25 Lovely DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Ideas

by craftmin | January 2, 2018

Every year we celebrate the boundless love and care of mothers all over the world. It is quite easy to buy a Hallmark card from the store, but most of us pour love and care onto our mothers with gifts and cards. These DIY Mother’s Day cards and ideas are filled with the love and gratitude we have for our mothers. With love for the women who have raised and mentored us, enjoy making these DIy Mother’s Day cards and ideas.

DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Ideas

(1) Heartstrings for Mom

Make this beautiful and easy colorful string art for Mom on her special day. The younger children might need a little help with the threading, but this is a card a grade schooler can easily make. Check out these diy nail and string art ideas for more yarn projects.

Source: Heart String Art DIY Mother’s Day Card

(2) Palm of Love

diy mothers day cards

With palm and paper, you can now make this Mother’s Day card! Its an easy card with just the right touch of fun and humor, and you could have each child make one on different colored cardstock. Why not make several and to hang around the dining room at your special Mother’s Day dinner.

Source: DIY Palm Card

(3) Origami Mom

diy mothers day cards

A lot of us learned crafting from our moms and the other intrepid females in our lives. Show off your origami skills, spelling out Mom in cheerful folded and glued origami paper.

Source:  DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Ideas – Origami

(4) Cut-out Impact

diy mothers day cards

This is an easy but impressive cut out to for a sweet and stunning surprise. Using a crafter’s knife or an X Acto hobby knife, cut out shapes and patterns in the middle of the topmost part of the card, then glue a childhood picture or a photo of you and mom inside. Write your message too and watch her be surprised.

Source: Cut-out Card

(5) Pop-up Love

diy mothers day cards

Impressive paper pop-up for an “Oh wow!” moment with the mom or other female who loved and raised you. A bit different but definitely a striking diy card.

Source: Pop-up Mother’s Day Card

(6) First in My Heart

diy mothers day cards

Show Mom how much she means to you with this be-ribboned card. It’s not enough that she’s the Best Mom in the World, but she’s #1 in your heart as well.

Source: Ribboned Card

(7) Totally Turtle

diy mothers day cards

Enjoy making this cute turtle card for your mom with some leftover cupcake liners.  If you don’t have liners, just draw a circle and cut with pinking scissors or just make scalloped or zigzag movements when you cut with normal scissors.

Source: Turtle-themed DIY Mother’s Day Card

(8) Pastel Bright

diy mothers day cards pastel

Perfect for a pastel yet bright Mother’s Day celebration, this features cheerful florals for your mom’s paper bouquet.

Source: Pastel Color Card

(9) Sunday’s Best Sundae

diy mothers day cards

Treat Mom to a sundae with this card decorated with sundae toppings – ice cream kept separately. Its a funny and delicious way to show her how much you care.

Source: Mother’s Day Sundae

(10) Washi Wonders

diy mothers day cards

Washi tape is a simple Japanese masking tape made of decorative traditional fiber paper. Work wonders for your card by simply choosing and cutting to decorate your card. Enjoy the colors as Mom will enjoy reading your card.

Source: Washi Tape DIY Mother’s Day Card

(11) Go Big and Bigger

diy mothers day cards

The biggest hearts in the world belong to the mothers who are part boot camp sergeant, part head cheerleader, and part chief nutritionist all rolled into one. The bigger the card, the bigger the envelope and the beaming smile of happiness that are sure to shine on Mom’s happy face.

Source: Big Big Thanks

(12) Kids and Glitter

DIY Mother's Day Cards and Ideas - Glittery Heart

A simple homemade card from the kids, so help them step-by-step to make a glittering heart for the World’s Number 1 woman – their Mom!

Source: DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Ideas – Glittery Heart

(13) Lovely Watercolored Card

diy mothers day cards

A lovely watercolor wash card for something simple and pretty for Mother’s Day. Go artistic or go colorful, you can even go both.

Source: Watercolor Mother’s Day Card

(14) Spring Love

diy mothers day cards

After the difficulties of winter comes the hope and freshness of spring.  Let Mom feel that she is your spring with this cheerful and bright simple flower card. Give Mom the gift of spring along with the cards with these diy garden box ideas.

Source: DIY Mother’s Day Cards – Simple Flowers

(15) A Card and a Book

diy mothers day cards

A lot more paper will be needed for this one, but fill the pages of this paper heart book with your most sincere wishes for mom. Something simple but sentimental and heart-warming.

Source:  DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Ideas – Heart Book

(16) Time to Knit

diy mothers day cards

A mom who knits will surely love this homage to her hobby and skills as you take the time to make her a knitted card. Or a diy scarf for those cool spring nights.

Source: DIY Crocheted Mother’s Day Card

(17) Mom’s Flowery Card

diy mothers day cards

Collect pictures of pretty flowers, cut them out and glue them on cardstock.  Pretty it up even more with dots and dashes if you want. You don’t need to be artistic, you just need some glue. Feeling some more gifting? Check these easy and budget gift ideas.

Source: Floral Card for Mom

(18) Merging Tech

mothers day cards printables

Pick up something printable and at the same time go handmade with this card that looks classy without being cheesy.

Source: DIY Printable Mother’s Day Cards

(19) Animated Love

diy mothers day cards digital

Make a digital card, recorded on your phone or, if you’re too shy, make a looping gif of you simply saying “A Happy Mother’s Day!” And for something more tangible, make her a pretty diy bracelet just in time for Mother’s Day.

Source:  DIY Mother’s Day Cards and Ideas – Go Digital

(20) Family Journal in a Card

One of the most treasured gifts is a journal – a journey through experiences and memories.  Start a family journal in a Mother’s Day card – Mom is sure to keep this one. Why not partner your card journal with a lovely notebook to be filled with loving memories?

Source: Family Journal Card

(21) Cricuts for Mom

diy mothers day cards

A Cricut is a lovely crafty thing so why not make a Cricut card for Mom? Whether you go with templates or make your own, what matters most is the love and sentiment behind your card.

Source: Cricut Card for Mother’s Day

(22) Button Card

diy mothers day cards button

Come up with a few buttons lying around the house for this simple button card for Mom – it’s fun to make and a bit whimsical to bring her a smile on Mother’s Day. You can also use some buttons to make her a pair of diy earrings.

Source: DIY Mother’s Day Button Card

(23) A Fan Full of Heart

diy mothers day cards

A little more effort is needed to make this heart-shaped heart fan that shows how much love and gratitude you have for dear Mom. Tip: Make each fan a promised treat or maybe a chore that you would be happy to do like washing the dishes, cooking Sunday lunch or fixing the creaky stair.

Source: DIY Heart-shaped Mother’s Day Card

(24) Tissue Paper 3D Card

diy mothers day cards tissue paper

A simple card to make but it is definitely stunning with its 3D elements. Choose bright colors to make bright flowers for Mother’s Day.

Source: DIY Tissue Paper Card for Mom

(25) Family Love Flap

diy mothers day cards     

Paper and a lot of sentiments for dear Mom on Mother’s Day.

Source: Mother’s Day Flap Card