DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets – 15 Awesome Ideas of Makeovers

by craftmin | December 9, 2017

Painted kitchen cabinets give a quick and fresh makeover to old and tired kitchens.  Try these budget-friendly and time-saving ideas to give your kitchen a fresh look.  Too busy to take on a painting project? Reserve a weekend or two with family and friends and have a painting party.

Perfectly Painted

Nothing gives a better pocket-friendly makeover than repainting a room. Historic lamp black to dazzling white. Whimsical to elegant. These 10 creative DIY painted kitchen cabinet makeovers give you big savings without gutting your time. If you’re willing to invest the effort, you can even end up with a true professional look.

Be inspired. Be personal. Be you. Moreover, be inspired by these diy dining table ideas to transform your house into a home wholly your own.

Tips Before Starting your DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets:

  • Plan ahead.  You will need to remove everything for storage, including your plates and utensils, your drawers and even the cabinet doors. Then you have to clean them properly.  Additionally, everything that needs to be repainted will need to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Check for loose hinges, cracked surfaces, and everything else like stuck drawers. Fix them before you even start thinking of your new paint color.
  • Choose.  There are two alternatives for the repainting. Buy and lay out all the things you need, from sandpaper to tack cloth and putty knife or get a ready-made painting kit.
  • One advantage of assembling your own DIY painting kit is that you can buy for long-term use and you’ll have more control over your materials.  Think budget. But also, think convenience. The advantage of buying a kit is that almost everything you need will be there, but it will also cost more. However, it will really save you time.
  • You will also have to decide between oil-based or acrylic paint . This is the perfect time to completely immerse yourself in paint chips. At this time, decide on your color scheme and your kitchen’s total look. Also, think about how you want to paint the kitchen cabinets: spray, roll, or old-fashioned paintbrush.
  • However, keep in mind that kitchens are usually multi-purpose.  It is a place for cooking and eating, but also a place where the kids study or use as a friendly hangout.  And, most often, it acts as an extension of your entertainment area. Another thing, color will definitely affect the lighting. Check ideas for DIY room divider on how to create pockets of space.
  • Prep. Clean your kitchen cabinets with baking soda and detergent mixed with warm water.  Strip the paint with a paint remover and then sand the surface for evenness. Prime the cabinets before you get to the actual painting but don’t get overwhelmed. Give your family, neighbors or housemates ample time to volunteer to help – maybe a friendly bribe or two of cookies or wine might do.

Budget-friendly Painted Kitchen Cabinets

(1) Perfectly Planned

DIY Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Tasha Agruso from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body planned her repainting project the way she would do a case, with planned precision.  That means doing more than a quick once-over and the result of her meticulous planning was deciding to skip intermediate sanding.  She even skipped priming. If you’re asking how it all ended up, Tasha says that even after two years the paint is as beautiful as ever.

Tasha’s Cabinets

(2) Inspired Inheritance

Lamp black Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Breath-taking with its elegant lines, these painted kitchen cabinets are simply classic.  Designer Jenni inherited the cabinets from the house’s former owner, which were the definite selling point of the kitchen. They are painted in what Jenni thinks of as “Benjamin Moore Lampblack”, a traditional color that harkens back to wallpapers from the 18th century and the 19th century. With its charcoal-nuanced color, Lamp black is an inspired choice.

Jenni’s Cabinets

(3)) Chalk it up to Experience

Fresh White Painted Kitchen Cabinet

Blogger Virginia Plunkett improved her newly painted kitchen cabinets with a surprising choice – a clean and stylish fresh coat of white paint. Her tutorial has become widely popular, iin part due to the funny and wry touches she adds along the way.

That whimsical winning touch? Chalkboards inside selected cabinets – a place to leave loving messages, a quick thank you, or updating the grocery list. This is one of my personal favorites in this list. Partner this whimsical kitchen with these amazing DIY ideas such as the charming chimes or the taste of Italy herb garden. 

Virginia’s Cabinets

(4) The Look of Love

Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Equipment

Blogger and home design enthusiast, Laura definitely knew what she wanted but also what she didn’t want for her kitchen cabinets. She wanted gorgeous cabinets to complete her charming kitchen, so she planned for a fabulous creamy white color and was willing to put in the time for her labor of love.  But she didn’t want to invest in expensive equipment, so instead she invested in the paints.  With repainting such a big area, she bought her paints from several souces including Ace Hardware, Trim and Cabinet, and Benjamin Moore.

Laura’s Cabinets

(5) From Old Country to Sophisticated Beauty

Gorgeous Gray Painted Kitchen Cabinets


A complete painted kitchen cabinets overhaul for under $200? Believe it, as Kassandra Dekoning decisively transformed her red oak country-style cabinets into this stunning kitchen.  Done with all the wood, she used a complex color scheme of muted grays and earthy colors in Benjamin Moore’s Pearl Finish.  And the result? A stunning beauty of a kitchen.

Kassandra’s Cabinets

(6) Farmhouse Blues and Greens

Beautiful Painted Dark Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets are usually light and white, with DIYers choosing creamy and shiny finishes.  Abbey Hendrickson went to the opposite end of the spectrum by choosing dark blues and a sedate green for her farmhouse kitchen. Because of the unusual colors, I am drawn to this kitchen, and it certainlyis  stunning. Also, check these amazing diy sliding barn doors to complete the country-style look.

Abbey’s Cabinets

(7) A Scientist’s Nine-day Wonder

stylish painted kitchen

Former laboratory scientist Kim Six made full use of her former job’s efficient methods when she realised she only had nine days to completely repaint her kitchen cabinets. Our stay-at-home Mom formulated a step-by-step procedure, which took advantage of her dazzling precision to accomplish the project in the shortest time.  She used an impressive Benjamin Moore tan in pearl finish to make her kitchen spectacular.

Kim’s Cabinets

(8) Black Beauty

Black Milk Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The historic touch is definitely making a comeback with Tammy Ellington’s choice of Milk Paint in Lamp Black, although her newly-painted kitchen cabinets are definitely modern. The lifestyle blogger took up the challenging job of using black paint, despite noting that black is an unforgiving choice. “It shows every flaw,” she recounted. We can only sympathize but it looks like it was worth it. Tammy’s blackmilk painted cabinets are flawless.  Its beauty proves that she was definitely up to the challenge. 

Tammy’s Cabinets

(9) Glowing White

High Quality Kitchen Paint Job

Diane Henkler completely renovated her kitchen, so for kitchen ideas this is definitely upscale. However, what is definitely free is her piece of advice: “Spring for high quality paint,” she said. “Consider it a long-term investment in your home, especially if  you love to entertain.” And Diane’s kitchen definitely has the look down to pat with its chrome pulls and subway tiles. Additionally, she even put in a definite upgrade: a sink from Kohler.

But what remains the centerpiece is her kitchen’s painted cabinets as, during the complete remodelling, she sprung for higher quality for long-term results.  And you can also complete the look with these DIY candle holder ideas full of style and elegance for those parties you’ll be hosting soon.

Diane’s Cabinets

(10) Amazed by GlazeOak Transformation White Painted Cabinets

When Brooke Ulrich decided to completely make over her boring oak cabinets into something spectacular, she definitely went no-holds-barred. It was an intensive overhaul from sanding and deglossing, transforming her painted kitchen cabinets with a true professional look. Brooke’s high quality tinted glaze truly gives her kitchen an amazing glow. 

Brooke’s Cabinets

…and Amazing Ideas

(11) Cheerful Yellow

diy painted kitchen cabinets two toned white and yellow diy painted kitchen cabinets two toned white and yellow

A cheery kitchen for a private Cape Cod home in Massachusetts. With yellow as the cheerful accent in the kitchen, sunny summers become the pervading atmosphere. Painting your kitchen pristine white amplifies the lighting but with the clean lines and simplicity of the cabinet work, that sleek look is softened.  By adding yellow stools to emphasize the canary yellow cabinet doors, even winter mornings become warm and sunny.

Tip: To gett a professional look for your painted kitchen cabinets, remember to prime the wood before painting. Also, remember to let the primer dry completely. Though spray painting can cut time, an angled brush and a small foam roller brush will work best for the little nooks and corners of kitchen cabinets, giving longer-lasting results.

Cape Cod Cottage

(12) Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

diy painted kitchen cabinets farmhouse two toneddiy painted kitchen cabinets farmhouse two toned

A classic farmhouse kitchen is updated with sleek and modern feel with the smooth clean lines of the cabinetry all made the traditional way.  The combination of sleek black, staid dove grey, and clean white adds to the overall modern look without being too cold and clinical. The colors also mix and match with the wooden floors and gleaming copper accents.

For a clean professional look, prep your doors, countertops, and drawers by first scrubbing the surfaces and ridding them of residue and grease.  Then, with 100-grit sandpaper, sand them for a smooth finish before you begin priming. Only then should you start repainting. Tip: For cleaning a glass top stove, check here.

A Classic Look

(13) A Style for Steel

diy painted kitchen cabinets steel gray diy painted kitchen cabinets steel gray b

Steel gray meets brick in this showcase London family kitchen. Highlighting the exposed brock work by using mettalic grey, the kitchen is the epitome of a modern family home.  The steel fixtures and clean lines of the cabinets and countertops complete the look. Handleless drawers and doors accentuate the modern design.

Steel and Brick  Kitchen

(14) Lively Modern Look

diy painted kitchen cabinets modern two toned

Washed with a deep green hue and framed by the teal blue counter and white kitchen drawer doors, this kitchen is young, lively, and modern. This truly reflects the family that lives here – a young modern couple with four lovely children. The deep tones of the green-hued walls give the illusion of space while highlighting the white accents.

Modern Federation Kitchen

(15) Simple Classic

diy painted kitchen cabinets black and white diy painted kitchen cabinets black and white diy painted kitchen cabinets black and white diy painted kitchen cabinets black and white

With the tongue and groove walls of this British-inspired kitchen, there was no choice but to go for the classic black and white. Using Farrow & Ball’s “Off Black” and “Off White” colors, this kitchen’s two-tone walls and tide-line look has become increasingly popular. The all-natural Iroko countertop and reclaimed sink work together with the matte black and white finish which makes a striking kitchen. Try it out with an indoor herb garden for a truly traditional feel.

Traditional Black and White

Whether it’s a complete personality change or a quick facelift, kitchens are the hearts of home. Plan and imagine your next kitchen makeover, starting with these DIY painted kitchen cabinet ideas.

Video Tutorial – Painted Kitchen Cabinets: