4 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas You Can Build On A Budget

by craftmin | December 16, 2017

Nice warm weather is always the best time to take activities usually done inside the house, well, outside. Embrace the warmer weather outdoors by eating outside together with your family and friends! Take your family outdoor meal experience to greater heights with these 4 DIY Outdoor kitchen ideas!



Outdoor kitchens come in many shapes, styles, price ranges, and building time. Here are 4 DIY outdoor kitchen ideas to choose from:

1. Go for this modern outdoor kitchen!

modern outdoor kitchen diy outdoor kitchen idea

Source:  Modern Outdoor Kitchen. Remodelista

If your home has a more modern aesthetic look, choose this modern outdoor kitchen. This DIY outdoor kitchen packs a sleek, clean and compact outdoor space. As you can see from the photo above, this DIY outdoor kitchen does not take too much space but still offers all of the essential kitchen tools.

The logs placed on the two bottom shelves add texture and classic beauty while the upper portion of the kitchen is built to cater for cooking and serving.

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be big in size. It can be as simple as just an extension of your home that offers great cooking experience in your yard. As long as the outdoor kitchen helps you to cook a delicious meal for your family and have a good time with them, you can ask nothing more!


2. If you have enough space, build a grand outdoor kitchen

grand outdoor kitchenSource:  Outdoor Kitchen. Better Homes & Garden.com

If your home is blessed with a spacious yard, then this DIY outdoor kitchen is suitable for you! This grand outdoor kitchen is a paradise for people who simply love cooking outdoors, because it is not only absolutely beautiful, but it is fully functional as well. It has everything a fully functional kitchen needs: an outdoor fireplace, two grills for barbecue parties and a range top. This DIY outdoor kitchen will really give you, your family and your friends the best dining experience they will ever have!

3. Give your yard a personality with this DIY outdoor kitchen!

personalized DIY outdoor kitchen

Source: The Cow Spot

Building an outdoor kitchen from scratch sure may be overwhelming, but it just means you will appreciate the result and experience even more. The couple who made this DIY outdoor kitchen was able to customise it entirely to their dreams – they planned to build a pizza oven, a cabinet for the storage of all of the grilling materials, and a built-in grill, and a counter top. As you can see, the couple definitely managed to build an amazing outdoor kitchen!

4. Build an inexpensive DIY outdoor kitchen from scratch!

diy outdoor kitchen from scratch

Source: Man-made DIY

It might be hard to believe that it only took a short amount of time to build this outdoor kitchen. Costing a fraction of the average outdoor kitchen, this kitchen is fully furnished with durable concrete counter top, cabinets for storage spaces, an outdoor sink, an oven and, of course, a barbecue grill!


Be it in Summer, or just a regular weekend with nice warm weather, your dining experience and barbecue parties will never be the same with these awesome DIY outdoor kitchens! Just remember that dedication and patience is the key to the success of your DIY outdoor kitchen.

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