20 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Designs & A Detailed Tutorial

by craftmin | January 12, 2018

The vastness of decor accessories and items from jackets, belts, bracelets to curtains and wall hangings that you can make for your home with macrame technique is just incredible. When there’s not much room to give your small, urban dwelling some greenery, for handmade plant hanger designers, DIY Macrame Plant Hanger ideas are often the way to go!

A hanging garden is perfect if growing plants is your passion, but you lack any open space to house them. It is just what you need to try, especially if your idea of adding life and greenery to your space is currently slowed or limited by unfortunate realities: money and time. You simply plant your fav flowers and orchids in small baskets and pots and use rope hangers to hang them.

Incorporating this DIY Macrame Plant Hanger is an easy and inexpensive way to bring life, color, and texture into any space and give it a homey feel! So get yourself some plant friends and have a cheerful day!

Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

Why not jump on the knotting trend and give this DIY project a go? Using only 2 simple macrame knots, this project is perfect for macrame newbies. You need not worry because a thorough tutorial is provided for you. Check out the tutorial for this Do-it-yourself Macrame Plant Hanger below! 


  • 3-millimeter Cord (Preferably Natural Cotton Macrame)
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Miracle-Gro Expand’N Gro
  • Pot with Tray
  • Gold Metal Circlet


Begin this DIY project by moving your plant to a new pot.

Check out when and how to pot houseplants again here. Use Miracle Gro’s Expand ‘n Gro for your houseplants. Unlike traditional soils, Expand ‘N Gro contains 50 percent water. Its potting mix helps to prevent too much parching of the soil of your plant. So not being able to attend to your plant for ten days will be the least of your problem.

Even the nearly-dead plant in this DIY Macrame Plant Hanger tutorial that has been moved to a pot with Miracle-Gro’s Expand ‘n Gro’s potting mix shows signs of revival. Did you know that you can buy this miracle-worker from Amazon? Never mind visiting a store and order it here!

If your plant—after repotting with the new soilthrives, then you’re ready to begin the macrame project. This adorable hanger is the perfect project that even a novice knotter will have no problems making. It only takes tw0 macrame knot types to be smitten with the simplicity of its look!


Cut 8 cord pieces for this DIY Plant Hanger project. The cord pieces should be long. For the hanger, cut long cord pieces, about 10 feet—just the length you need for a large planter for this DIY Macrame Plant Hanger tutorial. You need to cut shorter pieces if the pot you’re going use for this DIY hanger tutorial is small. Make sure to have 6 long strands and use them to loop in and out of the gold circlet. They should fold at the center and atop covering the hoop. You should end up with 16 long, dangling cord pieces.


Next, use the wrapped knot to secure the cords in place. Although simple, this knot has an elegant, finished look. This knot requires an extra cord piece—about 2 feet in length will do. 


  1. Have the cord (the short one) placed over the looped cords. There should be a loop that points down, to the right is the tail (the long one), and to the left is the short tail.
  2. Wrap the short cord’s loop and the looped cords with the long tail.
  3. Continue to wrap the tail (the long one), pull it tight and allow the short cord’s bottom loop to show.
  4. If you’re satisfied with how long the wrapped knot is, slip the tail (the long one) below and in and out of the loop.
  5. Secure the knot by pulling the short tail underneath and pulling it up.
  6. Tightly secure the tails by closely clipping it to the knot.

Voila! —there you have it! The great thing about doing a knot like this is that it’s easy to make and the end result looks pretty. If you’re planning to make a tassel, this knot will come in handy.


Your next task is to do square knots in a row. Divide the 16 strands in such a way that you have four groups with each composing four strands.

For each of the 4 groups, do 2 square knots. Use a tape measure to get and apply the same length from your wrapped knot and so as the individual cord group, then use a pencil to mark it. For your hanger, measure 1.67 feet for your first square knot row. Make two outer cords by separating every group of 4 strands and use those for tying the knots as well as the 2 center cords where you will tie over the knots.


  1. Have the cord to the left laid over the cords at the center, then under the right cord.
  2. Slip the cord at the right through the cords at the center and over the left cord and tighten by pulling. This lines up the knot with the mark you measured.
  3. Do this again going reverse: Have the cord to the right laid over the cords at the center, then under the right cord. Slip the cord to the left through the cords at the center and over the right cord.
  4. Tighten by pulling to form a square knot.
  5. Do again to make 2 square knots.

By following these steps, you should have each group of 4 strands with 2 square knots. The distance between the wrapped knot and the square knots should be the same.


Next, create the second square knot row just slightly below the first row. Make these knots atop covering new groups of 4 strands. Take each of the 2 cords from 4 adjacent groups—one cord at the center and the cord to the right of it and one cord at the center and the cord to the left of the other. Decide on the distance of these succeeding knots from the previous knot row. For this tutorial, a distance of about 5 inches is just enough to make the planter look good.


Then, at the mark you measured, you should have 2 square knots tied over the new 4-strand groups to form a tube of some kind. Flip the end result, tying the last 4-strand group. 


Do one final knot to tie all the cords together to completely craft a macrame plant hanger of your own. Measure the distance of your final knot from below your 2nd-knot row—about seven inches for this tutorial. Loop all the cords in one, then pull to secure and tighten the knot. Make the ends even by trimming the cords.


Finally, add the planter to the macrame plant hanger and install it. Carefully sort the branches of your plant between cord groups. The hook you used to hang the macrame plant hanger should be able to handle the weight of the plant and is attached and secured to the ceiling.

Hang your favorite plant with this DIY plant hanger made with macrame to brighten up your place and give it a homier feel.

Source: Alexis via Persia Lou

20 Easy DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Designs & Tutorials

Maybe you’d like to try making a different DIY macrame plant hanger design. Have fun adding more life and greenery to your space with the simple projects below. 

1. Easy Kid-Friendly Macrame Plant Hanger

Well, obviously, based on its name, this is just the perfect design to enlighten your kids about the art of knotting in patterns. Make it more fun and interesting for them by using colorful ropes. Get the step-by-step directions with pictures here!

2. Macrame Plant Hanger How-tos

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: Macrame Plant Hanger How-tos


You can experiment with complex knot combinations or simply tie a couple of common knots—whatever you like in these Macrame Plant Hanger How-tos. These projects are just what the newbies and the advanced fiber artists alike need. Here is an outline of the step-by-step DIY macrame plant hanger tutorials. 

3. 30-Minuter Macrame Planter Kits

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: 30-Minuter Macrame Planter Kits

Source: BRIT+CO

Create the beautiful clustered design of this DIY macrame plant hanger design using the half square knot! This one will only take 30 minutes or less to pull off—can you believe it? Follow the detailed DIY instructions here.

4. Wooden-Beaded Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: homedit

Master the art of knotting and add small wooden beads to the hanger to make it even more special. Check out the supplies and the tutorial here. 


5. Neon Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: Neon Macrame Plant Hanger


Summer isn’t all that fun without neon colors! Follow the directions here, make your house fun, and brighten it up with a bit of neon.

6. Colored Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: Colored Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: Element Eden

If you’re still learning the basics of macrame, this DIY macrame plant hanger design is perfect for you—the fact that it’s made with one of the simplest patterns. Make it more vibrant by freely using any other color for the rope. Head over to Element Eden for the complete tutorial. 

7. Simple Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorial

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: Simple Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: Elise Blaha

With so many thorough guides, you can always make planter hangers of your own, but Elise’s successful wing-it plan is simply one of the best. Have a peek at the steps she shared here.

8. Basic Macrame Plant Hanger

Approximately 44 inches tall, including the fringe, this is another gorgeous macrame plant hanger featuring 3 types of basic decorative knots. Hone your knotting skills and give this DIY macrame plant hanger a character by adding extra knots, beads, and decorations. By the way, the cradle can handle any size pot. Why not check out this easy-to-follow tutorial and give this one a go? 

9. Twine Macrame Plant Hanger

Crafted with twine, this DIY macrame plant hanger design is the most classic and basic one. If you’re going to hang lightweight and small plants, this one is perfect! It is also capable of supporting moderately weighty pots; however, too much weight might break the twine, so it would be best to settle with lightweight pots. Learn how to craft this twine macrame plant hanger in this simple tutorial.

10. Carousel Buttons Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: Carousel Buttons Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: Craftsy

The multiple stranded patterns and textured handiwork of this DIY macrame plant hanger design are making it look wholly intimidating. For the how-to, visit Craftsy. 

11. Two-Tiered Macrame Plant Hanger

So you want to accommodate more plants and save more space? Well, this simple two-tiered macrame plant hanger is just what you’re looking for! Discover how easy and fun it is to give your pots a bit of pop with this DIY courtesy of Macrame Lovers.

12. How to Knot Cords in Patterns

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: How to Knot Cords in Patterns

Source: LOWE’S

Time to make a decorative macrame plant hanger out of a clothesline! Believe it or not, it only takes four steps to do this. Here is also a video tutorial explaining how to knot cords in patterns.

13. Mini Macrame Plant Holder

This mini macrame plant holder is just what the small treasures need. But if you’re planning on supporting larger pots, make a bigger macrame plant hanger by using a longer thread and adjusting the measurements. You don’t need anything super fancy but the simple directions here to pull this off.

14. Rad Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: Rad Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: BUST

Planning on going for the modern style of a macrame plant hanger? Why not substitute earth-toned yarns with neon cords and give it an accent using washers and nuts, instead of wooden beads? The end product makes an awesome home accessory or the perfect present for jazzing up your place. All you need is this incredibly detailed tutorial to complete this one! 

15. Cool & Simple Macrame Plant Holder

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: Cool & Simple Macrame Plant Holder

Source: Shelterness

How the embroidery thread, white paint, little plant, newspaper, paintbrush, and small terracotta pot come together to produce a cool and simple macrame plant holder is just amazing! The pale white background and the pink thread really creates an astonishing juxtaposition. But of course, you are free to choose the color that best creates a striking contrast when matched with your interior. This simple how-to guide will help you make this DIY macrame plant hanger design.

16. Hanging Succulent Garden

A hanging succulent garden using macrame plant hangers made from cotton ropes is super easy to make. It’s a newbie-friendly DIY project and is perfect for bringing elegance to your place. Plus, the use of differently shaped baskets and pots is what makes this simple plant hanger unique-looking! Check these DIY instructions and you will know how to work it. 

17. Groovy Macrame Plant Hanger 

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas - Groovy Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: The Home

As a reinvention from the 70s, this DIY macrame plant hanger design comes with bold and bright shades and a modern and sleek knot. Check out the patterns featured at The Home.

18. Boho-Chic Macrame Pendant

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas: Boho-Chic Macrame Pendant

Source: Deco Manitas

Use a nylon thread to make a basic net-like hanger and give any corners of your place a contemporary yet classy look. This tutorial shows how easy it is to make this Boho-Chic Macrame Pendant.

19. Boho-Rustic Double-Decked Macrame Plant Hanger

Maybe a bright bohemian style and an earthy, rustic decor is more of your type—this DIY double-decked macrame plant hanger design might just be the godsend for you! Check out the fab tutorial loaded with helpful tips at If Found, Make.

20. Gorgeous Shirt Yarn Macrame Plant Hanger

This DIY macrame plant hanger idea uses shirt yarn to brighten up any corner outside or inside your place! Novice do-it-yourselfers will absolutely find this macrame plant hanger project easy to make. Find out also how a smart mouldable glue Sugru is transformed into a useful small hook with this step-by-step tutorial.

If you’re a lot more comfortable learning how to make a DIY macrame plant hanger of your own via a video tutorial, perhaps the video tutorial by Wool and the Gang below will help. It’ll show you how to make one using a shirt yarn.

A brilliant way to give your place a nice touch of glam while being environmentally friendly is to decorate it with chic plant hangers. It simply lets you make use of scrap ropes and leftover cloth tie in a crafty and fun way. Are you down for some macrame challenge? Do you want to try making these simple plant hanger designs? Well, happy crafting!

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