13 DIY Night Lights – Make Bedtime More Fun With These Night Lights!

by craftmin | December 26, 2017

There is no need to fear the monsters lurking in the dark. These beautiful 13 DIY night lights  will surely make you feel comfortable and safe at night! Why settle for a plain, boring, and no personality night lights, when you can create an interesting one for yourself? Certainly, your bedtime will never be the same anymore with these interesting night lights project!


13 Fun DIY night lights for an exta-ordinary bedtime experience!

Yes! you have read it right! Today, we have prepared 13 Do-it-yourself projects that will surely make your bedtime experience even more fun and interesting. You will surely enjoy this list because it is easy and enjoyable to do, and not to mention, inexpensive to create. Brace yourself and let us begin to tackle our DIY night lights list:

1.) Dazzle with Stringed DIY night lights!

1 stringed lamp diy night lights

Source: Instructables

You do not have to spend money in order to have a designer quality lamp. Create one for yourself instead, using some crochet thread, fabric stiffener, and an inflated balloon! With these materials in your hand, and patience for the drying process, you can already have a breath-taking stringed pendant lamp! The end result pictured above will surely look good in your room, specially when lit at night.


2.) Recycle tin cans with this environmental friendly night lamp project!

2 tin cans diy night lights

Source: Decozilla

Re-purpose your tin canisters that you have stored and stashed in your kitchen. Transform them from used food canister, unto an edgy night lamp! Simply clean your old tin cans and paint it with a pop of color. Afterwards, drill holes around it, and insert fairy lights inside. Voila! You now have an inexpensive but dainty looking night lamp! You can also drill beautiful patterns on the canisters for an even more creative look.


3.) Create a stunning geometrical DIY night lights using cardboards!

3 geometric diy night lights

Source: Instructables

Create unique statement lamp piece with this geometrical night light! With the use of a 3 layered cardboard, glue, and LED fairy lights, you can create this beautiful geometric night lights for your room as well. Simply stack your 3 layered cardboard on top of one another to create a geometric pattern. Glue them together, and insert the LED lights inside. Within a few hours, you already have an unconventional but equally stunning night lights!

4.) Create a lovely dainty night lights using laces!

4 laced diy night lamps

Source: Emmy Lizzy

This dainty dolly lamp may look like an expensive lamp bought from a store, but it is not. You can easily create a night light like this one for your home as well! Simply use an inflated balloon, fabric glue – or Elmer’s glue, and laces! Let the laces dry up on the inflated balloon for at least one day before you pop it. This ensures a more durable and sturdier night lamp. Afterwards, insert a light bulb inside and hang it on the ceiling. Light it up and be amazed at the beautiful pattern of the laces illuminated on the walls of your room.


5.) Transform your newspaper unto an unconventional night lights!

5 newspaper diy night lights

Source: WC Design Studios

Create a one-of-a-kind DIY night lights by re-purposing your old newspapers! Simple roll your collection of old news papers. Afterwards coat them in white paint then stack them to one another using glue. Throw in the LED lights inside after drying, and prepare to be surprised by your masterpiece once you light it up! If you do not have newspapers, you can use magazines instead.


6.) Decorate your child’s nursery room with cartoon DIY night lights!

6 mickey diy night lamps

Source: Project Nursery

This night lights project is suitable for those who are a big fan of a cartoon character, or for those who have children! By painting an image of a cartoon in a coat of solid color, and installing lights behind it, you can already have an adorable night light!

7.) Sleep the night away with an illuminated canvas!

7 illumminated diy night lights

Source: Design Sponge

Say goodbye to your boring night lamp, and say hello to night lights with personality! With a lightweight canvas, acrylic paint, and LED lights, you can customize a personalized message on your night lights. Turn off the lights and switch your night lights on, and be amazed by the message illuminated around your room.


8.) Re-purpose an old cage unto an interesting night lights! 8 caged diy night lights

Source: Design Squish

Re-invent and transform an old bird cage unto a unique night light! Simply place a light bulb inside of the old cage, cover it with a curtain or a fabric, and hang it on your ceiling. Within a matter of minutes, you are more than ready to light up your night with this interesting DIY night lights!

9.) Surprise yourself with this unsuspecting rope DIY night lights!

9 lit up rags diy night lamps

Source: Gros Grain Fab

Confident about your knitting skills? Why don’t you crochet and create a long rope for an extra-ordinary night lights?! No one would suspect that this long rope functioning as a rug by day, can bedazzle your bedroom with its illuminating lights at night.


10.) Create this beautiful pyramid night light project!

10 pyramid diy night lamps

Source: Useful DIY

This night light project works well as a decoration on your side table, and as an embellishment hanging on your ceiling. Simply pick a paper of your preference, arrange it in a pyramid-like structure, and insert a battery operated bulb inside of the pyramid. It is up to you if you will put it on your side table or hang it on the ceiling, but either ways, surely, this night light project is beautiful masterpiece to look at!

11.) Make bedtime even dreamier with a cloudy DIY night lights!

11 dreamy clouds diy night lights

Source: Sheharzad-arshad

Here is another DIY night lights project that is suitable for your young one’s nursery room. Fill your children’s room with dreamy clouds that give light in the dark even if it is during bedtime! Simply carve clouds out of woods and mount them on the wall. Insert a light fixture behind each clouds. Turn off the lights and switch on this dreamy night lights for an interesting bedtime experience!


12.) Turn your fondest memory unto night lights!

12 pictured diy night lights

Source: My Printly

You will surely have a good night sleep when you end your day reminded of your fondest memory. Transform these memories unto a practical and functioning night lights! With a wooden embroidery hoop,  acrylic paint, a photo of your fondest memory, and some lights, you can create the same sentimental night light pictured above for yourself!


13.) Let Batman protect you at night, build a dark night DIY night lights!

13 batman diy night lamps

Source: Instructables

This DIY night light project will surely be loved by Batman’s fans out there! Carve an outline of the dark knight from a wood board or a cardboard,  and mount it on the wall. Afterwards, insert a light bulb or a LED light behind the carved outline. Definitely, no monster can scare you at night with the illuminated dark knight protecting you!


With these 13 DIY night lights listed above, your bedtime experience will surely be an even more interesting experience!

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