25 Amazing DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

by craftmin | January 11, 2018

Having to pet a tiny critter in your own household is one of the most amazing things you can do. But taking a guinea pig as a pet is no simple feat as, say, petting a larger animal such as a dog or a cat. Apart from your attention, this type of domesticated animal requires much more: its own shelter. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can make a DIY guinea pig cage as its abode.

The Downsides of Store-bought Guinea Pig Cage

Petting a four-legged creature such as a guinea pig is nothing new. Since their Western introduction back in the 16th century, many had already fallen in love with this cavy beast. This led to their domestication which otherwise would had been a source of meat like in the Andes Mountain where they’re originally a staple food.

This craze had eventually made guinea pigs a center for business which either sells them as pet or provides accessories for their domestication. As such, finding a cage which will house your very own guinea pig is as easy as buying anything else from a store.

But, despite this convenience, getting a cage from a store is not without its drawbacks. Not only are most guinea pig cages costly, they also aren’t too spacious to make for an exciting area for a tiny creature to thrive in. Worse, most of these cages are not very elegant and are hardly any different from one another.

The Upsides of DIY Guinea Pig Cage

When buying your added occupant a cage is becoming just an expensive gimmick; intuitively, making your own from scratch makes for a better solution. With only a bit of creativity and effort, you can easily turn simple materials into a work-of-art for your pet.

Some of these materials may already be just lingering in your garage while others may require sourcing. But having the freedom to model your pet’s will-be abode is the highlight of the experience. Not only does it make your creative juices flowing, the end-result is also priceless and very fulfilling.

DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ideas That are Worth Noting

But, as artistic as you are may be, sometimes coming up with an idea of which style to follow can be daunting. If you are struggling of coming up with your own, here are some pre-made styles you can follow:

  1. 3-Storey Wooden DIY Guinea Pig Cage

If you are thinking of owning more than a single of this amazing critter, it makes sense to make a multi-layered cage. Not only does each layer sets unique compartment from one another, they also provide private spaces for each of your pets.

However, take note that wooden materials aren’t necessarily fond of liquid and scent as they tend to absorb on it. But if you could bypass this problem, this wooden design makes for a very aesthetically-pleasing project.

  1. Sandboxed-style Wooden DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Giving your pet a sandbox-style “estate” to play around with did not come as fancy as this one. With an overall impression reminiscent of the beach or, at least, a sandy area, this is quite an eye-candy.

But don’t let the German texts from the website put you off about this design. You can easily use Google Translate to shift those texts into the language of your understanding. Also, the image alone will suffice in giving you your wanted source of inspiration.

  1. Fenced Wooden DIY Guinea Pig Cage

One of the main advantages of making a 360-degree viewable cage for your pet is in the versatility of the environment. Wherever you may choose to place your pet’s cage, the surrounding areas also change.

Honestly-speaking, this is not the most intricate DIY build out there. In fact, this design is more for the less skilled but wanted only a functional pet cage made out of wood.

  1. Pentagonal Wooden DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Get 5 pieces of wood and a plexiglass, join them together, and this is what you get. A 5-sided polygonal cage that is a world unique to your own pet.

One good thing about this design is that it also created some out-of-view spaces which give the pet some privacy. While nothing revolutionary, not many pet cages offer the same space for guinea pigs.

  1. Intricate Wooden DIY Guinea Pig Cage

    Source: Yuku

If you are committed at making a very artistic project for your pet based mostly on wood, this is the blueprint to follow. Undeniably, this is the type of project that may require some serious planning beforehand. But, with the right knowhow and preparation, this project is all worth it.

  1. Playpen Wooden DIY Guinea Pig Cage

    Source: Vulgaire

This is more than just a fenced guinea pig cage made mostly of wood. Albeit external in aesthetics, this particular design is made to exude the impression of a house with a playpen area. It is simple yet quite stylish at the same time.

  1. Dedicated Wooden DIY Guinea Pig Cage

When going portable is no longer a consideration, it only makes sense to allot a space indoors as your pet’s. This specific design is a statement that any corner of the home can be easily converted as a pet cage with just the right boundaries on it.

  1. Cutesy Wooden DIY Guinea Pig Cage

    Source: Pinterest

When you want a design that is not only visually-appealing but also functional, a blueprint such as this will truly attract attention. Your pet will surely love the added upper layer which gives it an elevation for a different view of its environment.

  1. Basic Plastic DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Made from a material that requires more than cutting a small piece of a tree, plastics are pricier than wood. But some good features that make this material stand out includes its style, workability, airiness, and expandability.

This particular design is just a basic demonstration of what a plastic material can get you without being very intricate about it.

  1. Plastic and Wire Cubes DIY Guinea Pig Cage

This one may not necessarily take the cake for being the most aesthetically-pleasing. But if you want a functional cage made mostly of plastics or waterproof liners and some wire cubes, this is it.

Just do not let your pet outsmart you of it getting out of its cage by covering on the low areas of the design. Other than that, there’s literally almost nothing to worry about in this design.

  1. Colorful Wire Cube and Waterproof Liner DIY Guinea Pig Cage

    Source: Wedding Bee

There is never a dull moment to this cage for your pet thanks to the varying colors of the polka dots in its design. Literally, this is the place to be for your pet to enjoy much of his day. Yet, perhaps, this particular cage is best spent with fellow critters which share the same space.

  1. In a Basket DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Having too much unused baskets at home may have its perk for your pet. Primarily, this boils down to the fact that you can use it as a home for it. Just do not forget to add the necessary fences around it and putting the right elements inside.

  1. Cabinet DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Not many are would-be willing to repurpose a working furniture to give space for a pet. But if doing so is a way of housing your pets, then this cabinet-turned-pet-cage blueprint is an inspiration.

Most cabinets come in multiple layers. So, expect that, by following this, you are giving ample spaces for more than a single pet.

But, like the issue with wooden pet cages, a wooden furniture is not immune from absorbing liquid and scent. I personally recommend adding some topcoat for the exposed wood such as a plastic liner to bypass this problem.

  1. Alternative Cabinet DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Having to repurpose an expensive furniture for a pet is not a practical idea for many people. Luckily, not all cabinets have to be expensive in nature nor have to be spacious to be repurposed.

This specific pet cage blueprint is a testament that a smaller and relatively cheaper piece of furniture makes for an ideal material for a pet cage.

  1. Multi-layered PVC DIY Animal Cage

By how many layers it would take the design is entirely dependent upon the number of critters you are willing to shelter. In fact, this particular blueprint isn’t only centered towards guinea pigs but also other animals as well.

However, there is no denying that the major highlight of this build is the PVC pipe which serves as the pillar of the cage. Some of the major perks of using PVC is that they’re generally inexpensive, easy to build, and are durable.

  1. Stylish PVC DIY Guinea Pig Cage

With the right knowledge about PVC pipes, making a design out of it doesn’t always have to be conventional. This blueprint particularly shows of the material’s versatility in terms of design structure.

  1. Operational PVC DIY Guinea Pig Cage

    Source: Angelfire

This particular design may still just be a prototype. But looking at the images, it is not hard to see of the major role which the PVC pipes are playing to make this specific cage functional.

  1. IKEA Ware DIY Guinea Pig Cage

    Source: Pinterest

Who would have thought that you could turn an IKEA product into a pet cage? Well, this particular design is proof that there’s no limits to human creativity so long as it’s tangible enough to materialize.

  1. Coffee Table DIY Guinea Pig Cage

    Source: IKEAHackers

Many people like to place their pet’s cages in specific places for convenience. But if you want to always take a look at your pet as soon as you get out of bed, this coffee table design is a must-have.

However, this not saying that there isn’t a nuisance to this design. If you aren’t too attentive about your pet, this cage might become a source of unwanted stench.

  1. Storage Containers DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Who said closed-space plastic containers can only be used for inanimate objects? With a bit of creativity, these airless containers can also be repurposed to make way for a shelter that is rich in live-giving oxygen. Of course, this would mean tampering the material to make the idea fit.

  1. Lofty DIY Guinea Pig Cage

When you want your pet’s abode to be as stylish as yours, it takes a lofty design to make it work. This particular blueprint is a showcase of such ideals as executed brilliantly by choosing the eclectic mix of materials and colors.

  1. Apartment-esque DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Having four-legged creatures as occupant, it must take a cozy space to house these treasured occupiers. Why not live up with the idea by making an “apartment” for your pet to which they could live comfortably in?

  1. Plain but Functional DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Not all people have the luxury of time and effort to make something grander than being plain. The idea is always a given. This particular blueprint is a proof to such a notion. If it works, then it’s already good, right?

  1. Holiday-themed DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Who says small critters like guinea pigs do not appreciate holiday? This colorful design is a proof that, even in their own ways, small pets do enjoy the holiday vibe, too.

  1. Dresser DIY Guinea Pig Cage

This is just another example at how you can repurpose a furniture into something as useful as a pet cage. If you have a no longer used dresser in your garage which will only rot in its place, feel free to experiment on it.

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