20 Fun DIY Photo Booth Props & A Step-By-Step Guide

by craftmin | January 20, 2018

From birthday parties to wedding receptions, photo booths never cease to make any occasion full of laughter and enjoyment. A professional photo booth can save you from a lot of hassle from camera equipment to proper lighting setup just to get that perfect snapshot for your guests. There are professional photo booths that have special features limited to it only; for example, the world’s number one GIF-printing photo booth called Ubersnap takes your guests’ GIFs and makes wizard-style prints out of them. Sometimes, however, going for a DIY Photo Booth Props is enough to get a party going. And what’s a photo booth without quirky and fun props, right?

Looking for the perfect props can be an absolute nuisance, but luckily you found this guide. You’ll love the collection of best detailed DIY Photo Booth Props tutorials and free printable downloads provided here.

Some props come in free printable downloads, and making them is easy and will not even take an hour. There are elaborate ones, especially as the project ends, but any party that you’ll throw will never be boring with these DIY Photo Booth Props. But before that here’s a tutorial on how to make fun DIY Photo Booth Props.

Simple & Fun DIY Photo Booth Prop Tutorial

Below is the step-by-step walkthrough on how to make DIY Photo Booth Props of your own. By the way, the prop used here are the eyeglasses.

Step 1 – Download & Print Your Props

Download free, printable designs for your DIY Photo Booth Props! You can choose and download whatever designs you want. You could also try the ones provided below. Just click on the images. Print your chosen props as many as you want to fit your guest size and event style.

DIY Photo Booth Props: Step 1 image courtesy of Something Turquoise

Free Downloadable Printable by SOMETHING Turquoise

Free Downloadable Printable by magnetStreet

Step 2 – Gather Supplies

Image Courtesy of magnetStreet

Supplies Checklist

  • Spray Adhesive
  • Prop printouts
  • Scissors
  • Heavy Cardstock (at least 100 pounds)
  • Straws, dowels, or Popsicle Sticks
  • Tape and/or Glue


  • Rhinestones, Feathers, and other embellishments
  • Foam Core
  • Cutting Mat
  • X-ACTO knife, box cutter, or other utility knives

Step 3 – Stick Fast Your Props to Cardstock

Image Courtesy of magnetStreet

Apply spray adhesive on the back of the printouts of your chosen prop, stick fast to cardstock, and slowly press down to lay the printout flat over the cardstock.

Tip: It’s best to use a spray adhesive. Unlike heavier liquid adhesives/glue, a lot of its brands are non-toxic and will prevent liquids from leaking through the paper.

A glue stick or a double-sided tape makes an excellent alternative to a spray adhesive if you don’t have one. Just make sure to give the glue an extra time to dry. 

Step 4 – Cut Out the Props

Tip: Use a utility knife like a box cutter or an X-Acto knife when cutting out the inside part of your prop. Make sure not to scratch the surface, so place a cutting board underneath.

In the absence of a utility knife, you don’t have to worry because your prop would still look great if you prefer not to cut out its insides. Why not draw some crazy cartoon eyeballs on them instead? Guests will find it pretty cool!

Step 5 – Put Together

Use glue or tape to attach the handles of each prop to its back.

Tip: For stability, use several tape layers and wooden dowels.

Step 6 – Add embellishments To Your Props

Make your props shiny and sparkly by adding some embellishments like feathers, rhinestones, and etc. Get Crafty!

Step 7 – Give It a Try!

Image Courtesy of PHOTO STATION

Perhaps this is the part where the fun really starts! Gather some of those who are invited to your party and have them test out your props. Try snapshotting in a surrounding similar to the locale/venue of your event.

Tip: The free printable downloads of photo booth props designs provided here have been tested outdoors for a photo booth and an outdoor reception.

So forget about hiring professionals, slash the budget, and create your own DIY Photo Booth Props! It never fails to bring fun and good vibes on many occasions. Plus, kids will surely love it!

20 Fun DIY Photo Booth Props

Photo booths continue to become essential and trendy nowadays. They can be bought, rent out, or made by yourself. But, one thing is definitely certain: a photo booth couldn’t be alive and fun without quirky and whimsical photo booth accessories. So, if you’re going to have or host a wedding or a birthday party, consider these 20 fun DIY photo booth props with tutorials and free printable downloads for your next project!

1. Photo Booth Stick Props

DIY photo booth props like these prop items never cease to bring a lot of fun. Assembled from card/paper props and sticks, these DIY photo booth props are suitable for all events and will surely contribute to a fantastic party. Perhaps this simple how-to guide will help you create these versatile props.

2. Floral Tiara

DIY Photo Booth Props: Floral Tiara


A DIY photo booth props like this Floral Tiara will bring out the inner flower princess in you. Did I mention that it’s also easy to pull off? These aesthetical mind- and sense-pleasing adorable Floral Tiaras are enjoyable to make and a fine addition to your summer wardrobe. You are not required of anything extravagant but this simple guide to make this DIY a success!

3. Emoji Masks

DIY Photo Booth Props: Emoji Masks

Source: Alice & Lois

If you’re going to host a party, include a photo booth where you let the emojis speak for you. DIY photo booth props like this one are perfect for unloading whatever it is that you feel! Read the full tutorial by Sara Albers at Alice & Lois.

4. Painted Feathers

DIY Photo Booth Props: Painted Feathers

Source: Free People

Coat some feathers with paint and make headdresses or masks out of them. This easy-to-make self-made project offers a lot of DIY photo booth props designs. Check out the complete walkthrough by Julia from Free People.

5. Lighted Hearts

Yet another one of the fun DIY photo booth props, this little-lighthearted prop is just perfect for a party photo booth to spread some love. Whenever romance is in the air, be it on Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or Wedding, this giant self-made heart art makes an awesome prop. Check out the tutorials here and learn how fun and easy it is to add a little pop to your photo booth with this DIY courtesy of Jenn Sbranti of Hostess with The Mostess.

6. Printable Beard & Mustache

Do you know what fashion can never get rid of? Beards and Mustaches! That’s right! This free printable offers a lot of variations perfect for grown-ups and children. You’d be surprised that a lot of your guests will fall in line to use your photo booth just to take a photo with this fun mustaches and beards! Jodi from Meaningful Mama is generous enough to share the printable downloads.

7. Miniature Top Hats

DIY Photo Booth Props: Mini Hat

Source: happythought

DIY photo booth props like these adorable ones bring ginormous fun for such a small party item! Believe it or not, they’re made by repurposing materials. Watch this video tutorial to learn how easy and quick making these festive mini top hats is. Download the templates of the paper hats here.

8. Firework Shades

DIY Photo Booth Props: Firework Shades


Photo booths couldn’t be more fun without sunglasses for props! A DIY photo booth props design like these firework shades gives them a pop. Customize these fun frames to give it a fiercer look, and you’ve got yourself the perfect props for your photo booth, especially if you’re celebrating a new year party! Check out this guide and you will learn how to craft it.

9. Oversized Googly Eyes

DIY Photo Booth Props: Oversized Googly Eyes


Impress your guests with this eye-popping and eye-catching surprise! You never know what sort of fun memories you’ll have with DIY photo booth props like this quirky one. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this easy-to-follow tutorial to learn how to make these cool homemade oversized googly eyes prop.

10. Lemon-Themed Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booth Props: Lemon-Themed Photo Booth


Have you ever had a crazy imagination wherein the universe has been taken over by lemons? Throw a sweet and sour lemon party and back it up with a grand lemon photo booth in summer and that might just come true! Making this yellow-themed photo booth is super easy and really induces a WOW factor. Get your lemon on with these three fun props!

11. Rain Shower Umbrella Photo Booth

Umbrellas will never be out of place for a shower party! Time to stop singing the nursery rhyme “Rain, Rain, Go Away” and include this pretty Rain Shower Umbrella prop to make the photo booth of your party glamorous. All you need is this incredibly direct-to-the-point tutorial to complete this one.

12. Summer Photo Booth Props

DIY Photo Booth Props: Summer Photo Booth Props

Source: Kristen Duke

Feel the summer with this printable photo booth props. Kids will surely find this perfect for celebrating a good end of school and the start of summer. Time to revive your printer and prepare a summer party!

13. Elegant Party Mask Props

If you planning to have a photo booth at your party, even a masquerade party, be sure not to forget making and including this DIY mask prop. Impress and bewilder everyone with DIY photo booth props like this chic enigma. This tutorial shows how simple it is to make an elegant mask prop for your photo booth.

14. Oversized Paper Flowers

Maybe it’s your dream to become Tinker bell for once in your life. Forget about the wings, never mind the flying, don’t dream about shrinking, and simply make these giant paper flowers to create a sensational illusion. It’s just the right ornamentation for a whimsical fairy photo booth! Here is what you’ll need to do to become Peter Pan’s feisty, sassy, hot-tempered, and stubborn leading lady.

15. Bendy Bunny Ears Headband

This adorable DIY bendy bunny ears headband gives Easter memories a pop. It also makes an awesome costume accessory for an Easter bunny role play, a Cosplay costume, or a Halloween costume. There are oodles of thorough guides on how to craft DIY photo booth props like this, but this improvise plan may just provide you the right steps to perfectly pull this off.

16. Life’s a Beach Photo Booth Props

DIY Photo Booth Props: Life’s a Beach Photo Booth Props

Source: Paper & Cake

If a beach party is what you want, then these printable beach photo booth props are the perfect DIY photo booth props for you! No need to park, no need for sunscreens, and even if you miss the sand, you will still enjoy the beach indoors! Download the printable and read the tutorial here.

17. Oversized Paper Rose

If you want a flower in your photo and want it to be big, a striking prop to celebrate a wedding, or a Valentine flower to show how big your love is for your special someone, DIY photo booth props like these oversized paper roses might just be what you’re looking for! They make a great decor to feature in any party. Learn how to craft them in this step-by-step tutorial.

18. Superheroes Mask

DIY Photo Booth Props: Superheroes Mask 1

Source: Behance

Feel powerful, super, and good with DIY photo booth props like these MARVELous ones. Download the superhero printables here and unleash your hanDCraftsmanship. You have no idea how “Dark Horse” they are to make! Just think about whose Image you’re going to portray on Halloween, birthday parties, and cosplay conventions. IDW to force you to try this option, but these photo booth props will surely make you feel like a Valiant superhero. Find your favorite fictional character from any of these top comic book publishers and create your own superhero mask with this super tutorial!

19. Polaroid Photo Booth Props

These DIY photo booth props cleverly allow anyone to make a Polaroid photo of their own even in the absence of a Polaroid camera. Can you believe it? It’s fun, unique, and free! Any occasion that comes with a photo booth couldn’t be perfect with these smart props. For the how-to, visit the site A Colorado Courtship.

20. Fun Party Photo Booth Props

DIY Photo Booth Props: Fun Party Photo Booth Props

Source: envatotuts+

All you need to make these DIY photo booth props is your imagination, some card, skewers, and this tutorial. Fill your party photo booth with these fun DIY props and costumes!

Watch how a photo booth is set up in minutes in the video tutorial below from LiveBooth.

So how do you find these fun DIY photo booth props? Are you going to include some or all of them the next time you host or have an event?

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