DIY LAMPS – Light Up With These 30 Lampshade Projects

by craftmin | December 18, 2017

A lampshade is normally the first thing your hands touch in the morning, and the last thing they turn off at night. It mainly adds light to your room at night, but it doesn’t have to stop just with that. A lampshade offers a great opportunity to spice up your rooms so here are 30 DIY lamps to add light and life to your room!



1.) Dye your lamp for a subtle touch of color!



Source: Little Green Notebook 

This DIY lamps idea is perfect if you want to change their lampshade without having to buy a new one every time. An advantage of a cloth lampshade is that you can replace it from time to time dye the cloth of your lampshade with a subtle touch of color to add personality to your room.


2.) Personalize your lamp with your penmanship!


Source: A Little Glass Box

You don’t have to think too much for a personalized lampshade. In this DIY Lamps idea, all you need is a sharpie, and your own handwriting! Write yourself a personal letter, an inspiring quotate to motivate your day or even the lyrics of your favorite song. This project is simple and easy but it sure adds charm to your lampshade.

3.) Turn your zip ties into a beautiful ombre lamp!

zip tie diy lamps

Source: Apartment Therapy

This anthropological themed lampshade is truly a masterpiece and looks exquisite and expensive. However, don’t let its looks fool you. This beautiful DIY lamp is made out of 1000 zip ties, chicken wire, a lamp rim, and spray paint. With these four essential materials, you too can make a unique lampshade like the one pictured above!


4.) Unleash the artist within you and paint your lampshade!

handpainted diy lamps

Source: 29 Rue House 

For this DIY lamps idea, all you need is your creativity and, of course, paint! This works best with cloth lampshades or lampshades made from lite materials. Paint your lampshade with your chosen design, and dry it off. Prepare to be amazed by the big difference this simple DIY project can make to your room.


5.) Wrap twine around your lampshade!

twine wrapped diy lamps

Source: A Night Owl Blog

How to create a wrap star? Simply wrap crafty twine around your lampshade and secure it with fabric glue. This simple tip is very easy and wastes no time. In just a matter of minutes, you can transform your plain lampshade into a crafty one.

6.) Create a fabulous lamp with fabric and ribbons!

fabric ribbon diy lamps

Source: Apartment Therapy

Transform an old lampshade into a fabulous one with patterned fabrics and ribbons! This DIY lamp project will need a good layering of fabric to ensure that when you light up your lamp, nothing will show up in the shadows.

7.)  Save money by creating a store-inspired lampshade!


Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

A good pair of lampshades is more often than not expensive, so why not look for a cheaper alternative instead? In this DIY lamps idea, the lamp pictured above actually cost less than ten bucks. It is much cheaper than its inspiration but it is just as beautiful.

8.) Add sparkle to your lampshade with glitters!


Source: Vintage Revivals

A lampshade is one piece of furniture to which you can add as much glitter as you want to without going over the top. Glittering up your lampshade is sure to add a sparkle to your room in just a matter of minutes! In addition, glitter is inexpensive and can be bought anywhere.

9.) Decorate your lampshade with Washi tape!

washi tape diy lamps

Source: Domestically Speaking

This DIY lamps idea is perfect if you want to re-decorate their room easily. Simply using Washi tapes, you can create multiple designs for your lampshade. What makes this even better is that, aside from Washi tape being inexpensive, it can be removed easily so you can change the design of your lampshade whenever you want.

10.) Let your lampshade bloom with these Floral DIY lamps!


Source: Brit

A floral design doesn’t have to be limited to floral printed fabrics. Add life to your plain lampshade and let it bloom with flowers by recycling old fabrics. Roll your old fabric into flowers and re-arrange them – for the leaves, use green yarn or a green fabric. This way you not only recycle your old clothes but can also freshen up your lampshade!

11.) Doodle on your lampshade with fabric marker!

marker diy lamps

Source: Idle Hands Awake

This is a very easy and quick way to brighten up an old lampshade. Grab a sharpie or, even better, a fabric marker and start doodling on your lamp!


12.) Use hair dye to add colors to your DIY lamps!

hair dye diy lamps

Source: Annie Nilson

If you have been wanting to change the color of your lampshade, but can’t because you don’t have fabric dye, don’t worry! Use hair dyes to do the same trick – they are also safe for fabric and last for a long time.


13.) Give your lampshade a feminine touch with faux flowers!

faux flowers on diy lamps

Source: Mr.Kate

The lampshade pictured above not only looks expensive, but it also looks very chic. Transform your old lampshade into this one by gluing fake flowers all over your lamp. This project is easy to do, but this stunning masterpiece lasts for a long time!


14.) Create bold geometric patterns for your lamp with fabric tapes!

fabric tapes diy lamps

Source: Brit

Achieve the same result as the Washi tape DIY lamps above but, this time, use fabric tapes for a longer-lasting effect!

15.) Make your own DIY lamps out of bottles and forks!

diy lampshades

Source: Oh Oh Blog

Bottles and forks not only belong to the kitchen, sometimes they belong in your bedroom too! With a recycled bottle, fork, paint and other essential materials, you can create your own lamp from scratch! This DIY project might also bring out the entrepreneur in you.

16.) Paint a beautiful golden Chevron pattern onto your lampshade!


chevron diy lamps

Source: Pomp and Circumstance

Let your lampshade shimmer in gold, even without its light on! Simply paint a beautiful Chevron pattern onto your lamp in a striking golden color. This trick will make your old boring lampshade into a sophisticated one in no time!


17.) Add a vibrant color to your lampshade using spray paint!

spray painted diy lamps

Source: Decor Chick

Spray a vibrant shade of color onto your lampshade with spray paint! This is a simple and fast way of transforming your old plain lampshade into a lively one.

18.) Grow a mustache onto your lampshade for a quirky look!

mustache diy lamps

Source: Live and Love Out Loud

Spice up your lamp by adding a mustache for an instant quirky and hippie look! This DIY mustache lamp is sure to put a smile on your face whenever you look at it, literally and figuratively brightening up your room and your life!


19.)  Paint the inside of your lamp for a warmer glow!

golden warm diy lamps

Source: The Little Black Door

The inside of your lampshade might not be seen by anyone unless you turn it upside down, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it! Spray a metallic shade of gold to benefit from the warmer glow your lamp will emit at night!

20.) Keep your wanderlust alive with this Map DIY lamp!

20 diy lamps map

Source: Stephanie

Keep your wanderlust alive with this easy Map DIY lamps project! Wrap a map around the base of the lamp and secure it with glue then add trimmed ribbons to the edges to give it a softer look.

21.) Turn your tapered lamp into a drum lamp!

drum diy lamps

Source: Apartment Therapy

If you have been wanting to switch your lamp from tapered to a drum, then this DIY lamps project is for you! Transforming your lampshape actually not hard and is surprisingly inexpensive. All you need is your patience and resourcefulness.


22.) Give your lamp a silhouette for a magical vibe!

silhouette diy lamps

Source: Chica and Jo

One of these DIY lamps is perfect, epecially if you have children who are afraid of the dark! Make your child’s bed time experience by putting cut-out designs inside your lampshade. The silhouette it will create once you switch it on is sure to make your children look forward to bedtime!


23.) Create an eye-catching decoration with your lampshade!

neon diy lamp

Source: Say Yes!

The beautiful minimalist lamp pictured above looks stunning with its unique geometric shape and eye-catching neon color! You can create a lamp similar to this one for your own room with the following materials: Wooden sticks, neon colored yarn, wire, tape, and wire cutters.


24.) Create a unique lamp with torn pages!

old books diy lamps

Source: Apartment Therapy

The lamp pictured above sure looks expensive but, in reality, it costs less than ten bucks! You too can have this stunning piece in your room by using pages torn from old books!


25.) Decorate your lampshade with leather pieces!

leather mosaic diy lamps

Source: Brit

You can always use cut-outs from leather materials to decorate your lamp! If you are not keen on cutting exact sizes, experiment with pieces of different sizes and colors for an intentional mosaic look!


26.) Create a stunning lampshade out of Pingpong balls!

pingpong diy lamps

Source: Poppy Talk

Who would have guessed that Pingpong balls could make such a stunning lampshade? Glue Pingpong balls together and spray paint them different colors for a lively pop of layered colors. This DIY lamps project makes an amazing statement.



27.) Use Balsa wood for your DIY lamps!

bendable woods diy lamps

Source: Pomp and Circumstance

One cool thing about Balsa wood is that it is made out of wood but you can easily bend it to the shape that you want. Use Balsa wood to decorate your lampshade for the same result pictured above!

28.) Paint the inside of your lamp for an interesting silhouette!

handpaint diy lamps

Source: Up-cycling My Life

Create interesting silhouettes by hand-painting images on the inside of your lamp! Perhaps your favorite cartoon character, or a picture of the place you have always wanted to visit. With the lamp pictured above, the beautiful silhouette of the Eiffel tower simply gets you in a good mood!


29.) Layer your lamp with different colors by using yarn!

yarn diy lamps

Source: Vintage Revivals

Create a smooth and beautiful layer of colors by wrapping yarn around your lampshade! This trick makes a truly gorgeous lampshade that stands out even without its lights on.


30.) Lay your lamp bare for a minimalist look!

minimalist structural diy lamps

Source: All Put Together

For a minimalist and structured look, why not remove the base of the lamp and simply use the skeleton? Simply re-paint the lamp and its body to transform a plain lampshade into beautiful decor!

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