12 Fabulous DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Your Party

by craftmin | December 12, 2017

Make your parties more interesting and more perfect with a diy photo booth – colorful, festive, and party poppin’! There are three essentials to a photo booth – the camera, the backdrop and the people. First, we will take you through a step-by-step guide to setting up a diy photo booth, followed by some trendy ideas to inspire you for your next party.

Setting up Your DIY Photo Booth

Materials you will need:

  • camera (a point and shoot camera is suggested)
  • backdrop
  • tripod (optional)
  • spotlight (optional)
  • umbrella studio light (optional)
  • remote-controlled camera shutter

(1) Set-up the camera

diy photo booth 2

First prepare a camera dedicated only to the photo booth. With the new smartphone technology, a lot of your guests will probably end up using their phones for selfies and own photos, but a photo booth adds something different. A simple point and shoot camera, a tripod and a remote-controlled camera shutter release are things to prepare for a diy photo booth.

(2) Arrange the lights

Next, make sure you have adequate lighting for your photo booth. Although studio lights are optional, provide light sources or brighten up the backdrop unless you are going for mood lighting.

(3) Make the backdrop

The backdrop should fit the theme of your party, serving to enhance the party mood of the guests. If you have a Roaring Twenties party, then the backdrop should reflect that – either go abstract or fully representational.

diy photo booth diy photo booth

(4) Prepare props

Another option to level up not only your diy phto booth but also your party is to let the guests have fun with the props. Have fun thinking of props to go with your photo booth and then making them. You could even have a mini chalkboard so the guests can write their own captions within the picture.

diy photo booth diy photo boothdiy photo booth diy photo booth

(5) Choose a good location

Use an underused corridor, a spacious corner or a pretty nook to set up your diy photo booth. Put your photo booth somewhere you can hang a backdrop but not hamper people who are walking around – it must also not be isolated from the party and the crowd.

(6) Final set-up

Your backdrop has been hung or mounted, you have your camera and the accessories needed for your guests to take pictures without you doing shutter duty. Leave your props where guests can freely use them and return them. You are good to go!

diy photo boothdiy photo booth

(7) Party time!


diy photo booth diy photo booth diy photo booth diy photo booth

Don’t forget to have your own pictures taken!

Source: Setting-up your own diy photo booth

DIY Photo Booth Ideas

Choose ideas from glittery to whimsical – magical floating confetti to simply colorful big fringe garlands. Or be inspired to make your own original and zany DIY photo booth creation.

(1) Glam Up with Fringe

diy photo booth

This is a really beautiful DIY photo booth as fun to make as it is to have your pictures taken with.  Enjoy watching your guests touching over and over those lovely fringes made from crepe paper.  Choose bright colors for a really dazzling and cheery background.

Source: Big Fringe Garlands

(2) This Circle of Mod Fun

diy photo booth

A perfect 60s touch for a Mod Party that is as zany and as swinging as the era it is celebrating. For best results, thread is sewn onto colorful cardstock, or just hot glue the thread. Sewing gives a better finish to the circles.  An added tip: fishing line or colorless vinyl string will also give the same floaty effect.

What you will need:

  • Colorful cardstock cut into 1.75 x 11″ strips
  • Thread or colorless string
  • Fast drying glue or a glue gun
  • Clothes pins to help clamp the paper together
  • Masking tape or peg to attach the threads to the ceiling and floor

How-to: Sew the strips to the thread to make one long thread of paper strips. Remember to vary the colors but keep the distance between the strips the same. I suggest threading the strips close together for a very Austin Powers atmosphere. Vary the sizes by attaching another strip of the same color to form a circle when you glue the ends together. Change the lengths of the new strips you attach.

Tip: Attach the end of the thread to the floor for a swinging effect.  If you can’t, attach something so the threads can’t fly away or move too much.

Source: Mod Party Circle DIY Photo Booth

(3) Brilliantly Lovely Bokeh Lights

diy photo booth

The effects of bokeh lights in photography is absolutely spectacular. The internet is awash with wallpapers and bokeh light textures that graphic artists have used in their own work. Make your own spectacular bokeh light background with very ordinary materials.

What you will need:

  • A room with huge windows for lighting and an empty wall
  • Strands of white lights with white cords – at least three
  • White sheet for the floor

How-to: Tape your lights to the wall.  The trick to getting the bokeh effect is to have the subject stand or sit as far away as possible from the white lights. Next, stand as close as you can to the subject without sacrificing focus. That’s it! You would probably need someone to give directions to your guests in the beginning.

Source: Holiday Lights Photo Backdrop

(4) Sounds a Scallop of Fun

diy photo booth

Looks pretty sedate but with a peek of gold here and there it makes for a pretty amazing New Year’s celebration.

Materials you will need:

  • Wrapping paper in the colors of your choice
  • Tool for cutting circles
  • Glue dots (removable)

Cut your circles – you will be using lots of them so a circle cutter would be a good investment.  Layer the circles on top of each other. Enjoy!

diy photo booth scalloped 2

Source: DIY Scalloped Photobooth Backdrop

(5) Totally Tinselled

diy photo booth

Grab those tinsel garlands for this festive and colorful and “borderline tacky but gloriously magnificent” backdrop that blogger Chelsea prepared for her own Christmas party.

What you need:

  • Lots of tinsel garlands, dollar stores have them in an armful
  • Pole or dowel – Chelsea used her shower curtain rod
  • Thin wire
  • Twine

How-to: Fold the garlands over your pole and secure them with thin wire. Hang the pole over the area where you plan to have your backdrop. Use twine or any pretty string for this. Enjoy your sparkly and pretty pictures with the tinsel glittering wonderfully.

Source: Tinsel DIY Photo Booth

(6) Floating Wonders

diy photo booth

Whimsical and pretty, your guests will enjoy the floating confetti and your pictures will turn out magical.

What you will need:

  • Card stock and glittery paper in different colors
  • Clear vinyl string or fishing line
  • Scissors

Attach the confetti to the fishing line and “wrap” them in envelopes for a party feel.

Source: DIY Floating Confetti Photo Booth

(7) Golden and shiny

diy photo booth

Great for a New Year’s party with the glittery and gleaming gold – here is a golden-sequined DIY photo booth.  This backdrop uses 60 mm sequins or look around for something called paillettes – they are the same things. Make a festive air with this gleaming corner for your party. Add some metallic party hats, toot horns and maybe a flute or two of these festive wine glasses. What a perfect way to start the New Year or just celebrate a joyous occasion!  Another great idea for a 50th Golden Anniversary party – for couples, for singlehood, and even for a company.

What you need:

  • 600 pieces 60mm diameter sequins (if you can’t find them, opt for metallic foil)
  • Metallic safety pins
  • Foam boards 32 x 40″, 1/8″ thick
  • Gold wrapping paper (cheap is okay, it will just cover the foam boards)
  • Masking tape (won’t harm your walls)
  • Poster board as guide
  • Ruler and pencil

How-to: Cover your foam board with the cheap gold wrapping paper. Tape it to the wall where you plan to have your DIY photo booth. Starting from the middle, cover the boards with the sequins so they also catch the light and can flutter up for more light effects. Just make sure the pins are secured and stable.

Source: DIY Sequin Photo Booth

(8) DIY Photo Booth Beautifully

diy photo booth

A very easy DIY photo booth project for your party.  Just layer a tinsel curtain over your wall, add some glittery details (stars were used here), and you have your party backdrop that is sure to shine with a festive mood. Add some party props your guests can hold that fit the theme. For this backdrop, choose gold stars, a shiny wand or glittery hats. Add a crown or two. Go all glamour for your party.

What you will need:

  • Tinsel curtain
  • Masking tape
  • Shiny props or decorations

Source: DIY Photo Booth

(9) All Doilied Up

diy photo booth

Doll up with this pretty and intricate doily backdrop for that vintage but happy feel.

What you will need:

  • Doilies 8″ inch in diameter in at least two colors
  • Tape – go for masking so you won’t mark the wall

How-to: Mark off the wall area where you plan to have your photo booth. Starting from the bottom, tape the doilies, letting them overlap for a beautiful effect. Alternate the colors of the doilies if you prefer. Why not use white and green for St. Patrick’s Day or maybe your company colors if it’s an office party?

Source: Doily DIY Photo Booth

(10) Shower of Flowers

diy photo booth

Celebrate spring with a very colorful and bright floral background.

Materials you will need:

  • Various sheets of colored tissue paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue dots or masking tape

How-to: Make accordion folds in your tissue paper then make a rounded cut on one end. Gather the square-ended parts of the paper and make a flower. Glue them together and attach to the wall. Enjoy making the flowers in various colors and sizes.

Source: Floral DIY Photo Booth

(11) Streams of Festivities

diy photo booth

You can do this two ways: get rolls of crepe paper streamers and tape them onto the wall.  Or get the crepe paper in flat rolls and cut out your streamers in varying widths with the same colorful and beautiful effect. Make your party more festive with these DIY party candle holders.

Source: DIY Photo Booth Streamer

(12) Have a Happy Heart

diy photo booth

This will be a bit more complicated, but is still as fun to do as the others.  There will be some hammering and a lot of red paper. Check DesignLoveFest for the instructions.

Source: DIY Heart Backdrop