DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner – Keep Your Cosmetic Tool Free from Grime

by craftmin | January 12, 2018

Through constant use, makeup brushes tend to accumulate grime that make them less efficientthan normal. For many people, this phenomenon seems normal and is what makes cosmetic brushes so short-lived. However, these are the same people who have not heard of DIY makeup brush cleaner.

Many people see cosmetic brushes as disposable items that must be replaced every now and then – they are a common victim in this disposable culture.

Longevity of Makeup Brushes

But, while these items may seem “trashy”, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a bit of care, even an overused brush caan outlive the cosmetics that are used with it.

Not many companies will tell you this, but makeup brushes are not really as disposable as they seem. Like many other items, these brushes are “repairable” over time. After all, you are not dealing with paint with these brushes but powders that are easily removed.

Not Your Ordinary Means

Yet, of course, having to clean up makeup brushes is not simple as merely shaking the powder off. This might work to a certain extent but is not the ultimate solution to the problem. It takes the right solution to magnet off the substances that would otherwise clog the brushes.

Luckily, makeup brush cleaners are not just exclusive to make-up stores. With the right recipe, you can easily make your own which is probably as efficient as anything you’d find on the market. Sometimes, these DIY formulas can be even better.

Some Amazing DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Formulas

If you are clueless, do not fret. We’ve got you covered.

  1. Phan’s Ultimate Brush Cleaner

    DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

    DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner | Source:

Combining the disinfecting and conditioning powers of dishwashing soap and olive oil, this is the ultimate brush cleaner. This formula wipes your brushes clean of everything, including its essential elements, but restore the latter when needed.

It works like this: Imagine you use a shampoo which promises to remove all the dirt in your hair including the natural oil which keeps it moist. If no hair conditioner is used afterwards, your hair ends up clean but dry and brittle. But when you used a moisturizer too, it ends up clean and normal instead and restores moisture to each strand.

A makeup brush is essential made of organic hair, and it has the right structure to keep its nutrients. So, if you frequently clean your brush with this formula, you will be keeping it healthy.

Here’s what you need:

  • Dishwashing soap
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Hanger
  • Plate
  • Brush guards
  • Chip clips

Step 1

Pour an ample amount of dishwashing soap onto the plate.

Step 2

Add some olive oil to make a mixture of 4 parts dishwashing soap and 3 parts olive oil.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner | Source:

That is it, you have already developed the ultimate hair brush cleaning solution.

Step 3

Take the brush you intend to clean and make a circular motion with it in the mixture. You will soon notice the substances flaking off.

Step 4

Ensure the rest of the powder from the makeup is removed by wiping the brush back and forth on your hand. Further flakes of pigments along with unseen bacteria should fall off at this point.

Step 5

When done, place the brush on a paper towel so it can dry off a bit..

Step 6

If you have more than one brush to clean off, simply repeat steps 3 to 5. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Step 7

Rinse your brush(es) with warm water. (Note: Not hot water, as this will damage your brush.) Swirl the brush(es) as you rinse them to facilitate the removal of any stuck particles.

Step 8

Just keep repeating step 7 until all the mess in your brush is removed.

Step 9

Once rinsed, get back to the paper towel to dry out the brush(es).

You may think that the overall procedure is done once you’ve dried your brushes post-rinsing, but that’s only half of it. The rest is about the proper storage and further drying of the brush.

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner | Source:

Never store your freshly cleaned brushes upside-down (bristles facing upward) as gravity will pull any remaining water from the brush towards the area where the bristle is glued in. Consequently, the glue will loosen which may make the bristles fall out and ultimately ruin the brush.

Instead of that, do it this way:

  1. Cover your brush completely with a brush guard. Start off from the brush’s tail-end up to the very bristles.
  2. Take a chip clip and clip the now-sealed makeup brush to the base wire of the hanger. Make sure that the brush’s bristles are pointing to the ground.

Cleaning Regimen for your Kit

  • Foundation brushes attract more bacteria than any other brushes in your makeup kit, especially if the brush itself is moist.
  • Eyeshadow/powder brushes require cleaning only after applying a new color.
  • Eyeliner brushes play a role in causing or preventing infection. As a makeup tool that works around the eyes, this brush must be cleaned daily.

  1. Zero Waste DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

    DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner | Source:

This is an alternative to the one we discussed previously. The only difference in this mixture is that, instead of olive oil, we’ll use almond oil.

It is not that hard to surmise that how this particular concoction works isn’t too different from the previous one.

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 tablespoons of liquid soap
  • 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil

Step 1

Pour both the soap and the almond oil onto a plate.

Step 2

Dip and swirl your brush into the mixture to remove unwanted impurities from the brush. Use your hands as needed to remove any remaining residue.

Step 3

Rinse the brush off with *cold* water.

Step 4

Let your brush dry by hanging for 24 to 48 hours with the bristles facing downward.

This particular mixture should work on most makeup brushes, but if you work on an overused brush, adjust the consistency as you see fit. For instance, add a bit of soap to make the rinsing process more effective.

Some brushes may require a more frequent and regular cleaning but others may survive not getting cleaned for 4 to 6 months. Nevertheless, make sure to keep your brushes disinfected by spraying a disinfectant solution on them.