DIY Outdoor Furniture to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space!

by craftmin | December 20, 2017

Looking for an easy DIY project for your outdoor living space? Why not try these 15 DIY outdoor furniture ideas to give your outdoor space the upgrade and re-invention it needs? Loads of people don’t give much thought to re-vamping their outdoor space, since it is out of their house. But don’t forget that your outdoor space is the first thing that people see when they pass by your house for a visit. It is a must, therefore, to build the outdoor furniture that will give your garden the wow-factor it needs.



1. Re-invent scrap chairs!

Scrap chair diy outdoor furniture

Source: Instructables

This re-invented Airondack scrap chair is perfect for those who enjoy lazing on the deck under the sun! This chair is perfect for your backyard especially if you have an inflatable pool, which will gives it a cabin-deck vibe. This Adirondack chair, once stripped down to a simple wooden wedge with an angled back and cantilevered arms will make you feel as if you are at a pool resort or on a cruise ship!

2. Combine a bench and a wheel barrow into one!

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Do you simply love re-arranging your furniture? Why not try this DIY Outdoor furniture project? With this project, re-arranging your outdoor furniture will never be an issue again. Combine an old bench with a wheel barrow and, voila! You will have a unique outdoor bench that can be moved anywhere without hassle.


3. Show your windows some love with these Barn-wood shutters!

BARN WOOD SHUTTERS DIY outdoor furniture

Source: Funky Junk Interiors 

Transform your conventional windows with these Barn wood shutters! This is perfect for a bathroom as it mixes well with wooden crates for toilet paper and towel holders. Throw in a shade of green is sure to give off the cool outdoor vibe!

This project is not only for bathroom windows, so it is up to your creativity and imagination for how you will incorporate this DIY outdoor furniture project into your backyard!

4. Give your table some life with succulents!

succulents diy outdoor furniture

Source: Faroutflora

Make your outdoor family meals more interesting by adding succulents to your garden table! When making this DIY outdoor furniture project, you will need patience. Deconstructing pallets can be hard if you do not have the right tools, but you can also use a hammer and wall scrapper. If the boards are not handled with care, they are sure to crack and split so prepare a load of extra pallet boards, just in case!


5. Take an afternoon nap in this outdoor day bed!

OUTDOOR DAY BED diy outdoor furniture

Source: Apprentice Extrovert


Take your afternoon naps to new heights with this DIY outdoor furniture project! This project works especially well for those who have unused corners on their deck or patio, but if you don’t have one, don’t worry – this project will still work for you!


6. Keep the drinks coming with this cooler-installed picnic table!

cooler diy outdoor furniture

Source: Remodelaholic

Eating outside is one of the best activities for the weekends! Upgrade your outdoor dining experience, by saving yourself the hassle of refilling your cold drinks. Build your own picnic table with a built-in cooler that will keep your drinks always at their coldest!

7. Chill outdoors with this hanging lounge chair!

hanging lounge DIY outdoor furniture

Source: The Merry Thought

Hang out in this hanging lounge chair! This DIY outdoor furniture is perfect for beginners because it is easy and fast to build. Just drill a few holes, throw in some rope, do a little sewing here and there and, voila! You now have a perfect seat to chill in which is perfect during summer for magazine reading and lemonade sipping.


8. Relax with your friends in this DIY outdoor furniture bench!

outdoor bench diy outdoor furniture

Source: Kaylasbasement

Here is an easy DIY outdoor furniture project using a few pieces of lumber, a bunch of cinder blocks, an old mattress and old throw pillows! These supplies will cost less than 40 bucks and take up only an hour of your time. This project is super fun to build!


9. Wow yourself and your guests with this $40 DIY log lounge!

log lounge diy outdoor furniture

Source: Homemade Modern

Who would dare suggest that this masterpiece is a DIY project that cost less than 40 bucks to make? This project is inexpensive, you can build it within a day and is a great lounge to relax in. With just a few logs and some heavy duty tools, you can create a breath-taking masterpiece like this one and wow guests coming into your front porch!


10. Build cute tables out of flower pots!
flower pot table diy outdoor furniture

Source: Apartment Therapy

Create a cute table for your outdoor space with some 12-inch flower pots, pizza pans and spray paint! This DIY outdoor furniture project is so easy that you can create one for yourself in less than thirty minutes.


11. Create these beautiful table and chairs out of pallets!

table and chairs diy outdoor furniture

Source: Bridgman

Don’t let the look of this table and chair set make you think that it is purchased from a luxury furniture store in London! With just a few wood pallets, spray paint and a pane of glass you can build this polished table set for your outdoor space. Spending a day building this for your outdoor space will be worth it to add a dash of colorful attitude to your backyard!

12. Build an outdoor bar out of Wooden railings!

outdoor bar diy furniture

Source: Cleverly Inspired

One tip for building DIY outdoor furniture is to use existing spaces and structures and add something functional that will give more value to your outdoor living space. In this DIY project, wooden boards are added to the railings to build a table then wooden chairs were added, creating an outdoor bar where you can dine and drink with your friends in the summer!


13. Transform a filing cabinet into garage storage!

garage storage diy outdoor furniture

Source: Life Hacker

It is always a good idea to recycle something you are not using anymore into a useful piece of furniture! In this DIY outdoor furniture project, using sand paper, colorful paint, peg boards and a rolling platform you can transform your old filing cabinet into garage storage!


14. Display your flower pots with this classic wooden garden shelf!

garden shelf diy outdoor furniture

Source:  simplyzaspy

Looking for a DIY project that can be done in less than an hour? This DIY outdoor furniture idea is for you! In just 30 minutes you can build a sturdy wooden garden shelf mounted on the railings. This is an easy project which lets you wow your neighbors with a beautiful display of flowers.

15. Make your kid happy with this simple DIY tree house!

diy outdoor furniture tree house

Source: apartmenttherapy

This DIY outdoor furniture is definitely a project your kid will thank you for building! Give your kid an additional reason to love you by building them a tree house, but it need not be extravagant or complex-looking. This simple tree house takes a minimal amount of material, time, money and effort to build!


With these easy-to-build, inexpensive and quick DIY outdoor projects you can wow yourself, your neighbors and your guests with your own DIY outdoor furniture masterpiece!

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