60 Easy DIY Gifts on a Budget That They’ll Actually Want

by craftmin | December 11, 2017

Make any gift meaningful even if you’re on a budget with these easy DIY gifts. From the cute to the sentimental, the practical to the romantic – there is something for everyone who matters in your life, regardless of the occasion.  From birthdays, to anniversaries, graduation, just because moments, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day – there’s a gift for everyone at any time. These are DIY presents that your receivers will be happy to accept and keep. Happy Gift Giving!

(1) Mom’s survival jar

diy gifts

Put an assortment of gifts for Mom in a mason jar – candy, mints, nail polish, face mask, etc for some much-needed pampering. Don’t only add Mom’s favorite – add little things she may yet not know like trendy beauty products she can experiment with. Be cute and fill her survival jar with  expensive brands, because the miniatures are uch cheaper than you’d think!

Source: Classy Clutter

(2) A happy earful

diy gifts embroidery headphones

Earphones are easily tangled and broken unless you buy the really expensive kind. But here’s a great gift for a teenager or just for anyone who loves their earphones. Get threads of  your receiver’s favorite colors and buy an affordable pair of inexpensive earphones to make these embroidery earphones as a gift. Tangle-free and better-protected earphones will surely be welcomed. Better yet, you can easily make these to protect your own precious earphones.

Source: DIY Gifts – Embroidered Earphones

(3) Bare body butter

diy gifts body butter

This homemade body butter can even double as lip balm or shaving cream – so you can make a big batch that you can easily gift around. Just ix coconut oil, any citrus fruit, and honey for this sweet-smelling and delectable cream. Since there are no preservatives added, the butter should be consumed within a week and stored in a cool dry place. Enjoy some yourself and mositurize especially during the cold season.

Source:  DIY Presents – Homemade Body Butter

(4) Marbled ring dishes

diy gifts marbled ring dish

These easy from-scratch marbled clay shallow dishes are ade with a few ounces of colored and basic white baking clay. Make several dishes for the knicks-knacks that we just need to put somewhere., by constructing a simple braid of basic white clay with a few strips of color. Next, flatten the braid before using a shallow dish as mold and finally baking the clay.

These would be perfect for your rings, especially if you are an avid ring-wearer and remove them whilst showering or taking a bath. Pretty and useful, these shallow dishes can be given as a pair or maybe even as a set.  Why not make some and then partner with some plain white vanilla votives for a beautiful decorative set for your bedroom.

Source: DIY Marbled Clay Dishes

(5) Like ’em liquor

diy gifts

Great for a 21st birthday or just something to give somebody who enjoys their alcohol, this gift doesn’t need much preparation at all apart from getting a tin pail, paint and a paintbrush for a sassy and humorous personalized message. Best of all, you get to enjoy your gift too. You could also prepare a small basket of llimes for the tequila and some chips to go with the beer.

(6) Classy cases

diy gifts glasses case

Have a lot of fun watching family and friends receive these sassy and ultra-cool glasses cases – they are definitely eye-catching diy presents to give to your best friends. All you need is some beautiful fabric and your trusty sewing machine to make the cool case shown here. You could even make one for yourself as a matching pair with your sister, mom, of bff.

Source: DIY Gifts Glasses Case

(7) Flavorful delights

diy gifts

These diy gifts need some planning because the extracts have to sit in a clean dry place away from direct sunlight for a few weeks. Gather a few bottles, some vanilla beans, lemons and oranges (or your choice of berries), and vodka for this flavorful and much-welcomed gift. Your favorite baker or cocktail drinker will definitely enjoy this gift.

Source: Homemade Extracts

(8) Sending hugs and love

diy gifts

Sweetly sentimental, thhis is a perfect gift for grandparents and loved ones living far away.  Send via mail for a love-filled surprise. It’s also a fun project to make with the kids – just make sure your roll of paper is big enough for a full hug.

Source: Send a Hug

(9) Say it with hairspray

diy gifts hairspray

Not your usual gift but certainly something that will be greatly appreciated. Head to our diy easy hairstyles for more hair tips and ideas. Lavender essential for a touch of spring, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel are enough to bring the moisture back to frazzled hair, especially during summers. Pack a bottle or two for when you go visiting relatives during the summer holidays.

Source: DIY Gifts Anti-Frizz Hairspray

(10) Pack em’ perfect

diy gifts

Sometimes the packaging is the gift itself, and why not? Catch all the birds with a perfectly-placed money bill because cash is always great. I’m quite sure it will be greatly appreciated

Source: Packaged Perfect

(11) Jot down in a journal

diy gifts

Personalize a simple notebook to create a perfect journal for your budding writer. Remember to use a hard-backed journal or notebook, then use alphabet stamps to add a name or maybe a quote. You could even stampvalues you think your receiver treasures or simply stamp “WRITE” and “MEMORIES”.

Source: Monogrammed Journal

(12) Liquid sunshine

diy gifts limoncello

Who wouldn’t want some homemade limoncello? This sweet and tangy vodka-based drink can be enjoyed by yourself or make a case or two for family and friends and spread some bottled sunshine. Just make sure to choose lemons with great looking skin. The how-o linked below even comes with a free printable label. Enjoy drinking your limoncello in a few diy wine glasses that you can show off.

Source: DIY Gifts Homemade Limconcello

(13) Marbled and dipped

diy gifts marbled vases

Understated and minimalist but certainly beautiful – these marble-dipped white ceramic vases may be cheap to make but they look well-made and expensive. Gift a set as a housewarming present or maybe make a few pots for a diy indoor herb garden that you can give to a chef-to-be.

Source: DIY Gifts Marble-dipped Vases

 (14) Bombin’ baths

diy gifts

Let your mom or aunt enjoy these diy presents by turning a mini muffin pan into your bath bombs molds. Most of the equipment and ingredients are readily available. Why not make some for yourself and relax after creating the other amazing gifts in this list.

Source: DIY Gift Bath Bombs

(15) Start them early

diy gifts paper dolls

If you have a budding crafter in the family, then this would be a very beautiful gift to give – a diy paper doll kit complete with hair, glue, and sequins. Most of the templates are downloadable and printable for a gift that can keep on giving.

Source: DIY Gifts Paper Doll Kit

(16) Suckers Love

diy gifts

Perfect for the milestone birthday! Hark back to the days of lollipops and everything sweet as you give this humorous gift. Go for gold and choose the receiver’s favorite suckers. You could also end up keeping a stash of your own, just in case you need to put together a gift quickly of course.

Source: 30 Sucks

(17) Mark ’em books

diy gifts

What a great gift for your favorite bookworm! The elastic fabric keeps the book closed and at the same time acts as a bookmark. DIY gifts thoughtfully made for your family and friends.

Source: Elastic Fabric Bookmark

(18) Coaster scrabble

diy gifts

For $5, you can buy 100 tiles of scrabble letters, so why not get some cork and turn these tiles into quirky and funny messages?  Enjoy as coasters or as a gag gift.  Have fun thinking of your favorite four-letter words for this project.

Source: DIY Scrabble Coasters

(19) Bean a soap

diy gifts

Homemade soap is easier done than you would imagine. Use a melt and pour base and get some of your own coffee beans to grind and mix. Better yet, head to this diy coffee scrub post for more delicious body goodness.

Source: DIY Coffee Bean Soap

(20) Mousy florals

diy gifts floral mouse pad

Unbelievable easy to make, this floral mouse pad can easily be adjusted to become a gift for your dad or best bro.  Simply change the fabric from floral to plaid to Star Wars or something Marvel to fit the receiver’s personality. Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt for your bro get a chintz mouse pad, so why not go ahead and make it feel like spring.

Source: DIY Gifts Floral Mouse Pad

(21) Flippin’ recipes

diy gifts

Print out your favorite go-to recipes, cut out into uniform rectangular slips, and laminate – voila, a recipe ring. Convenient and easy to flip through, it’s a great gift for newly-weds or young adults just about to start living alone. Color code the paper for entrees, main dishes, vegetables or even your favorite chicken dishes.

Source: Recipe Ring

(22) Stash the secret stuff

diy gifts Secret-Book-Safe

It’s the stuff that movies are made of – a hollowed-out old book with a secret stash.  I usually put money in between pages of my favorite books for emergency purposes, but here you can stash childhood memorabilia and just about anything that can fit in a book. Perhaps the best gift to go with this book is a secret stash of cash.

Source: Hollow Book Secret Stash

(23) Sweetly sugared scrub

diy gifts

Sweet sugary smells waftingaround  – nope, it isn’t cookies baking, but a body scrub. This is a sugary surprise you can use yourself or give away as holiday gifts or a thoughtful gesture. Gather coconut oil, lime oil, a bit of shredded coconut and, of course, plain old white sugar from the pantry. Glue on cute labels for that pretty and delicate touch.

Source: Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

(24) Designing dish towels

diy gifts gold_flower_towels

Begin with plain dish towels, the cardboard core of a toilet paper and some metalic paint and you will be ready to glam up anyone’s kitchen.  Great for a housewarming gift, a “just because I thought of you”, or maybe as a gift to celebrate an upgrade of diy painted kitchen cabinets.

Source: DIY Gifts Spring Dish Towels

(25) Real rawness

diy gifts necklace display

This is a beautiful way to hang and display your necklaces, especially if you know someone who is an avid diyer and have a diy necklace collection you think they ought to display. With a few raw crystals, a few pieces of wood and paint, you can wrap and send it as a gift.  Don’t forget mounting tape. Enjoy making this simple but expensive-looking gift that your friend or family member is sure to appreciate.

Source: DIY Gifts Crystal Necklace Hanger

(26) That’s a typo

diy gifts typo coasters

A witty and funny gift for the person who has everything. I’m sure they don’t have these typographic characters in their coaster drawer. Have fun not only with the characters but with the font. Drop Comic Sans from the list though unless you are aiming for some little gag.

Source: DIY Typographic Character Coasters

(27) Washi tape journal

diy gifts washitape-journal

Turn a tried and true gift for all seasons into something more decorative and personal with a few strips of washi tape. Or you can check out our list of diy notebook covers for more variety of gift-giving ideas.

Source: DIY Gifts Washi Tape Journal

(28) Photo tiled perfect

diy gifts photo tile coasters

Print out some pictures and use nail polish remover for these photo tiled coasters which are perfect as family gifts.

Source: Photo Coasters

(29) Smartcuffs

diy gifts cuff bracelet

Go colorful or go staid with this simple cuff bracelet.  If you cannot sfind any pre-studded, you can make your own with a few lines of erasble pen, a nail and a trusty hammer.

Source: DIY Emroidered Cuff Bracelet

(30) Bottle of memories

diy gifts

It’s possible now to return to childhood with this bottle of mementos from childhood, or your favorite significant moments as lovers, friends or siblings. It would also be a great giveaway for your highschool reunion.

Source: Simply Sentimental Bottle of Memories

(31) Mousey slippers

diy gifts mouse slippers

Cute, adorable and fairly easy to make once you have all the materials this is a cute gift that is sure to be used. Why not make a pair for yourself too since the tutorial can easily be adapted for any size. You can find the non-skid fabric in the utility section of the fabric department. For other kiddie birthday party ideas, head here for more fun.

Source: DIY Gifts Mouse Slippers

(32) Three spa wonder

diy gifts spa trio

Face, body, feet – exfoliate and mositurize for a whole body spa peppermint treatment at the receiver’s fingertips. Give as a bridal shower gift or maybe even as the give-away at a bridal shower. It can also be a great “just because” gift among friends who are just in need of some self-pampering.

Source: Diy Gifts Spa Kit

(33) Leather bound

diy gifts embroidery leather bound

A classic gift for all writers and artists – I still have mine and it is a treasured gift. You can use scrap leather if you want to make it even cheaper.

Source: DIY Gifts Handbound Leather Notebook

(34) Suchilicious succulents

diy gifts

Whether in a teacup or a planter, succulents make great gifts as they are easy to care for and so easy on the eyes. If you have other teacups lying around, try this DIY teacup candle holder.

Source: Luscious Succulents

(35) Mug it personal

diy gifts

Get some oil-based sharpies and a generic solid-colored mug and make a personal statement as gift.  Make morning coffees special with a specially-monogrammed mug.  Pens meant for ceramic work and oil-based pens will make your special mugs dishwasher-safe. Make a set as a family gift or a couple gift or get even more inspired with more diy mugs.

Source: Sharpie Mugs

(36) Mug Holder

diy gifts mug holder

After gifting a set of the above mentioned Sharpie mugs, why not make and gift this rustic and colorful mug holder? Maybe you can even help begin a collection. Use scrap wood for this and simply upgrade with a paint of refreshing color.

Source: Coffee Mug Holder

(37) Box of love

diy gifts

Get a small wooden box and make a very romantic pull-out album of your best photos together for a great gift for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.  Enjoy going down the memory lane of love and cozy up in front of the backyard fire pit.

Source: DIY Pull-out Photo Album

(38) Say it with chalk

diy gifts chalkboard

A lovely kitchen addition for a happy homemaker, or simply add an additional color and fit it with your teenager’s style for a message board for thire room. No matter how it is used, with a can of chalkboard paint you are ready to go.

Source: DIY Chalkboard 

(39) Cinnamon sugar hand scrub

diy gifts cinnamon sugar scrub

Something for gardeners and for those who do a lot of manual work – a little TLC from you to them.

Source: Cinnamon Sugar hand Scrub

(40) Button pins

diy gifts button-book-mark

Cute and pretty, these are really easy to do and so cheap you wwill probably gift them in batches. Get some boxes of coated large paper clips and a collection of loose buttons. Prep your trusty hot glue gun and just glue them all together.

Source: DIY Gifts Button Bookmarks

(41) Crazy for candy

diy gifts

This is a no-brainer gift for your avid candy fan. Everyone loves candy and if you are stumped for what to give, then create a candy or chocolate bouquet. You can also go down nostalagia’s lane if you put together a “childhood candy pack” or a selection of hard-to-find regional candy.

Source: Candy Bouquet

(42) Color custom

diy gifts nail polish

Looking for something special for your very picky friend who just happens to love pretty and colorful things? Well, let this color custom-made nail polish do it for you. With a nail polish base, a few oil-based colors and nail glitter, you can mix and match until you have the perfect color that you just know they will love. You could also prepare a few bottles for a personalized giveaways for bridal showers.

Source: DIY Gifts Custom Color Nail Polish

(43) No-sew at all

diy gifts picnic

Enjoy the feeling of summer with this no-sew picnic blanket that is just waiting for the sun, the warmth and a lot of safety pins. A good friend with a summer birthday comes to mind as the perfect receiver or maybe someone who loves pizza parties using their own outdoor pizza oven.

Source: DIY No-Sew Picnic Blanket

(44) Heart tote

diy gifts heart tote

Stamped with love and approva turn a simple plain cloth tote into something pretty and personalized. Call it po-tah-to and I call it a stamp. It’s great as a gift given as is, but why not fill it with some of your best goodies such as a diy scarf?

Source: DIY Gifts Heart-filled Tote Bag

(45) Want to see my etchings?

DIY gifts glass etching

Classy and understated, let this personalized etched glass dish show just how much you think of the person you’re gifting to. You could personalize a wine glass (or wine glasses), bake ware, or a glass dish.  Get some glass and start etching with class.

Source: Personalized Etched Glass

(46) Magnet and Pendants

diy gifts

Something so sweetly memorable – turn photos into pendants or magnets. Go for vintage or go for some current photos rendered in sepia or black & white for the perfect touch. You could instead make diy picture frames if your receiver wants their photos bigger and fully- displayed.

Source: DIY Photo Pendant

(47) Gifting Kit

diy gifts Gift-Wrap-Caddy1

A very cute and super useful caddy for the gift wrapping enthusiasts who always have the best wrapping papers to hand. Somehow, their adhesives are even prettier than our own gift wrappers.

Source: DIY Gifts Gift Wrapping Kit

(48) Keychains to keep

diy gifts keychains

Another flexible gift that you can easily adjust to fit the receiver. Go elegantly speckled as shown here or go bold and sassy – have fun mixing and matching. You could even color code them if you want.

Source: DIY Gifts Clay Keychains

(49) More S’mores

diy gifts

Last minute gifts?  Don’t worry, we got you covered with this S’mores kit in a mason jar for all those last-minute holiday gifting! It need not be S’mores though.  Why not pack a chocolate drink emergency kit complete with mini marshmallows?  Or for the snacker, nuts in all their glory will be perfect. Think peanuts and almonds with walnuts for a holiday feel.

Source: S’mores in a Jar

(50) Googoo over cleaning

diy gifts

I’m sure kids will go gaga over this slimy goo.  But guess what?  It’s great for cleaning up those hard-to-clean places like keyboards and air vents.

Source: Homemade Slime for Cleaning

(51) Basking in bookmarks

diy gifts

Print some of the funniest and meme-morable moments of family members from this year and make these amazing bookmarks. Let the hummor and happy meme-mories make reading a happier hobby.

Source: Photo Bookmarks

(52)  Cup of goodies

diy gifts

Put a bunch of goodies in a to-go cup.  Great diy gifts: coffee mixes, drink mixes, beads, lip balm, etc. Or give a collection of DIY earrings that are just perfect.

(53) Make mine magical

diy gifts

This whimsical and quaint magical bottle will truly fascinate your receiver. What you will need:

  • an empty clean and clear bottle – corked or lidded
  • glycerin
  • glittery sparkly things like sequins, glitter flakes or powder
  • some pretty colorful string, ribbon or twine
  • distilled water

Follow the tutorial for a magical moment.

Source: Make a Magic Bottle

(54) Bathing beauties

diy gifts

Buy some washcloths, a few bathing goodies – from soap to shampoo – and you can give these diy gifts as sets that kids and grandma can all enjoy.

Source: Bumble Bee Reindeer Flannel

(55) More mason jar diy gifts

diy gifts

Create these candles with a few mason jars as wonderful end-of-the year gifts, or maybe give them as birthday or housewarming gifts. Candles are great for any and all occasions.  Care for some DIY candle holders ideas to go with your mason jar candles?

Source: DIY Mason Jar Candles

(56) Make mine a monogram

diy gifts

Print a monogram or any design on overhead transparency sheets for your very own personalized and stylish monogrammed soap bottles.  You can easily make these entirely diy gifts, even including making your own liquid soap.

Source: Monogrammed Soap Bottle

(57) Photo collage creativity

diy gifts

Teenagers and kids will love this monogrammed photo collage.  Paint a large wooden letter with acrylic paint and leave to dry.  Print out pictures on ordinary printer paper and lay them out on your letter then use mod podge or similar to glue the pictures to the wooden board. Apply the glue on both the front and back of the pictures.

Leave to dry then, once the glue is dry, cut out the excess paper using either a pair of very sharp scissors or a crafter’s knife. You can add stickers or scrapbooking tags to make it more cute and colorful.

(58) Scrabble scramble frame

diy gifts scrabble tiles

Maybe you have lots of tiles lying around or buy a $5 for a 100 tile set in Amazon but, whatever the reason is – use those spare tiles for this very personalized gift.  Make it a birthday or a milestone moment, I am sure this gift will be greatly appreciated.

Source: DIY Gifts Personalized Scrabble Frame

(59) Sentimental stepping stone

diy gifts

Housewarming gift? Check. Easy diy gift? Yup. Sentimental? Definitely. Personalize with color or something sentimental like shells for a sea lover or pebbles from an old home.

Source: Stepping Stones

(60) Color me glitter

diy gifts

Walk in all stylish and fashionable with this very glittery cup.  Give one to your fabulous BFF and make one for yourself too for the perfect best friend gift. Gab over chai tea or lemonade while enjoying the gift together.

Source: DIY Gifts Glitter Cup