of the shoe box has more creativity to it, keeping the recipient’s interest in mind.

  1. “Pyramid” Tissue Paper Roll Boxes

Having a gift that is small enough to fit in any container is an easy gift to prepare even with the barest materials. Using mostly tissue paper as the base material, this pyramid-shaped tissue paper roll is stylish enough to be presentable. Who would have thought of coming with something so artistic using a disposal tissue paper?

  1. Tissue Paper Roll Gift Box

Yet another reason to be thankful you have a disposable material you could reuse. This tissue paper roll-turned-gift box design is a perfect example of using creativity to come up with something artful from a trashy material.

  1. Animal Caricature Tissue Paper

This is not a stray different from the tissue paper roll gift box that was presented earlier. In fact, it is more of the same at the base concept but only seemingly different from the outset. So, instead of making itself ostensive as a present, this particular gift box masked itself as an animal based on print.

Just let your creativity run wild and come up with an animal design which you want to represent as a gift.

  1. Tissue Paper Minion Gift Box

No child nowadays would not recognize the iconic minions. Due to the popularity of the franchise and their appeal, minions have become a thing among kids. Getting inspiration from the same comic characters, this tissue paper-based minion design is a tribute to them.

  1. Tissue Paper Roll Easter Bunnies Gift Box

This may yet be just another animal caricature-based design using tissue paper as the material. However, this particular blueprint has an added detail to it which the previous designs did not: it has elongated ears.

That particular prominent feature is very important since this design is meant to mimic the appearance of a rabbit.

  1. Tissue Paper Roll Bats Gift Box

Made perfect for the Halloween, this another tissue paper roll-based gift box embodies a bat which is significant in the season. With only some paint job and added aesthetics, you can easily turn tissue paper rolls into candy-containing gift boxes.