35 Decorative DIY Mason Jar Lights Ideas

by craftmin | January 7, 2018

The popularity of mason jars along with pallets and burlap have skyrocketed as upcycling and DIY project materials. Do you want your home to have some rustic, cool lighting but you’re short on budget for the light fixtures? Make some of these DIY Mason Jar Lights and give both of your outdoor and indoor spaces a quirky, sweet, homey atmosphere. You can have a crafting base by taking advantage of the incredible versatility of mason jars. They make not only as perfect containers for jams, jellies, and other preserves but also make an excellent long-lasting housing for fragile light bulbs.

It might cost you an arm and a leg just to have an outdoor lighting, and if you’re saving money for a rainy day, you wouldn’t mind a patio or backyard without lighting, even if you’re planning on hanging out outside for a long time at night. Whether you have a small or large backyard or patio, make the atmosphere incredibly romantic and soft with the glow brought by these DIY Mason Jar Lights projects, which you can hang under a covered patio like a chandelier or string along a rustic ligneous fence.

35 DIY Mason Jar Lights Ideas

A number of DIY Mason Jar Lights ideas that range from simple concepts to more complex concepts are featured in this collection. You can also ask help from older children to do the project that you have chosen. So dress up your living room, bathroom, bedroom, patio, and porch with some cool lighting from DIY Mason Jar Lights.

1. Mason Jar Holiday Xmas Lantern

Let your jars do the spreading of holiday spirit for you by engraving inspiring words such as “Hope”, “Love”, or “Joy”. They make a unique, charming decor for winter celebrations. Get cozy and make this DIY Mason Jar Lights project with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

2. Candlelit Mason Jars

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Candlelit Mason Jars


The simple jars of this DIY Mason Jar Lights project are attached to a vertical surface like the top of a fence using thick, sturdy chains. To avoid smothering the flame of the candle, these lights have their tops open. Small pebbles snug the candles in place. You can protect these from the rain by easily placing a cover on them. To make this DIY Candlelit Mason Jars, follow the instructions provided here.

3. Burlap & Doily Luminaries

This DIY Mason Jar Lights project is the combination of the rusticity of the burlap, the delicate beauty of the doilies, and the romance brought by the candles. These romantic doily luminaries give accent to a wedding reception or make a perfect table decor on Valentine’s Day. Experiment with different burlap, twine, buttons, and ribbons while also trying out various doily designs. Check out this tutorial that comes with helpful tips.

4. Colored Glass Gem Mason Jar Lights

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Colored Glass Gem Mason Jar Lights

Source: Aleenes

A patio table with a DIY Mason Jar Lights project like this simple yet amazing lantern sitting on it is so cool! The top has a small hole so that the candle inside can breathe. Colored glass gems cover the exterior to create a spectacular shadow. This lantern has a simple wire handle that makes it movable while lit. The tutorial provided here will show you how this DIY Colored Glass Gem Mason Jar Light is done.

5. Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns

Children just couldn’t get enough of enchanted things and some grown-ups never outgrew their fascination with them. It is so enchanting how this DIY Mason Jar Lights project cast frolicking silhouettes of dwarves, fairies, unicorns, and other magical creatures.

Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns make nice outdoor Halloween decors, great decors in the living room, perfect additions to a fairy garden, and awesome night lights in the bedroom. You can watch the video tutorial here.

6. Simple Ball Jar String Lights

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Simple Ball Jar String Lights

Source: Etsy

In this Mason Jar Lights project, the fragile lightbulbs are protected from any weather or wind using sturdier and thicker mason jars. Are you in search of a lighting for a nighttime gathering that isn’t very blinding? Why not provide your covered patio a soft bright ethereal yellow light by hanging these Simple Ball Jar String Lights along its edge or along a fence. Visit Etsy to check this one out.

7. Tissue Paper Heart Luminary

Make your Valentine’s Day a lot more romantic by creating your own Valentine’s decorations like this beautiful handmade Tissue Paper Heart Luminary. It’s time to fall in love with the copious amounts of glitter, the cut-out hearts, and the puddles of craft glue. Visit Homemade Serenity to learn how this DIY Mason Jar Lights project is made.

8. Rainbow Ball Jar String Lighting

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Rainbow Ball Jar String Lighting

Source: Etsy

Light up any living room, creative office, outdoor party, or patio with a Mason Jar Lights concept like this spectrum of Mason jar lanterns. You’ll be smitten with how a simple colored glaze can create an adorable rainbow with a string of ball jar lights. You can simply place these on a branch or railing, or have them dangling along a fence. Check this one out at Etsy.

9. Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries

So carving pumpkins isn’t your thing during Halloween? Create these Halloween Painted Jar Luminaries instead. Don’t mistake these glowing ghosts for emoticons. Check out how to make this DIY Mason Jar Lights project to give your home that spooky feel.

10. Solar-Top Mason Jar Lights

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Solar-Top Mason Jar Lights


Instead of throwing broken solar lights, use them to make neat DIY Mason Jar Lights like these Solar-Top Mason Jar Lights—just use a screw on solar light cap in place of what a mason jar typically has for a top, have them charged up during the day, and you’ve got yourself an environment-friendly solar lanterns that have a slight rustic chic flair. Here is how to make one!

11. Blue Mason Jar Chandelier

Add ambiance to any room with a DIY Mason Jar Lights project like this Blue Mason Jar Chandelier. It’s cost-effective, chic, and jazzes up any space. Buying a light fixture like a chandelier can be costly. Why not just spend $10 or less for the 6 blue mason jars, visit the thrift stores for cheap chandeliers, and make one for your own using this simple how-to guide?

12. Natural Fiber Strung Hanging Lights

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Natural Fiber Strung Hanging Lights

Source: Houzz

Feel the magic at night with these simple twinkling lights fastened to the tree branch with a twine. The soft luminary effect created by these outdoor icicle lights that come in small clusters is what makes a Mason Jar Lights project like these Natural Fiber Strung Hanging Lights perfect for a quiet romantic or an entertaining night with someone you hold dear. Visit Houzz to check this one out.

13. Clever Jar-Made Wagon Wheel Chandelier

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Clever Jar-Made Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Source: DIY JOY

This Clever Mason Jar Chandelier uses a repurposed wagon wheel and is the ideal DIY Mason Jar Lights project for giving any outdoor environment a rustic charm, wedding decoration concepts, creating romance, and alluring backyard lighting plans. Get this done with this step-by-step guide.

14. Glowing Neon Starry Hanging Night Lights

Nothing could better make late night bonfires or parties perfect than a fun DIY Mason Jar Lights project like these Glowing Neon Starry Hanging Night Lights. The glow-in-the-dark spraypaint spattered inside mason jars casts a Twilight-themed magical lighting. You can place them around your space or hang them just like regular mason jars. Make some of this cool DIY glow jars with this thorough guide.

15. Southern Charm Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Southern Charm Mason Jar Chandelier

Source: WE Store

A DIY Mason Jar Lights project like this handmade chandelier uses fluorescent bulbs to light up the twelve wide-mouth Mason jars. This Mason Jar Chandelier is energy-efficient and full of Southern charm for a great conversation piece. Check out this Mason jar lights featured in WE Store.

16. LED Outdoor Party Lights

DIY Mason Jar Lights: LED Rustic Outdoor Party Lights

Source: Sarah Hearts

This DIY Mason Jar Lights concept uses frosted mason jars to contain groups of LED lights, thus creating a firefly effect and making the lighting not so glaring. Each of the thick ropes holds 3 or more jars. The ropes are then attached to the upper surface of a covered patio. Just look at how amazing this Mason jar lights when installed.

17. Coffee Bean 5 Minute Mason Jar Lamp

Can you believe it? A lamp made within 5 minutes or less with a shade, a canning jar, and a lamp adapter is actually possible! This pretty DIY Mason Jar Lights project is quick and easy to make and is absolutely customizable. So this DIY project is not just all about coffees filling the jar. You can also use sand and seashells to give it a nautical or beachy look. If you’re planning to place it in your craft room, you can put floral marbles, buttons, pebbles, or craft supplies in the jar. You can also try adding colorful candies, wrap it with twine, dye it, or just leave it empty. Even a humidity garden or terrarium also makes a great idea! For a seasonal home decor, you can match the season by changing the contents! Take a peek how it’s done here.

18. Solar Stake Pathway Lights

Light up your garden pathway with a DIY Mason Jar Lights plan like these easy-to-make adorable jar stake lights. Did I mention that this DIY project uses solar lights? Yup, you’ve read that right! So there’s no need to change bulbs or batteries.

You don’t need anything super fancy, but this simple tutorial to pull this off.

19. Mason Jar Lamp Faux Zinc Shade

Kick your mason jar crafting up to a notch with this creative DIY Mason Jar Lights idea. Make a lamp with an old Mason jar, craft a unique shade using a coffee can, and use Zinc Antiquing Solution to give that shiny new metal the necessary patina of age. Learn how to make your own Mason Jar Lamp Faux Zinc Shade with this simple tutorial.

20. Mason Jar Tiki Torch

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Source: eHow

Make this DIY Mason Jar Lights project, and you’ll always have a bug-free summer evening with great lighting whether you’re having fun in your backyard or camping in the woods.

If you go for a tropical or beachy décor, then the size of traditional tiki-torches being large wouldn’t be a problem fitting into your décor. On the other hand, these smaller Mason jar citronella candles have a charming vintage feel—not only useful but stylish as well. They are either hung from a hook or placed on a table. Regardless of what it is, they sure make a great outdoor enhancement.

Do you want to make this DIY project? Follow these simple directions.

21. Constellation Jar

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Constellation Jar


Grown-ups or children will definitely have fun doing a DIY Mason Jar Lights project such as this DIY Constellation Jar. You can make this DIY project using items around your house. For the tutorial, learn to make it here, and take stargazing to any room of your house!

22. Rope Wrapped Mason Jar Light

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by A Pair & A Spare

Bee aware—this DIY Rope Wrapped Mason Jar light is as sweet as honey!

This half gallon sized DIY pendant light made with a Mason jar perfectly fits any space from crisp clean contemporary to country shabby chic. These lights are wrapped in rope to be likened to a beehive. Hang these in your home, and they’ll surely make a “BUZZ”. They are perfect for the patio or porch and ideal in the cabin or kitchen.

Want to know how to make one? Check out the tutorials here.

23. Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

Can’t think of something to make for the Independence Day? A lot of things can be made with Mason jars and surprisingly, a patriotic lantern is one of them. This DIY Mason Jar Lights project will make awesome lanterns during the night and a cool centerpiece during the day. Multifunctional and easy to make, you simply have to follow the step-by-step instructions here to make them. If your style of learning is more about watching a YouTube video, then check out this time-lapse video!

24. Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

By just looking at the picture of this DIY Mason Jar Lights project can make you giddy! This cute outdoor mason jar chandelier is super easy and quick to make. Believe it or not, it will only cost you $10 to get so much rustic charm with few materials. This is the kind of project you can make with your friends or your kids one afternoon or craft night. The step-by-step directions here will show you how this is done.

You can even have it solar powered. Check this out!

25. Mason Jar Pendant Light

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Mason Jar Pendant Light

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by home is what you make it

In this DIY Mason Jar Lights project, the Mason jar is repurposed to be made into gorgeous pendant lights! This DIY Mason Jar Pendant Light is another brilliant way of creating something new from something old.

The Mason jar works well as charming hanging lights for any style of decoration. Make more of it with this tutorial. They make nice accent lights in the living room, bring fun and unique lighting in the bathroom, come in handy in the bedroom when reading, and are perfect over a kitchen table or island.

26. Easy Jar Vanity Light

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Mason Jar Vanity Light

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Blesser House

If pinning items isn’t in your blood, then you’re surely not aware of the fact that the popularity of Mason jar projects, especially DIY Mason Jar Lights, have soared. A DIY project like these Vanity Lights made with Mason jars is one of the hottest trends when it comes to awesome Mason jar repurposing projects. With no more than 20 minutes, with only 6 bucks in your possession, and with this tutorial, turning a builder grade light fixture into personalized Mason Jar Lights is a cakewalk!

27. Table Lantern Made with Mason Jar

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Mason Jar Table Lamp

Image Courtesy of & DIY Tutorial by Infarrantly Creative

This DIY Mason Jar Lights project is one bright idea! You can change the ambiance of the room by changing the Mason jar based on the décor or season. Why not give it a try? Here is how you can make a Table Lantern with a Mason jar.

28. Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier

Source: DIY JOY

So you want a rustic interior design for your home? A DIY Mason Jar Lights project like this simple-yet-brilliant Mason Jar Chandelier with rustic feel might just be what you’re looking for!

Inspired by the whole hanging mason jars idea, this hanging fixture is just the right project you need to make to give your kitchen an extra rustic feel. No matter what look you’re looking for—be it a more modern industrial look or a farmhouse look, any home interior design will definitely be gorgeous with this fixture around. You have no idea how this DIY project is ridiculously easy to make by following the steps on how to create a DIY Mason jar chandelier in this YouTube video tutorial!

29. Techno Tiki LED Mason Jar Torch

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Mason Jar Techno Tiki Torch

Source: adafruit

Your quest to give late summer festivals, parties, or camping trips an awe-inspiring decoration has finally led you to this Techno Tiki LED Mason Jar Torch project. This DIY Mason Jar Lights project is just what you need to set the mood and equip any spaces outside your house with LED torches that animate and glow in any color. There’s too much to learn to create this project, and hopefully, the guide provided here will help you to enjoy the fun style and colors of the techno-tiki torch’s lighting.

30. Mason Jar Monogram Light

Don’t be intimidated and deceived by this pretending-to-be-hard Mason Jar Monogram Light. With the right supplies, you can simply and easily make one just like any other DIY Mason Jar Lights. This is something you don’t see every day. Want to know how to make one? Follow this guide.

31. Mason Jar Bathroom Light

Using mason jars and some other materials, you can have this amazing Mason Jar Bathroom Light in no time. It’s incredible what drilling a pilot hole in the lid of the jar, cutting out the whole using tin snips, and attaching it to the fixture can do! No idea how? This tutorial might give you a clear understanding of how to do this.

32. Succulent Chandelier

This cool Succulent Chandelier adorns perfectly the interior design of a house, especially when made as an additional decor to any patio. From a pot rack to this little piece of goodness, this DIY Mason Jar Lights project is complete with some illumination and greenery. It is so amazing how everything fits perfectly together! For the how-to, visit the tutorial here. Time to get super crafty!

33. Prism Light Candle

DIY Mason Jar Lights: Prism Light Candle

Source: DIY JOY

Also known as the scatter candle, a DIY Mason Jar Lights project like this jewel-encrusted jar emits light in astonishing patterns and shapes. Luckily, you can make this DIY Prism Light Candle almost effortlessly. Just get yourself a bag of colored, flat-sided small glass stones (available on Amazon or in your local craft stores), and follow this incredibly thorough YouTube video tutorial to complete this one.

34. Pottery Barn Inspired Ladder Lantern Hanger

A Moravian star and mason jars are hung to an old rustic ladder for a charming candlelit chandelier in this DIY Mason Jar Lights project. This tutorial will guide you on how to form a trifecta of perfection.

35. Rope-wrapped Cord Mason Jar Light

The cuteness of this DIY Mason Jar Lights project is undeniable. You can hang it as a group, and it is even compact enough to place in small spaces. Just get a jar, twine, and some rope, and follow the step-by-step directions of how to pull off this DIY Mason Jar Rope Light.

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