DIY Indoor Herb Garden – 26 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

by craftmin | December 25, 2017

Nothing makes a dish made out of love more complete than fresh spices and herbs which will give that culinary masterpiece of yours a finishing touch. Of course, pretty much every store has jarred and dried spices and herbs on sale, but the fresh herbs you get from your personal indoor herb garden will always be the best. Fresh herbs fro your DIY Indoor Herb Garden help to create amazingly delicious food, without needing anything expensive or special. Cans, jars, plastic bottles, or vintage teacups make perfect plant pots to grow your herbs, and you could even make your DIY indoor herb garden look cool by turning the herbs upside down. Read on to find these 26 amazing indoor herb garden ideas.

DIY Indoor Herb Garden

The following Indoor Herb Garden Ideas should inspire you to make freshly seasoned tasty meals whenever you want, especially when you’re in search of little summer taste during the colder days! These indoor herb garden ideas also lend a great ambiance to your indoor spaces.

1. Cubby Hole

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Cubby Hole

Image Courtesy: Inhabitat

This modular indoor herb garden concept is vertically mounted on the wall and looks like art exhibit as the plants grow.

2. Strawberry Planters

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Strawberry Planters

Image Courtesy: A Charming Project

The practicality, cuteness and creativity of this planter are what makes it lovely. Its great shape not only helps the roots to thrive, but also the strawberry stem as your herb garden grows. Check out this DIY painted strawberry herb planter at A Charming Project.

3. One Pot

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: One Pot

Image Courtesy: Carolina Charm

This simple DIY indoor herb garden is a no-brainer! Look for a large pot that may be of sentimental value to you, put it in an area exposed to indirect or direct light, and plant all of your favourite herbs in there. Visit Apartment Therapy to get more of an idea on how to create this one-pot indoor herb garden project.

4. Window Sill Planters

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Window Sill Planters

Image Courtesy: The Crafted Sparrow

Grow your own food by repurposing “trash” into planters with this DIY painted tin can planters. All the herbs need to be straight, so add some chalkboard labels so you can differentiate between them. Find out how this fantastic indoor garden idea is made in this post by the The Crafted Sparrow.

5. Sitting Pretty

If you don’t have much wall space and your only room is on the ceiling, bring your contemporary kitchen to perfection by adding greenery grown in this hanging garden.

6. Painted Mason Jars

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Painted Mason Jars

Image Courtesy: Gold Standard Workshop

All you need is pastel colours to make fancy planters for your favorite herbs out of basic mason jars. You can mark individual planters by adding name tags made out of popsicle sticks. Gold Standard Workshop will help you make this project a success!

7. Gutter Mount

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Gutter Mount

Image Courtesy: 1001 Gardens

This nice DIY recycling garden uses gutters for planters and would be perfect for your kitchen!

8. Repurposed Baking Pan

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Repurposed Baking Pan

Image Courtesy: Grillo Designs

Whether you like baking or not, you probably have baking tin that you don’t use: pastry ones, square ones, round ones, small ones, large ones. Grillo Designs will show you another way to make use of them.

9. Sunken Living

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Sunken Living

Image Courtesy: Houzz

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen, just a little bit? Create a sunken space on your countertop for a little herb garden and bottles.

10. DIY Upcycled Herb Garden

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: DIY Upcycled Herb Garden

Image Courtesy: Lovely Indeed

It’s just amazing growing your favorite herbs in perfect little containers made out of old shampoo and lotion bottles but you can make this fantastic DIY indoor herb garden even more eye-catching by giving those bottles a little paint. Follow the directions provided by Lovely Indeed for this great indoor garden idea.

11. Wooden Box

DIY Indoor Herb Garden - Wooden Box

Image Courtesy: Houzz

If you have a contemporary kitchen, this indoor herb garden idea would be perfect. It is important that the bottom of the box should have mesh so that the plants can’t fall out.

12. Mason Jar Wall Hanging

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Mason Jar Wall Hanging

Image Courtesy: Camille Styles

So many useful things can be made out of mason jars, and they’re especially useful in this project because the transparent jars also make the water level visible. An old wooden board and pipe clamps are all that’s needed for this DIY indoor herb garden. Camille Styles will show you what’s needed and how this DIY project is made.

13. Bath Time Herbs

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Bath Time Herbs

Image Courtesy: BHG

For this DIY indoor herb garden, you just need to grow herbs in plastic pot planters. Storing them on a wire rack beside your tub makes for a convenient herb bath! Just toss snips of chamomile, French lavender, and lemon balm into the warm water for a relaxing soak.

14. Bottle Gardens

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Bottle Gardens

Image Courtesy: Design Sponge

This self-watering planter and sparkly window display makes this no-fuss recycled windowsill herb garden fascinating. The larger version of these plantersnot only looks better but also works well with small plants and herbs. You can also use beer bottles for this DIY indoor herb garden, or wine bottles for a larger garden. Follow this how-to by Design Sponge for this clever indoor herb garden idea.

15. Teacup Herbarium

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Teacup Herbarium

Image Courtesy: BHG

Use a jewelers drill to make holes in the bottoms of ceramic teacups for drainage and make some neat planters for this DIY indoor herb garden. This simple DIY project is best for herbs like orange mint, pineapple sage, chamomile, and English mint, and those that grow well on dry soil like thyme.

16. Hanging Garden

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Hanging Garden

Image Courtesy: Shelterness

This simple indoor herb garden idea only needs a tension rod and some hooks and add elegance to this DIY by using the same color to paint all the elements, fastening the pots with hooks, and putting the rod in the window. Shelterness did an awesome job of this DIY project.

17. Simply Done

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Simply Done

Image Courtesy: Kikette Interiors

Clarity and simplicity lead to great design. If a full-fledged garden doesn’t suit you, grab your favorite herb, bring it to the kitchen and place it on a shelf to add flavor, color and life.

18. Upside Down

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Upside Down

Image Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

If saving a space, keeping kids away from your herbs and making a great conversation piece is what you want, this pretty quirky indoor herb garden idea of hanging plants upside down is worth a try!

19. Vertical Space

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Vertical Space

Image Courtesy: Sous Style

If you have a knack for growing plants and keeping them healthy, consider keeping your favorite plants in a full shelving unit. Just imagine how oxygen-rich and clean your room would be with all those herbs!

20. Vintage Planters

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Vintage Planters

Image Courtesy: Devonleigh Homes

Anything can be made into a planter as long as it has adequate drainage, so why not visit a thrift store and look for nice-looking vintage tins to make vintage planters for your windowsill garden? Perhaps Kim’s Kitchen can help guide you on how to make this DIY indoor herb garden.

21. Potted and Carted

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Potted and Carted

Image Courtesy: SF Girl

This industrial bar cart with rustic pots is another surprising combination worthy of applause, but this cart presents an elegant selection of alluring herbs rather than displaying a collection of drinks.

22. Ikea Hack

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Ikea Hack

Image Courtesy: Curbly

Curbly will show you how to create a cheap wall-mounted garden out of an inexpensive IKEA wine rack.

23. Tiers of Herbs

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Tiers of Herbs

Image Courtesy: Urban Comfort

The terracotta potsinf this three-tiered stand are what makes this adorable DIY perfect for beautiful kitchen presentation.

24. Hooks and Rods

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Hooks and Rods

Image Courtesy: Itsy Bits and Pieces

Plant your herbs in some hanging glass jars with hooks in this easy DIY indoor herb garden. Learn the method at Itsy Bits and Pieces.

25. Good Sunlight

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: Good Sunlight

Image Courtesy: Style Me Pretty

It is important to expose your garden to sunlight for a solid 5 to 8 hours every day. Basil, cilantro, and parsley need more sun exposure, so a south-facing window would be the perfect spot for them. Style Me Pretty can give you some planting tips for this indoor herb garden idea.

26. PVC and Upcycled Soda Bottles Planter

DIY Indoor Herb Garden: PVC and Upcycled Soda Bottles Planter

Image Courtesy: Fishki

Do not mistake this kitchen planter for a science experiment! This brilliant indoor herb garden idea uses some plastic tubing, PVC, and a little paint to construct a completely self-irrigating garden.