32 Romantic DIY Gifts for your Boyfriend

by craftmin | December 25, 2017

Special occasions always call for special gifts. The holiday season is not an exception. But when giving the latest and most expensive gadget isn’t sending the most important message across (love), sometimes going DIY gifts for boyfriend is the better way to go.

Now, do not get the wrong idea. I know some people might think that spending lavishly on your important someone is an indication of real appreciation towards that person. This is not about being frugal or practical, however. This is more about hitting that right spot which the gift is meant to tickle on a bit (the figurative heart).

As a precaution, however, not all amazing DIY gifts for boyfriend will appeal to your significant someone. Oftentimes, it takes knowing your loved one better to come up with an idea that is truly significant and not just a work of art.

For starters, consider knowing the hobbies and interests of your beau. Any question that might point out to your boyfriend’s likes is a worthy question to consider, so start asking yourself. Is he the active type who likes to play sports? Does he play music? Or does he prefer to stay indoors and be a homebody like he normally does.

Note. Knowing your partner is already winning half the battle. Everything else is just secondary. So, the more you know what your sweetheart likes or loves, the better you could come up with something that is not only practical but also very effective.

DIY Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas

With that settled, let us take a look at some of the great ideas to go for when making DIY gifts for boyfriend.

  1. DIY Hammock Chair

    DIY gifts for boyfriend

    DIY gifts for boyfriend | Source: designertrapped

So, this may not be the most durable-looking hammock in existence. But if you are looking for something that will remind your dearest of yourself, this DIY hammock chair might be it.

How can he? This is, after all, something that he had no other choice but to leave dangling. Essentially it will remind him of you whenever he take a gander at


Just do not forget to leave him a message about not trying to sit on it. By the looks of it, this is the type of hammock that is meant to be ornamental, not functional.

  1. DIY Authentic Leather Keychain

    DIY gifts for boyfriend

    DIY gifts for boyfriend | Source: consumercrafts

Of the many things that your boyfriend could not forget apart from yourself, it has to be his car keys. He could get anywhere without his own wallet or phone but never will he get to places without his keys to his car. It is therefore with necessity that he must carry his keys with him at all times.

As an exploit to this inherent need, you can add a bit of your personal touch with the idea by gifting your beloved a DIY keychain. Meant to complement his stacks of keys with him, you are sure not to be forgotten with it around him at all times.

Made using genuine leather and a bit of ingenuity, this idea is not the most amazing-looking but it serves its purpose.

  1. DIY Wristwatch Weave Bracelet

    DIY gifts for boyfriend

    DIY gifts for boyfriend | Source: fabdiy

When having to hold onto your lover physically is not always a possible feat, sometimes having something reminiscent of you doing it is a better option. If your partner is fond of his watch and does not go outdoors without it, it makes for a perfect tool to keep your attachment in place.

How exactly, you ask? By making a DIY weave around your BF’s watch, that is.

So, okay, this is more figurative than literal. But if you want something that will remind your significant other that you are always up close, then that’s saying something.

  1. DIY Clock Made from Domino Blocks

    DIY gifts for boyfriend

    DIY gifts for boyfriend | Source: sadieseasongoods

Not many people are able to make a clock from scratch. Luckily, for this project, you do not have to either.

However, in order to do this project, you obviously need the important pieces. Most critical of these of which is the actual clock contraption itself. The circular board which acts as the face and the actual domino blocks which act as the numbers are just secondary.

  1. Handcrafted Paracord Lanyard

    DIY gifts for boyfriend

    DIY gifts for boyfriend | Source: stormdraneslanyard

If your idea of a great keychain is more ornate than just having to tie-in a strip of authentic leather, going for a paracord lanyard is definitely a choice. Given the artistic quality of paracord lanyard, I’m sure there is no embarrassment for your boyfriend to carry it around.

  1. Hand-made Insulated Drink Holders

    DIY gifts for boyfriend

    DIY gifts for boyfriend | Source: positivelysplendid

No man, alcoholic or not, go through life without drinking a beverage from its actual bottle. Unless your loved one is living under a rock all his life, the idea is simply ridiculous if otherwise.

As such, what better way to complement the drinking experience if not an insulated drink holder that ensures no slip ups while holding a bottle. Not only does this accessory ensure better grips, it also acts as a neutralizer from the cold which may come from the drink itself.

For overall better appeal, why not consider designing your DIY gift based on your man’s favorite sports team?

  1. DIY Christmas Gift Container

    DIY gifts for boyfriend

    DIY gifts for boyfriend | Source: meganshipton

This idea may seem simple enough as to be a no-brainer. But that is where your level of creativity comes into play. Sure, this may look like a simple container you bought from a nearby physical store but adding some personal touches about the gift adds a lot more meaning to it.

To make the idea more glamorous, why not put actual contents with the container so as to complete the intended message? Popcorn, anyone?

  1. Personalized Sharpie Mug

    DIY gifts for boyfriend | Source: abeautifulmess

Even a pair of simple mug can be easily turned to art if you are full of ideas about it. This DIY mug printed with sharpie texts is proof that sometimes simple ideas can be more if the intention is sincere.

  1. Handmade Waxed Messenger Bag

    DIY Gifts for Boyfriend | Source: radianthomestudio

Many commercial bags are made to be only functional. So long as they are durable enough to carry some contents, they already good in the market. But what about other needed features such as making them water-resistant or dirt-resistant?

Believe it or not, there is actually a way of incorporating these nifty features to any standard luggage such as a messenger bag—waxing.

If you are keen at giving your partner something that will weather the changing seasons, a DIY waxed messenger bag is not a bad start at that. Also, when you think about it, this kind of handmade project can appear creative, too.

  1. DIY Pre-Planned Date Nights

    DIY Gifts for Boyfriend | Source: thinkingcloset

Having a boyfriend that tend to be insensitive about good things in any relationship like a date can be a bummer. Why not take the initiative and let yourself do the planning for the both of you instead?

May it be a monthly schedule or more frequent than once a month, the purpose is to create a plan which both you and your partner are willing to commit to. If anything, this will add some spice to your relationship which no other commitments can.

  1. DIY Pillows

    DIY Gifts for Boyfriend | Source: ducklingsinarow

Does your boyfriend have some stocked shirt he no longer intends to wear? Instead of putting them in the trash bin, why not be resourceful and turn them into something useful like a pillow or pillow case?

Of course, this idea is mostly creative than conventional. But if the idea works and its functional, how could he complain, right?

  1. Handcrafted Chalkboard Cup

    DIY Gifts for Boyfriend | Source: harvest

When to leave an unremovable print on the cup is already becoming too common and does not leave an impact, having one with dynamic design might not. Although common intuition might suggest the idea of using sharpie prints, this is more creative than that. Simply, incorporate a piece of chalkboard around the cup and let your hand do the printing with the use of chalk.

  1. Handmade Guitar Picks

    DIY Gifts for Boyfriend | Source: pluckingdaisies

Guitar picks are not really hard to make. Whether you choose to cut it out manually or have a tool do it for you, there is no excuse in not coming up with it. Yet, perhaps, this is all truer if the latter.

If you are thinking of gifting your important someone a piece to complete his music, know that it’s always easier with a Pick Punch tool at the side.

  1. Personally-Knitted Scarf

    DIY Gifts for Boyfriend | Source: knitsburgh

Put your knitting skills to the test by crafting your own made scarf with your boyfriend in mind. Not only does going through it yourself manually will enhance your skill further, it’s also undeniably very fulfilling once completed. So, gather up your knitting tools and start crafting.

  1. DIY Sleeve for Laptop

    DIY Gifts for Boyfriend | Source: sweet-verbena

When you are as caring towards your beloved’s stuff as you are with him, you know that you will not his stuff to get scratched. Sadly, a laptop is not as immune to the idea. To compensate, why not make your darling the best handmade laptop sleeve which will prevent the device from getting dented in any way.

  1. DIY Bicycle Frame Latch-on Bag

The conventional design of bikes is marked with the absence of a repository that would make this ride a good means of transport. Of course, there are also bike designs which employ the use of baskets. However, bikes of this nature are not meant for a manly guy such as your darling might be.

Compensating to this loss, a DIY bicycle frame latch-on bag makes for an ideal substitute to open baskets as a carrier of small things. Essentially, this add-on is a good reminder of being able to fill what your guy’s ride might be lacking. This is, in much the same way, how your presence completes the life of your beloved.

  1. DIY Date Night Container

    Source: bigdiyideas

When having to decide what your date night would be is left in a random chance of pre-determined activities, you know that such a condition is best prepared for in a jar. This DIY date night container serves as a repository to the 100 possible chances that might happen on your future dates together.

  1. Handmade Sports-themed Bucket

Having a diehard sports fan as a boyfriend, it is not that hard to figure out what could make him happy as a gift. While you could choose as to buy him sports accessories, nothing is probably as complete than to buy him a set as held in a DIY container of your design. By “set,” however, it meant items of different kinds that will fit your own handmade bucket.

  1. Personal Concoction Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Why buy an expendable yet expensive shaving cream for your sweetheart when you can make your own using natural ingredients? This DIY shaving cream is made primarily from a natural ingredient which makes it mostly allergen-free. Talk about being practical and coming up with something very relevant and functional for your guy.

  1. DIY Usable Hammock

    Source: kinfolk

If a merely ornamental hammock is not as appealing as one that can be used for relaxation, you know that it takes an authentic hammock as a gift for the idea. This DIY hammock is literally strong enough to hold your lover’s weight, he could literally feel like on the cloud while on it. That’s heavenly.

  1. DIY Hand-pressed Print Hankie

Having some decent knowledge about sewing has its perks. It equips you the knowledge to address common clothing problems and also lets you make things others couldn’t. For instance, this skill can make you a plain handkerchief which you can use to print something on. In fact, this DIY project is really about that: making hand stamps for print on your personally-made hankie from scratch.

  1. Handcrafted Luggage Tag Made from Leather

With a little bit of ingenuity and an access to a small cut out leather, you can easily turn this raw material into a piece of art. While this is not something you could call a masterpiece in any sense of the word, there is something creative in a luggage tug made from leather.

  1. Pillowcase with Star Wars Print

No Star Wars fan can resist any item that has a Star Wars logo or figure printed on it. If you are having a boyfriend who is not embarrassed at calling himself as one, having to come up with a Star Wars-themed gift will not be so difficult.

Take this DIY Star Wars pillowcase for example. All it took to make this simple item is a plain white cloth and some iconic Star Wars’ characters as print.

  1. Travel Picture Frame

    Source: photobox

Having to commemorate a journey across places is best remembered when in frames. Having traveled together, why not immortalize the idea by keeping an image of you and your loved one together? Better yet, why not place that picture with a map depicting the place you’ve all visited as the backdrop?

  1. Song Lyrics Frame

    Source: silv3rglee

Beat the notion that picture frames are just for images and images-only alone. This DIY picture frame also holds texts in it, aka, lyrics from a song. I know that every relationship has that special lyrics for it. There is no better way to eternalize the idea than this.

  1. Budget Sandbox Zen Garden

    Source: curbly

Your boyfriend might be a practitioner of Buddhism to believe in the idea of zen. But even non-Zen Buddhists are also free to believe in it as they please. This particular DIY item is meant to sustain that belief. Sandbox in style, this item is meant to be both portable and inexpensive.

  1. Handcrafted Leather Wallet

Creating a wallet made from a leather need not have to be complex and intricate. So long as it is functional, that is what’s most important. This particular wallet design embodies such that idea. Small enough to contain a debit or credit card and some folded cash, this wallet is very portable to carry.

  1. Decoupage Frames from Cut Out Comics

Many people love comics. Not only are their portrayals often depict humor, some of them are actually very good to look at. Putting both amazing visuals and humor to any picture frame, this DIY project produces a truly creative item for gift. For optimum effects, choose the comics your man truly loves.

  1. Handmade Color Block Tie

    Source: ispydiy

If wearing a single-color tie is looking monotonous, adding a bit of deviation from the color scheme may not be. This kind of design adds spice to your man’s favorite accessory.

  1. License Plate-skinned Table

Having a flat and smooth table has become too mainstream. This makes going for the contrary a bit refreshing and unique. By using old license plates, you put some texture to the table which no other materials can imitate.

  1. Sports-themed Book End

Having a boyfriend who is both a reader and a sports enthusiast make for an easy to please person. You may not only interest him in reading but also about sports. Meeting both interests, why not gift your sweetheart a sports-themed book end?

Now, you do not have to go metal in materials when it comes to this gift. Even just some two small blocks of wood can make this item. But do not forget to embellish on your gift by adding some images and an item onto it.

  1. Leather Jacket Sleeve for Laptop

Leaving an old leather jacket to rot is a waste of precious possession. Instead, why not just cut some parts of it out and turn it into something useful?

For this gift project, you will be turning a piece of the leather jacket. You will then convert it into a sleeve which to put your boyfriend’s laptop in. Having a bit of ingenuity and a good understanding about a functional laptop sleeve is a plus on this.

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