12 DIY Napkin Rings Perfect For Any Occasion!

by craftmin | December 16, 2017

A home cooked meal is best enjoyed in the company of family, friends and beloved ones. If you are planning to invite the significant people in your life over for a lovely  lunch or dinner, I am sure that these 12 DIY napkin rings will make the meal even tastier!



No matter what event you are celebrating, and no matter who the guests are, these easy 12 DIY napkin rings have got you cover!



1 Splatter paint on beads for colorful DIY napkin rings!

paint splattered diy napkin ring

Source: Stephanie

For a daily napkin ring set that will add a beautiful tinge of color to your meal, use stringed wooden beads! To spice up the plain wooden beads, don’t be afraid to splatter them with paint for a lively and colorful DIY napkin ring.

To see the step-by-step DIY napkin ring process, feel free to visit here!



2 Use a menu for a DIY napkin rings!


Source: Say Yes

Upgrade your meal hosting skills! If you are hosting a multi-course meal, let your beloved guests find out what they will be served for each course using this lovely menu DIY Napkin ring, which is sure to make the table look spectacular and excite everyone for their meal!

What makes this even better is that this project is perfect for everyone, as it is very simple and easy. Skeptic? Try this DIY napkin ring here.



3 Play with patterns for your DIY napkin rings!


Source: Kara

Hosting your meal does not have to cost a lot to look gorgeous and extravagant! All you need is to add a beautiful patterned napkin ring to your table.

This can easily be done with free printable templates, and you can also download templates for your place mats  for a cohesive and lovely table setting.

For the step-by-step patterned DIY Napkin ring tutorial, refer here!

4 Be classy with a faux ceramic DIY napkin rings!


Source: Molly

Have you ever found yourself wanting to buy an expensive ceramic napkin ring, but didn’t want to break the bank so you ledt empty handed? This DIY napkin ring is perfect for you!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for a beautiful and classy ceramic napkin ring – simply create a faux ceramic one instead.

You can sculpt a fake ceramic napkin ring out of a polymer clay by rolling the clay flat and wraping it around a tube. Paint it with a ceramic color to achieve the beautiful ceramic napkin ring you’ve always wanted!

For an even more detailed procedure, drop by here.


5 Twist wires for gorgeous DIY napkin rings!


Source: Lisa Yang

Accentuate your napkin cloth with this eye-catching twisted wire napkin ring! This beautiful wire napkin ring is not only perfect for the holiday season but can suit any occasion you need. You could use this DIY napkin ring to dress up your table every day of the year, or give it to a friend who also enjoys hosting meals!

Here is a set of detailed step-by-step instructions and tips on how to create this beautiful napkin ring.


6 Create classic looped wired DIY napkin rings!

wired diy napkin ring

Source: Jessica

No matter what event you are preparing for, using looped wired napkin rings will never disappoint! Upgrade your table decor with this easy DIY napkin ring accessible at any hardware store near you. Available in gold, copper and silver, simply wrap the wires in loops large enough to fit your rolled napkin and, voila, you will be ready to host special meals at home!


For a complete tutorial of this DIY napkin ring, click here.



7 Give a feminine touch with these Floral DIY napkin rings!

floral DIY napkin ring

Source: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman.

Fresh flowers are not only made to be the central attraction of a table, so why not use them to accentuate your napkin ring? Use carnations to create a stunning floral napkin ring that your guests are sure to love!

To try this beautiful floral napkin ring for yourself, check the instructions, tips and materials right here.

8 Play with texture using Felt in these DIY napkin rings!

felt diy napkin ring

Source: Stephanie

If it is an easy and inexpensive DIY napkin ring you are looking for, this felt napkin ring set is all you need! Use felt papers in different colors and a small wooden dowel to easily create a simple and practical napkin ring for your table needs!

For a detailed felt napkin ring tutorial, drop by here.



9 Label the guests’ initials on their DIY napkin rings!

labeled initial diy napkin ring

Source: Kara

Give your napkin rings a personal touch with this clever way to personalize your table setting. Label each napkin ring with the initials of your guests, so the dinner feels more personalized and also gives a luxurious feel!

To achieve this luxurious napkin ring, see more details here.


10 Reminisce with these “Shrinky dinks”-inspired DIY napkin rings!

customized diy napkin rings

Source: Valerie Ott

Remember your favorite childhood toy Shrinky Dinks? Who would have thought that they could be used to make beautiful and unique DIY napkin rings?

Here is a detailed tutorial on how this childhood toy can help you to create napkin rings perfect for every occasion!


11 Be a minimalist with this leather DIY napkin rings!

minimalist diy napkin rings

Source: Burkatron

Go for a minimalist and simple look by rolling up your napkins and slipping each inside a leather napkin ring. You will never go wrong with this classic look, and leather napkin rings are also durable, which makes it ideal for daily usage.

Inspired to make these DIY napkin rings? Click here for more detailed instruction and tips!


12 Create a statement with these Geometric DIY napkin rings!

geometric diy napkin rings

Source: Molly

Add sophistication to your table setting with these gold geometric napkin rings. With the beautiful bold statement this piece is gives, no one can tell that they only cost a few dollars to make! These golden geometric napkin rings is actually made from cardboard and covered with metallic gold duct tape.

For a more detailed tutorial, visit here.



I’m sure that this list of easy and inexpensive 12 DIY napkin rings has inspired you to work on your own DIY napkin rings, and has got you excited to make a gorgeous napkin ring statement for your own table settings!

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