20 Adorable DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Designs And Tutorial

by craftmin | January 7, 2018

Are you a boho fan? If yes, then you must be looking for ways on how to have some boho vibes in your home. What better way to put that boho feel to your home than a DIY macrame wall hanging. I’m sure you’ve already seen some macrame wall hanging somewhere and would want to have one in your home. Why buy ready made macrame when you can make one for your home. If you don’t know how to do it, just relax and keep on reading because we’ve got you covered.

Macrame Knot Fundamentals

Here you will learn 3 of the easiest macrame knots to get you started on your DIY macrame wall hanging project.

1. Square Knot

Square knot DIY macrame wall hanging

Learn how to make this left square knot from Simply Macrame.

2. Half Hitch Knot

Half hitch knot DIY macrame wall hanging

This step by step guide and a lot more when you visit Free Macrame Patterns. They got almost all the knot picture tutorials you can think of!

3. Larks Head Knot

Lark's head knot DIY macrame wall hanging

I know I’ve done this knot a thousand times but did not know that it actually has a name. And a lot of the macrame design tutorials I checked start their pattern with this knot. I got this photo tutorial from My French Twist.

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Designs

Now that you have some basic knowledge in making knots, check out these DIY macrame wall hanging designs that I’m sure will look lovely in your home. These photos are sure to give you all the inspiration you need in making an adorable macrame wall hanging of your own!

1. Kitchen Twine

Cute DIY macrame wall hanging

With some kitchen twine and a lot of alternating square knots, look at how cute this macrame project from Chasing Saturdays turned out.

2. Garland Macrame

Garland DIY macrame wall hanging

Add some needed color to that bare wall of yours with this DIY macrame wall hanging project from A Beautiful Mess. And they said it only took them a good one hour to make this beautiful garland macrame.

3. Modern

Color block DIY macrame wall hanging

I really think macrame wall hangings are a naked wall’s best pal. Find out how to do this modern-looking macrame piece at Darling Magazine.

4. Jersey Fabric

teal DIY macrame wall hanging

Make your own Pinterest worthy DIY macrame wall hanging with this step by step guide from Brit+Co. With just some wooden dowel, jersey fabric and scissors, you are good to go.

5. Brass Tubing

Modern-looking DIY macrame wall hanging

This elegant looking macrame is a good project for beginners. Yes, it looks like it’s done by a pro, but believe me it’s so easy to make. Check out this step by step tutorial by Brittany Makes.

6. Yarn Garland

yarn garland DIY macrame wall hanging

Look at how happy that wall looks like with that yarn garland DIY macrame wall hanging from Awfully Big Adventure. As she says it, “It’s macramézing!”

7. Textile Painted

Easy DIY macrame wall hanging

Who knew twine and ropes can be made into this elegant DIY macrame piece. Green Wedding Shoes really did a good job painting it as well.

8. Dip-Dyed Macrame

dip-dyed DIY macrame wall hanging

Parlor really has a thing for dip-dyeing. Well, I can’t blame her because it really does wonders and is so easy to do. Check out how dip-dyeing this macrame has made it look even cooler.

9. Beaded Macrame

Beaded DIY macrame wall hanging

And you thought macrame is only for those cute friendship bracelets? Maker Crate was a little intimidated at first to try a hand at this DIY macrame wall hanging. But look at how well she did with her finished project!

10. Ombre Ends Macrame

ombre ends DIY macrame wall hanging

Something as classic as a macrame will never go out of style. Modernize this classy piece of art by using different materials with some bright colors if you want. Just look at how this design from Parlor has suddenly got that modern feel to it with just the addition of some blue ombre.

11. Hot Pink Macrame

hot pink DIY macrame wall hanging

Modernize your walls with this hot pink DIY macrame inspiration from Crafts Unleashed. The choice of color for this project gives a fresh and hip vibe to the traditional knots used in making this macrame.

12. Intertwined Macrame

intertwined DIY macrame wall hanging

Okay, this pattern might come a little intimidating to beginners especially when they find out the list of knots involved in this project. Heart Strings used some reverse larks head, overhand, half hitch, diagonal double half hitch, square, braid and half knots to make this macrame. Don’t let this list hinder you from trying out this design. Just look at how lovely the result will be! I bet it will look even lovelier on your favorite color.

13. Macrame with Beads

DIY macrame wall hanging with beads

If you want the exact same look of this macrame on your very walls, then check out the step by step tutorial at A Pair and A Spare.

14. Vintage Look

vintage looking DIY macrame wall hanging

This DIY macrame wall hanging from Amazing Spaces starts with some larks head knots and then some alternating square knots. The cool thing about their tutorial is that they will show you first how to do the knots before going through the main project.


15. Ombre Macrame

ombre DIY macrame wall hanging

That heart made of copper pipes is what makes this DIY macrame wall hanging a unique one. Check out how it’s done, plus how to get that cool ombre effect at Nostalgiecat.

16. Dream Catcher-Inspired Macrame

Dream catcher inspired DIY macrame wall hanging

Wow your guests with this dream catcher-inspired macrame piece. Find more design ideas, complete list of materials to use and a step by step guide at A Pair and A Spare.

17. Owl Patterned Macrame

Owl DIY macrame wall hanging

Keep up with the owl trend while holding on to that boho vibe with this owl patterned DIY macrame wall hanging from Macrame School.

18. Angled Macrame

Green tips DIY macrame wall hanging

From The Koenigs Create, this DIY angled macrame came into making after being blown away by the $100 price tag of a wall hanging online.

19. Feathered Macrame

 Feather DIY macrame wall hanging

Oh those feathers added another full dose of boho to that DIY macrame wall hanging. Find this inspiration and a step by step guide on how to do it at Bldg25.

20. Christmas Tree Macrame

Christmas tree DIY macrame wall hanging

Now that you know how to make your own macrame, how about making one especially for the holidays like this Christmas tree DIY macrame wall hanging from Macrame School. This is sure to bring some boho Christmas spirit!

Bonus Content

And because we want to make sure that you will be able to make your own DIY macrame wall hanging, here is a bonus content. Enjoy making square knots, spiral knots and half-hitch knots at your own pace while watching this video tutorial.