20 Stylish and Trendy DIY Picture Frame Ideas

by craftmin | December 21, 2017

Dress up your room with these DIY picture frame ideas to brighten the home and make your pictures perfectly beautiful and delightful to the eyes.  If beauty is in the beholder, then let the love and memories overflow and fill our frames.

DIY Picture Frame Ideas

(1) Wouldn’t You Wood

diy picture frame

Maybe printed out photos on paper is not for you.  Then, why not consider these uniquely different take on photos.  Transfer them on wood. No frames, just pure wooden surfaces.  Surprising isn’t it? Go for the rustic touch with this incredible take on family photos.  If you plan to go on full sentimental, why not use wood that have significant meaning.  Maybe the wood from your old house, wood from a wooden crate that housed old stuff, or wood from a travel you had once taken.

Source: Transfer Photo to Wood

(2) Poppin’ Popsicles

popsicle-stick-frames-eighteen25 diy picture frame

Everybody who has been a grade schooler has made popsicle stick picture frames.  It’s like a rite of passage for passing Grade 3 or something.  But these trendy DIY picture frames aren’t what you used to make in Mrs. Sanders’ class. It’s funky, trendy, and something your teenager will definitely make and love.

Materials you will need:

  • Jumbo or regular size popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • Washi tape – various designs
  • Magnets
  • Scrapbook stickers and what-nots

Layout your popsicle sticks and tape the washi tape on each stick.  Vary the design so you can also mix them up when you start gluing them together.  Glue a magnet at the back and you are ready for these popsicle sticks frames to be displayed on your refrigerator door. Or put them on the nightstand table for something pretty to enjoy and look at.  Stick on some scrapbook stickers for cuteness and witty tongue-in-cheek humor.

Source: Popsicle Sticks DIY Picture Frame

(3) Huge Photo Wall We Love

diy picture frame

It’s really big and we love it that way.  Using a 7’x3′ bulletin board, this is one inescapable photo wall of love. Have fun choosing the photos that will go on the photo wall. Make it everything about anything that matters – from yourself to your family, to pets and friends.

What is it made of?  It’s a $12 4’x8′ soundboard from Lowes. It’s readily available as a construction material and the price won’t probably go higher than $15.  Just cover it with a white sheet, thin and white and it’s perfect.  Or you can go for a different color that can complement  your room or your style.

Source: Huge DIY Photo Bulletin Board


(4) I Would the Wood

 diy picture frame

You are an intrepid DIYer and you have these wood scraps lying around.  Maybe you have already made these wood scraps candle holders and want to do more wooden projects. First, all you need to do is polish up leftover wooden boards and cut them into the sizes you want or need.  Next, just use thumb tacks to attach the photos and you have these wonderful rustic frames.

Source: Wooden DIY Picture Frame

(5) Round and Strap ‘Em

diy picture frame

Instead of framing them in squares and rectangles, why not use round frames?  And for a more stylish DIY picture frame, strap them in belts and hang on a hook. Or why not use mirrors.  Pop out the glass and use the round frames.

Quick and easy with a dash of panache. Just glue thin belts around the frames.  You can even do a color contrast – bright belts hanging sedately colored picture frames. The frames are great for putting special photos in focus and then hang them up in groups for more impact.

Source: Simple Stylish Circle Frames

(6) Fabulous Fabric

diy picture frame

First, get your old wooden picture frame and gather some scrap fabric you have lying around.  You can go for a color scheme or just do things randomly.  Second, cut your fabric into equal squares or rectangular shapes that can fit on the wooden frame.

Lay out the fabric scraps, play around with the colors and design.  Next, glue the fabric scraps. That’s it! Enjoy a very fashionable DIY picture frame.

Source: DIY Picture Frame Refashion

(7) A Bit of Acrylic

diy picture frame

It’s sleek and stylish and will easily fit a very modern urban room.  Foremost, no need to fret with this DIYand no need to go professional if you want to mount your ultra-chic wedding photos. It’s also easier than what it sounds like or looks. Actually, the hardest part actually is getting the things together.

What you will need:

  • Acrylic frame
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Spray Paint
  • Glue dots
  • Painter’s tape

Source: Floating acrylic DIY Picture Frame

(8) Playing With Colors

diy picture frame

First, picture frame projects are awesome to do with children.  There’s color, there’s glue, and there are pictures of them that you can use to motivate them to learn a new skill. Frankly, learning how to properly use a pair of scissors or apply glue or paint are underestimated skills.

Back to the project, use  these dime store colored pencils to glue on the picture frames.  Here’s the adult part, cutting the pencils so they are uniform and cut cleanly. The picture frames shown here were gifts for teachers by our budding DIYer.  Why not have a project for your children’s teachers too?

Source: Craft With Kids: Colored Pencil DIY Picture Frame

(9) Burning With Design

diy picture frame

If you have a wood burning tool, give it a whirl and make some rustic and homey DIY picture frame to fit your country lifestyle.  More than that, why not use candles to give your wooden boards and frames a smokey effect in case you don’t have the tools. Be creative, be sparing – and enjoy yourself.

Also, why not try other DIY craft ideas to complement your new picture frames.

Source: Wood Burned DIY Picture Frame

(10) Two-Tone Tango

diy picture frame

With a can of spray paint and some painter’s tape and you can have this modernist and minimalist two-toned picture frames. Or mix-up the colors and you can easily go from classy and formal (think black and white) to something glittery and gilded (gold and silver with another color).  You can also choose cheeky and bright colors like I would to display the kids’ pictures and even my own.  Also, nothing says lovely like primary colors all bright and cheerful.

These two-toned frames are also great as gifts or maybe as giveaways for a color-coordinated gift set.  Now, try your hand and several spray paint cans.

Source: Two-toned Picture Frame Makeover

(11) Crazy for Crackle Frames

diy picture frame

No need for fancy materials for this easy rustic picture frame.  First, get your basic wood frame from any dime store or an old one lying around.  Next, apply wood stain or paint of a different color. Then, brush your white glue on top with a rough brush while the stain or the paint is drying.

As the paint/stain dries, it will crackle up for that great vintage finish. You can also seal the stain or teh paint with colorless varnish and then it’s all ready for use.  Why not make several to complement a room after giving it a makeover.  This way, you can make use of your leftover paint and stain.

Source: Easy Crackle Finish DIY Picture Frame

(12) Screamin’ for Stripes

diy picture frame

Stripes is a wonderful aesthetic – all those clean beautiful lines.  But make them funkier and more modish with this black and white diagonal striped DIY picture frame.  Yes, it is kind of reminiscent of zebras, but that is what makes it so zanily perfect as a picture frame.

Moreover, use it to frame your “best of photos” or the crazy selfie of the month.  Have fun, your pictures are perfect!

Source: DIY Painted Frame

(13) Tape and Dip

diy picture frame

Paint-dipped things are quite trendy especially when portrait artist Oliver Jeffers dips his paintings – picture, frame , and all in a bucket of paint.  But there’s a definite charm to it as this projects shows.  Then, use lots of tape to make sure nothing leaks when you dip your picture frame.

Source: Paint Dipped DIY Picture Frame

(14) Good Things Come in Fours

diy picture frame

A triptych is a picture or relief in three panels.  But this four-panelled picture frame, an intermediate DIY picture frame project we are adding one better. Make it if you want to hang a collection or set of pictures.  Or pictures with a thematic union like the nursery rhymes picture shown here. You would need to do some woodworking for this one.

Also, this is also a great picture frame to use when hanging out your children’s art work.  Why not show a “developing and growing through the years”.  Make the first panel your your three year-old’s squiggle, then a colorful drawing at age 7.  Then something different at 10 when talentis slowly sprouting and an art work at 15 when your child artists has been developing his or her own style.

First, get yourself a wooden board and four hobby boards to elevate your pictures. Also, gather some glue, finishing nails and a spray adhesive.  Customize easily by adding hobby boards or minimize the size of your pictures so you can fit five.  Lastly, try this new woodworking stylish shelf project.

Source: Build a Nursery Book Frame

(15) Classic Chevrons

diy picture frame

Ramp up these classic chevrons by using color to give it a modern twist. The most basic though is to frame the colors with white paint.  Then starting from there, add your bright geometric colors. Simply use your ruler to draw triangular designs and let the Picasso in you take over.

Materials you will need:

  • Acrylic paints in colors of your choice
  • Wood Frame
  • Permanent markers
  • Pencils and Paintbrushes
  • Ruler

Source: Triangle Chevron Geometric DIY Picture Frame

(16) Flex With Plexiglass


diy picture frameUsing two plexiglass sheets, put your picture in between. first, find a wooden frame with grooves and you can have this wonderfully spare but stylish DIY picture frame.  Then, hot glue an elastic on the back and hang your picture frame without worries.  Additionally, the style is also great for a collection – from dried leaves to flowers. Moreover, you can also use acrylic sheets instead of plexiglass.

Source: Plexiglass DIY Picture Frame

(17) Oversize It!

diy picture frame

Blow up a picture and then use some leftover wooden sticks you can use to frame your huge picture – perfectly.  You can even stain the wood before using them to frame the picture.  Lay your picture surface down.  Tape on one of the wooden pieces.  Nail, using a finishing nail.  Then remove the tape and glue the wooden pieces together. Quite easy, right?

Source: The Easiest DIY Picture Frame Made With Love

(18) Wired and Collected


diy picture frameGo for casual with this chicken wire photo collection board that will give your home  a touch of rusticity without being hillbilly.  Just enough for a touch of warmth and hearth that is perfect for a weekend diy. With some leftover chicken frame, attach it to a painting frame – older and used is better.  Then with wooden pegs or clothespins, attach your pictures.

First, go for a theme.  Maybe pictures of you as a couple during your anniversary week, or pictures with grandpa and granny when they come visiting.  Also, hang a growing up through the years of your eldest during a birthday week. Moreover, you can go for pets when you are the type that celebrate pet birthdays.

Source: DIYweekendwife

(19) Framed with Florals

diy picture frame

Nothing says beautiful than diy flowers.  So why not make some and attach them for this rosy DIY picture frame.  Choose the type of flowers you want and let them signify something.  Moreover, roses for romantic ones, lilies for your favorites, and sunflowers for the kids.  Fill up your mantel with pictures of family and friends. And fill up your frames with beautiful floral crafts.  Then you can bring out the inner floral lover in you. You can even upcycle egg cartons and make them into these roses as shown here.

Source: Egg Box Flowers


(20) Dipping Paint

diy picture frame

Upcycle with this different take of the abstract photo frame. Instead of shabby chic, go modern and different. First, dip half the pictures in solid-colors, make them bright and eye-catching for an abstract art touch.  Too modern for you?  Then choose the subjects of your photo frames.  Landscapes would be awesome or some Mondrian or drip pictures you can find in a garage sale or in a thrift store.

Source: Paint Dipped DIY Picture Frame