30 Gorgeous DIY Paper Flowers — Ideas & A No-Brainer DIY Tutorial

by craftmin | January 20, 2018

Do you want your home decor to be more fabulous? Are you going to have or host a DIY wedding? Then, why not add some flowers, especially DIY paper flowers? Have a lovely home decor or wedding!

Paper flowers have evolved from those pipe cleaner and tissue types you made during your elementary school years to what has now become utterly sophisticated and a masterful copy of their inspiration. If you’re on a tight budget, instead of investing in actual flowers, to protect guests and visitors who are allergic to pollen/flowers, a fun craft like a bouquet of DIY paper flowers would be your best bet.

How to Make DIY Paper Flowers

Knowing how to make your own DIY paper flowers is fun and easy. Apart from scissors and paper, very few items are required. Here’s how you can make. Time to get crafty!

Step 1 — Materials

Small Paint Brush or Any Round

Craft Paper



Step 2 — Six Petals

What you need are four pieces of craft paper with uniform size (this tutorial uses 4×4 inches).

Bend the paper over on itself causing one of its parts to cover another and then fold into even thirds.

Pattern a petal on the bent paper or just cut an arch shape at the top of the bent paper. You need 4 of these, so cut another 3. You should end up with a paper that has six petals on it.

Cut the papers with 6 petals again just like what the below image of this step shows.

Use any small round object or a small paint brush to give the petals a curve.

Glue one side of the petalled papers to the other side.

You should end up with 2 pieces with 1 petal, 1 with 2 petals, 2 with 3 petals, 1 with 4 petals, and 2 with 5 petals.

Glue the petalled papers with each piece on top of another. Try arranging them neatly to make the pattern beautiful. Make sure to lay the 6-petalled paper first with the 5-petalled one on top of it, then the 4-petalled on top of the 5-petalled, 3-petalled on top of the 4-petalled, and the 2-petalled on top of the 3-petalled. The idea is to place the ones with lesser petals on top of the ones with more petals.

Step 3 — Eight Petals

To make an 8-petalled DIY paper flower, you need 4 craft papers with uniform size.

Bend the paper over on itself causing one of its parts to cover another. Do that thrice and you should end up just like what the third image of this step shows.

Cut its top into a pointy shape. Then, cut another 3 in the same way and you should end up with 4 eight-petalled papers.

Cut the papers with 8 petals again just like what the below image of this step shows.

Use any small round object or a small paint brush to give the petals a curve and glue to join the ends of the cut-out petals.

By now, you should end up with 1 piece with 1 petal, 1 piece with 2 petals, 1 piece with 3 petals, 2 pieces with 4 petals, 1 piece with 5 petals, 1 piece with 6 petals, and 1 piece with 7 petals.

Lay out the pieces neatly by putting the ones with more petals on the bottom, and the ones with lesser petals glued on top.

Get small yellow craft papers and cut them to come up with fine fringes. Roll the papers with fringes and use glue to stick it in the midst of the flower.

See to it that the glue dries.

Step 4 — Twelve Petals

Four craft papers are also required to craft this flower.

Bend the paper over on itself causing one of its parts to cover another and then fold into even thirds.

Cut an arch shape at the top of the bent paper. You need 4 of these, so cut another 3. You should end up with a paper that has twelve petals on it.

Cut the papers with 12 petals again just like what the below image of this step shows.

Give the petals a curve and glue to attach the ends of each piece.

You should end up with 1 piece with 4 petals, 1 with 3 petals, 1 with 2 petals, 1 with 1 petal, 1 with 8 petals, 1 with 9 petals, 1 with 10 petals, and 1 with 11 petals.

Join the petalled papers using glue one by one while arranging the pieces neatly by making sure that the ones with fewer petals are on top of those with more petals.

See to it that the glue dries.

Step 5 — Four Petals

Among the DIY paper flowers in this tutorial, perhaps this is the cutest! This paper flower will require three pieces of craft papers.

Fold the craft paper in half twice.

Cut the top part of the bent paper into the shape of a semicircle. In the same way, cut another 2 pieces.

Cut the petalled papers again just like what the below image of this step shows.

You should end up with 2 pieces of papers with 1 petal, 2 with 2 petals, and 2 with 3 petals.

Next, join them one at a time using glue, similar to how the previous ones are done.

Create a stamen using yellow paper and attach it the midst of the flower using glue.

As always, see to it that the glue dries.

Ta-da! You now have all the pieces. Assemble them together to create a bouquet and wreath or add leaves and stem, then put in a vase. They even make beautiful wall decors and a lot more by putting these flowers together. Below are some of the impressive DIY paper flowers that you might want to try.

Source: Instructables

30 Gorgeous DIY Paper Flowers — Inspirations & Tutorials

Here’s a collection of DIY paper flowers. Some can be a bit tricky, while others are super easy and make fun DIYs for children. In fact, weddings will definitely be more memorable with these beautiful accessories around!

1. Folded Paper Flowers

Image Courtesy of DIY Craftsy

Can you imagine maps, magazines, and catalogs as cool, pretty, and impressive flower arts for having patterns and designs and being multi-colored? Well, these DIY paper flowers crafted by folding them are proof. Not only that folded paper flowers look perfect as decors but they also look super easy to make.

DIY by Lowri Mcnabb Via Paper Vinenz

2. Pretty, Rolled Paper Flower

Image Courtesy of The Casual Craftlete

Are you looking for an item perfect for bridal showers, weddings, and party favors? Well, these DIY paper flowers are super easy to pull off and you’re free to use any scrapbook paper of your choice for a theme. And if you want to express your undying love for your mother this Mother’s Day, this makes a perfect gift.

DIY by Katie via The Casual Craftlete

3. Paper Gerbera Daisy

Image Courtesy of DIY Craftsy

It takes perfect painting and crafting to make this lovely paper gerbera daisy flower art to appear as if it is real. Fill your jars and vases with a bunch of this paper daisy and proudly display them. Have a never withering and long-lasting home decor!

DIY by Alicia Pettus via Crafteer Misadventures

4. Paper Blooms to Top Washi Covered Pencils

Image Courtesy of Lia Griffiths via Skip To My Lou

Are you thinking of getting your favorite teacher some cute flowers this Teacher’s Day? These polka flowers that cleverly make use of a pencil and cupcake liners will never fail to put a smile on your teacher’s face.

DIY by Lia Griffiths via Skip To My Lou

5. Tissue Paper Poppies

Image Courtesy of Lia Griffiths

DIY paper flowers like these poppies fashioned from tissue paper use bleach to make those beautiful variegated color.

DIY by Lia Griffith

6. Pastel-Colored Paper Spider Mums

Image Courtesy of Kelly Rowe via Live Laugh Rowe

These DIY paper flowers might just be the easiest paper flower to have featured on blog land that even children will find it a cinch to make!

DIY by Kelly Rowe via Live Laugh Rowe

7. Tissue Paper Flowers

Image Courtesy of We Can Make Anything

Instead of using crepe paper, these DIY paper flowers use tissue paper, which is more affordable and available. Whether it’s a formal day or not, these tissue paper flowers make a great home decor and will surely give a touch of glam to it.

DIY by We Can Make Anything

8.Painted & Microwaved Crepe Rose

Image Courtesy of Hannah Hathaway via We Lived Happily Ever After

Do you know what makes these paper flowers seem realistic? Believe it or not, this paper rose uses a microwave and a spray bottle to create the effect. Unlike other tutorials, this paper flower can be a bit challenging to make but is phenomenal when finished.

DIY by Hannah Hathaway via We Lived Happily Ever After

9. Book Paper Flowers

Image Courtesy of Melinda Vertlieb Via Cooking Ala Mel

Is one of your hobbies making paper flowers, or repurposing old books perhaps? Why not just do both? You can use brown craft paper, book pages, or newspaper to fashion these DIY paper flowers. Never mind buying bows and ribbons at the store, these make a frugal alternative.

DIY by Melinda Vertlieb Via Cooking Ala Mel

10. Water Color Paper Rose

Image Courtesy of Capitol Romance

If you prefer the easy version of paper rose, this DIY paper rose idea is what you need to make. Did I mention that a bouquet of 6 or 7 paper rose only takes less than 30 minutes to make? Not to mention you can also use your own paper design ideas to personalize.

DIY by Capitol Romance

11. Funky Dahlia Wreaths

Image Courtesy of Love Pomegranate House

It’s been years, and now the popularity of paper dahlia wreaths have skyrocketed with good reason—they are simply beautiful, especially as a door accessory to welcome springtime!

DIY by Love Pomegranate House

12. Giant Closed Crepe Paper Peony

Image Courtesy of Tiffanie Turner via Carte Fini

It’s huge, realistic, and beautiful—this closed crepe paper peony is really a masterpiece.

DIY by Tiffanie Turner via Carte Fini

13. Giant Crepe Paper Roses

Image Courtesy of Studio DIY

The elegance of these DIY paper flowers will make you feel that they are alive. With every detail confusingly similar to the elements of an actual rose, these giant crepe paper roses are perfect replicas of the real deal—minus the size.

DIY by Studio DIY

14. Watercolor Flowers

Image Courtesy of Liz Fourez Via Love Grows Wild

This DIY paper flower idea uses a spray ink or watercolors to take flower making with papers to the next level.

DIY by Liz Fourez Via Love Grows Wild

15. Paper Gardenia

Image Courtesy of Lia Griffiths

The very fragrant gardenia blooms are often used to make perfumes, but the petals are so delicate that it would suddenly shift in color. This DIY paper gardenia, however, offers the undying elegance of the gardenia.

DIY by Lia Griffiths

16. Paper Daffodil Wreath

Image Courtesy of M.J. via Classic Play

Ah, daffodils! —just what you need to enjoy spring and a wreath of paper daffodils hanging on your front door is a wonderful way of saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring! These heart-warming daffodils are easy as pie and make a great decoration for your Easter table, so make some more of it.

DIY by M.J. via Classic Play

17. Paper Flower Narcissus

Image Courtesy of The House That Lars Built

These delicate flowers are a celebrity and are already striking in white. They are usually spring bloomers, but in a paper, they are immortal.

DIY by The House That Lars Built

18. Coffee Filter Flower

Image Courtesy of Natalie Shaw via Doodle Craft

These DIY paper flowers make a great centerpiece, a fabulous accessory, a stunning Valentine’s Day gift with some chocolates, a beautiful spring wreath, a pretty garland when stapled on twine, look impressive in a vase, and pack a great big statement despite the simplicity and affordability—the wonders of food coloring and coffee filters put together.

DIY by Natalie Shaw via Doodle Craft

19. Paper Orchid Plant

Image Courtesy of Lia Griffith

This gorgeous paper flower art is so realistic that it’ll have you mistaken it for the real one. Transform paper into a gorgeous paper orchid and give your home office desk, countertops, and console tables a style. There’s also a printable template for this one.

DIY by Lia Griffith

20. Crepe Paper Cherry Blossom Branches

Image Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Bring a little bit of spring indoors and get started now with these exotic Japanese anemones. This is just another creative way to make use of crepe paper!

DIY by Lia Griffith

21. Persimmon Paper Roses

Image Courtesy of Kelly Hedgespeth by Simply Kelly Designs

Get crafty with Silhouette cut file and make these gorgeous red half-opened paper roses. They’re full of beauty, romance, delicacy, and absolutely pleasing to the eyes. If you want to enchant your home decor while saving for the rainy days, try putting these in your jars and vases.

DIY by Kelly Hedgespeth by Simply Kelly Designs

22. DIY Coffee Filter Flowers Video Tutorial

Image Courtesy of Video Tutorial by Jessica viaTwo Shades of Pink

If learning how to make these DIY paper flowers via a video tutorial is more your style, visit Jessica’s blog—Two Shades of Pink—and check out the time-lapse video on how to make these!

DIY Video Tutorial by Jessica via Two Shades of Pink

23. Paper Dahlia Flower

Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart

None could rival DIY paper flowers like this one as a cheap, simple, and feasible idea to make a simple gift-wrap downright gorgeous! The sleek and long petals of this DIY paper dahlia flower make it a nice decor for a gift box.

DIY by Martha Stewart

24. Perfect Mother’s Day Crepe Paper Flowers

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Cooper via The Art Of Simple

The “light of the home” will always appreciate or gush over handmade gifts that have been made with love and given to them by their kids during Mother’s Day. These simple-yet-classy DIY paper flowers made with crepe papers will surely melt any Mother’s heart!

DIY by Rebecca Cooper via The Art Of Simple

25. Hanging Paper Flowers

Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart

With just a few folds and cuts, you can make and hang these unique and gorgeous DIY paper flowers in a heartbeat.

DIY by Martha Stewart

26. Crepe Paper Calla Lilies

Image Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Making these DIY paper flowers only need four materials—glue, clay, stem wire, and crepe paper. They make a wonderful home decor. Not to mention you can even easily personalize the color of the paper flower by simply choosing any crepe paper colors.

DIY by Lia Griffith

27. Crepe Paper Succulents

Image Courtesy of Ash and Crafts

Recently, succulents have become quite popular as they’re eco-friendly and hardy. Taking care of DIY paper flowers like these crepe paper succulents is no sweat! Impressive, right? You don’t even see them as fake.

DIY by Ash and Crafts

28. Paper Flower Ice Cream Cone Bouquets

Image Courtesy of Brittany Watson Jepsen via Oh Happy Day

Either you’re a cup or cone person, instead of eating these ice cream vessels, repurpose them into a vase to hold paper flowers. If you want something to lift the mood, bring good vibes, or make birthday bashes fancier, these paper flower cone bouquets might just be what you’re looking for!

DIY by Brittany Watson Jepsen via Oh Happy Day

29. Swirly Paper Flowers

Image Courtesy of Wonderful DIY

It’s unbelievable how piece-of-cake to make and gratifying these simple swirly paper flowers are. If you’re simply expressing how special someone is to you, adding a little bit of magic and color to your indoors, or prettying up a gift basket, these brilliant spectacles pack a big statement as compared to a store-bought one. Just like all awe-inspiring DIY paper projects—making these DIY paper flowers is a great opportunity to bond with the kids.

DIY by Wonderful DIY

30. Freesia Paper Flowers

Image Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Enlighten yourself and make DIY paper flowers like these freesias. It’s time to welcome back and enjoy Spring again! These DIY paper freesias are designed by the same person—Lia Griffith—who takes credit of some of the gorgeous DIY paper flowers presented here. The freesia paper flowers may take some time to make, but guarantees the final results are stunning!

DIY by Lia Griffith

You can also follow the step-by-step instructions in the easy-to-follow video tutorial below to learn how to make your own DIY paper flowers.

Sometimes the best way to give your home your own personal stamp without breaking the bank is to make something crafty, and this collection of DIY paper flowers are just the start!