DIY Loft Bed Plans for Your Kids

by craftmin | January 1, 2018

Kids are such playful things. From being awake to going to sleep, they imagine everything around them to be part of their fantasy. DIY loft bed plans fulfill this need without needing to cost a fortune.

For many parents, setting a theme for their child’s room requires knowing what the child likes in particular. But this is only half of the battle. The process also involves decorating the room with toys or art which revolve around the chosen theme. While not necessarily expensive, a complete overhaul of a specific room can be, in itself, very costly.

Advantages of DIY Loft Bed Plans

A loft bed is not your typical bunk bed in which one frame is stacked onto another, or even multiple others. However, like a bunk bed, this type of bed is accessible only by a ladder.

However, one difference between the two is that loft beds normally don’t have another bed below them. Often, that space is left for another important thing such as a play area or storage.

Unlike bunk beds, a loft bed provides extra space for your child’s creativity or leisure. This allows loft beds the flexibility to take whatever design is most suitable to the room.

While bunk beds can be modified arbitrarily, loft beds have undeniable perk of being much more customizable. Equally as important, it saves from spending on a complete redesign of a room by making being the center of your child’s attention.

DIY Loft Bed Plans to Consider

So, if you are looking for quality loft bed designs to match your kid’s room, look no further than these:

  1. Camp Loft Bed

    diy lof tbed plans

    DIY Loft Bed Plans | Source: Ana White

Made mostly from high-quality pieces of wood, all you need is the right space to build it from the ground-up. This design by Ana White is inexpensive – for a total of just $50 worth of materials, this bed design is totally durable and secure for your child. The only downside of having a loft bed like this is that no child would ever want to leave the room when they are in it.

  1. Fire Station Loft Bed

    DIY Loft Bed Plans | Source: Ana White

This particular design by Ana White may not fully live up to the usual blueprint of a loft bed, as it borders between a bunk and a loft bed. But while it has a bed on the ground area, White claims that the lower area is meant to hold toys and is not a place to sleep on.

  1. The Handmade Home’s Simple Loft Bed

    DIY Loft Bed Plans | Source: The Handmade Home

Simple yet fun-looking, this blueprint from The Handmade Home will be enjoyed by all of your kids. Simple the theme may be, adding extras such as a curtain and the rope ladder to this design makes it even more special.

  1.’s Basic Loft Bed

    DIY Loft Bed Plans | Source: Afloat

When you want a DIY loft bed plan that simply works and doesn’t require any unnecessary embellishments, this design is for you. Plain from the outset, this is a barebones loft bed at its finest.

  1. Kids Clubhouse Loft Bed

    DIY Loft Bed Plans | Build Something

Training your child to become independent early in life is not as easy as just reserving him a place all for himself. This blueprint by Build Something lives up to that idea. Designed to be a house small enough to fit in a room, this design is your child’s own tiny property—or so it appears.

  1. Loft Bed with Lego Storage

    DIY Loft Bed Plans | Source: House of Wood

If having plenty of storage is one of your main considerations when building your loft bed, you won’t go wrong with this design. With the lower area dedicated to holding Lego toys, this is a play and sleeping area in a single package. Do note, however, that the original design may be a little too tall for smaller rooms as it almost reaches the ceiling of this room. Luckily, you don’t need to stick exactly true to the original. Credit goes to The House of Wood.

  1. Modern Loft Bed for Junior

    DIY Loft Bed Plans | Source: Lowe’s

Straying from the typical old-world look, this modern-looking loft bed blueprint by Lowe’s exhibits shapes and contours unlike any others. This design is perfect for a modern kid who likes to enjoy the present.

  1. Loft Bed with Playhouse

Embodying the image of a retro bus, you might easily think that this design is portable. Unfortunately, while it has a depiction of wheels, they are not functional.  The roofing is obviously the place for the bed whereas the inside is meant as a small play room. Thanks to Instructables for the idea.

  1. Loft Bed with Desk and Bookcase

    Source: Ana White

Pooling together a bed, a desk, and a tiny bookcase in a single space is the highlight of this design. This plan is ideal for households who have very limited space to allot to their child’s room. Again, this is another brain child by Ana White.

  1. Tiny Cottage Loft Bed

    Source: Ana White

Brimming with chic elements, this bed is perfect for any child who likes a softer design. The door and the windows of the cottage are inviting for children to play in. This brilliant design by Ana White is a variation of the original Fire Station loft bed blueprint.

  1. Small-budget Loft Bed

If your budget is a little too tight but having a functional loft bed is a must, you can never go wrong with this design. Basic enough to remove excess embellishments, this is a simple loft bed design that will fit any parent’s budget. This budget-friendly idea is thanks to

  1. Twin Low Loft Bed

As basic as it gets, this specific design is not the cheapest blueprint from the list. According to the creative minds at The Design Confidential, this loft bed should cost around $100 to $150. However, for a build that costs that much, expect this bed to last a long time.

  1. Loft Bed with Bookshelf Stairs

If you have a bookish child, of course you have to build a loft bed with books as a consideration. The primary highlight of this bed are the shelves which can hold a lot of your child’s favourite books. This bibliophilic idea is thanks to Instructables.